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When I Work Staff Scheduling

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When I Work Staff Scheduling

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User Reviews for When I Work Staff Scheduling

Fantastic company & Scheduling Service!

One of my clients has been using this service for almost a month now. They provide hands on training, which really gives you a quick-start boost to getting your company online. That being said, it is REALLY easy to use and gives you the option of publishing your shifts live, or just keeping them where you can work with them until the time is right to publish live! You can create recurring schedules, one time schedules, you can color coordinate different departments, communicate with all your people in one place, and send out individual message or blast messages! It really is an amazing service! And very reasonably priced! The only room for improvement I will say is the phone app. It is stupendous on a computer, but the phone app does need some visual improvements. But it definitely does what you need it to do! I love it!

DarcInGA, Apr 28, 2018
I can't see history as of yesterday

I work for a major airlines and we use this app to track our shift drop split and trade we also use the history to keep track of who we picked up because w have to note it the day we work. As of yesterday. The history is not there for us. We deleted and reinstalled still not working please fix asap Also are team is large and we drop pick up swap and split a lot. Daily we have to put who we are working for. Can there be an added feature that when we pick up a shift that there is another line stating who we are working for it will eliminate a lot of issues for teammates and add the capabilities for teammates to add personal notes to a work schedule as a personal reminder. Right now it's only a supervisor feature. It will help teammates when we need to remind ourself for future task in one place. Thank you in advance

hughescloset, Feb 03, 2018
Availability no longer usable

I am an MFA student, so being able to set my availability for different parts of the year is incredibly important. With the old version, this was incredibly easy to do. I was able to set different availabilities for different parts of the year, set when they started and ended, and add names and descriptions for each, making it easy for both me and my employer. But since the new update, that is impossible. The interface for availability has become confusing, and setting specific dates is no longer apparently possible. Any change made to a specific day is applied to all dates indefinitely, regardless of what the starting date or end date is set as. It is effectively impossible to set an availability beyond the current week, an even then it must be entered day-by-day using a calendar. This is unacceptable. I have no choice but to use this app, since my employer set it up, and now I have to submit my availability by hand and hope it’s respected. This may actually cost me shifts in the long run, since my employer is already inflexible with the schedule as it is. I imagine I’m not the only user in this situation. Please return the availability menu back to its previous, usable form.

It's No Sam, Dec 16, 2017
Incredibly slow and poor customer support

My biggest gripe as the account holder is that it’s as slow as molasses in January. I’m on a government T1 fiber line (shared) and it just shouldn’t be this slow. I’ve tried 4 different browsers and they’re all the same. It just shouldn’t be this slow. Today I attempted to have customer service delete a personal email address I’d used to set up a dummy account. I’m the account holder and it was my email address. They flat out refused and told me it was policy that once an email is set up with a profile they can’t change it for security reasons but that only the user can change or alter it. I AM THE USER! The guy just continued to tow the company line. It was ridiculous. I’ve had many other frustrating interactions with their CS and at this point I’m about to jump ship. Add to that the poor reporting features and it’s just getting to be more of a headache than anything. If you’re a small company/organization with very light and simple scheduling needs it might be ok since you won’t have to deal with CS much.

JailerJoe, Oct 07, 2020
Great App, just one minor issue

I have been using this app for a couple years now and love it! It’s so easy to use and makes scheduling so much easier! The ONLY thing I wish they would change (and I think over the years I’ve emailed them at least 5 times about it) is the way time off is displayed on phones for managers to see. Anytime someone wants to ask for time off they text me and it is not possible for me to easily check how many other people have the day off. The way the app shows days off is in order of when people asked for it off, which means I have to scroll through all the days off and diligently look to see if I see the same date. I WISH there was an option to organize days off in order of the date needed. I always get the same response (that they will pass it off to their team to look at)…I can’t imagine I’m the only one who sees this could be useful.

K8tieeeeeee, May 14, 2022

Usually I don’t leave reviews on apps but for this app I need it for work and it’s glitches has created complications for my every day life. I updated the app and when I reopened it kicked me out of my work group. I tried to log back in and it said find a workplace and I typed in my job and it said it was waiting for approval from my manager but the same email that said I was waiting for approval is the email where I get notifications from this app saying my schedule as if I am already in the group even though when I go into the app it says it kicked me out. it’s super Frustrating because when I go in the app I can see my self as one of my coworkers like it’s two separate profiles even though it’s the same email and same profile which makes no sense. This is an app I need to see my schedule for work and to see my work chat for work updates finally my manager had to except the request that made it look like I was a separate profile but I have only signed up with one email and it’s the same email I used for them to accept me back in. So we had to start all over and I can’t see my past schedule or my hours but I can see my other profile that apparently doesn’t exist anymore

Kylie1999, Sep 27, 2018
Hands-down the best app of its kind.

I’ve tried many different shift scheduling/clock in/out apps before. Some were good, some less than good, and some were outright treacherous. ‘When I Work’ is not good, it’s not even great, it’s spectacular; it is by far the best scheduling/shift planning/hours and pay tracking/extra shift finding app I have encountered with!While the smartphone version offers all the features you need, it is not until you access ‘When I Work’ from your pc and realize this app’s incredible potential. The amount of clever features and details is amazing, it’s like having a bookkeeper/HR person sitting next to you ... for free! Time is money and having this app saves you both. Lastly, kudos to your customer service… big kudos, that is. When I first installed the app, I needed some help so, I e-mailed your customer service, hoping they can enlighten me within 24 - 36 hours. However, I was wrong ... I received an e-mail with detailed explanation within an hour. So, keep doing what you’re doing … because you are doing it right!

lawme, Jul 15, 2018

I truly enjoy my “When I work” app, checking and knowing my schedule has never ever been soo convenient. As a supervisor I’m also able to view every employee that is also scheduled with me which really comes in handy when it’s time to schedule breaks. I’m also able to request time off and view if there is any days open (on the days that I’m not scheduled) for OT. The weekly alerts prior to my actual work week is such a great asset for me to review and make any adjustments to my schedule if need. And lastly, having my picture added as an option for other coworkers to view ; helped me to be able to communicate and learn everyone’s name, as well as their positions within the company. In which I , really felt was generous as well as Genius… easy to navigate from profile to dashboard and all the other categories provided … so with that being said I really enjoy this app and look forward to being very mobile while being apart of a Great team of Hospital Transporters!!!!

Ms. Erica•, Mar 05, 2022
Usability across devices

This app has been the most user friendly so far and simple to use for different stages of staff computer-savyness. My family has employed several person that ‘don’t necessarily’ use a computer or smart phone for many activities but they say they all like the app, and Most of the time are able to open it on their phones But they can not see each other’s schedule, even when published. My motorola phone cannot do the same things as my iPad or laptop, which can be a hindrance. The free features are good and I would pay for more features if it cost less & I was able to at least be able to do more on my “smart phone”, like fix the schedule. And if everyone in their category could see each other’s schedules. I love the ability to message on the app itself. Thanks for the quick response from customer service & the follow-up.

MSR89C, Dec 02, 2020
Good Ideas…could be more intuitive and informative

I generally don’t have problems with app. The only thing is when changes are made to my schedule by my employer I don’t get any kind of notifications. If there is a setting for this I haven’t found it. That’s not to say it doesn’t exist but It’s not something that I was prompted to set up. Also it wasn’t completely apparent that I needed to indicate that I wanted my availability to “repeat”. Otherwise what it does essentially is prompt you to list your availability for the following week, but it never prompts you to list your availability beyond that first week. If it weren’t for an incident where I had gotten scheduled for a Sunday which I thought I had indicated I was “unavailable” for but in reality I only listed my preference for any given day for the first week only. So I would explain to new users that you have to fill out your availability and use the “repeat” slide button or go through the calendar manually and list your availability for as many days as possible or at least for a few months. Other than that the app has nice and helpful features like who works and when, as well as a place to message co-workers without having their personal phone numbers.

princesspurses, Jun 24, 2021


When I Work is the easiest way to create an employee schedule, handle employee time tracking, and communicate with your staff— all from the app or desktop. Why managers love it: *Make and manage the work schedule with ease *View entire staff schedule from anywhere at anytime *Create, update, and publish shifts *Alert staff of changes to the schedule *Monitor & approve shift trades and time off requests *Setup a time clock for staff to clock in and out *Message with staff 1:1 or in groups without sharing personal info Why your team will love it: *They can see who’s working (with permissions) *View work schedules from anywhere at anytime *Clock in and out of shifts *They can pick up extra hours *Trade shifts with coworkers *Request time off *Chat with coworkers 1:1 or in groups