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Sling: Employee Scheduling App

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Sling: Employee Scheduling App

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User Reviews for Sling: Employee Scheduling App

Still buggy and slow

I have the app since my employer requires us to, and the way we clock in is by taking a picture of a computer screen with the time and date on it, and messaging it to her. If I were to text her this, it would take mere moments, but on this app it is an entire process that takes probably three times as long. Messaging on this app is horrendously slow. Also, just to launch the app takes a while, too. I think they just don’t have enough server room to host everyone, but this is a major issue. Also, I’ve had the red notification bubble on my app since I downloaded it, and it won’t go away. I don’t have any new messages or notifications, it’s just there and it refuses to go away. Overall, an app like Trello would be better, or really a host of the other workplace organization apps that are out there. The only reason I didn’t give it 1 star is because it does actually work, like 70% of the time.

BRebmann, Jun 23, 2020
Schedules are confusing

The way the schedules are arranged, the last week of the month shows at the top, so you have to work backwards to find the shifts that are coming up. There’s no way to designate that you’ve looked at a particular week without deleting it, which I will not delete in case I made a mistake on my calendar or have to change my shift. Right now, I have an issue with 2 different schedules for the same week & I know my supervisor didn’t do that. There are more issues, but I have a headache from looking at the app. I have been using this app for a year, so it’s not a matter of being a new user who’s unfamiliar with it. Update: Things are disappearing from the app, including schedules. I am also not able to see days I’ve had to request off for some reason. I usually have a time off pending notification. I thought the requests weren’t entered, but when I tried to enter them again, they are in the app. I don’t know if it’s an app issue or what.I also keep seeing notifications for sling, but when I open it, there’s nothing there. No messages, no added shifts, etc.

CMC171, Jan 30, 2023
Business made easy!

I’ve only had this app for a few days and still learning more about it. So far, I am happy with the set up. Staffing for 100 employees can be a difficult task when you doing it by pen and paper. Looking forward in using this program and simplifying life itself! I have not tried this program in a desktop, if there is an answer out please let it be known. Is there a way to repeat employees to a shift, instead of adding them every week? Is there a way to restrict employees from making a shift available within so much time? Is there a way an employee can be reminded no one accepted his shift when it’s made available within so much time before his shift starts? This would be great options that would make the program better and empower the program administrator.

happy user 585, Nov 24, 2021
Helpful and easy

I’ve used a few different scheduling apps and this one is my favorite because it is so simple and straightforward. Employees can set and update their (un)availability and request time off. The app notifies you when you’re assigning shifts if there’s a scheduling conflict with any time off requests or certain unavailable times. It also notifies the employee before the shift in case they forgot they had to work. Employees can swap shifts easily. Management is informed of all schedule changes because they have to be approved first by a manager in the app. Finally , Employees can use the messenger feature to communicate without resorting to the obnoxious old group text.

Jenni2012, Dec 09, 2020
So Modern, and Amazingly Simple!

I have been using this app since April to schedule my employees, and I have been in love with it since! It is so so easy to use, and I absolutely love how on the desktop it gives you an option to print the schedule as well. The notifications for when the shift starts is a huge plus, and it makes it so easy to see peoples unavailability, especially when you have part-time employees that don’t work a whole lot and can’t come in to fill out a paper. I will use this indefinitely, and I recommend this to all of my fellow leadership staff. This was such a good find and I will never dread scheduling ever again!

Mrs. Lamson, Jul 01, 2022
Ya I know it’s hard to tell but I didn’t get it

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Poshinytgjhgtt nauta, May 10, 2022
Couldn’t manage my facility without it

When I first started working at my 24 hour a day mental health facility, they used paper for scheduling, which resulted in a complete mess that was not accessible to anyone off site. There were names crossed out and people hand writing over things. Sometimes yiu couldn’t read what was written. I’m shocked they had people in to cover the shifts. I was kinda freaked out by that. Then we found Sling and I have my scheduling up to date immediately after every change or requested day off. Everything is right at my finger tips, regardless of where I am. I love it so much. Honestly, I couldn’t do my job without it.

Positive_Thought, Sep 22, 2022
Amazing app, really useful for small businesses

I use this for work and it’s nice to see who you’re going to work with on your shift, what shifts you have when, and it’s nice to see and be able to post things on the community tab for everybody in the Sling group to see. The only thing I will say is, make sure you have your notifications off for this app. Otherwise, you’re bombarded with notifications about how a shift was made available, which I understand how that might be useful for some people, but not everybody’s going to use that. The only notifications I really use are the notifications for new community posts, when a shift is canceled, and the notification telling me when I have an hour until my shift starts. Other than that one issue, it’s amazing.

Scooter05107, Oct 22, 2022
Aesthetically pleasing, functionally flawed

The app is simple to use and the design is aesthetically pleasing, making it easy to see your shifts. However, there are a couple things that need fixed. Most notably broken is the widget; it simply displays, “We couldn’t find your shifts. Are you logged in the Sling app?”. This function worked previously on my iPhone 6 running iOS 9.3.3, but has never worked on my iPhone XS running iOS 12.0.1. This was the main way I checked my shifts, and it made it so much easier. I don’t know if the app version was different, or if there is just an unknown compatibility issue where the widget feature only works on some versions of iOS. Lastly, as mentioned by another reviewer, the notifications are inconsistent at best, and completely missing or useless at worst. Most of the time I forget I have it set to remind me of my upcoming shift, because it either doesn’t push a notification, or it notifies me when my shift is starting in under 5 minutes. While this has never caused me to be late to work (as it isn’t my primary method of time management and ultimately one should be responsible for themself in regards to getting to work), it would be nice to have peace of mind knowing you have a reliable backup alert. Overall, I enjoy using the Sling app to view and manage my shifts, and I hope to see improvements soon.

Scyanix, Mar 01, 2019
Garbage app.

When you spend more time getting tech support to try to make the app operational than actually being productive with it, it’s a garbage app. If this app were a phone and every time you tried to make a call but needed to go to the store to have them fix it, then every time people tried to call you but couldn’t so you have to go to the store to have them fix it, then sending a message……. (You get the idea), you’d get rid of the phone because it doesn’t work. This is what this app is like. It only works while you call tech support every three or four days. My boss likes just one function of offers and that’s the “hour notice”. Who cares?! The employees should know their shift already. But my boss keeps hanging onto the app saying “it works! We just need to keep calling tech support”… that means it’s NOT working! They should have worked out the bugs before releasing the app. It’s free but don’t waste your time with this app. It’s more frustration than a help. Chose another app. You’ll thank me later.

WyoJoeJoe, Feb 26, 2022


Sling: Employee Scheduling Made Easy With powerful scheduling and workforce management tools, Sling is the easiest way to manage employee work schedules, track time, optimize labor costs, and streamline team communication. For free! Sling works for a variety of industries and organizations of every size, shape, and kind have already made Sling the place where their work happens.

Streamline Your Business • Schedule faster and smarter: Build accurate schedules in minutes and avoid overlapping shifts and double-bookings. • Control labor costs: Stay under budget while controlling overtime and absenteeism. • Communicate efficiently from a single platform: Send messages in group or private conversations, keep everyone informed, and build a stronger company culture. • Simplify time tracking: Allow employees to clock in and out right from their phones. • Make payroll processing easier: Export timesheets for seamless payroll processing. • Drive operational compliance: Ensure standards are being met to keep your business compliant. • Enhance employee engagement: Engage employees in achieving business objectives in an easy-to-digest way while making work effortless and expected outcomes clear. Benefits For Managers - Schedule with ease: Build your employees' schedules in minutes and manage time off, availability and shift trade requests. - Eliminate scheduling conflicts: See up-to-date employee availability, time-off requests, and avoid overlapping shifts and double-bookings. - Democratize scheduling: Let employees sign up for shifts on a first-come, first-served basis, or approve the requests and finalize the schedule. - Reduce employee absences and late arrivals: Use shift alarms to remind employees of their upcoming shifts and send them notifications when they forget to clock in. - Optimize labor spending as you schedule: Set wages per employee or position and see how much each shift will cost. Forecast and optimize expenses while scheduling to ensure you stay on budget. - Manage multiple work locations with ease: Schedule employees across multiple locations on one account and view all schedules in one place. - Set specific clock-in locations: Use GPS or IP settings to designate where you want employees to clock in. - Integrate Sling with platforms you already use: Save time and money by integrating your scheduling with your existing platforms. Benefits For Employees - Access the schedule anywhere, anytime: Employees can access their schedules when they aren't at work and get real-time updates on one centralized platform. - Turn any device into a mobile time clock: With Sling, any device — laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone — becomes a time tracking terminal. - Chat with coworkers in real time: Sling’s powerful communication features help employees to stay informed wherever they are and never skip a beat. - Set shift reminders: With Sling, employees can set shift alarms to remind them when they need to work, which helps them be on time. - Find replacements faster: Sling’s shift exchange feature allows employees to find their own replacements when they can’t work. - Manage work-life balance better: Employees can set unavailability or request off to make time for other things they love to do. - Prevent forgotten clock-outs: Sling will automatically clock out employees if they forget to do it themselves. - Because Sling automates repetitive processes, simplifies complex and time-consuming tasks, and coordinates convoluted workplace communication, it helps any organization run smoother. Try the Sling app for free and experience the future of workforce management.

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