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Homebase Employee Scheduling

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User Reviews for Homebase Employee Scheduling

To keep communication

Home base is a very highly use for communication volume that is very highly recommended for all workers that carry a title working for Carlo’s company. I do depend on Home Base it really helps me to keep in communication with my Boss and coworkers etc. and especially in this time of quarantine during this pandemic COVID-19 the Boss and coworkers been communicating with one another checking on each other during this time for me I feel that it brought out POSITIVE BLESSINGS to one another Home Base kept communication for us all. I am a worker for the Las Vegas Bakery I truly miss work can’t wait to go back, so I highly recommend that we can keep Home Base it really serves a lot of purpose for me and for my other coworkers, supervisors, bakers,assistant manager and our GENERAL MANAGER, with all that I have stated above this Is all from my HEART communication is very IMPORTANT so Home Base needs to be kept ( if I took this to seriously forgive me it’s my HEART ) that did the talking I was just the person following my HEART with communicating. Please everyone be safe wear your mask and hope that this all blow over soon so we all can get back to work and bond as one again. I thank you for giving me the time to express how important Home Base is to me. Thank you, Marguerite Aina ( retail associate from the Las Vegas store)

>lele$@luv, Nov 29, 2021
Employee user side is awesome

I am an employee with the Homebase app and it’s so nice! It’s super user friendly and intuitive. It’s easy to clock in and out for everything, I get reminders when my lunch breaks are almost over, which is a life saver. The best part, however, is that it shows my earnings right on my main page! It’s so motivating to see how much I’ve earned as the day goes on. There’s also an “earnings” tab in the app so I can see how much I’ve earned pre-tax for any given week so I have an idea what my next paycheck will be. It’s so transparent! You can also take money out before payday without having to ask your employer- if you’ve logged hours worked, it’s going to allow you to take a small percentage out before payday if you need to. There’s no fee or interest- it works like PayPal or Venmo in the sense that you pay a few dollars if you want it immediately and it’s free if you wait a few days for it to process. I’ve never used it, but it’s awesome that it’s an option!

dibeiveihdihei, Jan 03, 2022
Good, but one very frustrating glitch

Overall Homebase seems to be a really good system, I really appreciate some of the functions and features it has (like messaging coworkers, seeing your money earned per shift, clocking in and out on the app, etc.). That being said, there’s one glitch/issue that drives me NUTS. There doesn’t seem to be any way to clear message notifications on this Homebase app. When I get a message, no matter how many times I close the app, open the message, scroll through all of the messages, or even delete messages, I still always have a notification that there’s an unread message. Not only is this super annoying visually, it makes me think I’ve missed something from a boss/coworker every time I open the app. It seems like such a simple thing to have read messages NOT give unread notifications, yet this app still struggles with that. If they’d fix that issue it really would be 5 stars from me.

g16703, Oct 24, 2021
Integrated Alerts are a life saver!

First: I freaking hate scheduling. As a business owner I hate it! I love my staff and always give them the time off they need. Requests on Homebase for days off are a great reminder in aiding the scheduling process. So for me to say I actually enjoy scheduling now, is a big deal. Second: the seamless communication between my desktop, sending out notifications and the ability for my staff to keep track of their hours rather than calling me, saves me loads of mental energy and anguish. Last: If you are a small business owner and would rather spend your energy on things besides scheduling you are doing yourself a disservice by not having this app. The free version works amazing for me! Thank you Homebase.

Gordon Fletcher, Dec 17, 2021
Nice to have, but needs some work.

I previously reviewed this app and gave it 5 stars just for the convenience. I love how easy it makes to view your schedule and contact coworkers, it’s a lifesaver for me to be able to log in and see my next shift right at a glance.I genuinely love that my work uses this app, but after a bit more time with it, I’ve found some quirks I hope will be fixed in future updates. ie, if you leave a chat window it erases what you’ve typed. And it’s really hard to get the app to notice you’ve read something and get rid of the notification. It seems to operate with a little bit of a lag in general. These are minor annoyances on an app that I otherwise love, but I feel like they are fixable for the future.

Liss Harmon, Aug 17, 2021
Notifications & Bugs

This is the best app I’ve found for team communication and team scheduling. That said, I do have a few minor issues…with the latest update, all of us have been getting double notifications, which is annoying. I’m sure the devs will be getting that sorted out soon. I would also like the ability to delete chat threads that I no longer need, but at this point, they can only be hidden. The last minor complaint is that I pay for the usage of the app and I wish I could keep my team from seeing each other’s hours because sometimes that causes internal conflicts. That basic feature is hidden behind a more expensive pay tier along with other options I don’t need. Seems like that basic functionality should be an included feature to keep team moral from taking a hit. Overall, the app is very good.

lostsheep7, Jul 08, 2022
App keeps crashing or freezing

I use Homebase for my work, so far I’ve only had one issue in which, I was unable to clock out due to an update. Eventually it was fixed and I could clock out. Unfortunately I have run into another issue, this time it’s worse. When I try to open the app, it loads and brings me to the dashboard, but nothing is on it except the date and time, and clock in button. All the buttons are there, but I cannot access them, because the entire app is frozen, after waiting a bit, the entire app crashes. I’ve tried deleting the app and downloading again, but it doesn’t work. I saw that there was a new update, it seems that every time there is a new update, more base parts of the app don’t work. Please read this and please fix it. The app is great other than constant updates that constantly bring more problems to the app. Thank you.

Luciuslips, Apr 20, 2018
Wish the clock out feature worked

I’ve used this app for sometime now and always wished it had the option to let you clock out on the app as sometimes I forget to clock out since I’m in a hurry, luckily I work for family so I don’t actually get in trouble for it but it is still an inconvenience. Then I remember reading that there was a feature for you to be able to clock out of the app and I was so glad, but I can never find it on my app and I have looked everywhere but the only option I get is to send my manager a msg letting them know I forgot to clock out. I updated the app to the newest version just today and saw that one of the things on the new update was a problem fixed in which some people didn’t have the clock out feature. I was really happy but then got disappointed, as I was on my way home I realized I forgot to clock out but then remembered the latest update and though thank goodness it was just fixed but much to my surprise I still couldn’t find that feature anywhere within the app. I again had to resort to just leaving a msg for my manager. Wish this would get fixed.

Oicorr, Mar 31, 2018
Great for My Small Business!

I have been using mainly the scheduling portion of Homebase for 1 year now and love it. My employees can easily ask for time off, trade shifts, fix availability, and more. I get notifications each time they ask and it inputs into the system so I never miss one and make a mistake on scheduling. I am easily able to see employee availability when making schedules, cutting my schedule making in half. I also love the employee interactions! You can give shoutouts to employees, which creates a positive work environment between managers and employees! l Since using, I have had less tardiness of employees due to a one hour work text that is sent out. I am able to effectively communicate scheduling conflicts and other human resource issues with this app. Overall, wonderful app. Love it.

Princess Kirsten, Feb 12, 2022
Does not update/reload automatically

I am a retail employee who uses Homebase to clock hours and message managers. What I don’t like about Homebase is that it doesn’t update automatically. Like most other apps, such as social media and texting, you are notified as soon as you receive a message or you have changed your status. However, homebase takes a few minutes, usually several (like 20-30) to register that something has been changed or received. For example, if I tap the clock in button, the page layout will not change, making it seem as though I have not clocked in. If I tap a different page, such as scheduling, and then return to my homepage, then it will reload. Additionally, I messaged my manager to notify that I’d be late–my manager got the message After I’d arrived to work. Notification badges don’t dissappear for a while after notifications/messages have been read, as well. As an employee, using Homebase would be much more user-friendly if it updated in real time.

qwertbsufbrks, Oct 01, 2021


The Best Employee Scheduling Software of 2020 by Business.com "This tool makes managing shift work easy." - The Blueprint "Best employee communication tool ever!” - Theresa at Bliss Creamery Homebase makes managing hourly work easier for over 100,000 local businesses. With free employee scheduling, time tracking, team communication, and hiring, managers and employees can spend less time on paperwork and more time on growing their business. HOMEBASE HELPS WITH: Building and sharing your schedule: With the Homebase employee scheduling app, employees can see when to work and track their scheduled shifts.

Teams can view their most up-to-date shift schedule anywhere, submit their availability, see who’s free to cover shifts, and request trades - all in this free scheduling app. Time tracking and time keeping: Employee time tracking has never been so easy! Using the time clock app, employees can clock in and out for shifts right from their phone or on computers or tablets in your office. Managers can easily track breaks, overtime, and timesheets for payroll all in the Homebase time tracker. Managing employee performance: Employees get helpful reminders of upcoming shifts in our employee app, and managers get notified if employees are late, miss clock-outs, or reach overtime. Improving team communication: Our built-in messaging keeps your team in sync without exchanging phone numbers. With the Homebase staff planner, teams can make sure they are available for their shifts and can communicate in the teams app if they need to swap shifts. EMPLOYEES CAN: • Clock in and out on their smartphones using the mobile time clock app • View their up-to-date work schedule anywhere • View the hours they’ve worked and estimated earnings • Request and accept shift trades & covers • Submit their availability and time-off requests • Create group chats and chat with teammates in real time • Receive shift reminders so they’re on time for shifts • Sign in with mobile phone number or email address MANAGERS CAN: • Build team work schedules in our schedule maker app • View team availability and time-off requests while building the shift schedule • View clock-in status of employees, and add or edit employee timecards • Check sales, scheduled labor costs, actual labor costs, and labor as a % of sales • See who's available to be called in to work and easily contact them • Message employees in real time in one-on-one or group chats • Get alerts when employees are late or reach overtime • Set up advanced policies, controls, and permissions Homebase integrates with popular payroll providers to make running payroll a breeze and leading point-of-sale systems so your employees can clock in and out for shifts right from your POS. Gusto Intuit Quickbooks Online Payroll Square Payroll Heartland ADP SurePayroll Clover Square Toast Revel Lightspeed Upserve And more Homebase provides US-based phone, email, and chat support free to all businesses, and our mobile app is free for managers and employees. Homebase provides a basic tier of service for free to all businesses, and our mobile app is free. Businesses can also subscribe to the Essentials plan from within the app to access features like read receipts for messaging, shift notes, and distributing the schedule by text message. Homebase Essentials is a recurring monthly subscription. Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period for $19.99. Auto-renewal may be disabled at any time by going to your settings in the iTunes store after purchase. For more information see Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Terms of use: https://app.joinhomebase.com/terms Privacy policy: https://app.joinhomebase.com/privacy

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