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7shifts: Employee Scheduling

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7shifts: Employee Scheduling

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7shifts, Inc.
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User Reviews for 7shifts: Employee Scheduling

So helpful for 21st century

As someone who schedules her days to the second, I can’t waste time trying to figure out my schedule and when to ask for time off. I’m both a student and an employee, and find it so much easier to schedule everything for work in one place, that way I know when I’m working within seconds of my schedule being uploaded to the app. I’ve never had any issue with the app and find it a lot more efficient than previous methods of scheduling (texting, verbal, and written communication). Never has a shift been mixed up. I only wish the app had a way to connect with my calendar app to make it THAT much easier.

7:&,!8bdiv, May 05, 2018
Easy to use and very convenient

When my manager asked if we’d like to switch to 7shifts instead of physical schedules, I really couldn’t have cared less. But as soon as we started using this, I could never, EVER go back. It’s infinitely more convenient than paper schedules. There are so many perks that I have become accustomed to, such as:- Being able to offer up, take, and trade shifts- Directly message a coworker or group of coworkers, as well as your boss- Being able to request time off- Rating a shift on how it went and being able to give feedback to your boss- Seeing upcoming shifts, who you’re working with, what each person is doing, and the time frameI would recommend every employer switch to 7shifts. It’s so convenient and easy, and eliminates the nightmare of paper schedules. The reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is because I don’t get email notifications for every single type of message, despite them all being turned on. I don’t know why, but the issue has persisted for months now, and instead of being able to rely on push notifications, I have to check the app way more frequently. Once this is fixed, I’ll change my rating to a 5.

Anonymous 747, Jun 05, 2021
Could be much better, near perfect

I love your apps (7punches, 7tasks, 7shifts) and the ideas behind them, I just don’t understand why it’s 3 different apps and not just one !!!! Having to have 3 different apps to do simple things is not convenient at ALL. You guys could compete a lot better I think against other apps if you grouped all of yours into one and that way you’d get a lot of people interested. Here’s a idea: in the 7shifts app you can simply get rid of the messaging tab at the bottom and turn it into a round section in the top right corner, and it stays in that corner no matter what tab you’re in so it’s easy access (kind of like the account tab in the top left corner) and in its place at the bottom you should put a 7punches tab (put the app logo there but just the fist) put the section there next to the shifts tab to clock in and out and do all the other things you can do with 7 punches and instead of a notification tab at the bottom turn it into a 7tasks tab (put the app logo there but just the check mark) by bringing all the functionality from that app and move the notification tab into a section somewhere in the account tab or something similar. It’s just a few ideas but that would make so much more sense and you would only need one app to do all these things which would be so much better and you wouldn’t lose any functionality cause they’d all be brought over into one app.

Jazbbo, Mar 23, 2021
New update is the pits.

This new update is the worst. Hate the weekly summary. The developer response to the last message is a joke. The wages aren’t set correctly? What restaurant calculates servers and bartenders wages like that? If they want to give us a way to see our earnings, allow us to record our own tips within the app. Give us the option to HIDE it at least. Also my hours are wrong, just because I’m scheduled until 3, doesn’t mean I’m not there until 5. This happens at every restaurant I’ve ever worked in. There is nothing the employer can do to know for certain what time there staff is going to be able to leave. This update really shows that the developers don’t truly understand what it means to work in a restaurant. Give us the option to record it ourselves and hide it if we don’t want to, or remove the summary all together.

Loooser., Nov 12, 2017
Could Be More User-Friendly

I love being able to schedule my hours on my phone, because I can go back and forth from my calendar to the 7shifts app. However, it’s really annoying that I can’t request for the hours of just one day to be different. Instead I have to select what week I want to be different, based off of what days the week ends and starts on, figure out what day of that week my request is on and then edit the times I will/won’t be able to work. I love this concept, but I feel the availability request feature might be better executed with a traditional calander layout, as opposed to the current weekly list layout. Again, I love the app and this concept, I just wish it was a little more user friendly.

nleachma, Nov 09, 2019
This app is great!

My manager at the restaurant I work at as a dishwasher uses this app to post every employees shift on it and it works great. I always get a accurate time when I am suppose to come in for work, it displays the time when I come in and it even allows you to offer up shifts when you can't work a certain day so it displays it as shifts up for grabs that you can bid on and take. My manager also uses this app to make announcements for work. I’d say this app is very convenient and has given me a very positive experience so i’m gonna give this app a rating 10 out of 10.Great job to whoever made this wonderful app!

Objective7, Aug 08, 2021
Employee experience

At first it was a little confusing but after a few days it’s so easy to use. Very convenient to see you schedule, who you work with, and what time. It’s easy to request days off or if something comes up and you can’t work your shift it lets you offer up your shift. In the app you have a group chat so you can get notified on important announcements. The app even gives you notifications that let you know that you work that day and later you get another notification as a warning that your shift starts in an hour. There is so much more. Just a super useful tool.

paige jean ell, Apr 14, 2021
This app is awful

Perhaps it is because I’m used to the ease and clarity of schedulefly. I find this app confusing, overly complex and all around terrible. In viewing an upcoming shift all positions are jumbled together, there is no day to day organization by FOH title, it’s not even alphabetical. Also, why a shift pool? I offered up a shift and no one can even see it, let alone pick it up. Time off requests are swept under the rug, management can’t find them, and there are only two reasons we should need time off from work- working somewhere else or not in our prearranged availability. There are lots of service industry professionals who preform more then one job in a given restaurant. Like a host that also busses or bartenders that sometimes serve. This app only offers one job title per employee so I can’t tell is “Sara’s” a bartender or server that day. And this is just a review of their app. Their website is equally unnavigable and confusing. It is obvious that this app was created by someone whose career has been in IT and has never worked in a restaurant before. Finally, every time I open the app it prompts me to add their push notifications and I get daily texts even if it’s got nothing to do with my position. I could go on, but I think it’s been made clear. Sending out schedules via carrier pigeon is more effective and efficient then this app.

ServiceIndustryProfessional, Jan 08, 2022
New to 7shifts, but I dig it!

My most recent employer uses 7shifts and it’s fantastic. Streamlined. Intuitive. Completely user friendly, even if you aren’t tech savvy.After about 15 minutes using the app I was able to understand how it worked; requesting time off, setting availability for individual weeks, picking up shifts, messaging the staff community page, etc.Seriously, I don’t understand why more employers don’t use this app or at least something similar. But as far as I know this is the first app of its kind that has the standards and features that 7shifts has. More employers should use this kind of service.

Sir Williams Awalt, Sep 17, 2020
I don’t know how I was doing it before 7Shifts

Ok so I’m the owner of BOHO Med Spa in Dallas with 5 employees. At first we would just tell people what their schedule was and kept it like that, then we had a mess in when someone asked off and I forgot to fill it. So I used a spreadsheet and everyone had access to it in Google Drive. But I had to manually count how many hours they were working, change dates every 2 weeks and all other head aches that come with manual entry. It was a lot of work. Then my new hire said they use 7Shifts at her other job. 🤯 this has been a game changer for me and is saving me a lot of time managing schedules, hours worked, and time off! And it’s copy and paste!!! You guys have been the best thing that has happened to me in 2020. (Probably because there has been a lot of bad things happening in 2020🤔) Either way, THANK YOU!!!!!

TREYc, Jun 06, 2020


The 7shifts restaurant scheduling app makes it easy to manage schedules and communicate with staff on the go. With 7shifts, your managers can edit work schedules, communicate with and engage staff, track real-time sales and labor data, and stay labor compliant. The employee app empowers your team to take availability and time-off requests, shift trading, and communication into their own hands—anytime, anywhere.

The 7shifts app is free for all restaurant employees to use as part of your 7shifts subscription. Features for restaurant managers: - Manage the schedule with time-off and availability automatically added - Notify staff of their shifts automatically via email, text, or push notification - Approve or deny shift trades - Approve or deny time-off requests - Track staff availability - Track staff engagement like lates and no-shows - Chat with staff or create team-wide announcements - Get overtime alerts if staff are at risk of going into overtime - Track real-time sales and labor to make smart decisions to reduce labor cost Features for restaurant employees: - View all of your shifts - See who you are working with for upcoming shifts - View hours and estimated earnings - Request shift trades - Request time off - Submit your availability - Chat with GIFs, pics, or emojis with your co-workers The 7shifts team is focused on making employee scheduling easier for managers in the restaurant industry, and make employees happier in the workplace. See how easy life is with 7shifts.

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