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User Reviews for MoboReader-The Alpha King

Good stories!

There are good stories with interesting plots, I was able to get my eyes off from netflix binge watching and now into binge reading! It’s more of a romance pocketbook-ish instead of a novel. The negative points are: 1.) opening chapters are too pricey. 2.) 99% of the time, it does not record when you check-in. 3.) tho the points help you unlock some chapters through watching ads, they downgraded the points you earn from watching, it used to be 15 points per ad, now it is declining, first few, you get 15, then 12, 11, 6, then 5. 4.) the “help” menu is useless. Even if u try to connect to cust service, it’s going to say, the person is away from his desk or something like that. I still think that they got great authors. I hope these authors can be recognize and be able to promote their stories well. I’ll buy their books right away if they sell it instead of keep opening chapters thru points or few chapters after paying $6.

Aisee, Nov 21, 2022
Don’t do it

You can’t even read daily because you can’t get enough free coins so you’re forced to pay. Im hoping this finds it way to the top so you all know it’s basically a scam. I’ve spent $30 and only got half way through MY FIRST BOOK. After I finish this book I’m deleting it. There are thousands of apps similar to this one and you can read more a day and get free coins to read by watching ads. You get “stars” in here to spend they HOPEFULLY get you coins but I never get anything but more stars (which are useless for reading) You guys are better off using another one. Also from what I’ve read the authors don’t get paying much either so it’s not like my $30 went to the author, it was given to the stingy people who made this crappy app.

AminaMK, Aug 11, 2022
Use another app

If you want to throw away money, waste your time checking in daily watching videos, and have your money go missing then is the perfect app for you. The app never let you reach 7 days of checking in. It resets automatically despite you having proof that you checked in daily. So free coins are a joke. It randomly purchases things and uses your available coins that you paid real money for. Customer service is nonexistent to an outright joke. You have to wait on an AI to assist you which is always away from her desk. Try emailing customer service and they send you to the AI. So, a joke. The developers need to address these issues instead of blaming it on customer error. You get daily notifications when you have checked in but yet your progress resets. My advice try another reading app like Readict or Kindle. This one is not it unless you don’t mind losing money and time with nothing to show for it.

Auburnma66, May 19, 2023
disappearing coins

i’m at a lossbasically, i’d saved up a bunch of coins from daily log-in’s and watching ads. with them, i was hoping to binge-read a novel when i got the chance. however, life happened and i didn’t open the app for a whole two days. i come back today to find that ALL the coins i’d managed to collect are gone. literally at zeroi’m really frustrated tbh. does mobo not care about their readers? i like only two stories available here, and they’re translations. not original content. i have absolutely no qualms about deleting this app, as i can definitely let go of two stories, especially considering how defective and poorly executed this app isif you’re thinking of getting this: save yourself the trouble and don’t download it. especially if you’re not gonna dish out cash to read really low brow content. i thought i could power through with ads and daily log-ins, but seeing as how all of that can disappear in a second there’s really no point 🤷🏻‍♀️

befogs, Oct 29, 2018

I love this app!! The stories are amazing and he always intrigue me and I read for hours. The only thing I dislike is the fact that the takes so many coins to unlock a chapter and we do all this stuff for points but then we have to wait till it coverts some to coins. I feel like we sure be able to exchange our points for coins whenever we want instead of having to wait. Some people don’t have money to spend on coins and I just feel like the system could be better. I understand the writers making money but at the same time we watch the videos and stuff to get the points so we should NOT have to wait till the app transfer some to coins. We should definitely be able to it ourselves. That’s the whole point of the points anyway is to get them turned into coins? So therefore we should be able to whenever we want and have enough too.

Brittany 704, Nov 22, 2023
Zero customer service

Originally I thought cool app, has a wide variety of books but quickly things started become clear, first you are not buying a book, you are buying chapters by the time you finish reading a book you paid hundreds of dollars for it, not exaggerating “hundreds” but hey if you like the book and have the money so be it, but that’s not all it, this app double and triple charged me every time I bought coins and when trying to reach customer service all you get are pre-recorded answer, you get a robot that Kees repeating same thing, I tried to search for customer service online and I found an email, I emailed them and the response I got was for me to used the app for customer service and it was written in a way that look like an automatic response in other words not a living person, this is a ripped off quite literally stealing money and no way to get it back, or at least get the equivalent in coins for that matter, and if I could give minus 5 star I would.

Childer1, Mar 20, 2023
Scam App

I think this app is a scam. The book descriptions on the TikTok ads do not match the actual books. The books read like a misogynistic non-English speaking AI wrote them. There was physical and emotional abuse and a lot of non-consensual acts by the male protagonist in the ROMANCE book I was reading, but all written out in disjointed and broken English. AND you have to pay like $5 to unlock and read EACH chapter after around chapter 25. I tried to finish the book just to learn what happens but I was unable to actually do so because all the chapters were blocked by a paywall. The app itself is also not reader friendly - you can’t see where you are in the book (you only get in accurate chapter progress) and there’s too much going on on the page. You’ll end up accidentally highlighting everything while trying to read. The volume button page swipe setting also does not work. DO NOT BUY THIS APP!

Cindy788754225, Nov 14, 2022
Do not recommend if you want to complete a book in a sitting

Frustrating because I spent money on coins for chapters and the subscription hoping that I’d have enough coins to finish the book. 🤦🏻‍♀️ it only gives x amount of chapters before asking you to spend more money to unlock more chapters. And doesn’t help that the book is broken up into a hundred plus chapters 🙄 I think it’s ridiculous. I’ll support the author by buying a book rather than paying more so I can read it by chapters. I like to read my books in one sitting. I did like the book I was reading but don’t like the app.

Clover4903, Dec 29, 2021
Good reads, but inconvenient

I’ve found a few good books on this app, my biggest complaint is that books are not added completely. Most authors upload X amount of chapters per day/week and I don’t like to stop abruptly when I’m reading a good story. I think it would work best if books were only uploaded once completed. I had subscribed for unlimited access per month in order to read as much as I wanted, but chapters weren’t uploaded fast enough and it was definitely an inconvenience. I cancelled my subscription because I wasn’t getting my money’s worth.

dahv83, Jun 05, 2019
November 12, 2023 Jennifer Gross

I love MoboReader app because this app has wonderful books to read over and over if I choose to it has different options of different genres that I want to explore and enjoying myself while I want to escape to a different worlds. Every time I read a story that is what makes me relax for my hard day and not think of problems, or that I had during that day Reading gives me the ability to escape reality for at least 2 to 3 hours and enter a different world anytime I find a different world when I’m reading a story I become a part of the story as I read along with the characters sometimes I think the endings of some of the stories that I read are different outcomes that I expect them to be, which is a good thing because the story has a different ending and the Story a different outlook for the reader, to be shocked or surprise, and that will want myself as an avid reader to keep wanting to come back to this platform and read a different story and not put the book down. As for the new platform that is something I have to get used to. I will get used to it slowly, but hopefully the new outlook on this platform. Will help me to understand. I want to come back to read more novels. Thank you so much.

dr Pepper 45, Nov 13, 2023


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