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User Reviews for Joyread-Fantasy Novel

Super expensive and inconsiderate

Let me start of by saying that the book I’ve been reading is actually very interesting and I’ve enjoyed it. Apart from that, this app is too expensive. Chapters are about a page and a half of a regular book. Your coins are being used every chapter and before you’ve realized it you’ve ran out of coins on just a few chapters. They seem to be adding chapters to the story as you’re reading to make you spend more and extend the story. Before I started the story of my choice I noticed it was 240 something chapters. I’ve paid so much money just to reach 300 something and now the last chapter is “400+”. Insane !!!!! I’ve spent too much money on trying to finish this story because I do like it but they’re really taking advantage of you allow them. If you don’t mind, you’ll be paying about 200 or more on just 1 story. Please be mindful of this before you even get yourself involved. Just looking out for you and your funds 💕

bookstylooo, Sep 05, 2021
Overpriced Nonsense

I read. I devour books. This is absolutely the worst reading experience I’ve ever had. I read through Kindle Unlimited, Audible, Nook, Instaread, Wattpad, Chirp, Smashword, Netgalley and some online based reading sites. Any of them are better than this App. Don’t waste your money. The books I’ve read are ridiculous. It sort of feels like someone wrote the books in a foreign language then used one of those terrible internet translation sites to change it to English. It reads that badly. Then there is the problem with the facts. The books bend procedure, normalcy, reality and science to just make the the books longer. The books are so repetitive that they become annoying very quickly.When I say overpriced, I mean you could buy special edition hardcovers by awesome authors for cheaper than this mess.

CRBBMORE, Sep 21, 2021
Price is to high

First what I want to say is, I like the Novel I haven’t read a Novels in decade since I lost interest to it. The this site shows to my Facebook feeds so I start reading it. So I went ahead download the apps , I read till chapter 15 when chapter 16 is lock I have to pay coins or pearls. They have free pearls for new costumer put info and reading in such of time. I’ve collected all those free pearls then starting reading again till I run out off pearls at chapter 20. So I decided to purchase the subscription for $9.99 for coins and pearls. It didn’t take long the 700 coins was used up in chapter 50 something can’t remember 😳 I got disappointed cause I wanna finish the novel that I’m reading. And there I go again I bought another $9.99 coins 700 and 100 pearls in the same day😐👀. I use all that and got to chapter 80’s something. I’m really disappointed 😔. I want to say to the creator of this site to consider the readers to read the novels with the subscription and have the option for some to buy the coins to pay for the novel’s not chapters or let us have the option buy the book then you can satisfy your readers and stay

hmay01, Jan 12, 2022
Terrible money grab

I go through ebooks like crazy. I don’t generally like the pay as you go plan for anything but when my instagram kept showing a preview of a book that looked interesting I gave it a shot. You pay for coins and earn pearls that you use to buy chapters. Unfortunately each chapter is at most 3-4 pages long and often ends in the middle of the paragraph with the paragraph continuing in the next “chapter.” I’m over 100 chapters in and there is nothing even close to the preview in the sponsored ad. With the length of the chapters and the cost of coins, it would easily cost over $20 for a falsely advertised story written by an amateur that could easily have been told in a $2.99 ebook novella.

honoraflynn, Jun 11, 2022

The story I WAS reading was so good, I was addicted! I read like 3 chapters, and then all of a sudden I need coins to unlock more. I figured $10 for 700 coins, sure, it’ll last me a bit and I figure I’m supporting the authors. Then each chapter turns out to be like 40 coins each, and an hour later-BOOM, have to pay another $10 minimum to continue reading. I was REALLY into the story, so I figured, why not, the story is probably almost over. Wrong-the story was 300+ chapters long. I spent $22 to ready 89 chapters (which BTW each chapter is about as long as 2 pages would be in a real printed book). So to finish the book, it’s so much more than I would pay to go to a bookstore and buy a real book from a real author…. I would have gladly paid $20 for the story I was reading, but it said I needed like 8,000 more coins to unlock the remaining chapters, which is a minimum of like $120 more. Ridiculous! Be aware before you get super into a story!!

JayRazz77, Jul 12, 2023
RIP-OFF ALERT Cost $100+ to read one Novel

I started reading this book on Facebook. It was interesting and caught my attention so I went ahead and downloaded the app as directed. I continued to read only to find out that I have to purchase coins to continue reading. I said to myself "well its like purchasing a book from the a book store. The only problem is that I'm purchasing chapters that are very short. I must admit the book is so good that I want to continue reading it. At the same time the book has 1700+ short chapters and I will end up paying well over $100+ to finish the book. Another thing, if I'm paying all this money but don't even have audio reading as an option while I'm driving or too busy to sit and read, what's the point. I love the story but once I'm done with my coins, I'm done with the book and the app. Readers should have an option to purchase the whole book at a set price.

Kpzeee, Oct 25, 2021

It is not free to read the books on this app, no matter how many different ways they say “stop paying to read” it is literally the same thing as every other one of these apps. Don’t got get me wrong, I love supporting writers! I have 2 huge bookshelves full of physical, tangible, smellable, books. All hardcover I might add, that didn’t cost me more than $40. I think it is incredibly and excessively expensive to pay upwards of $100 for something you will never own. If the books had a set price of $40 a piece, I would devour them! I can’t justify spending so much money on something that you do not own. Set a price up front, stop with the per chapter stuff, no one know exactly how much one of these reads, can’t even call it a book, it’s just a read, will cost them. It’s truly heartbreaking that most of these very good authors will not get the notoriety the deserve, because people will get tries of paying so much for so little in return.

Lddhjuhhfedgin, Jul 21, 2023

I as others started reading a book on Facebook. I as others downloaded this app. I as others also spent a little bit not much to continue reading but for a book that has 3000+ chapters that are only 1-2 pages long if that of a normal book this is a rip off. The stories are great but you charge too much. I hope everyone else is smart and sees how big of a rip off this one is. I know these are authors trying to make it in the real world but charging what you do for coins is outrageous. The option for free pearls isn’t enough and the ads don’t even exist to play for free pearls it always errors. Some of these novel apps do daily reading times instead of weekly for free coins or pearls. Once I’m out of coins and pearls I refuse to spend anymore of my own money on a story that’s is going to cost me well over $100 to finish.

M_frustrated, Jan 12, 2022
Enjoying the App

I love the app so far. I only downloaded it to read 1 story to be honest. I wasn’t sure at first because of some of the reviews complaining about paying to read. I think it’s ridiculous because I haven’t had to pay anything since downloading the app. They give you so many opportunities to get pearls to read rather than purchasing. Each day you come back and claim daily pearls or check in, you get more opportunities to collect more pearls. In one week, I had 500 pearls collected. I didn’t have to buy anything just came back and did the daily activities for 5 minutes each day. It really isn’t that hard. But so far loving the app.

MairenD, Sep 01, 2023
Don’t bother

The chapters are too short, filled with grammatical errors and poor sentence structure. Buying the coins and pearls to unlock chapters makes the books over $50 each just to finish them. Some can be even more costly. Even playing the games to earn pearls doesn’t get you far. They get you hooked with the first 20 chapters, there seems to be very few errors in the first chapters, once you burn though all options for free pearls and you start buying them, the sentences start to make less sense with more spelling errors. By then though, you’re just trying to finish the book. I also found that it seems you spend both pearls and coins at the same time when unlocking characters. By the time you run out of the coins you’ve paid for, you’ve conveniently run out of pearls too. 🤔 Just don’t bother getting started.

Market Farmer, Jul 27, 2023


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