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User Reviews for iReader-Story, Novel & E-book

Accessibility for VoiceOver users on iPhone is terrible

I’m a totally blind student and I use VoiceOver on my iphone. Voiceover is a screen reader that is on the iphone for those who don’t know. I’m very disappointed With this app. I found an story that really drag my attention, but many buttons within the app are not accessible at all. Buttons are not lable correctly, which makes difficult to work with VoiceOver. I understand that I need to pay for books, but not even the option where I need to purchase for iCons or even getting free iCons is accessible with Voiceover. I wanted to purchase iCons to read a book that was interested to get, but at some point the app crash on me. This make me think if I pay for the story then the story will not be worth my money because it will not be accesible for me if other buttons don’t work correctly.I will really appreciate it if you could make this app accessible for Voiceover users. Hope you understand. Thanks so much!

Applegirl2021, Jun 07, 2021

I see now how this app gets all the 5 star ratings. If you want more vouchers to get further in the book you have to give it 5 stars. It’s not an awful app but it’s very hard to like it when books by very known authors are cheaper than these books. Their fun reads but not worth $20-$40 if not more for these. It’s a rip off. Having to pay for every chapter and very very short chapters I might add. I already paid $5 and it got me hardly anywhere in the book and wants more to try and finish the book. That’s pretty harsh how you guys get people and having them pay for books that don’t even cost close to these in book store and other apps. It’s a shame. Shame shame.

Crazy Colie, Jun 05, 2021
Not a great book app

So I’ll start with the good. Lots of books to choose from. Free first 7 chapters or so on every book enough to see if you like it first. And a few ways to earn some vouchers to unlock chapters. Now for all the bad. So far I’m having a really hard time getting most of the ways to earn vouchers to work. An Example: I read today for 4 hrs yet it never even unlocked the 30 minute bonus. If you paid for coins so you can read a book your probably going to have to spend $50 for enough coins to unlock 1 book on this app. That’s a very expensive book lol. And the last bad I can think of is that a lot of these stories are not easy to follow. Punctuation and grammar is all wrong. But there are a few really good stories mixed in too. Just have to go through a few to find the good ones. This app is just ok. I like a few of the stories but there are much better apps out there that offer the same thing as this one.

guilTpleasr, Jan 18, 2022
Some gems in there, but way too expensive

I got into a book and decided since it was one of the few well written books with few errors that it was worth a little money. I bought 6000 coins which was a little over $10 US. Even with the coupons, free coins for reading for certain amounts of time and bonus vouchers it was not enough to pay for one incomplete book. That’s way more than I would pay on kindle or in a book store for a paperback. They need to increase the ways to earn more vouchers and coupons, or reduce the chapter cost to a competitive price. With the amount of amateur writers or writers without English as a first language, they need to open up more opportunities for readers to submit corrections and get decent rewards, like enough for a free chapter or something more enticing that would help the authors and the readers both. I’m fine helping out, but give me something more than a few measly coins and don’t limit me. Even though I keep finding decent stories to read, I am not paying that much for just one book that needs a lot of editing and improvement and that I have to wait for the ending through many days of single chapter updates. I read too fast for that and it is frustrating! I think the concept is great, but if they make it reasonable and affordable they will compete better in the market. Unfinished and unedited books should be WAY cheaper than the completed and edited books.

ItsOk2eatpopcorn4dinner, Sep 19, 2020
It’s okay for one

It’s okay if you get one good story out of it but if you already have kindle unlimited it just won’t feel worth it. For example, I paid almost $30 for a 3 book series. Now that almost sounds like a good deal. Here’s the kicker! That series was basically half a good book when it was all put together. The story I read was pretty good but it needed A LOT of editing. Some paragraphs I had to piece things together and many words had hyphens in them that didn’t need hyphens. That was weird. I’ve finished my series/book/story and I want to give this app a good try. The earning coins/vouchers thing I don’t really understand. I don’t know if I’m earning enough. Seems like a rough process. Like working working pennies. I’m going to give it one more story. Wish me luck.

kimbo010, Mar 26, 2021
Red riding Alpha / saving Alpha Idk

This book was a page turner I was scrolling on fb and saw what looked like a extra long post then I discovered it was a page or two from a book that caught my interest I work over nights I thought to my self this should keep me awake I have the kindle app that has unlimited books but I haven’t used it in a while so I down load this app and every other chapter I had to pay so this app is far from free the book was good but the amount of money I spent was unexpected I will be deleting this app it’s not for me and I’m a book reader but my unlimited kindle app will do just fine. On top of that I couldn’t tell if the book changed or was I reading a different chapter

ladeda34, Dec 03, 2020
Not a bad platform

I enjoy being able to support authors that are aspiring and learning, which is exactly what this app allows you to do. There are spelling, grammar, and other errors abound, but if you’re able to read past that, then there are some fantastic stories that are entertaining and original. I like how this app allows you to edit or comment, whereas similar apps don’t have this feature. It’s fairly expensive for what it is, but I try and tell myself that it’s all going to the author, which I am not super sure about. There have been some times I’ve tried to “top up”, or replenish the funds in the app, and it didn’t work and the recourse to get my money back was so ridiculous and exhausting that I decided it wasn’t worth the $10 I lost anyway. It’s not the best app out there but it’s certainly a decent one and I would recommend it to those who are willing or passionate to play copy-editor.

liz1unicorn, Oct 03, 2020
EDITED REVIEW: Takes your money, but doesn’t credit your coins

EDITING:Changing my review - after opening a second ticket, this one was responded to and the coins were credited to my account. The only thing that stops me from leaving 5 stars at this point is that the chapters are quiet expensive - coins go quickly and sometimes the freebies you get daily aren’t enough to get through more than 1 chapter if you don’t want to continue spending money. After more consideration, as long as I don’t continue encountering issues with paying for coins and not being credited for them if I decide to purchase more, I will be keeping this app. A lot of the books I’ve read so far on this app are very good. Their feedback tickets state 1-2 days for response and its been past that - they don’t respond to their own feedback option and instead just take your money. Will unfortunately be deleting this app once I finish the book I’m on and I will not be paying them for coins anymore until they can get these issues sorted out since it seems to be a common issue lately.

Maddy3150, Dec 19, 2020
Very overpriced!

While some of the stories are good, the cost isn’t. Telling readers that they can get i vouchers for ONLY 5 star ratings isn’t right. The developers should give out I vouchers for feedback and ratings of any kind. It’s very expensive to read an entire book, the chapters are very short compared to the cost. If someone does all of the daily tasks and then finds out that they didn’t “earn” enough to open the next chapter it’s super frustrating. Then add in that not only am I paying overinflated costs for the next few chapters, I’m also being asked to edit grammar/spelling with only one per day that actually earns me anything. Why not a tiered earning system? For instance, have your daily check in offer more rewards the more days you check in. So the first day you would get 1 “free” chapter, 2 free the second day, 3 free the third day etc, up to 30 days gives you 30 chapters. Also give an option to buy entire books for a substantial reduced cost over buying chapters.

MeowMixIV, Oct 31, 2020

The app asks people to give a 5 star rating with the promise of extra coins so beware that the high rating is false. Just like their false advertisements on social media pretending a book is complete when it’s not. Ridiculously expensive, app deletes coins constantly, advertises daily updates that never happen. Also, the app has no problem deleting negative comments on Jessica Hall’s stories (I know they aren’t based out of USA, but I know many countries have laws against fake reviews and deleting negative comments so they can rake in more $ falls under that)- well, they deleted a lot of them up until they stopped allowing writing or viewing comments on ONLY her stories because people were getting fed up with how much they paid just for constant excuses of no updates and a storyline that fell apart. But she is a cash cow for them so they want to keep the false pretense up for new comers. App blames the authors, authors blame the app. Yet they all rake in big $ for unedited, unfinished stories and the app responds on here with the maddening copy and paste reply. Just beware- unless you want to take a couple of years trying to earn enough vouchers to finish a single story, don’t bother. To pay over $100 for an amateur book where they all start to sound alike is absurd.

nootherjo, Jul 26, 2022


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