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Webfic-Make Reading Fantastic

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User Reviews for Webfic-Make Reading Fantastic

Some good stories but too expensive

Thee are some good stories but the book will be ver expensive to finish if it ever gets finished. The chapters are too short and require so many coins it’s too expensive to keep reading especially when the book drags on and on sometimes repeating same issue in a different manner until it’s no longer interesting also. I’ve read 2 books that were completed and one was like 1500 short chapters. I started others and quit bc it was repetitive and got boring or expensive. There’s grammatical errors also but I can overlook mostly. I really like one book and read most but it’s at 2225 chapters releasing 4 daily but that would be like max of 500 normal size chapters. I only continue it while I’m waiting on chapters in another book. Both have dragged on so long I’m ready to quit completely. You would have many more readers if you increase pages of writing into less chapters, made it much more affordable and released completed books. I’m not reading anything more that isn’t complete before I start. It’s too frustrating to read 5 or 10 minutes and wait repeatedly even if I wanted to spend $500. I want to read a book on my timeframe not wait for it to be finished. It has potential to be good app bc books are interesting but dragging them out ruins it and cost too much. You would have more profit bc you would have more readers stick with it if it was revamped with complete books, bigger chapters and more affordable.

Best Airline, Jul 17, 2022
Coins/Bonus doesn’t work right/chapters too short

I had 50 coins. When I looked at my chapters it showed Chapter 24 and 25 unlocked and I checked my coin balance and it showed 40 coins so I thought ok it takes 10 coins and unlocks 2 chapters. This made sense because the chapters are unbelievably short. After I read those 2 it automatically unlocked the next chapter and doesn’t ask if you want to use coins or anything it just takes them. It should have taken 10 coins for Chapter 26 and chapter 27 based on this. When I checked my point balance after reading chapter 26, chapter 27 was unlocked, it showed I only had 20 coins so then I figured ok it’s 10 points per chapter. So then I read chapter 27 and checked and it showed chapter 28 was unlocked. I checked my coin balance and it showed I had 9 coins so then I was confused. Then when I finished chapter 28, I checked the balance and it showed I had 0 coins. I guess it is 10 points per chapter. These chapters are way to short. The book I am reading doesn’t match what the ad said. I will continue to go through the process to get coins to read this one book but it will be the only book I read on this app and that is only because I hate not finishing a book. Galatea is a much better app to read on.

ctompkins_72401, Nov 29, 2021
Pursuing my Ex-wife!

Way too much grammatical errors, but I still stuck in there. Wasted my money because the story is about 1800 chapters long and could have ended with a great story line within 500 chapters. The author keeps prolonging the story just to get more coins from us I’m sure! Too much repeated scenes and sadistic ways to drag down the heroine (ok, that’s my personal problem, not the author’s) but it makes the reader give up on the story easily when there’s no relief. It bored me completely around chapter 1000 or so , so I just gave up… $80 later… smh!The app is too expensive but of course I knew that when I downloaded it. I believe in supporting unknown authors and paying extra for “good” content, but the stories should be checked for errors before posted. Why can’t you do that if we are spending $200 on average just to finish your book?

Impress2018$, Apr 11, 2022

This is the second app I’ve downloaded for books and it is way too expensive for getting Coins,You don’t even get a finish a book and here you are $30 later, you can go by the book for cheaper. So I gave it a one star, in the book that I’m reading it’s a good read but it just repeats and repeats and repeats and then you’re paying more money to read another part of the story I feel like I’m never going to get through this book and I’m on chapter 320 something and that’s because the person who wrote the book just repeats themselves I’ve skipped over several chapters because it’s just a repeating. But I want to finish the book but it’s becoming way too expensive it’s ridiculous the expense that people pay. So I guess my recommendation is I should probably find the book online and buy it because it probably only be like 10 $14 and I guess I recommend that for other people.

Jollyhg, May 17, 2021

I’ve never had it in mind to leave a review before… but I hope this can be rectified ASAP. Webfic is a very good reading app, aside the fact that the amount of bonus or coins required to unlock each chapter is too high considering the chapters are always very short🥵 not everyone can buy coins with their money… but to those of us who rely solely on the bonuses we’re given to unlock the chapters, then we should be considered.Secondly, the numbers of ads are too much… we basically have to watch up to 10 ads just to get 30 bonus… that is very inconsiderate of webfic 🥵 watching an ad of 30secs to get 3bonus is just pure wickedness… u could reduce the numbers of ads from 10 to like 6 and increase the bonus from 3 to like 4… or leave the numbers of ads as it is and increase the bonus from 3 to like 5 bonus for each ads we watch. And lastly… recently webfic has decided to become more stingy with their bonus… how can I get just 3 bonus for reading for 15minutes and 6bonus for reading for 45minutes??? That is nothing but evil😫 you’ll end up pushing we readers away from your app cos as it is… I’m not even motivated in f slightest bit to read on that app again🌝 at least we use other reading apps and we get reasonable amount of bonuses 😒Giving 3 bonus for unlocking 5chapters is like a slap on our faces as well… u could have well not reward us with anything instead🙄 I hope this gets rectified as soon as possible 🤝Thank you

kwin minato, Jul 14, 2022
Wanted to like it.

It’s disappointing to me because the stories I have started have been very well written and engaging and leaving you wanting more. However, the cost for “coins” is ridiculous, and trying to earn bonus is not all that easy unless you keep starting multiple books and don’t finish them just to build the time needed to receive the next bonus. And the amount of coins per chapter needed makes it difficult. I’ve spent 20 dollars on coins so far, and I’m no where near finished with the book. The one book has like 1500 chapters to it.... I think this app would fair better if they made the prices more reasonable. It’s cheaper for me to go to a used book store or other app. But it doesn’t allow these great creative authors to be heard that way. Maybe they will make changes. Maybe they won’t.

MssSarah, May 03, 2021
Not really worth it.

The stories, although most that I have read are unedited, are alright and have a decent storyline however, the chapters are very short and cost extremely too much. Some of the books that I have been interested in reading are over 1000+ chapters. That is ridiculous! There’s no way to finish these stories with the small amount of coins they give daily! We’re forced to buy large bundles of coins to continue reading these stories that are not edited and chapters that only amount to three or four paragraphs. I don’t mind purchasing coins for to read but you’ve got to make it worth my money. The daily coins you give are not enough and all the ads you have to watch to get coins makes me not want to even keep the app. I could have given two stars but gave three because I was being generous. You should try it.

Purnaé, Jan 04, 2022
That 1 star is for the decent stories

The stories are great from my opinion. However the coins are a problem. It took me a long time to acquire my coins and for use to pay a lot of coins for so little pages. For short chapters. And the thing that made me most upset is that after acquiring quite a bit of coins so I could binge read. I picked up on a chapter where I left of and it took coins from me. It was at the end of a chapter that I had already read and it still to coins from me. So I was thinking maybe it took them for the next chapter because I now see that the next chapter doesn’t have a lock on it. So I click on the next chapter. And boom. It takes another 18 or so of my coins. Now I’m mad because it took about the same amount for a chapter I already read. And took it again for a new chapter in which was said was unlocked. Like I’ve always thought that every time I read that something was off. But are you serious! And I wanted to screen record to show my proof however due to copyright I can’t. But if Yall don’t fix this and give me back my coins at least I’m uninstalling. I don’t think I’ve ever actually had to rant about an app before like this.

shaybunny21, Apr 25, 2022

I started out giving this app a 4 Star review. And then I went down to a three because you have to pay. Then I went to two because even though I was willing to do all the little extras to earn the points to be able to continue to read. Then it went to a one because you couldn’t earn enough to read more than 2 to 3 chapters. And now I give it a zero because I spent money and I’m not even halfway through one book. What I have paid so far I could’ve went and bought two books at the store. Not worth that time or effort. I am deleting this application. It is a scam. The price per chapter changes every time if you have any coins the price will go from 10 to 20 . All they want is your money. Authors you would be better off going to another app. Some of the story lines are good and I am willing to pay one price for the whole book.

sheiladittt, Feb 20, 2022
Stealing our coins

I had 25 coins, used 14, and now down to 5.....how is that possible? I will NOT pay to read chapters and don’t appreciate you all stealing the daily coins that are earned. I use the coins daily so there is no way that they expire and the chapter specifically said 14.... why take additional coins when it’s already frustrating that it takes forever to read a book on here!!! I’m am so annoyed I don’t even want to contribute to this app but I want to finish this book. When I am done with this book, I will delete the app! No point to continue when you all steal the earned coins that we wait so patiently for! You don’t even give us the option to share with each other but keep taking what we earn! I’m over it!!!!! I’ve been reading this book for a month or longer and still not done, but y’all take my coins that I know for sure weren’t spent!! I’m disgusted and can’t wait to tell so many people to delete the app!!!

SouthenStarBaby, May 09, 2021


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