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User Reviews for FoxNovel-Read & Story Books


This is the 4th app I have tried and I haven’t been happy with any of them. On the plus side $4.99 allowed me to read the story to a satisfying end. I could have bought more coins to read further but could not face the bad spelling and grammar anymore.There were so many typos, both spelling and grammar, as spell check will accept ‘stink’ when the word should have been ‘sting’. Grammar was definitely as if the author knew English as a second language. Needed a good editor and proofreader. Not interested in reading another story to see if another author gets it right.

AngieCap7, Feb 25, 2021
Could not make account

I seen an ad for this and attempted to give it a shot! It lets you read the first 5 chapters as trial for “free” then says must sign in for chapter 6. I click it because usually on sign in pages is also a button to create an account. I looked under every tab in the app and there is no where to create an account and I can’t use the help center without being signed in. How am I suppose to sign in and read if it will not let me create an account? Very disappointing!

dne6994, Jan 29, 2021
This is horrible

If I could have given zero stars, I would have. The main problem is that the book I have been reading has obviously been written in a different language and transposed to English. At first, I was able to understand the majority of plot, and I could make excuses for the text as “bad writing” I tried to press on, because I was interested in the plot. However, the translation is so poor that there are parts of the dialogue that I have absolutely no idea what the author is trying to say. As the book goes on, the translation gets worse and worse. DO NOT download this app. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT become engrossed in a story. It just gets worse and worse. This is a horrible way to spend any time or money. This app is TERRIBLE!! I can’t stress that enough. I know people tend to get sucked in because of a story, BUT DON’t let that be you!!!

Gpeturis23, Aug 24, 2020
Rip Off

I rated it a 5-star because it seems those are the only reviews that get seen. This App is overpriced and expensive. One chapter cost 100 vouchers/gems/coins. This app is not worth getting. There are others that cost coins to read as well but not 100. I can read 3-4 chapters on IReader for that much. DO NOT GET THIS APP.

Hzbxbxbx, May 30, 2022

I don’t like how you have no idea how much a story is going to actually cost. I spent $10 for a story which equaled 8,400 points and yet that didn’t buy the story. And I can’t click on anything to give me the actual story cost. On line books by no named authors should NOT cost more than $10 and if it does then you should tell someone up front. Since I have no idea how much this is going to cost I’m going to delete this app and go back to Kindle Unlimited. I pay $10 a month for millions of stories. I’m all for supporting an indie market but not like this...

Jes13685, May 21, 2021
The good, bad, and suggestions

The stories are great. The stories could use English spell check and translation check by someone who speaks English; however, none of this affects the reading. It is clear and understandable. The stories are very expensive and could use more of a discount as purchase options change. Or a plan to purchase into a reading club with a regular monthly plan. I think partly due to chapters not being the size of regular books., as well as 1 book for the whole story instead of a sequence of books. That said, if we were into a story by a author who prints sequencing books, it would cost per book. So if you have to keep buying hard copy books it gets costly too. Taking all of this into consideration, the higher cost I believe is worth it because of the quality of the stories. They are constantly changing and full of surprises. You can not predict what will happen next. It’s great that these authors are keeping the stories unpredictable.

KatrinaSB1971, Feb 08, 2021

It’s sad that now a days people rather make a quick buck then to actually put the time and effort in receive something better in the long run. This app has amazing books. But most are unfinished and the chapters are too costly. It’s unfair to have so many supporters to only disappoint them in the end. I would not recommend this app to NO ONE. I didn’t lose as much money as others did on this app because I sought out sooner than later that this is indeed a scam. I just pray the owners of this app and the parties uploading their books sooner than later realize this isn’t right. But hey!

Lovemine3, May 23, 2021
Infatuated with my mysterious husband

Unfortunately, I have to give this interesting book a 1 star due to the fact it is unfinished. The author is stringing the readers along, updating 1-2 chapters a day or sometimes none. I would like to recommend to Fox novel have your authors finish their book before placing it on the app. We the readers are spending our money, and your authors are wasting our time. Waiting for authors to update chapters of unfinished books , the cost of the chapters to read an entire book is too expensive these are some of the reasons other authors won’t be supported. Consider your readers time and money.

Ms.T2, Aug 08, 2021
Great stories but costly

I downloaded this app after I was hooked from a synopsis on Facebook, I realized it’s only 5 pages per chapter and it’s over 200 chapters for the book. Good ready but it gets pricey, after reading so many chapters you have to keep purchasing vouchers and coins I believe I’ve already spent over $20 for this one book. If I have to purchase more I will discontinue reading and delete the app. They should give you the option to purchase the book for one set price. Or have a monthly subscription for unlimited reads.

Oohla_tye24, Mar 15, 2021

I wish I had read the reviews before I got hooked. The book I’m reading is $4.99 per 21 chapters. Although I love the book I’m reading, I can look for novels in the book app in the Apple store. For half the price. I don’t even pay this much for actual physical books. Unfortunately for me I’ll end up paying more than $20 to finish this book. The app is difficult to maneuver.

princessmarisa07, May 12, 2021


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