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ReadNow: Romance Books Library

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User Reviews for ReadNow: Romance Books Library


I've paid to unlock the books to read them. And suddenly they locked the books that I purchased and asked me to pay to open them again. The worst part is when I try to reach out the customer service, they reply with an automatic message, and they're not responding to my complaints. It's so FRUSTRATING to have this kind of app and service where they know how to ask for money but not solve the customer issues!!! I even called them from the U.S to China to ask about what was going on with my purchased books, but they hung up on me!!! The Freaking hung up on me!!! I recommend you guys go for “Foxnovel”; it's much better than this app. Although it's a little expensive, their customer service is the best

Angelline Yati, Apr 13, 2022
Terrible Service

The only good thing about this app is the content of the books. The chapters are expensive, it burns your coins without giving you access to the chapters. Then customer service doesn’t help and gives the worst explanations. For example, one book I got into I spent 50$ to make sure I had enough coins to read all the way through. I made it 5 chapters before it was telling me to refill/ then I looked for my free coins where it only gave me 10 when to read a chapter is like 57. I asked why the app took all my funds to reads 5 chapters nd the service agent says it’s because the chapters just came out. Now the issue is there are almost 500 chapters in this book and I’m not even half way through the book so it can’t possibly be new chapters. Then they closed the chat on me and when I tried to reopen it, it says they are closed.

Baddie4Books, Aug 12, 2023
Total Rip Off

Don’t bother wasting your time with this app. The books are written poorly (grammatical errors everywhere) and the storylines are amateurish at best. The sheer audacity of an app to get you to pay a monthly subscription for “unlimited reading” and then to ask you to pay additional money to unlock chapters is disgusting and unacceptable. And, no customer service to boot! Are you serious? I could read 10 romance novels for the amount of money you’re asking me to pay to unlock 250+ “chapters”. And, furthermore, a chapter is more than 3 pages. I paid the subscription but, I won’t give you anymore money to unlock chapters. Nobody on your end to help me understand these “additional costs”? I’m canceling my subscription. As far as I’m concerned this app / developer is a scam.

Blu0871, May 24, 2022
  Baby Genius: Daddy where are you   ‍  

 The plot is nice although oftentimes almost the same as the other stories in other apps of web novels and even here at MoboReader. Gets you to look forward to the next chapters but a little bit expensive.. Still it is a good read.. any updates?   ​ ‌

Daina Cheney, Jun 11, 2022
Cheap writing and indecent charges

I read a bit of one of their novels. After I finished chapter 7, they asked for $4,99 per chapter. I looked to see how many chapters were left and I stopped counting when I got to chapter 150!!! Who knows how many more there were. After all, it’s beyond easy to keep adding cheap drama when you know you’re getting paid for each installment. Not to mention cheap writing. It would have cost me $748,50 to read to up to chapter 150. Of course you can also choose to pay them $14,99 per month, yet they don’t tell you up front how many chapters are left of the cheap novel, and you may think that by paying them for one or two instead of getting hooked on a monthly basis, will allow you to finish that particular story. You’ll be down for a surprise as you’ll have to keep shelling your credit card because the cheap novel you’re reading is endless. Even after almost $800 bucks you will not have finished it. This is bordering illegal in my opinion. Disgraceful and indecent!

EditeEditeEdite, Mar 26, 2022
Redeem coins.

I keep earning free coins by doing daily logins and or playing the side games and it doesn’t allow me to redeem them. And if I don’t use them by the expiration date. They take them away. But it does not give me the option to redeem so how exactly am I supposed to use them? This is so annoying because it’s basically forcing me to to spend money and buy coins to be able to read. Which is not fair.

Esmii T10, Mar 01, 2022
Thanks letter ‌     ‌

I like this app very much Thank you for being so creative and generous I read a lot of stories that are very attractive and help me to improve my English skills Thanks again I appreciate your work Keep going I wish you more and more success ‍

Hedrick Brill, May 20, 2022

I enjoy reading but the book that I was reading hasn’t finished and can’t open it. Another book opens. I can’t go to the book I was reading which is about the twins.

Leylaerman, Dec 26, 2020
Stupid app

Books are super nice. Dumbest app I’ve used all they care about is making money. Bought a monthly subscription for $20 and ran out of coins by the 7th chapter. They make you spend sooo much money on buying chapters ridiculous. I will rather go to the public library and find romance novels that are similar and will be just as good. So infuriating how they only care about how much coins you buy, could’ve came up with a better app that is fair. Very disappointed

Marygarb, Jul 05, 2023
Rip off won’t let me post unless gave 5 stars.

This app is such a rip off. It’s by far the most expensive app with chapters being 50 to 60 coins each. And when you get close to the end the chapters are anywhere from 450 to 500 coins each. I think I would rather eat and be able to afford gas than to find out how the book I was reading ends. And I think it has taken more out of my account that what it was supposed to. This app doesn’t even deserve 1 star but that’s there isn’t any lower options to choose. Don’t waste your time or money.

ripoffap, Dec 08, 2021


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