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User Reviews for Kiss - Read & Write Romance

Do not get sucked into this stupid app

I started reading a book on Facebook. I wanted to finish it but it’s going to take me a week to finish the last few chapters because you have to either buy the coins to buy chapters or wait to earn coins. So I bought 100 coins for $4.99. And then unlocked some chapters but the balance never showed up it just automatically used my 100 coins to unlock who knows how many chapters and now it’s asking for more money to unlock more chapters. It doesn’t tell you how many coins it would be to unlock the whole book and some of the chapters are a different amount of coins. Also there is only one way to earn coins and that is your daily check in. The daily check in coin increases every day but only for 7 days. Then you go back to the beginning to get less coins after that. When I finish this book I’m deleting the app. I just want to read a dang book and not spend who knows how much money on the books. There are other book apps that don’t do this to you so you’re better off finding a better app that isn’t trying to scam you out of money.

CbBe, Oct 26, 2021
Awesome eBooks

This is a great app not only are the stories very interesting, exciting & fun to read but they have a great variety of short medium and long books & I love that they offer you some free totally free no strings attached no aggravating wait times but totally free books for each and every reader to enjoy! Thanks so much for that totally unexpected gift! Also I like that you can see just how long a book is before you get into it because some are looonnngg!! Others like the great free book I read yesterday are normal to shorter in length I don’t like really long Christmas/holiday stories so this was great for my wants! Plus “Unwrapping Her Perfect Match” was free and very good I laughed, I cried, I was totally pulled into the story and I like that it tells each character’s POV which helps because as a reader I always like to know what all my characters are thinking & why they say and act certain ways this greatly helps! I have tried reading several other apps (9 to be exact) this by far is the best I’ve come across.

Cconner79, Jan 07, 2021
This used to be my favorite reading app

This used to be my favorite reading app. Books are great, and well written and edited. Liked it so much I subscribed. Then two weeks ago I lost my reading history and now although the App Store happily accepts my money and shows me as subscribed the app no longer does and continues to ask for coins. I’ve asked for assistance through their feedback form twice in those two weeks and have yet to get a response. So I will find a new app and cancel my subscription before it renews in 9 days. I was fine paying for books individually but something just feels very dishonest about offering a subscription but not honoring it. Even if it’s just a glitch not receiving back a response in weeks to an actual problem involving real money just rubs me the wrong way and I’m not buying more coins again even if I’m just getting into a really good book when their app acknowledges to me I have a subscription but asks for more money…..

frustrated book lover, Jul 31, 2021
Enjoy Reading - Never Enough Coins

I enjoy the books here but, I’ve spent hundreds of dollars purchasing coins, however this is getting old. 1) unlike other apps, they don’t use your bonus coins first, so if you have recently purchased coins you lose all the bonus coins, they expire, so you really never obtain any “free coins” 2) if you don’t purchase coins, and rely on the bonus coins, I have to go two-three days to get enough coins to read only one chapter! Lord, depending on the book (how many coins each chapter is) heck it could take you two to three months to read one 30 chapter book relying on bonus coins, that’s crazy. Bottom line is I’m done paying over and over to read with this app, I can’t wait 2-3 days to read one chapter! It kind of stinks, I have several books I want to read saved, I really like the author Lexi Ryan and several others, I just can’t afford all the coins it takes anymore, several hundreds of dollars is enough!

Go CATS Go, Sep 26, 2021
So-so App

I downloaded this app after reading a snippet that popped up on social media. I immediately received coins for downloading, but every chapter costs 4-6 coins to read, and I found out fast that in order to finish the book I’d have to buy coins (you can earn free coins each day for reading and checking in, but it would take about a year to finish the book that way). I purchased 140 coins for $4.99, which wouldn’t have been that big a deal considering the book was good and when I do pay for an e-book it usually costs me between $2-$4. Unfortunately, even after purchasing 140 coins, and getting 33 free coins, I still don’t have enough coins to finish the book. I’d have to purchase another 30-40 coins in order to finish the book immediately. The stories on this app are good, but this app seems best for someone who is happy to read 1 chapter per day. For anyone who gets engrossed in a story and wants to keep reading, this app isn’t worth the cost.

Josie215215, Feb 26, 2021
I Love the Books…but

I am kind of bummed with this app. For a couple of years, you could pay $10 a month and read any book that you’d like. Now, you get some books free and a certain percentage off on the coins. Recently, all the new books have been over 100 chapters, and I can’t afford to read any of those bc it would be over a thousand coins to do so. I would pay $20 a month if it meant I could read any book that I would like to for free/without spending a ton of coins. Right now I’m rereading some of the books that I’ve either bought or read already, but it’s starting to get a little old. Please, change this or do something different bc it’s starting to aggravate me. Also, the new books that they put out are all paranormal of werewolf books, which I hate. Most likely, I will cancel my subscription, and go to Kindle Unlimited where I’d pay $10 a month to read pretty much any books as I’d like.

Kab09876, May 20, 2023
Concept is good, execution is horrific

It is never explained how the “bonus” from daily check can be used, found that out by reading some comments in chapter notes. Everything was fine for a while then my account suddenly disappeared- “eh, I haven’t bought anything I can work around this” and did. They make a change to the other option to earn bonuses-worked only after sending a feedback form. No response, no sorry for the issue it’s been corrected…no customer service. Yesterday I try to use my daily check bonus but only get a popup to buy coins. Take screenshots to send another feedback request but they won’t come up when I try to attach (yes, the app is allowed to access my camera, it shows only pictures from 1st feedback form). So thanks for the memories of a few good stories but this app needs to be a lot more user friendly & reliable. The only plus was seeing some authors I wasn’t familiar with…now I’ll go buy there books somewhere else.

Missing Colorado too, Jul 10, 2021
Better than most romance reading apps

This app gives a good amount of opportunities to earn coins to buy new chapters, but sometimes it gets to the point where you need to read for 30 minutes to earn more coins...so you just have to read new books with free chapters first and then you might lose track of what books you actually were trying to read. Kind of a pain when I'm just trying to keep one story straight in my head.I also keep waiting for an update to the app, since it is dangling 5 free coins in my notifications if I allow tracking on my iPhone. I can't allow tracking because I'm on the latest software update and the tracking allowance is in a different place than the app recognizes...so I'm stuck with a notification bubble that I can't clear and no 5 free coins to claim. Miniscule issues, I know, which is why this app is still way better than the others I have tried!

octaviskjellman, Jun 05, 2021
Fantastic app UPDATE: Not so fantastic anymore

I downloaded this app sometime last year and didn’t really think about it until right before Thanksgiving and once I saw the stories offered, I was hooked and have been on the app every day since. It’s so easy to earn coins to unlock chapters and each chapter doesn’t need a lot of coins (4, 6 or 8 coins). Given the amount of coins you can earn every day, it’s a super easy and extremely affordable way to enjoy stories!UPDATE: I’ve downgraded this app to one star, and if I could I would give no stars. Getting rid of the reader reward option makes zero sense, and you say you have users notice the system was changing, but I think more than 3 out from the change was not enough time for users to understand the changes. Then nothing is explained if a user subscribes to the KISS Pass, except we’re being told we can”read for free”. But not really if we’re paying $9.99/month. I’m not even a little bit sad that I’m deleting the app.

scottnl73, May 12, 2021
Coins Are Nearly Impossible to Attain Without Paying

I have one chapter left of the book I’m reading, then I’m deleting this app immediately. I’d been getting the free coins from the daily check ins and the reading rewards, but the amount given for these things recently changed, giving you less than half the amount of coins for the same amount of reading. I already felt like I couldn’t get enough free coins every day, that I was being punished for being a faster-than-average reader, but this is ridiculous. You cannot get coins from the reading rewards if you aren’t even given a sufficient amount of coins to read a single chapter from the daily check in. I also believe that the daily check in should keep track of a streak, and if you check in every single day, it shouldn’t go back to giving you the smallest amount of coins at the beginning of the week. To go from getting 20 coins one day, then 5 the next is like a slap in the face that doesn’t make me want to be a loyal user. Furthermore, since the change, I currently get 10 coins for “day 1” and 5 coins for “day 6,” which doesn’t make an ounce of sense. The alterations to the app’s coin system made the whole interface unusable for me.

SilentSpeaker01, Jan 23, 2021


KISS will sweep you away into the fantasy you’ve been looking for. From billionaires to bad boys, vampires to werewolves, there’s guaranteed to be a story that will create your perfect escape. Best of all, you can access books chapter by chapter, so you can easily squeeze in some reading time on the go or curled up in bed.

KISS features romance stories of all genres, along with heat levels to match however naughty or nice you’re feeling. KISS feature content from New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors. Read free chapters from your favorite authors and get daily updates on what’s hot and new! Themes' featured in KISS: - Popular Romance - Hot Fantasy - Thrilling Suspense - LGBT - & More Need a fix from one of your tried-and-true authors or want to take comfort in a favorite trope? Whether it’s the best friend’s older brother, the hottie next door, or being swept off your feet by an alpha billionaire, we have you covered! Want to discover someone new? We have endless titles and authors to choose from, including new and exclusive content from some of your favorite voices. Some of our favorite titles include: Dirty Player from USA TODAY bestselling author Mira Lyn Kelly - A throw away promise between friends. A dare for a single kiss at our reunion and nothing more. But that kiss…That kiss was no joking matter. It was hot and wet. A hands-everywhere, breathless kind of insanity that left us both teetering on the brink for more. Beg For It by Megan Hart - Corrine’s wild lifestyle from her younger days is catching back up to her. From late-night partying to lines of hunky boy toys, there’s someone coming back to bite her in the behind. Meeting her wealthy businessman boss who bears little resemblance to a boy she once knew. Will she be dragged back into her old ways? Or will it remain tranquil and peaceful after settling? All the Wrong Places by Jerilee Kaye - One last adventure. That was all Julianne wanted. One last trip to escape the pressures of an arranged marriage to a man she doesn’t love and doesn’t even like. One last time to experience freedom… to go wherever she wanted to go, to be anyone she wanted to be. Follow Julianne on her journey to find herself. Want to be a part of our community? Are you a writer looking for a way to connect with a new community of readers and authors? We’re always looking for authors to share their stories. Through our talented team of professional editors, copy editors, artists, publicists and marketing strategists, we’ll elevate your voice and support your creativity. Whether you’re a reader or an author, at KISS, you belong. For news and updates, follow us at: facebook.com/KissRomanceApp/ Instagram.com/kiss_app_romance/ https://twitter.com/kissromanceapp Terms of Service: http://crazymaplestudios.com/terms Privacy Policy: http://crazymaplestudios.com/privacy

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