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User Reviews for Storyaholic - Short Story

The app is rigged

I am giving it 5 stars to get the free vouchers! This is the most rigged reading app on the planet honestly! It’s way to expensive to actually read anything on it and I’ll be deleting the app after I read the first book! I’d I can ever get enough to finish it! The daily coins you’ll never get over one ivoucher, two of you double it by watching an ad. This is insane cause I still can’t figure out how to even use the ivouchers anyhow! The game wants coins! Good luck if your rich and want to read these stories I guess

Amylian123, Jul 24, 2022

Writing this review for the vouchers. I got sucked in by reading a sample on Facebook. I have enjoyed the book but have to agree that the chapters are very short and the cost is grossly expensive. Out of all of the reading apps I have downloaded and read from, this is by far the most expensive. I understand that the authors need paid, BUT I have paid nearly $15 for a book that is not finished. I am not sure if I will finish reading the book because despite that I am really enjoying the book, I am not willing to pay more. I hope that this review can help someone see the truth about this app.

aryork, Feb 24, 2022
Needs fixed…again!!

Edit: Everything was fixed and working great. Now, we’re back to the rewards page not loading. Please fix this issue!December 5th…Yet again more issues. Can’t watch the videos to get coins. It won’t load the page at all. I have spent a lot of money on this app and there’s constantly issues with books locking, chapters being loaded twice and now can’t get rewards yet again. Please fix this! The reading rewards are not working. The chapter’s have gotten really expensive and when you’re not getting the rewards, you have to spend your own money. I have tried app support but there isn’t an app support. I’m about to uninstall the app and lose the money spent on books. It’s frustrating. The rewards have been lowered and now you can’t even get them. What happened?

BrandyJP11, Dec 27, 2022
Not really FIVE

Writing to get my vouchers so I can finish what I started. Then I’m not starting anything else. I’m a voracious reader. I tend to buy 5-7 ebooks per week. But those are at $6-$9/book. The cost on this app is ridiculous. For one book, I paid more then twice what I’d spend buying one from Barnes & Noble. And we won’t even TALK about the editing! THEIR instead of THERE. Misspellings. And very adult content connected to very YA writing style. I don’t dislike either one - I’ll read some YA books for enjoyable story content, but in combination it’s highly annoying.

GemKitten, Jul 04, 2022
Don't get this app

I started reading one of the books - I was sucked in via Instagram. subsequently reading all the reviews I believe that I will no longer read anything here. I will finish the book I started; if I can. Based on the reviews that may be extremely difficult. It's just like other pay-to-read apps. It's seems like I will be going back to Galatea. At least the chapters open up after a time frame you just have to wait. i don't want to jump through hoops or pay $9.99 for some vouchers/coins to just get 1-3 chapters. Either they have a monthly fee for the app, and use that to edit and unlock chapters at a time, or just leave it out, because this is ridiculous.

Ladybug2.0, Nov 20, 2022
5 Star Rating is Fake!!

I downloaded this app because it had 5 stars, so I mistakenly thought it was a great app. Their 5 star rating is a scam. They offer 20 free tickets to anyone who gives them 5 star reviews. If it weren’t for that, there’s no way this app would have more than 1 or 2. Their books are extremely expensive to read. 20 tickets will barely even cover the cost of one chapter, and the chapters are very short. To purchase enough coins to read all the chapters of one of the books I was interested in, it was going to cost me $40! You can earn a certain amount of free tickets each day but to earn enough tickets to read an entire book would probably take months. Also, the stories have so many editing errors and such poor grammar that it can make them a bit confusing to read. If you’re going to charge $40 a book at least pay someone to edit the stories.

Mutsumiangel, Apr 12, 2021
I am not a fan

I am not a fan because I was Interested in this book called choosing a Slave and it end really really good and I wanted more so when I when I went to continue to book three it took me to another book so I want to comment on why she stopped it their and was she gonna do more books but their was no Arthur notes their was no way of understanding what was happing I could not leave a comment their was nothing so I bough all books thinking it was all one book and I end up paying for two extra books that I had no idea I was getting and I did not understand why it did not explain that to me that it was only one book with also two different books I mean I don’t understand why she did not put those other two books a separate book it threw me off and I was really upset

Nessy_9703, Apr 02, 2021
Too many app purchases

I hate having to pay for so many vouchers. You get invested into the story and then all of a sudden you can’t read any more until you buy more vouchers. You think that’s it, and then you have to buy more vouchers!! Even though you are sure you bought enough the last time, but, somehow, they just disappeared. It’s so frustrating. I’ve only started 1 book, and I’m never going to get to finish it because I’m not going to spend any more money on this app.

sdeanner, Aug 03, 2022

I only got the app for one story I saw on Facebook and it’s a little complicated to use. These apps are just money hungry. Fix the pricing for the chapters or give us better free rewards. We are paying you people after all. Once I finish this book or find it somewhere else this app will be deleted. The creators should really listen to our feedback cause I’m sure more people would join the app and support the authors if apps like this and Dreame weren’t so pricey. We understand the authors have to get paid but you could pay them for the amount of readers they have or simply viewings, im sure that would support them greatly.

shdtt yt fdydfsgc, Jul 05, 2022
As much a I love to read…

Updating this to add, I’ve contacted them about the fact I have paid for a few books but they are showing that I have to pay again. They could care less, they only asked if I had a different account. It’s been days since I answered that question and I haven’t heard a peep. They definitely don’t care about their customers. Definitely not a pleased customer and taking my rating to a 1. I love to read a lot! I’ve read a ton of books on here. Some I’ve bought with earned coins, others I’ve paid money for. Love the app. HATE THE UPDATES. First the earning of just one coin a day is cool but when it was random that was so fun and you could earn up to 20 I think. I loved that. The second thing that bothers me is I’ll read for about 2 hours, and go look and see the time I’ve read is still on less than 30 minutes. Another thing I hate Is it tells you that once you’ve paid for a chapter you’ll never be charged for it again….I have a book I know I’ve read the entire thing and it’s asking me to pay for it again…I don’t want to pay for it but I want to read it again. How’s that for annoying! I do love this app, but wish those thing were back to how it was, and that I didn’t have to repay for a book.

Tab22120, Sep 25, 2022


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