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昊尧 林
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User Reviews for Hinovel - Read Stories


I have found some ok stories to read on the app but I think it’s crazy to spend so much money on a poorly written book when I can spend way less on a professionally published book. Another issue I have with this app is that my bonuses are disappearing. I had 43 bonuses and unlocked a chapter that was for 14 bonus points why do I now only have 14 bonuses remaining. This is not the first time that something like that has happened. I understand that I’m getting bonuses by completing different tasks, but that doesn’t mean take them away just because you can.

3ren68, Oct 29, 2023
Please fix simple issues

I have owned multiple apps like this. This is the first time I’ve struggled with earning rewards for reading. I don’t mind having to check in, or read to earn rewards. But even tho I’ve read or 30+ minutes the app refuses to give me rewards. How are you supposed to read and earn coins if the rewards options keep glitching. All my other apps do not have this problem. Maybe you should add a reading time tracker to allow the reader and app keep track. Ridiculous.

Amoralexing, Dec 07, 2020
Great but can be improved

The books on the app are very good and interest. The editing is fairly good compared to other apps. Mistakes are always expected with novel writers and they usually only have a few in terms of word formatting. The chapters on the other hand are expensive. One of the most expensive apps I use. Most chapters I’ve come across are around 77-83 coins which is a lot when a basic con pack is 500. Most apps have avg of 20-30 coins a chapter. Which is affordable and keeps you reading. The functionality of the app works fine. The only issue I have is the check in. Half the time they don’t register even if I use it daily and try it at different times of the day. With the chapters being so expensive earning those daily free coins is essential. I think in my time of downloading the app I have yet to receiver anything more than 4 days before it locks up and doesn't allow the check in. And I use this app regularly among a few others.

As salaam alaikum, Dec 29, 2022
Stories are enticing, but...

As everyone I was hooked by a storyline I read on Facebook, immediately I downloaded the app and started reading could not stop until I passed the free chapters that were given. I think I’ve spent more than $60 to finish a book, it was over 400 chapters. I almost did not finish the book due to missing words, grammatical errors, etc. It felt as if the author was writing as I was reading. I think this app has potential with the great stories it has but please fix the errors that are in the books and charging system

bcris90, Jan 07, 2021
Ok books, but not worth the money

Each chapter is short and requires coins to unlock. I ended up spending $23 to read one book and it had a cliffhanger ending. The book I read had a ton of grammatical errors and a lot of words that were incorrect, for example “It took them awhile to grasp the levity of the situation.” When the author clearly meant “gravity” as it was a tense scene and not funny at all. They also want you to report errors. If I had done that I would have spent most of my time reporting and hardly any time reading, and they would get editing for free. Bottom line too expensive, especially for books with so many errors it interferes with the enjoyment of reading them.

C.Kleckner, Feb 21, 2021
Crap stories that they expect you to pay for

Got this app cause I liked one of the stories displayed on Facebook. You only get so many chapters before you have to pay for them. Some of these stories you get 20 chapters free but there are 200 chapters to some of these books, meaning you have to pay for 180 chapters that aren’t well written, have tons of grammatical errors, some of the content doesn’t even make sense. I don’t want to pay for amateur writing that half the time I have to correct. I’ll stick with books that have been properly edited, they are actually worth the money.

cooper1408, Aug 13, 2020
Could be better

I really enjoy the stories that are on this app. However, I don’t care for the aspect of having to continue buying coins to read the next chapter. Why can’t we watch an add to read the next chapter ? Those who don’t want to watch the adds can subscribe. Why spend $10 to read a few chapters when you can literally go buy a book from an experienced author for the same price and only have to spend the amount once.. I get these authors need to make money but I think you could add some better alternatives for others.. I’m in the middle of a book but I don’t see me finishing it because I’m not spending another $10 to read 4-5 chapters to have to spend another $10. That’s absurd. Do better.

Dobetter10101, Sep 25, 2023
Good books

I would love to give this app 5 stars and if not for the fact that the longer I use the app and read the more I lose ways to gain points daily to read. I started out getting reading points for an hour and a half hour. The first to go was the points for an hour and then the points for the 30 minutes of reading was cut in half. I read many other apps I enjoy and have not ran into this with any other of them. It’s strange. If that doesn’t bother you and you don’t mind paying the higher than most app prices to buy the books I think you will really enjoy this app. The stories are truly sweet!

isyou2019, Sep 23, 2021
Expensive & totally not worth it.

I tried reading one book. The 1st 15 chapters were free, after that you had to purchase each additional chapter with “coins” you paid for through the app. Those 15 chapters were the equivalent of about 1 - 2 chapters in a regular book. That particular book had nearly 350 chapters. And it wasn’t as if each chapter was the same number of coins each. The first few chapters were 10 “coins” each, from there it varied from 15 - 46 coins per chapter. To read the entire book would cost approximately $50. This is the kind of book you could get as an eBook that you would pay around $3 - $5 for and then own the book. (No I wasn’t stupid enough to purchase even a single chapter). After my review is posted I plan on deleting this app.

jcpetre, Nov 06, 2020
I do love reading, but no that much.

I love these apps. There are so many authors out here who are trying to out their content out for others to read and enjoy. Unfortunately they get put on these apps with free chapters and then turn into “you have to BUY COINS to continue” and it is ridiculously expensive for just ONE chapter. I totally understand they’re trying to gain some income from their books but come on. The price is not worth it. If it was a single coin or even a handful of coins for a chapter I’d consider it because the book I found sounds really interesting. This is 123 coins for a chapter? The chapters are short and I’d be broke before I got to the end. Sorry I can’t do it. Make it cheaper to read! Deleting app now.

Jesi.0922, Jul 29, 2023


Hinovel is an excellent novel reading app that covers all sorts of .novels and updates them in a fast pace. Here,enjoy reading anytime and anywhere. The Sea of Novels -We have loads of copyright books of limitless types——romance, fantasy, werewold, vampire, mystery and so forth——that will definitely catch you; -We are introducing new books everyday to enrich your book shelf.

Free Section -Free novels updates everyday. Just wait and you'll get it! Plenty Rewards -Check in to gain coins. 7 days on end will double them; -Do tasks to earn even more coins. Come read all free! Features -Customized recommendation serve every reader with personal lists; -Your reading experience is optimized with the Night mode, Eye Care and Flipping tricks; -Your reading history will be archived automatically the way you will receive notification when there is new chapters uploaded. -Many other sweet thrills for you to explore on Hinovel. Authors Wanted -Join us as authors and write your own stories. Millions of readers are looking for them; -Join our writing competition and munificent rewards and money; -Author Center: https://writer.hinovel.com/ 【Details of Month VIP】 1.Service subscribed: consecutive monthly VIP 2.Subscription cycle: 1 month 3.Price: $5.99/month 4.Payment: after confirmation, it will be charged to your iTunes accoutn 5.To unsubscribe, do as follow on your iOS "settigns"->enter“iTunes Store and App Store”->“Apple ID”->“view Apple ID”->“subscription”in the account setting page,find Hinovel to unsubscribe service. Please cancel it at least 24 hours to the end of the present subscription cycle, otherwise it will renew. 6.Privacy Agreement: https://enapi.hinovelasia.com/home/privacy/index.html?lang=en 7.Service Agreement: https://enweb.hinovel.com/home/service/index.html?lang=en Contact us Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Aistory-107324477293153 Email:[email protected] website:https://www.hinovel.com/

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