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Storysome - Completed Story

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User Reviews for Storysome - Completed Story


If I could give this app zero stars I would. Their customer service is atrocious!! And their system is supremely flawed!! I tried to purchase the next chapter for a story I was reading and was given an error message telling me the payment didn’t go through. So I tried again bc I live in a rural area and it’s not uncommon for me to lose signal and cause error messages such as that. The next time I was shown the loading screen for a couple of minutes followed by...nothing. The funds were not credited to my account and come to find out, I’d been charged TWICE. I followed the instruction on the app, and sent the customer service a message asking politely for my money back along with a screenshot showing the two charges, and was told someone would be in contact in 1-2 days. It’s been FOUR DAYS and I haven’t heard a peep. They are going to take your money! Don’t download this app!!!

1234000read00, Dec 09, 2020
Worth it

The free vouchers everyday makes it worth it. I try to spend only what I would for a hard copy of a book, especially when it is a book I would otherwise get to have with my book collection. I like how you can earn some vouchers by watching adds everyday (a thing I complained to a friend about other apps not having). The only thing I don’t understand is how they determine how many coins it costs to read a chapter. Some books have the same length as the others in reading but are almost double the amount.Also yes, this review is for the free vouchers but I would of still given this app a 4 or 5 star review if I reviewed apps, which I normally don’t. Though my high rating may have to do with frustration from other apps not letting me earn as many free coins, costing more to buy coins and in general just being more annoying.

Anonymous4897, Jun 16, 2021
Here’s your 5 stars...😒🤦‍♀️🙄

I believe that advertising that you will give an incentive for 5 star reviews only is against the rules. I don't love this app, actually. I have started a book though and am one of those people who cant feel comfortable with a half-finished story. The books featured here are unedited and usually sound like they have been poorly translated from a foreign language. Lots of erotica, if ur into that. My real issue is that it's taking FOREVER to read a book if u don't want to pay. Each day you check in, you have the opportunity to “Claim a free prize” (aka vouchers) with which to purchase another chapter of your book.However, each day I choose one of the hidden cards to flip, mine is the lowest possible number. At this rate, it will take me 10 days of checking in just to gain access to a chapter which takes me 10 minutes to read.I will spend 3 months attempting to read an OK book, riddled with spelling errors and major plot holes. Why?!?! Make these more accessible! You can't possibly have paid these beginner writers what you are attempting to gouge out of me!(P.S.- you can earn extra vouchers for giving a 5 star review. Out of desperation to finish this book, I have succumbed to this madness. 🤦‍♀️)

Book Lover 789, Nov 13, 2020
Good stories, expensive to read.

I have found several stories on the app that I absolutely cannot put down! The only issue I have is how expensive it is to read them. Every chapter requires so many of their version of points. Once you run out of points you have to purchase more. I’ve stupidly spent over $50 on the coins so I could keep reading. It cost more to read one of the books on the app than it does to buy an actual, physical, edited, published book!! Once I’ve realized that I have stopped purchasing coins. They do have check-in rewards, but the option to gain the free reward coins are minimal and it takes days worth to accumulate. Then it’s 1 to 2 chapters later that the free coins have been used up again. Rate the app 5 stars and you get so many of the reward coins (hence why this app has such a high rating). It is rather annoying, especially when you find a book that is very good. Love the books, and that people can use the site to share their stories. But it’s way too expensive in the long run for readers.

BreeBree2010, Dec 26, 2021
I like this app, but the customer support is terrible.

I downloaded this app after reading a short excerpt from an ad on Facebook. I was hooked! As I really enjoy reading these stories and don’t find paying a little more for material that I love. So I bought the whole book right there on the spot. I spent $30 on a icoin pack and downloaded the whole book. I was only maybe a quarter into the book when one day I accidentally signed into my account using Facebook. I guess they call it binding your account. My account didn’t bind. 😩 I was signed into my old account. And my coins didn’t transfer over. And the book that I paid for in full didn’t transfer neither!! So of course as I go to read my book I am met with “unlock this chapter for this many coins” pop up. 😠 Why?? I paid for the whole book!So I contacted customer support. Radio silence for at least 3 days. I finally go to see why no response.. and I see someone had written me back in a chat but I didn’t get a notification!! I wrote them back giving them the details they asked for.. nothing for another 2 days. Now I’m told it’s the wrong info. I even sent them screenshots of the full email so they could maybe find what they were looking for. Because I wasn’t seeing what they were asking for. I even just emailed ireader support and got one response and still nothing!! I just want to read the book without having to pay for it twice! Is that so much to ask for? It shouldn’t be this hard to get this straightened out. 😩😩

itsjustlee, Mar 02, 2021
One Star At Best

This rating is simply for the vouchers to finish a story I’ve gotten into. I have many reading apps but this one has to be one of the worst. One of my biggest pet peeves is that I can’t claim the vouchers for ads due to where the “x” ends up at the end of the ad. It’s impossible to click it — leaving me forced to restart the entire app instead. There are good stories on here if you give them a chance. I actually enjoy a few of them. It’s a great place for authors to grow in to where they want to be. The issue is how many vouchers each chapter takes so trying to read an entire book takes FOREVER and will cost you a pretty penny if you start paying out of pocket to finish them. I wouldn’t mind spending money if this app didn’t do the bare minimum for its users, but it’s clear this app is here for $$$$ and not for the readers. Otherwise rating 5 stars wouldn’t be a voucher incentive to deceive people in to downloading it.

Niblettla2010, Apr 09, 2021
Change in chapter voucher cost?

Suddenly every single books chapters cost 180 vouchers? Include a discounted section or something because nobody stands a chance of getting a couple chapters with the free winnings (that still don’t give more than 6 or 12 vouchers on the daily rewards). I even spend money on the app but don’t plan to after I finish my current series then will only be rereading previously purchased books. I refuse to spend 180 vouchers on books I had stashed on my bookshelf to read at a later date that had half the chapter costs. So disappointed especially when some of the authors books don’t make sense or have such bad grammar you can’t read the book anymore. I love the authors that have truly captivating story’s but I won’t take the risk of 180 vouchers to find out a book is crud. Almost a 2 year user and the app has had its ups and downs mostly ups in updates but disappointed in where it’s at now with these chapter costs. I

SammnW, Jun 13, 2022

OK so do you mean reason why I downloaded this was because of a book ad I found on Facebook I download the app and I look for the book that I found on Facebook that completely hugged me and it doesn’t exist only reason I gave five star reading was for the points I would get so I can finish a story that I am on. I do not recommend downloading this app it lets you read a really good book at first and then right when it starts getting interesting it’s like oh now it’s gonna cost like 350 coins to like read the next chapter and you’ve only got 60 in your piggy bank thing because you only just got the app so that you start a lot of books but it won’t let you like finish them not easily now without buying coins which is annoying

she wolf at heart, Apr 28, 2021
It’s worth a try

The stories are absolutely entrancing. I start one and just have to finish it. There are my apps like this , they give you a few chapters of each book for free and then you have to pay for the rest. Books can be purchased whole or by chapter and the app gives you ways to earn “ivouchers” for free as long you don’t mind spending extra time or having to wait to read. I did this for about a week and got frustrated and finally just spent the money to buy coins to purchase books. Worth it in my opinion. Many of the stores may come from young authors or inexperienced writers but that doesn’t make the stories any less. They are all (well so far) very well written as full fledged books that you may buy from any other E-book store. You may come across some grammar mistakes but they give you an option for reporting the mistake and offering readers the chance to submit a change for review. THESE BOOKS ARE NOT FREE. With everything else you pay to read their work.

Whitexwomanx3, Jun 01, 2021
Not bad

As someone else said you can’t get free vouchers without the five star rating. However, I have a few of these book apps downloaded and this one is one of the better ones because you can purchase multiple chapter packages instead of just one chapter at a time. Also the chapters are priced high but you get a lot more vouchers for your money so it isn’t as bad. Another site I read you have to pay 10 coins per chapter, no other option and the coins are stupid expensive. This site also allows you to eat more free vouchers each day than some others. It could do better and drop the price a bit more or offer more free ones but overall it’s not bad.

Xepheth, Oct 22, 2020


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