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User Reviews for MoboReader: eBooks & Webnovels

Don’t do it

You can’t even read daily because you can’t get enough free coins so you’re forced to pay. Im hoping this finds it way to the top so you all know it’s basically a scam. I’ve spent $30 and only got half way through MY FIRST BOOK. After I finish this book I’m deleting it. There are thousands of apps similar to this one and you can read more a day and get free coins to read by watching ads. You get “stars” in here to spend they HOPEFULLY get you coins but I never get anything but more stars (which are useless for reading) You guys are better off using another one. Also from what I’ve read the authors don’t get paying much either so it’s not like my $30 went to the author, it was given to the stingy people who made this crappy app.

AminaMK, Aug 11, 2022
disappearing coins

i’m at a lossbasically, i’d saved up a bunch of coins from daily log-in’s and watching ads. with them, i was hoping to binge-read a novel when i got the chance. however, life happened and i didn’t open the app for a whole two days. i come back today to find that ALL the coins i’d managed to collect are gone. literally at zeroi’m really frustrated tbh. does mobo not care about their readers? i like only two stories available here, and they’re translations. not original content. i have absolutely no qualms about deleting this app, as i can definitely let go of two stories, especially considering how defective and poorly executed this app isif you’re thinking of getting this: save yourself the trouble and don’t download it. especially if you’re not gonna dish out cash to read really low brow content. i thought i could power through with ads and daily log-ins, but seeing as how all of that can disappear in a second there’s really no point 🤷🏻‍♀️

befogs, Oct 29, 2018
Do not recommend if you want to complete a book in a sitting

Frustrating because I spent money on coins for chapters and the subscription hoping that I’d have enough coins to finish the book. 🤦🏻‍♀️ it only gives x amount of chapters before asking you to spend more money to unlock more chapters. And doesn’t help that the book is broken up into a hundred plus chapters 🙄 I think it’s ridiculous. I’ll support the author by buying a book rather than paying more so I can read it by chapters. I like to read my books in one sitting. I did like the book I was reading but don’t like the app.

Clover4903, Dec 29, 2021
Good reads, but inconvenient

I’ve found a few good books on this app, my biggest complaint is that books are not added completely. Most authors upload X amount of chapters per day/week and I don’t like to stop abruptly when I’m reading a good story. I think it would work best if books were only uploaded once completed. I had subscribed for unlimited access per month in order to read as much as I wanted, but chapters weren’t uploaded fast enough and it was definitely an inconvenience. I cancelled my subscription because I wasn’t getting my money’s worth.

dahv83, Jun 05, 2019
App and Books Keep Crashing

I decided to get a monthly subscription because there are some books I have been wanting to read. However, the app keeps crashing. When I try to open any of the books, they just shut down. What’s the point of me paying for subscription if I can’t even access the content? The app says I am not connected to the internet, but my WiFi is working for other apps and websites, just not MoboReader. I have also tried using my phone data (I have unlimited Verizon), but still the same issue with “connectivity”. I don’t mind keeping this app if you can fix the issues.

josesre, May 03, 2020

Found a book that I enjoy. It has hundreds of chapters. This is good money for the company because you’ll have to buy coins in order to read anything. However, it’s exhausting trying to read that much and stop because the app is crappy. It keeps saying it’s unable to connect and failed to download. I have unlimited streaming and data on my phone plus WiFi. Very inconvenient! The translation started out good now it’s awful. Whoever translated couldn’t even bother writing the correct names for characters. Seems like they’re just throwing it together and posting it. App needs huge improvements and books need better translators!

Justinen4, Jun 15, 2020
It’s ok

I like some of the stories, some of them have grammar errors that make it a bit hard to read. I like the treasure dig game but feel ripped off by lucky start. I don’t understand why I to have to sign in everyday to receive the coins that are supposed to be given to you for inviting someone. Just like they received their full amount so should the one who invited them. It’s an ok app to read overall. Better then a few of the others bc at least you can get coins for signing in.

Msduke txms, Sep 09, 2020
This app doesn’t know what it wants to be

I am completely frustrated with this app. I have used it for over a year and within the last two months it is constantly changing. Fees to purchase coins, ability to earn free coins and any number of other things change on a daily basis. It also seems that different people are able to purchase coins a different prices. I do not recommend this app unless you already have books that you’re in the process of purchasing. It is far too expensive and he end up paying a fortune for books on this app. Sadly it used to be one of my favorites.

nameless one 1962, Mar 16, 2022
It’s okay

I came here from Wattpad to read a story i got to read the whole book for free because of some promotion but i i would have had to pay for the authors, notes that are considered a chapter i would be mad. Other things about this app I bought 2$ worth of coins just to finish a book but the issue is now I’m not getting any ads to watch to read this new book because I’m not going to continuously pay to keep reading books. It’s a really good app i love this format to watch the ads to continue reading but it really needs updating.

natalya0024, Aug 12, 2019
New App Layout

I am not liking the revised formatted look and the color scheme. The previous layout was perfect in my opinion…it was very easy to read and icons, etc. were nicely placed with a clean appearance…easy on the eyes.The recently reformatted layout (interface) is “busy”, printed letters are not easy to read, the look is “hazy” in appearance, and my eyes are getting strained just trying to read or see the icons (heck, the “pointing” finger is very faint and barely visible). In my opinion, this new reformat is geared more towards a young child instead of a grown adult. Not trying to disparage someone, but was it a young person who created this new layout…because it looks too much like other childesh apps. The crestor did not take into account that there a lot of older adults who are reading on this app and not all of us have the perfect eyesight to try to even squint to try to decipher what’s on that particular section nor do we want to jump back and forth. I loved this app a lot…before the recent reformatted revision. Definitely not as much of a fan now since it has been revised in sections!If my eyes continue to be strained trying to read on this app, I may decide to quit altogether, because my eyesight is more important to me. Please take into consideration of those who pay a lot to read on your app…there are a lot of us who are not liking the new change…it is definitely “not user friendly”.

Oraclean, Dec 08, 2021


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Real paper book simulation, text size adjustment, night theme and more for you to find the best reading style. * Read Books Offline Save and preload your favourite stories and take them with you wherever you go, even when you're offline. Import books from your phone and read EPUB files, text documents, UMD files and other 30 file formats of e-books with MoboReader. * Audiobooks Listen to all your favourite ebooks with our easy to use audiobook player. About Auto-Renewable Subscriptions - Auto-renewable subscriptions in the app include Check-in Coins Packs and VIP membership plans. - Billing period: The Check-in Coins Packs are available on the monthly, quarterly and yearly bases. The VIP membership plans are monthly and quarterly. - Price: The charges of the Check-in Coins Pack for a monthly billing period are USD 5, 7, 10 and 13, a quarterly billing period USD 14, 20, 29 and 38, and a yearly billing period USD 60 and 98. The charge of the VIP membership for a monthly billing period is USD 7, 13 and 18, a quarterly billing period is USD 20, 35 and 48, and a yearly billing period is USD 60. - Daily Coins Bundle: $5, $10 and $15 - Payment: The purchase will be charged to your iTunes account. - Renewal: When you subscribe to check-in coins pack, your subscription will renew automatically. You'll be charged at the start of each billing cycle until you cancel your subscription. Subscriptions are automatically charged each billing period, whether monthly or another period, and you may be charged no more than 24 hours before the beginning of each billing period. - Cancellation: You may cancel a subscription at any time more than 24 hours before your renewal date. - Privacy Policy: https://www.moboreader.net/app/privacy.html -Subscription Terms and Conditions: https://promotion.cdreader.com/CheckinCard/agreement.html - Terms of Use: https://www.moboreader.net/termsofservice.html Any questions or advice? Please contact us: Email: [email protected] Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ereader.ebook/

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