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Mascot - Meet Roleplay Friends

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User Reviews for Mascot - Meet Roleplay Friends

Ahhh! Such an amazing app for weebing out!

I’ve got this app because I saw it over on TikTok but now I have so much friends to weeb out with! The community is so kind and amazing! Like, you can literally join any chat and be yourself and everyone would be fine with it, it’s crazy how nice the community is! I made a chat and it has 100+ ppl on it and I can’t process that my chat is in the second picture- and again everyone is so sweet and really friendly! This is the perfect app for weebs! But one thing is that almost all weeb stay up until 3am chatting with ppl on here and I feel like there should be a dark mode! That it doesn’t like- burn our eyes out- but other than that, it’s absolutely perfect!

💕_~Grayson~_💕, Aug 17, 2020
Bug Ban is back…

Hi! I am a person who uses this app to interact with my online friends, and to have fun. But I have encountered a ban for no specific reason. I do not know if this was intentional or not, but I haven’t really interacted with anyone that would report me or have something against me, unless my friend and I’s friendship is a frenemies relationship. But I was looking at the previous app information, and reviews while the app was downloading for the fifth time after my account was removed. And I saw that there was a ban bug, and I think that is what happened in my case, but one thing I’d like to say is; if I were banned for any reason and it is not a bug ban, I would appreciate if it was displayed on the screen instead of, “Something went wrong.” Thank you! -Tree

asuna yuki 17, May 25, 2021
Loving my current rps, yet I miss the channels

I was in the middle of relaxing without doing much typing on a group chat on the app, and then I noticed how others can’t see the channels and start saying there was a new update. I personally didn’t believe it since I thought my phone would hopefully not update to the current version, but unfortunately it had and now I’m struggling to get a break at replying with less detail on a roleplay group. I know I haven’t used this app for a year, but now I’m just really confused because why take away the channels for the updated people? Is one of my first questions I have when looking at the current situation. And also, the plots make no sense because first, there were finders on there to help roleplayers find specific things. But now without channels even though I can slightly understand, I can barely see what’s currently happening in my own group chats.

Brian'sToys, Jul 12, 2023
Love it but,

First if all there are pedophiles,racist people, and cyber bullying but i really love the app. I am just confused why I was banned from mascot right after updating one of my characters, I assume it is from me getting kicked out of so many servers but that was their choice which i did not have a problem with. I would just like my account back because i really enjoyed it , thank you for your time if you are reading this. Goodbye. Update: When i signed back on it deleted all of my stories and when i search it up and people up it does not let me see the ones that i used to be in / know . And I really cared about those people and were really close to them. Which I could tell everyone goodbye but I know that can’t happen. Im going to delete mascot now because this is just making me so sad and angry right now. You may help the problem , developers, but I will not be coming back to mascot anytime soon. Goodbye 🥲✋

Caesarchan-, Mar 08, 2022
New mascot(?)

i've been on this app for almost like three years now and not once have I had to deal with so much that I'm dealing with now on this app the plots profile thing y'all decided to make makes it hard for me to click on a persons profile and read what I need to read before I talk to them like their triggers and their name their pronouns whatever they have on there I cannot read it because sometimes their characters are hidden because it automatically hides your characters and because of the plots thing i cant see the character they are on. I don't know where it came from, but it's absolutely disturbing like I don't like it. Most of us don't like it. you know making profiles is like you can make your own profile with all the plots, we don't need a whole separate thing for plots. also, the other day I got an ad when I tried to make a character and when i click other people's profile I get ads on the bottom?! usually I can text you guys about this stuff like back in the day I used to text you want issues and they would be fixed like within two days but now since you have a lot of people using your app, you can barely reply to anyone else ? your app is going badly. We don't need that plots stuff. I dm page or the tinder knock off was so much better

D609427;8583, Aug 08, 2023

So I have not been recently receiving any accounts daily and I cannot make anymore group chats I thought I had to upgrade but apparently I cannot and I have tried multiple times to make a group chat but every time I do it does not put the title I put and it won’t let me type then when I leave it apparently I didn’t make one with accounts it’s been two days and I have not been receiving any free accounts I do not know what’s wrong I reset it a few times it did not work so I gave this app a four because of it but if it works again I might change it to a five but overall everything else is in order and all right thank you for understanding anything and please fix this issue if possible

eve miranda hashibira, Aug 09, 2021

Why is this app 12+ if it has nudity, drugs, and stuff then worry about pedos and racist people on the app when you’re letting little kids be prone to seeing these things and then experience things they don’t need to. There’s people who lie about their age so how does taking the dm page stops that. The dm page was the only thing people wanted be on the app for if you pay attention to the app not a lot people are active on it like it used to be, instead of trying to be like Wattpad you guys should of made changes to the dm page that detects something is wrong or get a company full of mascotteers you trust instead of random people on the app because I’m pretty sure there was problems with that too. You might as close all the stories too because people can Cyberbully in group chat too. Matter of fact throw the whole app away you were doing great until you took the dmpage off, how do you expect us to socialize when 9 times outta 10 people don’t even join the group chats or even active at this point.

iiam_.Alee, Jun 29, 2022
Cyber bullying, but I really love this app

While in this app, I’ve been using it for awhile now with no Problem and I never like to hear people cyber bullying kids and teen etc.. in the way people look and act or there sexuality but it’s become a big problem. More then one of the people i know on this app have been cyber bullied on the way then look and etc.. people telling them to commit suicide, this needs to be taken into serious consideration , it is very easy for someone to make another account and get right back to doing it all over again. This could cause serious problems meaning people could commit suicide and no one would ever want that, Yes Ik it is impossible to stop making peoples accounts, Maybe there needs to be a couple people watching out for these people that cyber bully, Like on the dm page often you see it, So maybe you can prevent some of this to stop please and thank you for reading this✨, also I just wanna say I really do enjoy this app makes me very happy and I’m able to talk about things I like with others ❣️

jada cress, Feb 24, 2021
Great app, terrible people, some things to fix

First off i’d say i love the way the app is laid out, i absolutely love it. But one problem i have is drama and how mean people are. I never start drama, EVER but somehow i always find my way into it, mainly defending people. People are homophobic, disrespectful, transphobic and racist on this app. I also don’t know why i can’t log into my mascot account. It says “User with the specified host name cannot be found” And i would love to know why. I’m not a bad person on the app, i usually just chill and relaxed, i mainly only talk to my friends and my boyfriend on the app, so i would love to know why it’s not like; working. I spent a year in the app and i never experienced a problem like this, i put a lot of time and effort into making my characters and the fact that i now can’t log into my account gives me the ick.

JayeDied, Aug 23, 2023
Bad but good

I love this app but it should be 17+ because of the bad stuff that goes on here but anyways my name is Olivia this app is fun me and my friend both have this app but me and her get cyber bullied on it and stuff I know people just do it as a joke so it’s not bad but some of peoples profiles are also dirty and bios and some of the role plays people do are kinda nasty Good stuffThis is a very fun app I can’t say that much good stuff about it tho because a lot of it is just inappropriate things but you can make nice friends and meet kind people maybe you could try to ban some of the inappropriate people but over all I love this app if you could delete the kinda inappropriate groups but also 12+ isn’t right for this app because people make fun of you if your 13 on the app what is kinda weird but tho I love your appJust make things kid appropriate for 12+ if that’s the age limit you have to be.

kwaiimeow, Jul 29, 2022


Mascot is the best app to find roleplay partners and groups. Only on Mascot can you customize and switch characters in live chats and publish roleplay stories for others to read. Get VERIFIED to have your roleplay stories featured on the homefeed!

Here's how to use Mascot: 1. Create characters 2. Swipe through other people's characters 3. Match and roleplay SWIPE FOR ROLEPLAY PARTNERS Now you can swipe through OCs to match and roleplay with new partners. Keep swiping till you find a fandom and character that matches your interests. MILLIONS OF ORIGINAL CHARACTERS Upload all of your original characters, customize their gender, sexualities, pronouns, likes, dislikes, special powers, and more! Check out everyone else’s OCs and make new friends! JOIN LIVE ROLEPLAYS Discover roleplay chat rooms in different AUs to meet new roleplay partners. You can play multiple characters at the same time with our character switch feature inside the chat. WRITE INTERACTIVE STORIES Whether you’re a literate roleplayer, or a FanFiction writer, it’s super easy to visualize your content into texting or Otome style visual stories. You can even make an immersive Y/N that allows your readers to insert themselves into the story! Use the Narrator feature to switch between narrations and dialogues. The best part, you can collaborate in real time with friends! CUSTOMIZE EVERYTHING Literally everything! Customize the aesthetic and vibe of your roleplay and stories by uploading unique covers, background images, and setting distinctive colors for each character. Huge shoutout to all of the contributions and the OC designs on the app store made by IG: @devilish_23 thank you so much! We would love to hear your thoughts about Mascot! You can reach us through email [email protected] Terms of Use: https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/dev/stdeula/

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