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User Reviews for Tapas – Comics and Novels

New Update?

Tapas is a great app, there’s tons of comics you can read for free or you can earn coins if you’re not willing to spend money. The comics are great and there’s a huge variety of genres to pick from.don’t get me wrong I the app but the new update changed so now episodes you wait to unlock are only readable for 3 days after you unlock them. I’m not really a fan of that because some of the series you need to wait a whole week to get the free episode, and because i read a lot i need a refresher so i usually look at the past episode just so i’m not lost. But now that they changed it you’ve just got to deal with it. I know other apps also do the same thing but that’s why i preferred tapas over them because i could have all the past episodes i’ve read in case i need to look back at a part i’ve forgotten. Hopefully this will change in the future and go back to the way it was. I’m not even sure why it’s a thing, it’s not like the company will gain more money just because they do it, and if you want to re read the series you have to wait again unless you want to buy it if you haven’t before.I get that you didn’t buy the chapter so why would you get to keep it, but there isn’t a benefit to having that time frame. the people who use the WUF will continue and the people who don’t, won’t so i just don’t get it.

BunBop789, Nov 15, 2022
Great app but...

I enjoy the variety that tapas provides however the new update has caused me some frustration, I understand that they need to display their sponsored comics however it’s overly difficult to find comic that you can read if you are unable to read the featured ones. Even then it takes even longer to find comics you already haven’t seen. While at first this didn’t bother me so much I’ve become increasingly frustrated because, while not always, sometimes when I leave a comic I was quickly looking at from the genre category in the community comics, I go all the way back to the sponsored ones. I also have issue with the discover tab, while I really like the idea in theory the first thing you see when you open it is a featured comic suggested not at all based on your tastes. Even when you scroll down to the community comics, you only see comics recently updated. Rather than this I would display comics with a good amount of hearts(?) for the amount of subscribers(?) that doesn’t already have a huge fan base. Preferably these comics would also be updates rather recently as well. However this is most likely hard to implement so if now this then simply display comics that the user has not read in the genres the user prefers to avoid someone who doesn’t enjoy romance comics getting suggested “chief seduction officer”. Even easier just turn it into the community comics/novels tab

Cgengddfb, Aug 07, 2018
App keeps freezing

When I get into the app it is totally normal it’s totally fine it has nothing wrong with it but the moment I open up a comic to read and I start scrolling it starts to freeze so then I have to exit the app go back in and it’ll still going to be frozen and then I have to get out again and go back in it’ll be unfrozen and it restarts and then I have to keep going back in the same process for like 30 minutes until I give up. It’s very upsetting I Love the app it’s a very good app I have been using it for a while now and just for some reason it freezes when I read a comic. I can be scrolling to look for a comic and it’ll be fine but the moment I open one up it starts to freeze and it’s not just one, it’s all comics. And if I try to open up another one it’s still end up freezing and it’s really annoying and it’s bugging the heck out of me at first I thought maybe it’s cause it needs an update and I updated it and it just seem to get worse so I don’t know what’s going on but it keeps freezing and it’s annoying. I just want it fixed so I can read a comic without having to sign out and sign back in every 30 seconds. Literally it only takes about 30 seconds to a minute when I start reading a comic fro it to freeze sometimes very rarely it will take a long time for it to freeze but it constantly freezes.

CGunknown, Mar 09, 2021
Good App, and Great Company?

I have a comic addiction, so of course I have practically every app that helps enable this addiction. I feel that Tapas is one of the best for free and premium comics. I like how their missions and dailies liberally give the currency used to unlock episodes. I also love how you can support the creators directly by donating the same currency. I actually *want* to throw money at them. I hope they do indeed treat their content providers as well as it appears they do, as I love to support them, and the platform that they can thrive on. The only reason my review is four, instead of five, stars (aka OMG best app evar!) is a frustration about the app functions: Simply unlocking an episode results in it being considered read and it’s greyed out in the episode list and put on the recent tab. This wouldn’t feel frustrating in of itself, however, the recent tab appears to also be limited. It’s true that it is possible to edit your lists, but it is frustrating when your current binge series gets bumped off the list because of unlocking new episodes for others. It would be nice if an episode didn’t grey out or a series be put on the recent tab until the progress bar of an episode shows it’s been finished (I actually have no idea about the coding logistics to achieve this and if it’s possible. Forgive my ignorance on the subject). Other than this area, I feel it is a well-thought-out design that is intuitive and easy to navigate.

CRPuckett, Aug 03, 2022
It’s ok

I’m a WEBTOON user so it definitely took some time to get used to this platform. I for one like the books on this app. I think the books on this app suits my taste a lot more than WEBTOONs. I always thought I could not get used to and refused to read books on a daily pass or on here WUF books. But I guess when you are really interested in a book you make do and accept the fact bc I refuse to spend money on ink in this app.Now what I don’t like is how much ink you need to purchase a chapter. Most chapters with tap on are 300 ink and when you use your once a week fortune cookie there’s a chance you get 250 which for most do not open a chapter you want to read. Other than that there’s no real way to earn free ink on this app besides the survey which are pretty much useless for earnings.I don’t mind the WUF episodes bc obviously I like the stories I am reading and I can wait but I honestly think a regular weekly update is a lot better than the WUF episodes only bc once you reach the minimum chapter limit you cannot access them until they become available. I am also not a fan of the WUF episodes going out of commission bc a story is on Hiatus. I think ppl should still be able to get a weekly or WUF episodes until the last episode airs. I find it unfair that ppl need to wait for the book to come out of hiatus for them to finish a season. I would rather wait for the chapters to build up so I can receive weekly updates for the chapters.

GuardianAtNight, Jun 28, 2022
It is malfunctioning

So…I’m new to tapas. I’ve been a fan of Webtoon for awhile. But I wanted more comics bc I’ve basically seen all the ones of Webtoon. Tapas is amazing!! It has so many comics and they’re so cool, but the problem is you have to download the app in order to earn free ink and have one touch or whatever. And it’s really hard to use. The notifications do not consistently work. It was really hard to navigate, and I could not for the life of me figure out how to claim my new to the app pack. Occasionally I would get notifications that say “claim your new pack” and I would click on the notification. It would bring me to the app and then say “sorry we find what your looking for” 🤷‍♀️. And I scoured the app looking for a way to find it myself, but no luck. It would log me out of the app multiple time a day. The ads (for free ink) malfunction a lot (sorta, to be fair I was watching a lot of ads lol). But I can deal with all of that annoying stuff. What was really frustrating is when the app shuts down. I’ll be watching a comic and the screen will freeze and turn black. And when I try to go back in the same thing happens again. I was so concerned that I decided to delete the app, and maybe try to redownload it later. The whole day I’ve been thinking of the comic I was reading earlier 😓. I dont know what to do at this point. I hope, if I decide to redownload, that I have a better experience.

im bored1000000, Apr 13, 2022
The app keeps shutting down

(I actually mentioned this issue on you’re guys Instagram and it said to contact you guys so I hope this is good enough i do not know if I have to email you guys but if it doesn’t fix I will try to do that) I love this app I’ve used it for many years (I think since I 10 or so I’m 15 now) and never had a problem as I use it on my iPhone but recently since a few months ago I can’t remember exactly when it started (sorry for that) the app has started shutting its self down countless times upon me using it for ex I was reading SE;ki and I could maybe get trough two more newly updated comics before in the middle of me reading it would just down and from that moment it will happen 2-3 more times out of no where until I just give up and stop using it for some time and when I choose to use it again it just shuts down again at first I thought it was just my phone but than I gotta new one and it is still happening I’m guessing this is just on mobile device because I use it on my laptop though it’s slow as heck so I don’t prefer it but on that it does not shut down only on my iPhone so please fix this I love this app so very much and I don’t want to have to go back to reading webtoon T~T it isn’t as good!

Janay_iz_dead, Aug 04, 2019
Great comics and affordable! Deathly slow rendering

I love all the series available to read, but the rendering time when opening the app reaches unholy amounts of wait time. I think whatever is processing/running leading up to the daily recommended reading/news/event pop-up is getting stuck in something, like a recursive loop or the like. It’s often I find that the app won’t start working as expected until that pop-up comes up and can be cleared. Until then, the app won’t refresh when you swipe down, you can’t read any chapters, and no other user data can be called. It could be a coincidence that that’s what has to happen before I can do any reading, but it seems to be the trend. I think using the carousel at the top of the app to hold announcements would work best until the wait time issue is fixed. Sometimes I’ve just closed the app and reopened it until I can get that pop up. It’s very annoying but might have to use desktop until the issue is fixed. Waiting for more than 5 minutes for data to be called should be illegal /s

LissaLemons, May 09, 2021
Updated App Still the Worst

Do not start using the Tapas app. Use their website only. Tapas has licensed a massive library of fantastic manhwa and while people complain about the cost, the folks who create the content should be paid for their work. So use the website to buy chapters. Do not use the app, which barely functions. Want to read a chapter for which you’ve paid in the app? Well, you’re still going to have to deal with the app freezing and crashing mid-chapter, so you’ll have to relaunch the app, select Library, select Recent, select the manhwa you were reading, scroll through to find the chapter you were reading to select it, then scroll down through the chapter and hope it doesn’t crash again while you’re doing so just so you can finish reading the chapter. If you’re anything like me, you’ll have multiple manhwa with multiple chapters you’ll want to read, and going through this every chapter is beyond frustrating, verging into infuriating. An app should not be this consistently bad. Further, once you’ve started on the app, you’re stuck on there due to the “ink” purchased to buy chapters is in-app only, so just don’t start. The frustration of dealing with the worst-designed app of all of the manhwa sites is going to drive you absolutely nuts. Read the fantastic stories they’ve licensed on their website. Don’t even download this trash app.

ltsk, Dec 26, 2021
Great stories, mediocre functionality

OKAY SO I friggin love the stories I find on Tapas compared to webtoons, and the audience is smaller so there’s more commentary that’s actually relevant to the story, which makes it easier to be seen and have conversation. Tapas really has great content. But WOW this app does not care about the functionality. To be honest, I find the app a little difficult to navigate at first, especially since the “messages” tab has nothing to do with comments you leave or receive. You have to tab over to “activity” to see notifications like that. But MY GOD the app just BREAKS all the time! On the regular! It crashes very often, especially when I want to leave a comment. Sometimes it’s fine and I have no problems. But more often than not, especially compared to Webtoons, it freezes up and you have to close it and reopen it to do anything. I never have this problem on the desktop, but this is an app made for mobile consumption. I also have spotty wifi, but again, I DON’T have the same problem with any other app (besides Amino). I don’t know if it’s a budget issue or a quality control issue, or whatever. But I’m (and I’m sure others are too) BEGGING tapas to fix their mobile app to functions better!! Sometimes the entire app just stops working and nothing will load from the get go. I’ll stop now, but I desperately wish my experience on Tapas was better. Especially since the stories and comment section are better than other webcomic apps.

Raybundo, Feb 28, 2021


Tapas connects readers to the stories they crave. Tapas has diverse, unique comics, novels, manga, manhwa, and more – with new releases every day and free episodes every three hours! Dig into international hits like The Beginning After The End, Solo Leveling, and Little Rabbit and the Big Bad Leopard.

Check out the original comics behind popular TV series such as Heartstopper, A Business Proposal, and Navillera. The Wait-Until-Free system allows you to read our top stories free of charge. When you join Tapas for free, you'll be joining 10 million other subscribers and fans in supporting talented artists and authors. When you download the Tapas Mobile App, you'll turn your phone into a portable library full of stunning art, vivid characters, and gripping plotlines – all in the palm of your hand. Read simply by scrolling and turn your daily phone time into story time with top stories from all your favorite genres! From your favorite villainess to action hero, romance fantasy to action fantasy, Tapas has content for everyone. With your Tapas mobile account, you can comment, connect, and engage with readers and creators as you read. You'll get notified about updates on your favorite series and creators, and you'll enjoy exclusive app-only promotions and perks like Free Monday Ink and Fortune Cookies. Want even more out of Tapas? Try publishing your own story with Tapas Community. Become one of the over 75,000 talented creators — from established, award-winning authors to independent user creators – who share their work with the supportive, contemporary audience on Tapas. Stay in touch! Website: http://www.tapas.io E-mail: [email protected] Instagram: http://instagram.com/tapas_app Twitter: https://twitter.com/tapas_app Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tapas.io

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