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User Reviews for FanFiction.Net

Pretty Decent If a Bit Buggy

This app is pretty good(when not taking forever) for reading stories. Writing is an issue though. Sometimes it takes forever to upload a working chapter and recently for no reason it won’t open up certain files. It’s rather frustrating.

banditjedi87, Mar 03, 2022
Love it!!!

This app is great! I love reading the fanfics and I especially love writing them and getting feedback. The only thing I would say is the mobile version doesn’t have the option to see your story’s stats. By this I mean that you can’t see how many people have read your story, who liked/loved it, etc. It’s not a major thing, but I still like to see that stuff. Otherwise, the app is awesome! It’s a great way to practice writing and have some constructive feedback given about your work. It’s also really fun to read the fanfics that other people have published. Some of the ideas are super creative and they’re very entertaining. I totally recommend this app for any bookworms and/or aspiring authors.

Bookworm Wind Goddess, Jul 17, 2022
Why so complicated?

The old site may have had its flaws, but it was so beautifully simple. They actually used words instead of weird symbols that made no sense. If you wanted to look up the history of all the reviews you left… There it was under “review history.” If you were looking for an answer or help… It actually gave you answers or help. Here, anytime you want help it shoots you right back to your own page. Thanks. There’s so much I can’t do on this app that I was able to do on the old page. Why don’t you have some sort of index? And worst of all… how did you manage to to put this all together in the most most illogically, overly complex, clunky way possible? Yes there are positive points which I do enjoy - I can easily find a story that I started to read. There the ability to “download” a story. Technically, it’s really just a bookmark. (only for online reading) And I really do appreciate the lack of advertising that breaks up the page in the old site. But to be honest, navigating this thing is one of the greatest headaches on the Internet.

Dana6, Apr 28, 2022
Hooray for fanfic & fandom apps

The few problems are that some deleted fanfics are preserved in the app and not the internet archive… and that I’m unable to copy paste the entire chapter… I’m not sure what’s going on but I see that some stories have a half screen read despite my app being on full screen and the site version having not that many bugs. Either the authors did something or it’s only a glitch in the app…

Fiona aka dragontail, Feb 08, 2022
I love this app

But there’s something wrong with the search now. I can’t look up any movies or other fandoms. I hit ‘Read’ and there’s nothing to choose from. Even when I search for specific movies. I love this app and so I hope this gets resolved soon.

Fubulous, Jan 04, 2022
App no longer opens links from email

Looks like the app has an issue with its AASA file. I tried the method of copying the link into notes and long pressing it to get the drop down menu and there’s no option to open it in the app. I’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling it, as well as restarting, multiple times now. This has only been an issue for me as of the most recent update, so something about that update must have messed things up.

Hizumi99, May 17, 2022

These novels distracted me so much and gave me a lot of mental development. These distractions probably kept me from suicide and I love this app. Thank you for so much entertaining distractions and entertainment. I hope this app and its website are around for many years to come and that it helps many the way it has helped me. I look forward to the many novels I will get to read in the future.

malphas72860, May 07, 2022
Please Read and Learn

Hi I’m a reader at your website and I don’t like the open app function you put into your website. It’s large distracting and breaks the flow of my reading. No one wants to be reminded that you can use the app. I have the app, but I don’t want to be directed to it only my safari. This app still needs a lot of work and is rather frustrating to work. The website is fine and I believe that you should remove the prompt to open the App because it detracts from the quality of what is very good website.

Mega super Robo9, Apr 19, 2022
Used to be good

This app used to be great but every update seems to either break something or remove a previous feature that I personally use. The other reviews are covering a lot of it but my two biggest issues I didn’t see mentioned are that it sometimes gets stuck in buffering mode between chapters and you have to reboot the app and that for some reason you can’t sort fics in communities. I just want to see which of the thousand fics is new or newly added or newly updated. But you can’t do that anymore. It says try a longer search phrase but I don’t wanna search anything I want to look at all of it.

Miss Tea and Fortune, Dec 29, 2021
Unable to open

For about a week now the app has been crashing readers are unable to open it. Other than that it’s great but I would be better if the maximum of downloaded stories wasn’t 1000.

NdioroG, Mar 03, 2022


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