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User Reviews for Manta: Unlimited Comics

Great value for money

Highly recommend this app for those like me who don't have time to save coins or pearls and who just want something to read when they get a chance. For one drink at Starbucks, you can have a whole month of reading. :D I noticed that no one recently had reviewed this app, so I wanted to share my experience. I love this app! I have several manga/manhwa/manhua apps and like all of them to varying degrees. But this takes the cake on my busy life. A frustration I have with other apps is that I am constantly saving my pearl/coins/ spending real money to view them. On some apps once something is completely published, you then have to pay to reread (or finish reading), which is sad and annoying. This app is different! It is a one time pay and You Get All! The content has definitely grown since the last reviewer in March, but the beauty of this system is that you can cancel and resubscribe at any point. So simply put, if you read through it all (because you can!) cancel and come back in a few months for more. You Can! It is a good price for several great stories. I got this app for "Under the Oak Tree" and that series alone is worth what I paid. They have lots of options on Genre as well as a whole completed section that you can binge through while waiting for uploads.Lots of different styles and the worry free enjoyment can't be beat. I wouldn't pay more, but it is definitely worth $4 a month. Enjoy!

Aniyue, Feb 18, 2022
Worth it.

I downloaded this app for ONE specific series that I wanted to read without having to spend money for individual chapters/episodes. For $4 I was able to completely read that one series and then go on to read OTHER incredible series. It goes without saying that this is an incredible deal. There’s a good variety of romance comics and they’re all very high quality in terms of story and art. I really can’t fully express how good of a deal this is.To all the people complaining about having to pay, I’m guessing that you’re probably not yet old enough to have a credit card/digit payment method. If that’s the case, then you’re probably not even old enough to read most of the series to begin with so...🤷‍♀️. If the devs want, they can implement a 1 time payment method for users who want to use the app without a subscription, that way some individuals can ask for their parents to pay or they can use physical money to buy a prepaid card and use that to make a 1 time payment for a single months use (the price would probably be bumped above 4 but it would still be a good deal imo)To (the probably small) portion of people who can pay but simply don’t want to, please consider how much work goes into making these comics by the artists. It’s a lot of work and they deserve to be payed for that work, especially if it’s of the quality that’s being presented in this app.To the developers of this app, thank you!👏

Boogabogahdhhdhdhs, Apr 04, 2021
Get this app, the stories are SO GOOD.

I normally never leave reviews, but I feel this app absolutely deserves one. For the longest time, I haven’t been into “subscription based” comics like these (think Tapas, Webtoon, etc.) because I had to pay for each comic (and its chapter) I wanted to read. Today, I was coincidentally advertised to on Instagram with a (pretty corny) ad about “Under the Oak Tree.” Not going to lie, the synopsis wasn’t super great (sorry, marketing person!), but the artwork was gorgeous and I checked out the page before downloading the app. Then, I discovered it’s $3.99 per month for UNLIMITED access to ALL stories.Under the Oak Tree, contrary to what was in the ad, is a phenomenal story so far. I’m addicted, and I’m exploring other comics as well. Thank you for this. You’ve successfully converted me to a paying subscriber. Keep up the great work, and I’m sharing your app with my entire following and my friends!

DreamInTechnicolor, May 06, 2021
Great stories and pricing

I absolutely love that manta is subscription based, and the price is great. Every other web comic app I've tried makes you pay PER CHAPTER. You'd have to pay almost 20 bucks, give or take, for some of those apps just to read a one season for one story. That 20 dollars would be 5 months with manta. Besides that, I love the stories on here. I'm currently reading over a dozen of them and they're awesome. Right in my taste for writing style/art style/ and genres. I can't wait until Manta gets bigger and has even more writers to enjoy. 🙂 My only suggestion is better advertising... I've seen the ads all over the place and a lot of the stories are portrayed in ways that cause lot of backlash. They are completely out of context and not at all what the stories are about. As an artist and a writer, i would be very upset if that was being done to my hard work.

ForRiddlez, Jul 15, 2022

A while ago, a Manta ad popped up on one of my social media’s with a few images from the story Under the Oak Tree and of course I immediately downloaded the app the learn more. Cut to me like a half hour later, majorly annoyed that I was already hitting a paywall. I decided to cave to the premium monthly fee, telling myself that I would just do it for a month to read a bunch of the stories. Then I could cancel it and periodically pay for a month to check in if I wanted. Now it’s over a month later and I’m so happy with the service that I have no plans of stopping it any time soon. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE that the fee is just a monthly flat rate. I’m familiar with the Webtoon method that makes you pay for coins so you can buy episodes. This is so much better though!! For four bucks a month I can binge read all the stories I want and there’s so much great content! I’m always finding new stories to read and already have several that I follow faithfully. The art is amazing, they’re super fun, and it’s a great way to kill some time on your phone. Highly recommend this app!

louster89, May 25, 2021

I saw an ad for this on FB so I downloaded it, but I can’t even create an account. I tap on Continue with Apple and...nothing. Nothing happens. It just sits there. When I tap the App Support link here in the iTunes Store, it just takes me to the front page of the Manta website which also seems to take issue with either my iPad or Safari, I’m not sure which; I can’t scroll to the bottom of the main page and I don’t see anything that looks like a link to customer support at the top. I wanted to read some of these comics but...🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ Can’t seem to get anywhere with the website OR the app. I’ll change my rating if you fix this. 😒😒😒Edit: I gave up on trying to use “Continue with Apple” and used a google login instead, and that worked. Why is the Apple login offered if it doesn’t work..? Anyways, my comments about the website remain unchanged, and I never heard a peep from support, so...🤷‍♀️ After using the app for a few days my only complaint is as an iPad Pro user. The thing doesn’t use my entire screen like the other comic apps I have. I expanded it from what I assume is the phone version, but it’s still a strip down the middle of my screen with a good two or 3 inches of space on either side. Get with the times, guys. 4 stars since it def ain’t perfect...but I do like paying a subscription fee vs per comic (tho I expect that will severely limit what comics you manage to get for your app).

O-Inari, Feb 27, 2021
Diverse content and easy user navigation

I like how smooth and easy the interface is, especially when I’m scrolling through the chapters. The advertisements for the comics is also eye catching so kudos to the advertisement team for attracting readers. I also thank the translation team for bringing these stories for western audiences. The subscription plan is also quite cheap compared to other comics that rely on coin system to allow readers access to almost every chapter.The only downside that made me take a star away is the obvious censorship for stories with mature content, especially for the BL genre. In my honest opinion, I don’t think I can enjoy the stories as much as I want to if panels displaying sex scenes fade to black or are simply omitted out altogether. It’s simply not following the story faithfully. I’m aware that there are legal reasons with respect to Apple Store policy but I hope the company knows that this issue will just lead readers to go to illegal sites for viewership.

Setsuu_0, Apr 26, 2022
For a new app it is really good...

Not sure why everyone is giving it horrible reviews just because you have to pay a fee to read the comics. I think the $4 a month is extremely reasonable, I already feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of it and my first month isn’t even over yet. The library is very limited at the moment but they are adding more and expanding. The comics I’m currently reading I’m really enjoying. They even have ‘The Lady and Her Butler’ which is a premium comic on Tapas that you would have to pay PER EPISODE. For a comic over 100 episodes I would have had to pay well over $5 for it so I already feel like I’m getting a good deal on Manta.My only complaints are of course the limited library at the moment, and the clunky loading. Sometimes when I first open the app all my subscribed and liked series have disappeared and I have to close and reopen the app to get it to show again. Also pressing on the notification bell or the heart icon is clunky, sometimes it doesn’t even respond and I have to press again. I feel if they improved the loading and reaction times of everything in the app then it would be a much smoother experience.

Suni-chan, Mar 02, 2021
Heavily Censored: what’s the reason!?

I don’t understand what this app keep licensing mature and adult stories and then heavily censoring them to the point where they sometimes don’t make any sense. Why are you trying to make adult themes and stories accessible to younger audiences. They are not the target audience either make a section of the website for adults like Tappytoon and Lezhin. Or just don’t translate those stories because you’re not doing the other any favors because then people will go and find the version that they want and translate it and uploaded illegally on website because that’s how I’m gonna to read totems realm and any other story that’s been heavily chopped up and censored by this app. I actually have no problem paying for stories I pay for Tappytoon, Lezhin and WEBTOON regularly. But I am an adult and the stories that I tend to re-have adult things and contacts and have a nice sensor really takes away from the story. You can go online to certain websites and constantly see comments or complaints about this app and how they are censoring these really good stories. Just pick up the Katie stories and leave the adult stuff for the other apps. stay in your lane

The Chefette, Feb 27, 2022

I read an episode in like ten minutes and I love the stories on here, so when it gets to the point that I have to wait a WHOLE WEEK just to get ONE episode that ticks me off, I mean I’m already paying to read I may as well read when I want to! At least make it so you get two a week, I can’t take this much longer manta PLEASE PLEASE change! Other than that definitely 5 stars, the story’s are great and I spesifically love totems realm. It’s my all time fav. As far as the money goes I think it’s for a good price and I’m glad that you can still read some story’s even if you are not paying. But when you are paying like I mentioned earlier once you get to a point in the book you have to wait a whole week just to get one episode. Which you read quickly cause it’s a comic. If you agree make a review saying that change it maybe they will.

the weirdo named chloe, Dec 02, 2021


No pay-per-episode and no ads! Subscribe to gain unlimited access to our entire library. Discover new stories to read every day, you'll never run out of episodes to binge on. * Exclusive stories - discover original titles you can't read anywhere else * No more pay-per-episode - binge nonstop without any interruptions * Personalized selections just for you - choosing your next read is now easier than ever * Comics loved by millions - indulge in exclusive, top-trending comics Discover the world of Anatol in our enchanting love story, "Under the Oak Tree".

If you want something exclusive, you'll love our Manta Original story, "Finding Camellia". Looking for something a little more steamy? Check out "Totem's Realm", and "The Losing Streak". If you want a little more magic, jump into "The Beau and the Beast", "Follow the Bread Crumbs", and "The Golden Forest". Join Manta Unlimited to experience the ultimate binging experience * Fastest updates - no need to wait to read the latest updates * Endless library - read all of the stories that we have to offer * Series with everyday updates - stay engaged with stories you can come back to every day Here are some of our stories guaranteed to have you hooked: The Emperor's Mask, Love Jinx, North x Northwest, DEAR. DOOR, Before It's Too Late, No Love Zone, Give to the Heart, Shape of Sympathy, Timing, Luna, A Nonsense Relationship, The New Recruit, The Demon Queen Has a Death Wish, Cat and Dog, In Your Dream, Suddenly a Lady, Love of Cloud and Rain, The Good Life, Semantic Error Want to stay updated? Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/mantacomics Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/mantacomics Privacy Policy: https://mantasupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360056564334-Privacy-Policy Terms of Use: https://mantasupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360056568354-Terms-of-Service

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