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User Reviews for Manta: Unlimited Comics

Seriously, just do it!

Manta Comics is beyond worth it. In 10+ years, I think I’ve reviewed 1-2 apps maximum…because who leaves reviews for apps. Lol. Manta is the exception for me. Highly, highly recommend. I’ve not even had my subscription two full months, yet I’ve read more series on here than I ever thought my brain could handle or juggle at one time. When you realize how much you get with this app at an extremely reasonable price, it’s an easy decision to subscribe. Well done, Manta Comics team. *Pro tip: Have a series that you’re reading for every day of the week. That way, there’s a new episode to look forward to every single day.Also, The Golden Forest is wildly underrated. It’s my absolute favorite series hands-down. The storyline has so many layers, and the episodes are very satisfying because you get enough content (that made it worth waiting a week for and not just something short to seemingly fill a weekly quota), yet there will still be the obligatory cliff hanger. Haha. There are truly so many good series on Manta (and they’re ALL binge worthy, so, buckle up), but The Golden Forest takes the cake for me. The complexity of the storyline plus the graphics/artwork are truly well done.

ADawnJ, Oct 15, 2022
No updates

So I saw an ad for Manta about two years ago and got hooked on one of the more popular stories. Slowly what I’ve come to realize is that they continuously add new stories to read, complete a season and then you’re waiting for months for an update. I have a story in my library that hasn’t been updated in over 4 months. I have another story that has the complete novel available to read yet, the comic with images hasn’t been updated in months. So you can read ahead without visuals but if that’s the case, you’re better off just buying a book. I’m not knocking the artists and rushing their work at all it just seems unfair to pay for something and know that you may not get anything new on current stories. Beyond that I’ve had multiple stories end early due to unforeseen circumstances, which is totally fine. Or a story just ending what seems to be abruptly all together. You have to keep paying a subscription to hope maybe a story with a finished season, not completed, comes back or is updated but doesn’t seem to be a guarantee and then wants you to turn on notifications for it. Like I said I’ve been waiting 4+ months for a lot of stories yet all I get are new ones being added on. So I wonder if this is just a repetitive cycle. I’m hoping there’s something updated by the end of the month before my subscription ends because this will most likely be my last before switching to a different app. I’m not going to keep paying money to wait in hopes of something coming back.

Akeya M., Jan 19, 2023
Great value for money

Highly recommend this app for those like me who don't have time to save coins or pearls and who just want something to read when they get a chance. For one drink at Starbucks, you can have a whole month of reading. :D I noticed that no one recently had reviewed this app, so I wanted to share my experience. I love this app! I have several manga/manhwa/manhua apps and like all of them to varying degrees. But this takes the cake on my busy life. A frustration I have with other apps is that I am constantly saving my pearl/coins/ spending real money to view them. On some apps once something is completely published, you then have to pay to reread (or finish reading), which is sad and annoying. This app is different! It is a one time pay and You Get All! The content has definitely grown since the last reviewer in March, but the beauty of this system is that you can cancel and resubscribe at any point. So simply put, if you read through it all (because you can!) cancel and come back in a few months for more. You Can! It is a good price for several great stories. I got this app for "Under the Oak Tree" and that series alone is worth what I paid. They have lots of options on Genre as well as a whole completed section that you can binge through while waiting for uploads.Lots of different styles and the worry free enjoyment can't be beat. I wouldn't pay more, but it is definitely worth $4 a month. Enjoy!

Aniyue, Feb 18, 2022
Worth it.

I downloaded this app for ONE specific series that I wanted to read without having to spend money for individual chapters/episodes. For $4 I was able to completely read that one series and then go on to read OTHER incredible series. It goes without saying that this is an incredible deal. There’s a good variety of romance comics and they’re all very high quality in terms of story and art. I really can’t fully express how good of a deal this is.To all the people complaining about having to pay, I’m guessing that you’re probably not yet old enough to have a credit card/digit payment method. If that’s the case, then you’re probably not even old enough to read most of the series to begin with so...🤷‍♀️. If the devs want, they can implement a 1 time payment method for users who want to use the app without a subscription, that way some individuals can ask for their parents to pay or they can use physical money to buy a prepaid card and use that to make a 1 time payment for a single months use (the price would probably be bumped above 4 but it would still be a good deal imo)To (the probably small) portion of people who can pay but simply don’t want to, please consider how much work goes into making these comics by the artists. It’s a lot of work and they deserve to be payed for that work, especially if it’s of the quality that’s being presented in this app.To the developers of this app, thank you!👏

Boogabogahdhhdhdhs, Apr 04, 2021
It has potential but…

One day I started getting a bunch of ads from Manta and I decided to download it to see what all the hype is about. When I got into the app I started reading “totems realm” and after like 2 chapters, I noticed a daily pass on the 3rd. I found out the daily pass is a pass that only lets you read A chapter a day. I immediately thought this was ridiculous because what’s the point if your only gonna read a chapter per book a day. And what’s more, you have to pay monthly to get the full experience 😒🤦🏽‍♀️. My card isn’t connected to this device so I can’t even pay for the subscription. Even the complete books give you 2 chapters free and then you need the subscription My suggestion? You should at least give people the chance to read more free chapters a day (5-10 maybe) then give the daily pass and then ask for people to buy the subscription. If they buy it, then they buy it and if they don’t, then they have to wait another day. I am not trying to bad mouth your app, I am just trying to get a better experience with the app. Thank you for your time.

child whos rating, Aug 09, 2023
Get this app, the stories are SO GOOD.

I normally never leave reviews, but I feel this app absolutely deserves one. For the longest time, I haven’t been into “subscription based” comics like these (think Tapas, Webtoon, etc.) because I had to pay for each comic (and its chapter) I wanted to read. Today, I was coincidentally advertised to on Instagram with a (pretty corny) ad about “Under the Oak Tree.” Not going to lie, the synopsis wasn’t super great (sorry, marketing person!), but the artwork was gorgeous and I checked out the page before downloading the app. Then, I discovered it’s $3.99 per month for UNLIMITED access to ALL stories.Under the Oak Tree, contrary to what was in the ad, is a phenomenal story so far. I’m addicted, and I’m exploring other comics as well. Thank you for this. You’ve successfully converted me to a paying subscriber. Keep up the great work, and I’m sharing your app with my entire following and my friends!

DreamInTechnicolor, May 06, 2021
So good: it’s amazing. Incredible 10/10. Worth every cent

This app. Omg. So good and SO worth it. With other apps you have to pay per chapter/strip or whatever which was honestly the worst because I wouldn’t even try to read them if I knew I was going to have to keep paying to read it. Manta is the best. One price, once a month for the most incredible stories. The huge variety of stories/genres to choose from is my favorite. I love that the stories have different authors/artists: all the stories aren’t from one author and one artist. I stay up waaaaaay too late reading these 😂One thing I would like: I want to be able to comment on stories directly on the app. Idk if that’s a feature that’s already built in that I haven’t figured out how to use, or if it can be added. But there’s some stories that I really want to leave messages/comments on for the authors/artists and for future readers. That’s really my only “complaint” and it really isn’t complaining. This app is for real awesome. Definitely a good app to have spent money on, even though I very rarely pay for apps (I’m broke 🥲) 100% worth it.

Ereh Emankcin, Mar 08, 2023
Great stories and pricing

I absolutely love that manta is subscription based, and the price is great. Every other web comic app I've tried makes you pay PER CHAPTER. You'd have to pay almost 20 bucks, give or take, for some of those apps just to read a one season for one story. That 20 dollars would be 5 months with manta. Besides that, I love the stories on here. I'm currently reading over a dozen of them and they're awesome. Right in my taste for writing style/art style/ and genres. I can't wait until Manta gets bigger and has even more writers to enjoy. 🙂 My only suggestion is better advertising... I've seen the ads all over the place and a lot of the stories are portrayed in ways that cause lot of backlash. They are completely out of context and not at all what the stories are about. As an artist and a writer, i would be very upset if that was being done to my hard work.

ForRiddlez, Jul 15, 2022

A while ago, a Manta ad popped up on one of my social media’s with a few images from the story Under the Oak Tree and of course I immediately downloaded the app the learn more. Cut to me like a half hour later, majorly annoyed that I was already hitting a paywall. I decided to cave to the premium monthly fee, telling myself that I would just do it for a month to read a bunch of the stories. Then I could cancel it and periodically pay for a month to check in if I wanted. Now it’s over a month later and I’m so happy with the service that I have no plans of stopping it any time soon. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE that the fee is just a monthly flat rate. I’m familiar with the Webtoon method that makes you pay for coins so you can buy episodes. This is so much better though!! For four bucks a month I can binge read all the stories I want and there’s so much great content! I’m always finding new stories to read and already have several that I follow faithfully. The art is amazing, they’re super fun, and it’s a great way to kill some time on your phone. Highly recommend this app!

louster89, May 25, 2021
Great but…..

Needs a better way to search for what you specifically want. Needs a better selection. Needs to add a coin feature. ……. I love that this app has an unlimited reading subscription, I’ve always wanted an app to have this. On other apps with coins I would have just been happy having one book a week of my choice temporarily unlocked so finding this app made me so happy. However the selection isn’t that great yet, especially in variety, so when I’m in the mood for a specific type I have to go somewhere else and lately there’s not much on the app I’m in the mood to read, though there’s a lot I want to eventually read when I am in the mood, and what I am in the mood for doesn’t have many chapters so I don’t want to start them yet, plus for multiple reasons I mostly just like reading completed stuff. So at times like this I wish there were ways to earn coins so I could save up coins to use when there’s only one or two books on the app I’m interested in instead of paying every month for an app I’m barely using or wait a whole day just to unlock one chapter. Also I wish there was a more detailed way to search for books, in fact it’s needed.

Mz.UhOh, Jun 25, 2023


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