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POCKET COMICS: Premium Webtoon

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POCKET COMICS: Premium Webtoon

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User Reviews for POCKET COMICS: Premium Webtoon

Unless you’re rich, don’t download this app. It is NOT FREE.

The stories are good and will pull you in, but you’ll be disappointed once you realize how expensive it is to read just one. One season of a story could ultimately end up costing you around $40.. I wouldn’t even pay that much for a popular manga let alone these ones. They offer “free” reading opportunities but it’s literally only three opportunities a day which equate to three chapters of one story a day. Regardless the length of the chapter or anything. You get a free reading ticket for logging in, every story will allow you to read one chapter for free if you watch an ad (or sometimes they will offer a free episode for a certain period of time), and then they offer one mission a day where you could earn one reading ticket or sometimes you earn coins. Not a lot though. They offer surveys for coins but I’m not spending 20 minutes on a survey just to read one 2 minute chapter in a story.It’s basically just a way to take advantage of manga/comic lovers and drain their wallets if they get obsessed. I plan on SLOWLY finishing the stories that I’m reading and once I’m done I will be deleting the app unless they plan on making it more affordable to their readers instead of just trying to get rich off of them. I will not be reading any new stories or buying anymore coins.

bangtansoneyeondan, Jan 22, 2022
It’s ok could do better

I gave this a 4 star because one there is some defects and when I mean some one of the defeats would be like it would tell me u read this on another account. It angered me because I have no memory at all of ever signing in an account. Also not only that I was on guest mode since I wanted to try it out it truly angered me that I couldn’t read an episode. Also the 24 wait is a bit unnecessary a 12 hour cool down is much better and the reader will be more excited. That is all that really made me mad or just something u can fix there was some other things but that’s the main reason. The good thing about this is that u can go on guest mode to test it out before u sign in a account and then u can read then u may get an account where u can get coins or what ever etc. Also if u don’t have coins then it gives u like 30sec or lower for me idk about you tho so that’s all please improve on that.

best game of the centerie, Feb 27, 2021
Was about to praise this app...

I was about to really praise this app for the 1 free chapter a day approach. It seemed like WEBTOON finally had a rival... but some of the chapters aren’t actually “rentable” with the free with ad option. It’s still better than Tappytoon that makes you watch THIRTY (30) ADS FOR ONE (1) CHAPTER!!! Especially when their ads so often don’t work.Still, very disappointed it’s not one free chapter a day and it didn’t explain this anywhere until AFTER I spent my $5 in remaining Apple Store credit and unlocked like 20 chapters. I could’ve rented the earlier chapters and used my coins on later ones... but then of course I’d actually have to keep paying every time a new chapter came out or wait like a month to rent it.So sadly, WEBTOON is still the best in the industry as far as I can tell. With zero rivals. One free chapter per week, no more, no less. And you don’t even have to watch ads for it! But maybe, just maybe, this app will eventually step up and rival WEBTOON with enough feedback like this. Especially if doing so would bring in more users and thus more money for them!

Bob says hi! Hi Bob!, Dec 29, 2020
Potential but few bad quirks

Okay so first thing I want to mention is this: It IS a great app, and the stories on there are very intriguing, but this really is a terrible app for binge readers or those who have little patients. About five episodes into the story I was reading, I received a pop up saying that I needed to watch an add to proceed onto the next chapter, this is fine, I didn’t really mind it. After that chapter, I moved to the next and it said I needed to “Recharge my limit”. So I checked my limit, and low and behold was a 24 hour time limit. I personally believe this is a bit excessive and would be better to lower it down to about 30-1 hour wait. Or maybe have to watch two adds in order for the next episode. As well as the perks of buying the entire story all together at a (in my opinion) very expensive price. So overall, yes, this is a great app for those who are seeking a good story that you can read, and are very patient or willing to spend money on one story they’d finish in a night or two, but not great for binge readers like myself who have little patients and are bone dry.

Creepy-Pasta-Fr3ak, Feb 07, 2021
Has opportunities

This app is amazing for reading comics, but personally I think the 24 hour wait is extremely unnecessary. It makes it so that you use the app less and less, instead of getting more “hooked” into it. If we really need a limited wait time, then I’d put it at around 8-12 hours so people don’t forget about the app. 🤗 I just got it and read through some chapters, but the wait is really killing me. 😅 And I’m a very forgetful person, so I don’t know if I’ll remember to “catch up” with the app everyday.Otherwise, everything is actually pretty nice! 👍 Definitely recommend to people who are looking for some interesting digital comics. Just as long as you’re okay with the long wait. (EDIT) suggestion: if you want to make money off of this app but still have people hooked into the comics, maybe you have to watch 1-3 ads each episode? I think that’s pretty reasonable. Plus, people won’t get as annoyed when they have to wait.

crying inside 💙✨, Dec 28, 2020
Bad for binge readers.

The stories and art on here are amazing and oh so captivating, ive used up all the devices in my house to continue reading my favorites, but it’s very unnecessary to have a such a long wait. We should be able to binge read especially during quarantine where all the stores with manga are closed in some areas. It’s frustrating having to wait just to read, especially since some chapters of some stories are incredibly short. A 1-2 hour wait is fine, but a whole day and night is ridiculous. Also, we should be able to get coins easier, as I’ve had to put in very personal information for things I don’t even want, just to read stories. Binge-readers like me should finally have somewhere we can read amazing stories to our heart’s content without coins or waiting. I’m okay with watching ads for every single chapter of stories, more than 1.but please, don’t make us wait for so long. A lot of times I get hooked into a story but because of the wait, I leave the app and barely come back. In fact, I just recently remembered I had the app after weeks of not even checking in. however, if I could read more, I’d be on there all day and all night. Tl; Dr, make me watch a millions ads, fine, but please don’t make us wait, or have only one ticket. Finally, a WEBTOON competitor with even better stories, and yet it falls way behind because of the stupid wait. Please, change this.

Dazed_Fr0g, Jan 27, 2021
Worst Ever

This app is the worst. You have to wait a day to read the next chapter of any series. And then you have to watch an ad before you can read any chapter, even when you have a ticket(they let you read more chapters at once). You are only "renting" those chapters so you lose access to them after like a week as well which is ridiculous. There is a bar at the top of each series that tells you when you can read the next chapter. There are some series that, even when the bar is full and says "Read Now", you cant read. 1 series im trying to read has a full bar but I have to wait, at 1st it was 3 days but now its 6, for the next chapter. That's even when I have a ticket which should allow me to read without waiting for the bar to full up again. Ive contacted support about it TWICE but have gotten no response. So there's that. You cant get help with issues you have with the app. Its super tedious and annoying to not be able to read more than 1 chapter a day without paying and to have to watch an ad to even do that. Avoid the trouble. Dont download this app.

havhahebdvdhebsjz, Oct 20, 2021
has potential

the comics are actually really good and the art is amazing too! i actually prefer these comics over the comics on webtoon. But the app itself isn’t all that. u have to wait a whole 24 hours just to watch an ad to read a chapter. which i don’t like. and even then there’s still chapters where u have to pay? like i understand there’s chapters where u can read coins but the least u can do is let us watch as many ads as we want. and i feel like that way i’d feel better about paying for coins. but anyways the app is pretty complicated and i think a comment section under each chapter would be nice! but overall the concept and comics are good and in the end that’s what matters i just think ur coin or where we actually read the comics system needs some help. but the app deserves a 3 the comics deserve a 5 so i’ll meet in the middle.

jayweezygarza51, Oct 17, 2020
It’s okay

I personally like this more then WEBTOON (no offense) but i have to pay 1$ to read 2 chapters! Like I thought it was fair but now Idk.I thought it would be more reasonable if you lowered the amount of coins you have to spend. Then you can lower the amount of coins you get. And I have to pay to read certain chapters! I feel like it’s pay to read. Maybe you can add a premium where if you pay 5$, you get for example, 30 coins a month! But you charge 5$ a month. And you could add a premium section! A premium section could be a section where non-premium and premium members could read. Except premium members can read certain comics for free! And maybe, if you have premium you can get 2x the amount of tickets daily! Or maybe an reward system for non-premium members and premium members! Also, can you guys lower the time you have to wait to watch an ad? Another suggestion: You could make an ad-free thing. You could pay 2-3$ for an permanent no ads thing. It’s okay if you don’t do these things but could you at least lower the coins price? Thank you!~toffythemouse2

ROBLOX TIFFANY, Jan 30, 2021
GREAT APP! Though I do have a suggestion.

The app is amazing! I get to read amazing comics and they all have some sort of suspense and I’m loving it! It has an amazing comic, it gives me a ticket everyday, I can do little games to earn coins. Everything seems fine but I would like to request a suggestion.When I go to the offerwall I can find some things so that way I can earn a coin. I wanted to suggest something for the offerwall that might help some people like me. My suggestion is to put a like a price bar. What I mean is that I wanted to ask if you can put a little bar somewhere so that way we can choose what price of coins we want for the task instead of having to keep searching for it. If you still don’t understand what I’m trying to say because I’m a bad explainer let me give you an example. For example, let’s say I wanna do a task from 1-3 price of coins, then it should show me all the tasks that are 1-3. I hope you can design a little slide button so we can move it to number we want or you can just put a search bar thing so we can type what number we want in the beginning to the end.If someone has already suggested this please put this in, and if you already have it please tell me where it is.

The.Alien., Jul 28, 2021


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