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User Reviews for Tears of Themis

Smart and engaging in the beginning

I only gave this a try because I have been playing Genshin Impact and was interested in seeing what an otome game from Mihoyo would look like. Was skeptical it would be any good, but I am pleasantly surprised. I don’t play otome games so I don’t know how this compares to others, but I love the Ace Attorney series. The main character here is refreshingly smart and likeable compared to how dumb Phoenix is. The cases deal with more mature and realistic themes, and I found myself engrossed in learning the truth and playing the next chapter.Update: have continued playing since launch, but the game has only updated the main story ONCE, with the rest of the time being padded out with obnoxiously boringly filler events. Have experienced a lot of crashing as well. A few of the “romantic” scenarios I’ve read from some of the cards are borderline sexual harassment (guess that’s common in otome games? I don’t know, but realistically with current events they’re tone deaf. It ends with the main character either excusing herself or pretending it didn’t happen which isn’t romantic at all.)Liked it at the start but lack of real content means there’s nothing to keep my interest. It’s become a chore to even open up the game.

AsheDalmasca, Nov 19, 2021
Amazing game!!

This game is honestly amazing, and I never write game reviews. I stumbled across this game in my recommended (probably because I played Genshin Impact) and I had never played an otome game before. The story and writing is so good, especially in English, that it is impossible not to get hooked! The character development of each person, including the MC, is subtle and realistic, and the relationships you build feel genuine. Each character also has a very distinct personality with interesting and unique story lines, making it worth spending the time to get to know each one of them. Additionally, this game is super F2P friendly! The gacha is well balanced and you’re able to progress at a steady pace without spending any money at all and still getting the cards and story levels that you want. I have spent a little money for certain things but only because I wanted to, you definitely don’t need to spend anything to enjoy this game!Since playing this, I have looked for other otome games and tried Mr Love, Ayakashi, and a couple other popular ones but nothing has compared to Tears of Themis. None of them have been as well balanced for F2P, their interfaces had way too much stuff going on which was too confusing, and the writing was not half as good. Thank you so much Hoyoverse for releasing such a great game!! Please keep it up.

Ellaphents, Jul 22, 2022
Great game but exhausting event pacing

With Tears of Themis, there’s a great balance between detective mechanics and the romance aspect you experience with each of the male leads. The main story is intriguing and well-voiced (makes you feel like you’re watching an anime at times) and the cards are beautifully illustrated and animated. The male leads’ stories are fun and interesting too, and I especially love the card stories for SR or SSR cards.My only complaint is that once you aren’t a newcomer anymore, you burn through your resources, and there just aren’t enough Stellin (coins essentially) or S-chips (rarer currency) to get you through the events. The event cost for Romantic Rail Getaway, for example, is 20 AP per debate, which is completely unreasonable given the event period. There’s no AP or S-chips left to use for daily and weekly tasks, and it’s extremely hard to buy Visions or save up S-chips when you’re constantly depleting your resources.The game needs to give players more opportunities to acquire resources without spending a ridiculous amount of AP, and it needs to pick back up with the main story and individual male leads’ stories instead of constantly squeezing in events. Other than that, ToT is a solid otome game, but beware burnout and burning through your resources.

icyredjay, Nov 14, 2021
an OK game :/

i don't think that there is enough opportunities to personal act any way towards the boys, like choice wise. some of the content is ableist or a terrible representation of mental illness. after a while the gameplay and unfortunately plot gets boring. like most gachas, summoning is easiest at the beginning of the game, then harder eveywhere else, this is not an exemption. the romancable characters are pretty decent though, i especially like their card stories. i've only played the cn dub but the va is really nice. the character design is okay too! characters like celestine, luke, kiki, etc. are really good but other charaters are... lazy? artem for example. i'd like to say that his personality makes up for it, but it doesn't because it's pretty cookie cutter. oh wow! cute childhood friend?? a rich kid who thinks he's all of that? a cold hearted business man? so. unique. wow. i say all of that, but their personalities and stories aren't terrible, but it's just so stereotypical. i should of mentioned this earlier when i was talking abt the gatcha system but it's not that bad when it comes to luck, most of the time i get a SSR or a SR it's before i'm guaranteed to. idk how to cut this game flack, but it's not that bad. i'd say if you would like to download the game, then do it. (even if it takes a bit more space up in your phone then you'd like ;))

katie attack, Feb 26, 2022
An exceptional game with unfortunate crashes

This game is EXACTLY what i was looking for. It has the otome elements with card collecting/upgrading and the most advanced interactive play I’ve seen in a long while. Ive never been more immersed in a mobil game like this before. The graphics are beautiful, the voice acting is superb, and the gameplay elements are fun and addicting! I’m very surprised by this game and its “Phoenix Wright” inspiration. I’m so impressed by this game so far and love how it really makes me feel like a detective and lawyer at the same time! But there are some concerning issues that need to be addressed and hopefully patched soon. I’m not the first one to be victim of the constant and random crashes. Granted, I’m playing on a simple iPad, but even those with much more advanced phones are experiencing these bugs. At first I thought it was due to the transition between regular cutscenes to the more detailed and dynamic ones, but I even had crashes during debates and just trying to get through normal dialogue. I was afraid my AP was being wasted on a crash that was not my fault, but I don’t believe AP is being used as the events will still be read as “new”, but I could be wrong. This game is exceptional and I wish to see it thrive, but these crashes could make many players put it aside until a major fix is made.

lilsamppod, Aug 03, 2021
One of the best Otome games out there

I’m an experienced Otome player. I’ve played mystic messenger, obey me, ikemen sengoku, the arcana (if that counts), and way more that I don’t feel like listing. That being said this is one of my favorites that i’ve played so far, besides maybe mystic messenger mostly because of nostalgia. The storyline is very complex and brilliant, there is so much to do so you’ll never get bored, and probably my favorite thing about the entire game, playability. What I mean by that is, a lot of Otome games make it so hard to progress without spending real money. They do this with tickets, paid options, etc. I have found that this game is so easy to progress in (not in a boring way but in an enjoyable way). The thing that turns me away from a lot of Otome games I try to play is that it just takes to long to get anywhere. The first day I got this game I was already level 10. Because you can continue to play for so long, you can really get immersed in the story. Overall, this Otome game is 100% worth playing and has super unique features and gameplay that you won’t find in any other game. Highly recommend.

pippinlockwood, Aug 02, 2021
Amazing game, but there’s a bug

First, I absolutely adore this game. The characters are all well rounded and act and feel like real people instead of solely anime tropes. All the four boys were great options, it’s the first game where I personally loved all of them and took a while to choose between them (eventually my favorite became Marius). The art is stunning and the animation is so fluid, I love the sprite expressions being more subtle which adds to how real the characters look and feel. And the MC in this game is by far the best I’ve seen. She’s smart, gorgeous, confident. Just feels like her own person and not a love interest all the boys fawn over. However there’s a small bug that’s been happening lately. It’s nothing that’s been making me avoid the game but is still annoying. On episodes three and four there have been some battles where you’ll have one or two turns left but the battle will end anyway saying it’s irrefutable. It gets a annoying when I can tell those two turns would’ve given me a win. I hope the devs fix whatever issue this is, it’s the only bug I’ve ran into and so far it’s only been in episode 3 and 4, I haven’t gone past 4 yet so I can’t tell if it’s in the future episodes.

riddy ahmed, Feb 06, 2022
Wonderful Game But Slight Issue

I love how you can investigate people and areas the cases revolve around. I also love how you get to experience being in court and using evidence to support your claim since it makes the game feel realistic. Additionally, I feel like I’m actually learning from this game which is not something I would expect from playing an otome game which makes this otome game special compared to others. I like how you can also go back every level and make different choices to see different outcomes. The character designs are lovely and the voice actors suit the characters perfectly. This game doesn’t require money to play since the cards can be obtained through hard work which is great for players who don’t have access to money. One detail I also loved was the fact that you could play Old Maid and Rock, Paper, Scissors with the male characters and I thought that was a very fun and unique touch. The only issue I have is there isn’t much interaction with the male characters besides in the story line and getting to visit them. I hope that there will be a feature that allows players to call the male characters or text them.

Sanyu., Jul 31, 2021
Another Great Game but…

This game is amazing with its great artstyle, graphics, and different mini gameplays like the “board game style” chibi game during events. Though I do have to say, the English grammar for the texts and plot line are a bit hard to understand because they’re are mistakes in them (but I don’t see it as a huge problem, because it’s easy to recognize what the text is actually saying. I also kind of wish that Hoyoverse would also make it so that recourses are a bit easier to get, for example, *we’re* only get a limited amount of S-Chips so when it’s an event time, I can’t really get enough to draw for the new gacha(s). I feel like the times we have events are when I can actually have a bit of time to save up for at least one 10-pull. I also would like it if when you need the passes (I forgot what they’re called) in the malls to exchange for different miscellaneous items and furniture for the NXX Lounge could be easier to afford. A lot of them are hard and take a bit of time to save up. But overall, I really do think that Hoyoverse has once again made another great game along with their other games.

squashy_soapy, Mar 26, 2022
Great Otome/gacha/detective game!!

Finally found an otome type game that gave me the same excitement as mystic messenger but this is so much better! The detective gameplay and investigation is actually such a cool mechanic and during the trials i felt like i was playing phoenix wright! The graphics are beautiful and i love the animations, the voice acting is spot on for what i’d think the characters would sound like and its such an easy interface to pick up you wont get lost TRUST ME. Playing games with the characters is a new touch in otome type games i’ve never seen before and quite enjoy, the only thing i’d suggest and maybe more interaction with said characters? So far its only their personal stories, main story, and games. I would love to give them gifts and call or message them on my own even if its pre-made i feel like they could really be like Mystic Messenger in the regard and step up an already wonderful gem of a game. Only game where i got interested in the actual story because they take on mature topics. Other than maybe adding more in regards to romancing the characters, its super fun to play!

Wewoop, Nov 29, 2021


What seemed to be independent cases slowly begins to link together and form a larger picture. The hand behind it all has no regards for social order and aims only to destroy all that is decent and good. As the truth becomes more obscure and shrouded in mystery, the lines between good and evil blurs.

With the world against you and the words of reason falling on deaf ears... Will you still be determined to stand by your choices and beliefs? ◆Evidence Collection - Search the scene and uncover the truth Discover delicate evidence and items lying at the crime scene and reveal the truth. Acquire testimonies from suspects. Analyze and compare their testimonies to contradicting clues found on them to uncover the key evidence. Defeat your opponents in the court of law with logic and wits to deliver true justice! ◆Exquisite Dynamic Illustrations - Learn everything about him The exquisite Dynamic Illustrations brings cards to life, forever framing your treasured memory with him in vivid detail. Once a personal story is unlocked, you will begin to receive video calls from your special someone! Indulge in his resonating voice and daily interactions! Go on dates that will make you melt and experience heart-racing intimate moments. ◆Precious Memories - Create cherished memories together Every character has their unique story arcs that hide his most well-guarded secrets. Venture deeper into his heart by completing these stories to learn the truth about him, creating memories that belong to just the two of you. ◆Personal Lounge - A Private Space for You and Them The new Lounge feature is now available. Collect blueprints and build furniture to furnish the sweet space where you spend cozy days with them. Offical Website:https://tot.hoyoverse.com/en-us/ Offical Twitter Account:https://twitter.com/TearsofThemisEN Offical Facebook Fanpage:https://www.facebook.com/tearsofthemis.glb Customer Service:[email protected]

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