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User Reviews for LoveUnholyc

Addictive but difficult

So the story in this is really good but it’s difficult to keep up with the interactive storys when you need sleep and have school or work. I’m finding myself constantly a day behind because I want to interact as much as possible and a suggestion to make it easier on people like me with jobs,school,sleep, etc, you should make it so if your a certain length behind in the story new chapters won’t upload until you catch up. Another issue I have is that sometimes the game glitches and doesn’t upload all the chapters, this might have something to do with when you started the game. So if you started the game at 11:00pm you’ll probably end up with only one chapter and be forced to move to the next day without finishing day 1. This is very irritating since it effects the game play and I think a way to fix this would be that if the next day is about to start, upload all the chapters that have not been uploaded because of the time so that we can play those and then move on to the next chapters. This way we can read all the chats we were supposed to read without haveing to worry about weather we’ll get all the chapters before day 2. I hope this makes sense.Over all though, I really like the story and characters even with game overs

🌸 kitten❤️, Nov 15, 2020
Pretty good but desperately needs fixing

The gameplay is very interesting- real time progress makes it compelling albeit difficult to keep up with as progression into the stories needs more in game currency The ad option needs to decrease the time lapse between ads - 2 ads per hour for 100 acme each is barely enough to cover the cost for a single chat recovery not to mention the load feature isn't free as the save feature- games typically like this one have a login bonus for players to gain items in order to progress into the stories however only achievements log is available and it's difficult to finish even for paying players Overall the graphics are good the stories are fleshed out with characters who aren't too typical with their own arc developed naturally even in the common routeNOW I can't access the game at all - the notifications still work I missed 4 chats and I'm just stuck on the game page unable to load or open the game whatsoever- my device is updated and my internet connection works fine so I hope this issue with loading the game gets fixed and soon!

Anyways514, Mar 13, 2021
I LOVE THIS SM but there are some errors

I absolutely love this game!! i’ve been completely attached to it the last week and even my friends no about it and it’s a problem haha! the one problem i’m having right now and i’m not sure what to do about is i will receive notifications that a new chat room or story has opened on a specific day but when i go in to check, the chat room isn’t there. i’m on day 7 right now and the last chat room that shows is when everyone finally shows up for the coming of age ceremony. day seven was supposed to be yesterday so i should. have all the chat rooms open for all of day 7 since it’s the next day and this game works with real time. However, the only chat rooms that are showing up are the ones i did yesterday at 9pm when i checked this morning it showed three notifications of 3 new chat rooms and when i check in day 7 those chat rooms are no where to be found. could you please help me out? but overall this is yet another amazing otome game that i have become addicted to and it really excited to see it progress further. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

artist_6, Oct 30, 2020
High hopes, highly disappointed

I paid money on this game to get tickets so I could speed run all the chats and see what happened. I kept getting bad ends and didn’t even know why even after reading it over and over again. The layout of everything, the menu, the chats, etc is extremely confusing and the “joke” endings aren’t even funny, they’re just annoying. I rated two stars because the art style is beautiful, the characters have a wonderful concept and art style, and there’s no multiple midnight chats, but the game itself is borderline unplayable. I’ve played many dating sims and honestly this one gave me such a headache. I had really high hopes for this game and it still has a chance to redeem itself to newer players, but only after extreme amounts of work on the layout and endings. I didn’t even know what I did wrong in most the endings either, in games like Mystic messenger at least you KNOW when you got a bad end. This game just confused me and made itself hard to progress in. If I have advice for the developers, cut down on the amount of menu options, I don’t need three different ways to get to the same place, fix some of the typos in chats, which aren’t even translation errors, just rushed work. This game shot itself in the foot by being rushed and I really wanted it to be good.

EvieYM, Oct 17, 2020
Had Potential

I had been following this game since it had been announced and I was pretty excited for it. LoveUnholyc has very pretty art/overall aesthetics and a fun, exciting premise. It has a distinct feel and flavor and you can tell a lot of effort went into the presentation. Unfortunately, the positives end there in my opinion. The characters, though attractive and unique in concept, lack depth and their relationships with the main character Mir feel very underdeveloped. The gameplay and the narrative it seeks to tell work against each other, making the story much less concise and often feels confusing or poorly paced. The gameplay itself is also often unintuitive, it is very difficult to tell which characters or endings you are working towards. Not to mention that many of the endings, feel very out of nowhere and only serve to make it seem like there’s more content than there actually is. The “comical” endings especially, they incredibly unfunny and just mess with your progress. That all being said, this is Prettybusy’s first game so I do not want to be too harsh. I genuinely look forward to this company’s future projects and I hope they improve.

Jimohnathan, Jun 28, 2022
Best Otome I've Played in a While

I've played countless otomes, so I know a thing or two when it comes to them. This one was so refreshing and I loved every bit of it. I see many people complaining about bad endings but in all honesty.. it's quite easy to avoid the bad endings if you have enough hearts for each boy. The developers are super helpful and responsive as well which is great. It's such a new game and so it won't be perfect, but as is, I find it great! I love all the characters and their backstories, I love the MC and how she is the demon rather than the suitors being the demon like in other otomes. I love the lore and can't wait for it to expand in seasons 2 and 3. It also has the funniest otome dialogue I've seen in a very long time- the dialogue and character interactions were so endearing and interesting. The CGs are also so beautifully drawn the art style is lovely. Overrall, I highly recommend this game! For a new game it's super awesome and I have a lot fun playing it, can't wait for the routes to come out in December!~

jisjsbwkxo, Oct 22, 2020
Very clear ups and downs

Cute and sexy with very clear ups and downsIf you liked Mystic Messenger but needed it to get a bit more sexy and wanted to dress up the guys then this is the game for you!With the same “immersive” technique the game is primarily relayed in chat rooms so if you’re starting I recommend you don’t actually start till 12 AM the next day (or get ready to redo a chat that happens at 2 AM and 4 AM and 5 AM if one on one character intros are important to you). Thankfully though the chats are shorter so you’re not in the chat for half an hour and there’s fewer than MysMess and most are in the evening and missing them won’t really screw your game up that badly, at least so far, the routes won’t be out till December so yes we’re stuck repeating common route for now but at least we’re grinding items and getting costumes!My only true gripe so far is that despite allowing notifications even over night I’ve received NONE regarding the chats. So I missed Leo’s and yes my settings are turned on for notifications in both settings in app and device. I hope this gets fixed.

lgkakfjklsdaf, Oct 29, 2020
Ahaha! Hard but fun

Hello! This is probably maybe my second review? I’m 6 days in after a few weeks (2) cause of the game overs. The game overs can be funny but it’s hard to avoid, but that’s the point of a obstacle so it’s okay. I’m doing pretty great, I haven’t spent any money at all and have 200 travel tickets from the asmodeus tears and the gift boxes we got so I’m very happy with that! A lot of people say it’s pay to win, which I could see but in my opinion you just need to watch ads, do achievements and make sure you caught up with the official Twitter for gift boxes. My schedule is pretty booked but I’m thankful that Love Unholyc doesn’t have that much chats at midnight or anything. Some days do but it’s bearable, but way better than some games similar with real-life time chats. There are still some bugs but this game just came out so we have to wait, I think if the ad option not showing is fixed people would be able to experience the game better for tickets. Right now, I’ve really tried to get to my point and hopefully not getting a bad end. I wished we had a book in our album so we could keep track of dorian’s gray rules or the Black Sabbath rules we should avoid, since I have bad memory and can barely remember to avoid things but that’s just an suggestion. My last suggestion is like alerting the player that for examples: saving on day 3 because that’s when the game over and affection points really start to count. Thanks, really like the game overall. ✨

ROSE35728, Oct 21, 2020
I need more

Unfortunately I’m an impatient person so I bought 200 tickets straight up. For those who are confused or want better endings there are walkthroughs out there that tell you what answers give you what results and what affinity you have to have your partners at. I like the story, concept, characters and all. Chats are funny af, events have me at full attention. My only things are the opening menu is a little complicated so it took me a while to figure out. Calls and video calls don’t really matter to me so much. Sadly by the time I got to the end of the first series, I was left on a cliffhanger. It shows me that there are two other series yet to be released so I’m very disappointed. Here I was hoping that the game would be fully released with everything. If comparing to Mystic Messenger, at least you’re given a definitive ending and options to pursue others. They still released content later so you could do other stories and side archs. But I guess I have to wait till December for the second series to be released. Overall good game I just was sad I was left hanging at the end.

SchipperSkippie, Nov 26, 2020
Refreshing Otome App

First and foremost, let’s get it out of the way, there are bugs and spelling errors that are noticeable. However, the developers have been working tirelessly and endlessly to respond to each bug report and fix the problems as soon as they can. They provide constant communication to their followers on Facebook, provide compensations like character skins and other in-game resources. Currently only the common route is release so look forward to their next story update, which fans speculate will be in December. The characters are well designed in terms of personality and visual design. The storyline is definitely something new and different from Mystic Messenger. I’m using MM as an example because the gameplay is the same format in terms of your choice affects a the ending and the chatroom components. All in all, I’m truly enjoying this game and I cannot wait to learn more about the guys...and William, our butler has captured my heart! So keep on doing your best developers! You can do it!!

XionPhantress, Oct 16, 2020


You're an 'Unholyc', a race born between a human and a devil, who specialize in the power to charm and seduce others. In order to become a fully fledged Unholyc, you have been seeking partners but you've accidently managed to form a contract with three handsome humans... Play through the story as you develop relationships with all of these charming men through real time phone calls and video chats.

All of your actions will have consequences. Some will lead to higher affinity with the characters, resulting in a happy ending. Others will lead you astray and result in a strange yet interesting outcome. Last but not least, you might also end up with a sexy and dark ending.

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