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User Reviews for Lezhin Comics-Premium Webtoons

This is amazing, but horrible

To those of you who are here to find out whether it’s worth it: IT’S NOT. Everything is an overpriced scam, but the stories are amazing. It forces you to do things that change your device FOREVER. It’s all expensive and seriously needs some workSeriously. The free coins things are a lot of things only adults can do. You need to make this more easy and fun to use. I have to scroll for what feels like years before I can find something that I don’t have to pay to do, but then it’s always a scam. Honestly, you seem really greedy for money as far as I can see. Just saying, at least make the free coins more usable for teens like me. And stop making them scams. It’s really hard to get enough for even a single episode. I can hardly get 3 coins, forget 129...All I have to say is that maybe you should keep the things free. Thank you for your time.

dkofpxoeko, Nov 30, 2020
Amazing authors but horrible app!

I’ve always seen many ads for the only comic I read on here and I’m honestly glad I started reading it. I’m reading secret alliance and it’s absolutely amazing and entertaining, I don’t know if I should say this but I genuinely think that all these amazing authors should move to a better app (webtoon) LezhinComics really needs to up their game! I mean this app has some amazing authors with some amazing stories but I’ve lost interest in reading them seeing all the coin ads. The coins are ridiculously over priced and there’s just so many times that I felt like if I hadn’t payed attention to what I was doing in the app ( because of quickly wanting to click on what I’m reading ) I could’ve been tricked into actually buying those ridiculous coins or even doing other things that could damage my phone! ( this one button said that if I presses it, it would see all my information from all my other apps! What the heck!!! ) i don’t recommend this app to anyone because you will most likely fall in love with the stories but it means you will also suffer :( if any of the beautiful authors or even future authors are reading this, please try moving to a different app! Trust me on this... this app does not deserve you at all, go somewhere where your talents won’t be wasted and if you’re staying on here because you could benefit from all the scams then stay but at the end of the day that just makes you a bad person...

happyyyyy girllllll, Oct 21, 2020
Greedy Company

If I could give it half a star, I would. The stories are nice, but the pricing on them are ridiculous. They give you 3 coins per week, that’s about 4 chapters a month (because each chapter is around 3 coins), and the stories are like 30+ chapters. It’s gonna take you about 8 months to unlock just 32 chapters. Don’t even get me started on the point system. You have to pay money to exchange the points them into coins 😑. 1000 points = 12 coins, and don’t forget you also have to pay 1.99 to exchange it ☺️☺️. The American pricing on the store are more expensive than the Korean coin store. I understand that they need to translate it into english, but then they decide to make people either in the American store or Korean store. So obviously if your in the Korean store and you don’t korean then you have to make a request to change it into American and I’m pretty sure they don’t let you switch back after your in the server you want to be in. Then your going to have to pay extra money to read it in English. Oh yeah, they also have a “free coin zone” where you go on these ads and you get certain amount of coins and they are trash. Some of them are answer 30 questions and get 1 coin. Who in their mind is going to answer questions and stuff just to get 1 coin. This whole app is a scam, they scam the authors and the readers. Just go on t@pas or t@ppytoon, anywhere besides here. WORST APP EVER.

justansveragepetson, Mar 11, 2022
I thought...

I’ve seen a lot of pop up adds of LezhinComics, so I gave it a try. And well it’s not what I expected. There is a lot of advertising surrounding the app itself and yet it lacks a bunch. I’d hate to make this sound harsh but in each comic I read there always consists of you paying for it 2 or 3 comics in. I understand that you guys charge for the benefits of the Authors but how can they truly get recognition if it cost just to see there art work. And even if I did have the coins of course they would run out in a instant due to the fact I’m trying to catch up on one story I like. Not only that it’s the free coin zone for most of the tasks it mostly requires actual credit card information or money. It almost as if I paid for a gift card just for free pizza. I recommend you guys figure out a way to invest in money but also let your viewers enjoy what the app has to offer.Thank you for listening to what I had to say

LaysChips Studios, Jul 31, 2020
Company has a greed problem

I honestly like this app. It’s a nice interface. The comics I’ve read here are amazing. They have a large variety, good plots and beautiful art. So why the 1 star? The company. I don’t really understand what they’re trying to pull. But I’ve never seen such expensive comics in my life. We’re talking paying over $100 for a book. The regular priced coins are $4.99 for 20c. Episodes are usually 3c. And a comic is usually over 60ep long. Yea…it get very expensive really quickly. The worse part and the reason why im writing this review is because they used to have a system in which you could collect coins three days a week and eventually you could buy ONE episode for free a week. Well they decided last week thats way too much for free and now they implemented this system in which you do daily missions (ie. read a chapter) and you get a free coin. Everyone was excited since they said it would be 3 missions daily. Well they lied. It’s just two. Maybe. Oh and you cant save the bonus coins cuz they expire in a day. So you cant ever save up to buy an episode for free. You can only either read 2c episodes or spend actual $$$. It’s greedy and weirdly manipulative. A lot of other comic and story reading apps have either a daily advertising (free point/coins/ink/dias) system or you can gain coins by some other method. Not Lezhin. They want your cash and they want you to pay. Also, they inflate US prices compared to their Korean counterparts.

LiTa13, Aug 22, 2021
Comics are great, prices? No.

As an artist I get that you should value comic artists and pay them adequately, but calculating the price of just one 40 page comic, its around $120 for ONE. On other websites a typical comic/manwha/manga is about twenty or 15, which is completely fair, but 100? Thats insane. Plus the features here just make this entire app/website money hungry, the fact that even after youve read pages twice due to deals or other means unless youve bought it you cant re-read it. You have to buy it. Daily coins dont exist and the “free ways” to get coins are impossible, stupid rigged surveys or.. buying stuff. Weekly coins expire quickly and its just impossible to enjoy a website where it either takes 8 months to read one, completed, 40 page comic or you have to spend 100 dollars. I dont care what you do just do something for Gods sake. Im seriously in love with several stories but i loose interest after three months of trying to read it and getting my coins snatched from me cause im too broke to even be able to order a coffee. Make 1/2 daily coins or a monthly bonus of ten or so coins even. Have people be able to watch ads for them and just change. The prices are absolutely ridiculous and the more i am impaired from reading these amazing comics the more angry I get about it. Fix it. Please for the love of God.

Max .W, Aug 26, 2020
Some suggestions? :)

Overall this is a great webtoon app and I enjoy all the webtoons on here. However, I don’t like buying coins so often to the point I’m spending loads of money just to finish up the series I’m reading. I have some suggestions that could replace the coin system or whatever they are, more people would download the app and buy more stuff 1. Maybe try a subscription? Manta does subscriptions and it works out so well, so instead of coins you could try a subscription system? 2. Maybe you could lower the prices of the coins a bit, they’re pretty expensive from what I have seen, I buy coins every now and then, but not too often to finish up series but it gets tiring. I have to spend so much money Overall pretty decent app :)(I mainly downloaded it for killing stalking)

minigoldfish, Sep 11, 2021
Daily login bonus removed

Originally, when you logged in each day, you would either get points or coins that you could use for any comic. Now, they have removed the login bonus entirely and have replaced it with a new system. Now, you can’t earn coins at all in browser anymore. You have to download the app and go through ad surveys to even be able to get coins. After you complete a survey, you have to send a form to prove you completed the survey. I honestly find this to be a tedious system. The daily login bonus was simple, and it was easy enough to wait for the day you were given a coin upon logging in if you didn’t want to pay to convert points into coins. There are amazing writers on here, but sadly I can no longer read and enjoy these comics anymore because of this new change to the coins. It makes me sad because I really enjoy these comics, and I do like Lezhin’s platform. I’m just not a fan of them removing the login bonus.

Mystery1305, Aug 18, 2021
Coins and episode locking??

As you know I’ve always never try to spend money on any apps as I would wait. And I have to admit waiting each day is worth it. But the problem is, every time the waited episode has been released you get a limited amount of time before the episode locks itself. Which is really a problem because I spent my time waiting for the episode just for it to be locked if I ever wanted to read again. When I first got the app I got some gifts about 9 coins and 30 bonus points. But as I started to read more I realized I wanted to continue more. So i did some surveys and actions to get coins but they never gave me any coins. It’s really a waste because the ones that included actions that also gave you a ton of coins, you still needed to pay. It’s a pain how this app just bases itself to make the users spend as much money as they can for them to be able to read. If you would have limited some of these restrictions then it would be so much better than it is now.

Snickersareyummyyyy, Aug 19, 2020
This app is alright but the coins are a problem :/

I originally got this app to read “The Blood of Madam Giselle” But I only got read 4 episodes because I had to pay with coins. And this is kind of a problem because when I went to the free coin zone I saw that I could only do the surveys that gave a small amount of coins because most of the options that reward you with a lot of coins make you pay so it is not really free. Not only that, when I completed one of the surveys it didn’t give me any coins so there was no point in doing it. I’m sorry if I sound rude but in the reviews a lot of people seemed to complain about this as well so maybe try to do something like daily coin rewards for each time you log in or something like watching ads to earn coins. You do not have to do these things because this is your app and I’m sure you put a tremendous amount of effort and time into it but I’m sure many users would be happy with these type of changes. And again I am sorry if I sounded rude or harsh.

trapisoccer13, Aug 13, 2020


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