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User Reviews for WebComics - Webtoon, Manga


I’ve had this app for multiple years already and there were so many great manhwas. I really loved this app back then but as of now, it’s getting worse and worse. The manhwas are still interesting. However, it is extremely difficult to even read anymore. In the past, you could use coins to unlock chapters, which was actually pretty nice. However, recently there was an addition of gems which made it more difficult to read some of the best manhwas without having to spend money. I understand that the arthurs need money and this will most likely be their only source. I had no complaints because I understood that they probably want to earn money. However, now it is completely impossible to even read without spending money. The app has added something called a “mall” where you will need to spend your coins for reading tickets. You won’t be able to read much at all because of how expensive the reading tickets cost. Literally, the only way to read any of the manhwas now is to spend money which I don’t have because i’m still a student. I believe a lot of other readers can relate to this. I truly used to adore this app. I spent hours and hours reading on it. But now I can’t even spend 15 minutes on it because I can’t read anything at all.

cxm0012, Feb 23, 2021
The app has changed for the worst

I have been using this app since it came out but I am a underage girl I am in high school. This app makes you pay for everything now but before if you earned enough coins you could read as much as you wanted. But now you need to to buy gems for you to read. There are many other apps just like the system now . Where you have to pay for everything. And I didn’t download any of them. I can tell you the most of your readers are underage girls like me and because we are underage we can’t work so we don’t have any money and our parents wouldn’t pay. So now I have about 1M coins for nothing I can’t use it on anything. I hate apps like this where I have to pay for everything. When I found this app at the age of 12 I was so happy I would be reading all night long without sleeping. But now I can only read the free chapters. In conclusion the app that used to be my favorite is now the worst app. I know that the creators need to earn money but how will they be able to earn money if most of their reader are underage children. I know that some adults or people that have money are also using this app but if this update takes place then people like me will have to delete this app and go on a search again to find a new good app. And you will lose most of your readers.

hapsatou f, Oct 10, 2020
Love it!! But(;¬_¬)...

Okay so this is my FiRsT time writing a review. I love the app it is indeed amazing and awesome I will list the Pros&Cons.........Pros: Its has amazing comic's and it always have your type; It also have ways to earn money and you don't have to buy coins with real $$$; It also have animation of the comic's so you can watch them( con of this:only the popular comic's not all of them)and can read the original comic. My opinion you can disagree with my review...Cons: you have to pay coins ( fake coins) to get a chapter and it isn't always the same price, it depends on the comic weather its popular or not, the app also post free comic's every day on the free chart but it's only temporary and it's always a different comic's.; You have to watch ads to get the page of a comic for free if you don't or just don't want to use you coins(☞゚∀゚)☞That's a lot to read I know but if possible ( probably not) can you tell me the purpose of paying coins? And same if possible ( probably not) can you remove the coins, but if you have to do it can you do it for something else but if you can't it fine it's just that I want to read the comics and I'm am 11 yrs old so this sounds cheesy(¬‿¬)

indxk, Jul 19, 2019
Gem disaster

I have never wrote a review before and wasn’t planning to but I was just shocked by how Webcomics has changed. I have used it for a year now and I didn’t think anything bad of the coins system before. Yes, it is annoying but the ads were necessary for the authors to be paid. But now they had a sudden update and people needed to give gems in order to unlock chapters. I don’t know if this helped authors gain more money but I do know that there were many comments about this system. There was a lot of negative feedback because there was now no way to read the comics without paying with real money. Many readers can not afford the gems. Also, the coins that are given for free are useless. The coin system should be at least replaced if not used. You are leading the readers on because they probably are trying to search for a way to use it but instead are left with disappointment. They saved up the coins day by day for the comics only to see it rendered useless.This is my honest opinion: I do believe the comics are very good and fun to read. But for the readers who are looking for a place to read with more freedom and not having to pay every single time a new chapter comes out; I would say this is not the best app for young readers or people who prefer not to spend money on apps.

jay >hehe;), Jun 20, 2020
Becoming More Like Manga Toons

So now there are expiration dates on the coins. It’s 90 days now, but I wonder if it will get worse. I dropped Manga Toon because their “tickets” would expire in less than about 2 weeks, free tickets were difficult to acquire, and you’d have to purchase tickets if you wanted to read very much. I wonder what’s going to happen with the next update...will the time to keep your coins be reduced? Will it cost more coins per chapter? Will the opportunity to watch an add to read a chapter for free no longer be offered? I’ve been using coins for every other chapter. Please don’t go the way of Manga Toon. I understand that the artists and writers should be compensated for there efforts but on the other hand, many of the readers are younger(students perhaps) and can’t afford even a small subscription charge. Some aren’t able to read every day, but don’t want their coins to expire. The system you had seemed to be working pretty well. Are the advertisers being stingy? I suppose this Covid thing may be partly to blame. Even with the recent changes, this is still much better than Manga Toon, hence the 4 stars. Please don’t make things worse.

L_M_B1970, Aug 17, 2020
Used to be great... now not so great.

I was a plus subscriber for probably almost a year. I ended my subscription back on April because I wasn’t reading as much.. the old subscription I was able to read everything and anything. I come back this week i spent alll my coins that I collected before I ended my subscription (between 3k - 5k on coins, took me 1 DAY to spend it on ONE comic) So, I decided to re-subscribe again, for nothing. Like I understand support the creators and I love doing that but whats the point of paying a monthly subscription if I can’t have the same benefits as before. You still can’t read anything unless is with gems or coins. It says no ads but hey still watch some adds so you can unlock an episode for free... get 1,800 coins and 60 gems for one month? I feel like I’m paying for a budget. 1,800 is like 60 chapters... like ummm with so many shorts chapters that is nothing. I want the old subscription plus back.. it ain’t no premium If they going to limit your reading. I reached out to them see if there was something wrong with my acct. they didn’t even reply after a week. They still haven’t ... I’ll stick with reading what I can read. All creators are great novels and comics my serious 100 stars to all of them. The app not so much after this so call “upgrade” subscription.

LizR432, Sep 22, 2020

It’s a really great app for people who love reading comics of all genres. However, I do have to say besides all the great comics, artwork and authors, it’s how many coins you earn everyday for going onto the app. For example, it used to be 100 coins on some days and on other days you earn 150. Now it’s 80 coins on some days and 100 coins on other days. I’m not saying that this is a huge problem, I’m just saying that it’s quite troublesome considering the fact that some comics cost 30 coins. Furthermore, not only that but the amount of coins you get for being on the app has also lowered. If you were on the app for 5 minutes, you would earn 10 coins, but now if your on the app for 5 minutes you would earn 5 coins. I still think that 10 coins is worth waiting 5 minutes. So my suggestion is that maybe you can raise the 80 a bit higher just so we have a chance to read more comics and chapters that cost coins. Also maybe you can raise the 5 coins to 10 coins again. Other than that this app is amazing, couldn’t have come up with something like this, and you earned 5 stars from me.

Noodle_Doodles, Aug 08, 2019
This app is a ripoff

As an artist I understand wanted to get paid for their work but I would never rip off my audience. If I am making a comic that has always been free but then I want to start making money off of it, I would have still made sure that there was a way for my audience who have been there from the beginning a way to still read it without ripping them off of their money. The app doesn’t even make it worth it to spend your money, whereas on Webtoon I can say that spending some of the money that I work for is worth spending for those amazing stories. But Webcomics does not make it worth it ALL. It’s a shame how good this app used to be and how good the stories used to be but if there isn’t a solution to this problem then I will be deleting this app soon. Even though I wish I could finish some comics that I’ve already started, I hate being ripped off for no reason. Also don’t give me that same response on how the authors want to be paid, you should make sure that the authors actually has an actual reliable payment method that’s also fair to the readers, since you keep saying that it’s the authors that require these payments then control the authors. Make sure that they are actually using reliable payment methods or at the very least have ways where we can earn gems so that we can read those stories that are just that’s making us pay for a comic all of a sudden that I’ve reason for years news.

Serënity, May 07, 2020

I absolutely love this app! Though, I’m not a fan of the coin thing, I would still recommend this app to people who don’t mind it. For those of you who don’t know what coins are..For each chapter I believe you have to use coins. Coins do not cost real life money. For example, every 5 minutes you get 5 coins and each day you get coins. To read a chapter ( when I say chapter I mean like an episode of a show) you have to use 20 coins which I don’t think is very smart. Dear creators I sincerely love this app but I think you’ll get more love and better ratings if you just take away the coin feature. So not only us readers will be happy but you will too (ratings) I would’ve given this app a 5/5 if the coin feature wasn’t there. Overall, I enjoy using this app, but the coin feature. If you don’t mind waiting to read for more coins, I suggest this app for you! REMEMBER COINS DO NOT COST REAL LIFE MONEY!!! In conclusion, I think this app would be EVEN BETTER if the coin feature wasn’t there. I hope you consider removing the coin feature for us readers to enjoy reading and not having to wait and to have better ratings which will cause more people to join Webcomics! Comparing this to Webtoons I enjoy Webtoons more because of the coin feature. Thanks for reading and please respond!

Singhraj22, Jan 28, 2019
the gems...

This is the SECOND time i wrote a review! I usually never write them but i really was bummed after knowing of the gems.. I have been using this app ever since it came out! I was so excited to be able to read FREE mangas.. I use to read on my iPad but my iPad broke and i hated reading it on my phone because it had a bigger screen but i tried to adjust to it..but then I deleted it because I didn’t use it that much as time went by! I downloaded the app again excited to read some manga but i was a lil disappointed about the gems! I would buy it from time to time but I’m a underage girl who doesn’t have a job.. so it was frustrating when I ran out of gems and had to read the free chapters until i had enough money from family members to buy more gems.. I know authors need money but its really hard for us underage people to buy gems when we have no job and we will lose interest into the app and go to another one. I will continue using this app but i really hope you guys will do something about this! I really do love this app! And i know there is a other way to get gems but for some reason it’s not working for me, but it always says its failed to load! Please fix this if you can and thank you!ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

Sra🥰, Feb 15, 2021


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