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User Reviews for Tappytoon Comics & Novels


This is a good app but what’s RIDICULOUS is having to switch back and forth for the mature content. Also, having to buy more coins SEPARATELY on the website and app. When I was new to this, I bought some MATURE CONTENT on the website because I thought it was going to transfer over just like the other apps that I currently use. However, that was not the case. I reached out to customer service and they told me that the content does not transfer between the two. The mature content is only for the website. So, in hoping I would get reimburse for the 3,000 points that I used. In the end, I was not refunded. So, if you’re looking for mature content go for a different app that can be read between the two. NOW, for the coins! If you go onto the app and buy coins on there then go to the website you’ll see your coins are not appearing. This also goes vice versa so don’t panic if you don’t see your coins because that’s how they get you to buy more. According to Tappytoon’s policy it’s because of Apple’s restrictions. Yet, the other apps were able to do it so, why can’t they? What’s also weird is the points convert over but not the coins or the mature content. So like, why can the points convert over but not those two? Doesn’t make sense. Overall, I just use this app for the NON-MATURE CONTENT now. I hardly go looking for the mature content since I have to pay more just to get it.

apolloo_, Jun 21, 2021
A great start, needs fine tooning

I love the stories and the new update where you can read a comic chapter daily. The only problem I have is the method of earning free points, and the expensive coins. I think this app can easily be compared to tapas in the way where you can watch ads and do favors for free points. They say you can get 10 free points if you watch an add yet you only get 8 points when you watch it... Not to mention that one chapter costs 300 points.. It’s very time consuming and the other actions you can do to earn points will give you such a small amount compared to tapas which also has comics set at a price of 300 drops of ink. I also do believe that the comics are very pricey. I can usually spend 10$ on a tapas comic and then I’m good to go. Some of these comics can be more than 20$ which is ridiculous in my opinion! You can go to the store and pick up a manga for 10-15$ so I think it’s unfair that Tappytoon is charging so much. I think Tappytoon needs to fix their prices and make it more reasonable. I’m glad that the authors are getting paid well as you can see the quality in their art, but I believe there should be an option where you can buy the whole series at a time for a cheeper price from around 10-15$. That being said, I still love the app, but I would like to see some improvements.

hat in thr cat with a butt, May 29, 2020
Amazing Comics Worth the Price

With the recent update I’m loving the new layout and there hasn’t been glitches when reading chapters. Very smooth reading 😆 I have honestly so many favorite comics here and I do keep up to date with a lot of the new comics. Yes you will spend money on these comics but it’s worth every penny! I also have noticed there has been more sales that make certain comics cheaper for a limited time I think that’s really awesome although for some I already had bought the chapters 😅😆 but if people are looking to try a comic but hesitant maybe wait for these sales? Also I think it would be cool when we buy token packs we can earn a extra bonus for buying besides the points we get with whichever pack. Also I love we can unlock points for multiple chapters in a comic but I’m the type of reader to keep up to date so unless I wait for 4-5 weeks then I could earn points. I would like maybe after buying 5 single chapters in any comic we could earn like 80 points. Anyways excuse my long review I love the new update and excited for any new comics added becoming one of my favorite apps 😍

Itstheme, Mar 08, 2019
Too expensive

The stories in here are good. There’s so many comics here that are much better than the stories you can find in other comic apps. The only thing I don’t like is that i can’t rly read a lot of chapters. To unlock a chapter, I have to pay 3 tokens or 300 points. Tokens are bought with money, while points are acquired by either watching ads or completing an offer. It looks good for now, but each ad will only give you 10 points. So to complete a single chapter, you have to watch 30 ads! Literally, you spend more time watching ads than finishing a single chapter. I know that it’s because you have to pay the artist and stuff, but not everyone have money to buy tokens, and not everyone can watch 30 ads to unlock a single chapter. Plus, you can only watch 30 ads an hour, which means, for us broke people, we can only unlock a single chapter every hour, that is after we watch 30 ads. Im just gonna say, not everyone can pay, not everyone has a job, I am currently in middle school, which means I can’t buy things, because my parents doesn’t spoil me. What I’m trying to say is that there’s lots of people like me, teenagers who only wants to read a comic. I’m sure if you guys would just add more points that you can receive in one ad, many more people would download the app. Anyways, I’m just saying that. As I said earlier, I love the stories in this app, it’s just messed up how I watched 30 ads just to unlock a single measly chapter that I can finish in 2 minutes. ^^

Jikook Shipper In Your Area, Aug 17, 2020
This is incredible!!!

Buckle in, cause this is going to be a little long. First of all, I’d like to say that I’ve only had this app for about 2 weeks, but I love it so much. I haven’t had to pay for anything because it is so easy to get points to read the chapters that aren’t free. I’d suggest reading a lot of comics or novels that have a chapter free every 24 hours because they you have something exciting to look forward to each day, and you can continue reading the story without having to worry about if you have enough points. I am only using points for one story right now, that is “I got pregnant with the Tyrant’s child,” and all the other stories I’m reading currently are 1 episode free every 24 hours. I love how easy it is to each points from the offer wall as well as watching videos. If you have free class time or just free time in general, you can watch the ads very easily. If you have time, you can go to the offer wall. I was able to get over 900 points in about 15 minutes from doing that! I love the art and the plots for all the comics I’m reading right now, and I definitely recommend this app for new or soon-to-be new users!!

KitCat478, Oct 27, 2021
Price hike is ridiculous - BE AWARE

This was one of my favorite apps, and I was happy to pay for access to translations that would go to support the original authors/artists as well as the translators themselves. But the recent price hike (started a few weeks ago I believe) is outrageous. Currently you’ll pay about $3 for 11 tokens, which gives you access to only 3 episodes (assuming each webtoon is 3 tokens and not 4). You’re paying about $1 for every episode —- this is the most expensive payment option (compared to competitor apps) that I’ve seen so far. But a few weeks ago, you could pay $2 for 16 tokens, giving you access to 5 episodes total, and saving you a dollar on the new price. The same holds true for the bigger bundles. You now have to pay $11 ($10 if it’s on sale) for 65 tokens, which gives you 21 episodes. Sounds great until you realize that a few weeks ago, you could’ve paid less ($10, not on sale) for 27 episodes. Basically, this is now the most expensive webtoon app (that I’m aware of), and I wanted to warn everyone who isn’t aware of it. I really hope that Tappytoon will revise their prices so that it is more reasonable for the average person, bc I would love to keep using their app in the future, but I’ll be taking a break from buying from Tappytoon for the foreseeable future, and will use the other apps instead. Thanks!

kiwiemerald, Apr 27, 2021

While the comics are cute and worth the read, i unfortunately can not spend a whole lot of money on tokens or tickets and stuff because the pricing is just too outrageous for the amount of content (some chapters are short and totally not worth the money).But what has me OUTRAGEOUSLY ANNOYED the most is the Free to Read comics. Like anyone else I wait for the 24hrs to be up and when it says “Read Now” it tells me I have to pay tokens or whatever for the next chapter even though it’s supposed to be free!! Now I know they can change it being free at any given time but they are STILL “free to read” comics, so what gives!?!? I have SORT OF figured out a way to fix it but it isn’t guaranteed and I have actually gone at least a minimum of 6 days for some comics (since the chapter you just read has a cool down of 48hrs).I understand I’m getting them for free but when the app says “”Time till free” is a portion of the Tappytoon service where you can read the next chapter for free, one chapter at a time, every 24hrs.” I shouldn’t have to wait a week and do some weird fancy trickery reset to get that one chapter... which to be honest is almost not even worth the time as I have already forgotten what happened previously. Come on developers, before you add more comics and other little silly features, fix the “Read Now” function??

Kuroengel, Aug 06, 2021
too expensive

honestly i think it’s a really good app with good stories BUT i think it’s annoying that you have to wait an entire day to read the next episode. i understand that the creators would do that so that they could get people to come back to the app but i spend more time trying to watch ads and sistine websites that they send you to to only get 16 points max. you can only watch 30 ads an hour and each ad you get 10 points, you need 300 to unlock a single episode, personally id change it and at least lower how many points it would be for a chapter, i don’t wanna spend my hard earned money on a story, yes it’s nice to support the creators and stuff blah blah blah but i’m just trying to read some stories to pass the time but the only thing that’s passing the time is watching ads to get a small amount of points. i definitely think that should be changed. there are so many stories that have lots of seasons and i don’t want to be reading like 6 seasons if i have to pay or not be able to read at least two in a row, this is something i find super annoying and makes me not want to read the stories any longer, sure they draw you in but you’ll end up just giving up and going to webtoon or something like that. i’m not saying the creators should be like another app, im just suggesting an inexpensive way to read some stories. the stories are good though lol.

s.spookee.ness, Jan 22, 2022

The biggest problem I have with Tappytoon is the sneaky way they change content on their app vs their website. You can only access mature cutscenes of a series on their website, but not the app, but this isn’t openly disclosed unless you dig around for it. Why am I paying for only part of a product??? Also, they won’t let you use your credits between the two platforms—your credits on the app do not carry over to their website AND you’re gonna have to pay again if you want an already-purchased chapter with all the extra scenes that Tappytoon has cut out, which I feel is a huge disservice and feels completely misleading. I will no longer spend any more money on Tappytoons because of this until they fix this mess. When I pay for something, I expect to get all of what I’m paying for, not some watered down version. The Apple App Store may have restrictions on mature content but Tappytoon can do a lot better at being transparent and comping paying customers with full access to cut scenes for already-paid-for chapters from the app on their website. I’ve already thrown too much money at Tappytoon but no more. I’ll now be taking my money elsewhere to support the writers/artists on a different platform that won’t mislead/cheat their patrons, and more importantly, won’t change or censor the original work.

sinensissc, Oct 26, 2019
Even better

This app is so easy to navigate. I love that there’s a feature where it allows me to purchase a bundle of chapters and lets me selects which chapter I want and still get the points. I can’t express how much I love the webtoons that are translated by this app and knowing that I’m able to support the authors behind it. I’ve been a user since 2016 and I’m happy to see how far they come.Edit: While there’s a feature (mentioned in my original review) that allows you to select many chapters and earn points, it’s now only consecutive (ex: ch. 25~30). In other words, you can no long select the chapters of your choice and earn points (ex: ch 3, 7, 9, 13, 47). I personally prefer the latter especially when it’s a story I haven’t read, but has many chapters. Other than that, I’m content with this app and thought it was pretty cool that webnovels were added. There has been a price increase, which I don’t mind since I know I’m supporting the people who made it possible for me to read these webtoons. I’m fortunate to be able to buy the points, but I thought it was also a plus that Tappytoon has added ways to read chapters for free and included options to earn points.

Webtoons😍😍, Sep 30, 2021


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