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User Reviews for BueNovela & leer novela libro

Pretty good

It’s a great app for readers, the font is easy going and being able to change between light and dark mode is p sweet for the reading till 2 am people (me). My only real issue is how expensive some of the chapters can be coin wise. Like I don’t mind watching a video or two per chapter, but sometimes you need 15 or more to have enough coins to watch. I don’t mind supporting the app, that’s just my only issue with it as an impatient person. My other thing would be an extreme desire to make it easier to write on the app. I know the bouncing to the site is probably a formatting thing, but I would appreciate everybody having the opportunity to write. I may just be not wholy understanding the gui for the writing part of the site but yeah. All in all, good app, good stories on it.

aaron-royal, Aug 30, 2022
I love it, but…

It’s really hard to continue to read everyday when the chapters cost so much. I switched to this app because the current app I’m using decided to merge with another one…and I’m having the same issues. Also, time isn’t being correctly calculated. I had to read for 45-60 minutes, to get the 30-minute bonus of 10 coins…but the next chapter cost 47 coins. Is there anything that can be to reduce the cost of the chapters so we can pay and read more? Because if not, I’ll have to find another app or just just get a kindle for regular books, which I really don’t want to do.

AnneCelestePanda, May 22, 2022
No option for 3.5

I love having a book app. The only things that aren’t ok are how much each chapter, of what is equivalent to a page in a book, costs. Not really allowing for much of a way to earn coins is extremely frustrating… Also, a lot of the writers are like a five year old child in the way they write. There is no editing… I could just go onto fanfic sight and read grammatically incorrect and childish writing there, yet I am asked to pay for a page…? That being said, a few authors have enticed me with their books and I have yet to delete the app because of their stories.

avidFASTreader, Aug 03, 2022

As an author I completely understand wanting to get your book out there. But apps like these are truly taking advantage of readers! You start out with enough chapters to get you hooked, great idea I’ll give you that, but then you have to either pay for or earn coins. I was willing to look over the spelling errors as the story was good enough to do so. But you’d think they’d offer to allow ppl to buy the entire book for a certain amount of coins rather than 3 page chapters for coins that go up with every chapter. I’m sure they’re making a killing! Taking advantage of ppl. If you expect ppl to read chapter by chapter then you’d think you’d at least offer the authors ways to get their books edited, teach them the proper way to set up a book rather than allowing them to release books with many editing errors and some not set up for book format on a normal app. Do better, seriously! Allow readers to buy entire books, teach the authors and help them learn so they can get better and better!

Belle Morte 2086, Dec 20, 2021
Unreliable App Functions

This app runs off of a coin system to read chapters. They offer ‘bonus’ as a coin option for checking in & watching ads. One option to gain bonuses is to read on their platform for 30 minutes. It would be nice if this option actually worked properly. It doesn’t matter how long you read on the platform because it will not recognize the time spent reading. Some occasions it works & others it does not. Other big fixes, such as, the option to not auto-open chapters need to be fixed. It doesn’t matter how many times you check that box because it doesn’t work. I would use a different platform if I were you.

Blushing Bouquet, Jul 15, 2021
Great Option for Reader

So I’m general I love this app. Gives you access to so many stories and easy to operate. My only issue is the cost is too much. The book I am currently reading each chapter is 11-15 pages but it’s phone size pages and in fairly big text. And each chapter is 25-42 coins/bonuses points. So you either have to pay to get those or do rewards. But the rewards are so low it takes forever to get enough. I bought one package at $9.99 for 1000 coins and 150 bonuses. It didn’t even get me through half the book. Maybe like 35% through. I don’t want to pay again because another $10 won’t even get me through the rest of the book and I don’t want to pay over $20 just to finish it. So beware you’ll get hooked on a book then either pay a high price or be checking in daily and doing all the bonus videos (only earns you 3 bonus points).

BrizzyG09, Nov 10, 2022
Love this app!

I love this app. The writers are amazing I haven’t read a bad book yet. The only thing I wish was that there was a read to me option. Sometimes at work I can’t have my phone in my hand but I can still use my headsets. So would be nice to still be able to listen to my books while I work. Or do house work. Other than that the books are incredible right up my alley. Better than any of the other apps I’ve read from!

CHines549, Mar 06, 2022
Books are good, grammar and price not so much

Books are good, I’ve read two so far. Grammar is not good though, makes it hard to read sometimes. Also I shouldn’t have to pay so much per chapter. I’ve put over $100 into reading one book. If I’m paying that kind of money, I should just be able to buy the whole book instead of reading chapter by chapter when the books themselves aren’t worth that much with all the grammar issues and spelling errors. I understand these people should get paid, but it’s a bit too much to ask of people to pay that much per chapter. And the chapters aren’t even that long. It’s disappointing. I do love the books I’ve read though, no doubt about that.

EmeraldMoonChild, Aug 13, 2022
Feels like a scam

I really wanted to like this app. The story I started reading was really good and I like swiping like I was turning the page but then it said I needed to buy coins to unlock the next chapter so I bought some. Next thing I know it says I’m out of coins! You would think that they would ask you if you would like to use more coins but no it just takes them away with each page/chapter you read. Then there’s “bonus rewards” you can check in every day and get some, watch videos, etc. but no where does it say where to spend the bonus points. Only information is how to get more bonus points and no where to use them! All in all I gave it 2 stars because the story I was reading was really good but it feels like a scam because if you really wanted to read just one story it can get expensive and that’s wrong in my opinion.

LadyGator1020, Dec 15, 2021
Loved fated to the alpha

Fated to the alpha series is what got my attention in an ad on Facebook, so downloaded the app to continue reading. This is a great ap for authors who are just starting out as they can get feedback from their readers and see how their stories effect, inspire, etc. My complaint with this app as I'm sure many others have said is the coins. Coins are not easy to come by and some chapters are not cheap... I spent way more then I should have on the series that got me on here, do I regret it? No, but won't do it again lol. If you have patience to take the time to earn the coins I highly recommend this app to you, and I recommend the series mentioned.

MoonFaerieMom1221, Sep 21, 2022


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