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User Reviews for Hipstamatic Classic

From a Joy to a Chore

I’ve been using Hipstamatic for years, invested in a lot of the filters and have had nothing but a five star experience up until a few months ago. It seems to coincide with the release of iOS 11 and more importantly iPhone X. Since then, my go-to app for genuinely terrific photography has crashed, frozen, failed to save, etc. If the developer keeps crash reports, there’s got to be a whole library by now just for me given the number of times this app has let me down and yet I keep coming back to it. I can echo a lot of recent reviews by saying “Come in guys...”. I understand the desire to make the software compatible with the newest technology but if it is at the expense of the experience of loyal users who have invested a great deal of time and more than a little money on extras, you’re not doing your due diligence when it comes to addressing issues with ‘recent’ technology. I’ve hoped after every of the last 5 or so updates that the bugs would be quashed, yet in many cases the experience is worse rather than better. I’m hanging in there guys but please reward my and others patience with a functional app before we find something that doesn’t consume half our time retracing our steps over and over.

Clockwork Pirate, Jan 26, 2018
3 years and still no fix

I’ve been a loyal promoter of Hipstamatic and have purchased almost every single lens & film they’ve produced. It pains me to have to write this review but it seems someone’s asleep over there because it pains me even more having to run the same course of action to fix a bug I encounter ONLY when using Hipstamatic. While listening to music from your phone, and opening Hipstamatic, the volume noticeably goes down. As if that’s not irritating enough, to fix this issue, you have to not only close the app altogether but turn off your phone and turn it back on again. This is a HUGE issue for those of us who’d like to use your product that we paid for while also listening to music. I thought It would be fixed in earlier versions but nothing happened. I though it might be the phone I’m using but this problem persists across three phones and no, I don’t restore from back ups. Do I have to discontinue use of your product altogether or do you think someone will finally address this? I promote you everywhere; Facebook, Instagram and word of mouth.

ericfuentes, Dec 17, 2020
Needs an overhaul...again

This app doesn’t get the support it used to. Too much effort seems to go into new Hipstamatic apps that don’t get support either and seem to just flop. It’s really disappointing—especially with the how much money faithful users have pumped into this app over the years. Hipstamatic needs an overhaul as far as organizing favorites and cases. When you’ve spent over $100 on all of the gear, organizing it all is such a tedious task and it seems a bit buggy or glitchy when you try to do so. It has become near impossible to find the combo you want with all of the possible combinations you can create. You can’t organize the cases like you can lenses, films and flashes which has become annoying to find the case you want. It’s all just become cumbersome and clunky. Any plans to update all of the cases so they fit all phone screens? Some of them are still set for iPhone 4S screen sizes. Some new solid color cases would be cool. Navy blue perhaps? Forest green? Neon colors? Chrome?

Jsnrdrck, Apr 04, 2020
Terrific Customer Service!

I’ve been using and enjoying creating imagery with Hipstamatic since 2010, when I first discovered the app while leading a photo tour in Morocco. What originally drew me to the app was the look and feel it had like a separate and unique camera, and the unpredictability and fun of pairing the many different lenses and films. So I was very disappointed when I started experiencing continued crashing over the past months. I first contacted Hipstamatic Support in early August and received an immediate reply from Allan. He asked a lot of questions and then, had me do a few tests, and also had me send him some diagnostic information, which he then passed on with a log I sent him, to Hipstamatic developer, Ryan, for investigation. We communicated regularly over the next month, with Allan keeping me up to date on the progress they were making with the crashing issue. In late September, Allan wrote that they had an update to Hipstamatic that was in beta testing and told me that as soon as that new version was fully tested, it would be sent to Apple for approval. He said they hoped to have the update out soon. And now, with the update to Hipstamatic Version 352, it appears that this problem is solved!Thank you, Allan, and the rest of the Hipstamatic team, for your hard work on my behalf..and for the many, many photographers who have been creating with this wonderful app for so long. I’m glad I was patient!

Karen focus, Nov 01, 2018
Useless constant crashing

I’ve had Hipstamatic on my iPhones since the beginning, an have loved it for as long as it was loveable. It is no longer, and has been so for a while now. The company’s focus shifted from being a really cool, fun to use, reliable camera to a new pack every month (often with none to little differentiation from packs of the past) to continually try to extract more money from loyalists, all the while ignoring stability issues. It doesn’t matter that I own all but about three of the film/lens packs, They can’t be used at all because the app just CRASHES almost immediately EVERY TIME I TRY TO USE IT. Way to ruin something great with your greed and carelessness. My belated Christmas gift to myself will be to delete this useless junk app, save myself a whole lot of frustration, and get on with taking photographs with some other app that actually works.Update: Bought a new phone, and this tired app still crashes constantly making it unusable. I found the solution though. Delete! Bye bye.

medicated, Jan 25, 2018
My favorite of all apps

I’ve been using Hipstamatic for years. I also have Tintype and Hipstamatic X. But my first love is Hipstamatic. The fact that I can apply favorite lens/film/flash/etc. combinations to existing photos is fantastic, though I more often let Hipstamatic surprise me with preset combos. One of the best things about this app is their purchasing model. No subscriptions, no $50 price tag to get all the bells and whistles. You like a hipstapack, you buy it, you don’t like one, you pass on it. Wish more apps would copy this model. I and many of my friends have passed on many subscription apps because the cost just adds up too much too fast when app updates aren’t even guaranteed. Kudos to the Hipstamatic developers.

Odie D, Feb 25, 2022
Bye bye Hipstamatic, you’ll be missed...

This sad day has been many years in the making, but I finally had to remove my beloved Hipstamatic from my iPhone. I have been a Hipsta devotee since day one, so much so it’s the only reason I’m still on an iPhone. It has been my singular stylized iPhone shooting and editing app since the first time I used it, and I suffered through all the issues over the years (they never really conquered iCloud syncing of edits, did they?).But since approx v3 it’s just become so unstable to a point that it was ruining shoots. The issues started about a year ago, when Hipsta started killing my battery routinely taking my phone from 30% to a hard dead in seconds. On one shoot on the Highline in NYC Hipsta killed the phone so badly I had to take into an Apple store to get it restarted. Now with the latest version it’s completely dead, crashing on every start, displaying the lens on the case off-center, quitting but still running in the background, and still with the battery issues. It’s a sad day indeed, but if you can’t rely on your photo software then it’s time for the software to go. It was a good run, old friend...😢

Paper Master, Aug 18, 2018
Once My Favorite, But Now Just Rubbish

Current Review: Updating to 340 was the biggest mistake I ever made with an App. I used to love Hipstamatic, but this update makes the app practically unusable on my iPad Mini, Now the camera is off frame by about 50%, meaning that only about half my recorded frame is what I expected to capture. Additionally, it used to be easy to flip my camera around and customize my lens/film choice. Now I have to dial through a variety of "favorite cameras." This is just awful. v.280 was probably the last good version.Older Review: For a long time I held off updating from v.280. Now that I've updated to 305, I regret it. Not only did my case from the Long Island Free Pak not make the transfer, but when shooting in relatively low light with moderate light sources, my results show artifacts from failed rendering, bright blue and red pixilization in the highlights and green pixilization in the shadows. The problem first showed in the much touted manual mode and persisted through classic mode. I shot three snaps, all with problems, using a neville+daydream setup. (Now that I'm on v.340, I wish I still had v.305.)

Pocketvideographer, Apr 03, 2018
Perennial Favorite, needs patching

I have been using Hipstamatic for years, and it’s my favorite go-to camera for many reasons. I prefer it over the default Apple camera app and even the newer Histamatic X (although I’m using that more these days too...)The most recent version has stopped working with RAW files for some reason. It still works if I shoot in JPG mode, and HX works with the new Apple RAW, so I know it’s something in this app. Hopefully we’ll see this fixed soon.I don’t use the print shop much, but it’s a great feature and the print quality is excellent. I do wish the devs would provide better support for more social platforms, or at least a better hand-off for sharing. It used to cover the big players, but those built in share features starting failing bit by bit. They even had their own social platform, Oggl, but that just quietly floundered with ever-increasing dead zones until they finally just abandoned it. I thought Oggl was great, but I guess the devs decided they didn’t want to compete with IG - which is a shame because the ecosystem needs alternatives. It’s not too late to hop on board, it’s still a good app. I hope it still works if I upgrade to the newest Pro Max.

PrimalRhythms, Feb 04, 2021
Only Camera App I Still Use Consistently

Ever since I downloaded this app years ago when it first came out, I have always appreciated that the app is easy to use, has all of the settings options and formats for photos and video that I want, and is unique from all of the other apps like it with the HipstaPaks, my favorite feature. The filters are good also, I just wish there were more filter sets available for purchase. I also wish HipstaPaks were released more frequently. I can tell that the developers actually read emails and customer suggestions because not too long after I requested the ability to download all of the old HipstaPaks that I missed because they were on an old account I no longer had access to, they showed up in the app available to buy. I only spend money on apps that are well made that I use a lot & are available to buy for one price upfront, I will never spend money on a subscription (unless it’s a video app like Netflix). I like the newest upgrades also, keep up the good work and I’ll continue to support your app and buy future HipstaPaks (and hopefully more filter sets!).

Vegastowerssucks, Jul 08, 2021


Hipstamatic is a world-class photography app and Apple’s original App of the Year! Shoot beautiful authentic photography and become part of the world’s most creative community, exclusively on iPhone. • Apple’s very first App of the Year • The original photo filter app • The inventor of square filtered mobile photos • Plus, all of the features below :-) — CLASSIC CAMERA Digital photography has never looked so analog. Shooting Classic provides beautifully rendered skeuomorphic cameras that transform your experience as you swipe through lenses, flashes, and films. ■ Use Multiple Exposure to shoot multiple images in one shot and get amazing artistic results ■ — PRO CAMERA For the mobile photographer looking for a minimal capture interface with maximum control, shooting Pro gives you ultimate creative control. ■ Manually control focus, white balance, exposure, shutter speed, ISO, and aspect ratio ■ — DARKROOM EDITING SUITE A full editing suite including over 20 professional adjustment tools and 12 signature presets. • Classic Lens, Film, and Flash • Crop • Straighten & Rotate • Skew • Exposure • Clarity • Definition • Exposure • Clarity • Definition • Highlights • Shadows • Vibrancy • Fade • Curves (RGB + Red + Green + Blue) • Temperature • Tint • Depth of field • Texture • Grain • Vignette • Before & After view by holding down image in edit view • Undo & Redo by swiping left and right ■ Choose the overall mood of your image with Hipstamatic's signature Lenses, Films, and Flashes, then fine tune with extensive editing tools ■ — FAVORITE PRESETS Create your own Favorite Presets and even share your signature look with others.

If you are looking for inspiration hit the shuffle button and explore a world of serendipitous beauty. • 12 World-class presets • Customize and edit presets • Save new presets • Presets are synchronized across your devices with iCloud • Share any favorite preset with other photographers ■ Define your signature looks, then quickly apply them to your photos with Copy/Paste support ■ — NATIVE WORKFLOW Hipstamatic is fully synchronized with your photo library. Tap on any photo to instantly edit it, and see and organize your photos in either Hipstamatic or Apple Photos. • Runs natively on iPhone and iPad • No need to import, just tap and edit • Quickly Favorite or Delete photos • Always full resolution • Save as Separate Files (default) and keep your originals untouched • Save as non-destructive Versions and streamline your photos with the original safely embedded within the Hipstamatic version (works best with iCloud Photo Library) • Browse folders created in the Photos app • Fully synchronized with Photos app and iCloud Photo Library • View detailed metadata • View shared image details across social networks (likes, comments, etc.) • Capture and edit in RAW format ■ Shoot on iPhone and edit on iPad with fully native support and synchronized Favorite Presets via iCloud ■ — HipstaMart™ Shop Browse amazing filter packs available for purchase via the In-App store created by the world’s most talented photo makers. Collaborations from top fashion and street photographers to famous artists like Salvador Dali with new packs available monthly. PrintLab™ Get real physical prints delivered straight to your door. We built this service in 2010 because no service would print square photos, and today PrintLab is still the best square format printing service in the world. Shipping to over 200 countries! • Print Prints (4”, 7”, 10”) • 30” Gallery Prints • Aluminum Prints (10” or 20”) • Birch Wood Prints (10” or 20”) — LET'S MAKE BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS TOGETHER Help us make Hipstamatic the best app ever. Send your thoughts & comments to [email protected] or message us anywhere @Hipstamatic Thanks and welcome to the HipstaFamily!

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