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User Reviews for Inkwork

Awesome for Showcasing Sketches

I write comics for an independent publisher, and one of the biggest challenges is getting sketches ready for our lead artists. I’d use other programs (PS/AI/Sketch) buy them I’d always pull out my MacBook (such a pain 😖)Inkwell’s so light and easy to use. I save my sketch, open it in inkwell, select a mode I like and boom - it’s off to the leads. Quick and Simple. Thanks guys, makes writing a lot easier 😊

(m)ad man, Feb 06, 2019
Nifty little app

The variations this little app can create is stellar. Combined with a vectorize app you can produce quality assets quickly. My only criticism is the UI. Cycling through each effect by touching and not sliding is painful. It would be so much faster with a sliding option to change effects. Still definitely worth the price though. Keep up the great work.

adobewonkenobe, Aug 06, 2020
Inkwork is AMAZING.

I can’t rave enough about this app. I have been struggling with an art project for a while using the image trace feature in Adobe Illustrator and coming up with poor results. Inkwork gave me not only exactly what I was after, but tons of new options I couldn’t have otherwise come up with. This app has a fantastic variety of options, a smooth and well-thought-out interface, and high-res export. I can’t believe they’re not charging several bucks for it. Thank you, Inkwork!

ARothmanMusic, Jul 03, 2018

The examples posted are completely misleading. Just attempted to use the app with several different pictures. Went thru the few filters available. None of them have detail and look very blotchy. Not really impressed and feel like I wasted money. It’s alright if you want something that looks like a child scribbled something, then this might be for you. You get to choose from a few select colors and the app features overall are weak.

DarkPhoenix13777, Aug 21, 2018
Low Definition

The algorithms that create the inks are great—many have said otherwise in reviews, but if you choose the right type of photo and experiment a bit, you can get some really stellar results. HOWEVER, many such results have such a low definition that they are unusable beyond Instagram. What gives? With such defined lines in almost every ink, I don’t think it would be that hard to significantly bump the definition...in fact it’d probably be a lot easier than it was to create such great algorithms. I’d love to change my review if the resolution of the output increases.

Itsdocyall, Jan 16, 2019
Great Artistic App

This app has so many settings, filters and ways to alter any piece of artwork, and in inventive & wonderful ways! I’m an illustrator with over 40 years of freelance experience and I have to say that the creators of this app have a winner on their hands. Highly recommended!

New Ipod Touch User, Jul 08, 2023
Lovely app!

So, for a modest and affordable price, I can do some pretty amazing things, especially if I use this app with other effects. You can adjust your image to be bold and comic-style, or delicate, like an etching. You can save the image to your photo gallery or to another app for further creative rendering.

Pieceofmind2, Oct 24, 2019
Exceptional Customer Support

The app had some issues and customer support was courteous, professional, responsive and understanding to my concerns. Yes, they did resolve my problems I gave it 5 stars because of their support. Often times customer support isn’t even available on the developers website let alone respond to our concerns. A shout out to Mike for all of his help.

rsandoval23001, Oct 29, 2018
Excellent App!!!!!!

Well worth the money. Several other reviewers have noted and I agree, this is much better to use in terms of tracing to raster to vector than the awkward (deliberately so?) systems Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw impose for FAR more money. Features I’d like to see in the future are opacity and layers and Export as vector file option.Well done!

Sclptrjoel, Apr 25, 2019
Great app, would like to see more manual control!

I enjoy using this app on my iPad Pro, because my hands shake so it helps to have an app that helps me to add different drawing styles, what would be make this even greater , would be the ability to edit line by being able to erase and actually draw over areas that one would want to improve!

Ted the Artist, Apr 05, 2022


Discover your photo's inner art with Inkwork. Inkwork instantly transforms your photos into unique and expressive ink drawings. Choose from over 90 style variations, select an ink and paper color, then share your art on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more.

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