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User Reviews for Image Blender

Using regularly since Nov 2011

I’ve been using the app when I got my first iPod Touch with a camera and it was awesome. Then moved up to a 4s and the app stayed very much the same-awesome.I’m currently using a 6s and Image Blender has always been one of the strongest workhorses in my photo app line up. It’s fast. It’s smart. It does what other apps may include as features, except IB specializes in the one thing, blending layers. I love that they never even bothered to update the original looking app icon, only performance improvements. The only thing I wish it could improve is the masking tool. The brush to create masks is very limited in function in regards to size and edges. I don’t recall it always being there so if it’s newer it will only get better I bet. If I need to I prep images in another app to do sharp masking but NOTHING works better at traditional layer blending modes easier and better than image blender. Dear develops, seriously tho, can you work on the brush for masking?Thanks for years of awesome photo editing help.

Andydy464, May 23, 2018
Great options

I appreciate the flexibility of ImageBlender. It gives me options for creating nuanced images that other blending apps don’t have. I don’t always need them but when I want a high level of control I always use ImageBlender.

Aurora-Nona, Jan 23, 2020
White Signature

As of couple days ago, my “white” PNG signature it’s not appearing on my photographs. It was created with PhotoLog a few years ago and used it without any problems in the past. Lately, every time I insert it into any photograph, it’s a blank/white box. Not signature. Can you tell me why this is happening? I replace all the signatures with the originals and also and installed the application, without any luck. Any help would be much appreciate it. Thank you

BlindogDV, Nov 02, 2021
Reliable, Functional and Intuitive.

My first and most important bullet point of this review: • It is not a subscription. Thank you to the developers of this app for not doing what so many other of my once-favorite editing apps have done, by switching to a $/week or $/month ‘service.’ This app is valuable and I use it often, even more so now that my tools have become more limited. The blending modes leave nothing to be desired (at least for my uses), pretty much anything in that department can be achieved with this app so long as you get creative with your layers. I’ve created multi-layered compositions with this app by inverting things and flattening one by one, and saving as a PNG to avoid compression. It’s amazing. The actual app itself can handle surprisingly large file sizes for an app, it’s taken some big images and chugged along like a champ even on my older iPhone models I’ve had. It does one thing and does it well. No unnecessary or unwanted extras. I would recommend this app to anyone, it’s a gem and should be part of your app toolbelt if you’re doing any editing on your mobile device.Update 2021: This is pretty much the only app I have now that doesn’t charge me premiums or timed subscriptions to use its basic features.

Cleo Solaris, Sep 27, 2021
Used to be great, now, not so much!

This app used to be perfect. So easy to use. Lately, it’s been crashing in the middle of an edit so all progress is lost. I’ve started over so many times. Also, sometimes, it won’t let me choose a photo to edit. I have to shut the app out, leave it be, then come back a few minutes later and try again. I hate thinking that I may need to find a new masking app.

Geronijo, Jul 05, 2018
Cannot recommend this app enough

I love this app so much and I’m honestly sorry I didn’t leave a review sooner. I’ve been using this app for about 9-10 years now and have loved it ever since i installed it. Amazing way to blend and edit photos. Only thing I would like to see as a feature would be image quality retention. This app is a great first start if you’d like to get into photo editing and understand blending modes. Big thank you to the developers of this app and I hope it lasts forever. - •••

Keishken, Aug 08, 2022
Blending made easy

I’ve used image blender for several years. I like to blend two images for a larger file so I can print a picture. I’ve printed 30x40 size on canvas. It’s very reliable.

Ms. Y to you, Sep 09, 2020
BEST APP for adding logos to your photos

I’ve been using this app for two years, and it’s always reliable -never crashes. I use it mainly to add my logo to my photos for on-line posts and publications. In fact, I strongly recommend it over any other app for this purpose - it is by far the best there is in this category. Also great for any blending/stacking of multiple images. Very intuitive and easy to use!

Nbaldwinphoto, Apr 13, 2021
No Better Than This

I haven’t found anything better than this app to do my sport collages. Just a nice natural blend of images together as you can create some beautiful collage. My only blending app I use for the last four years.

romanm22, Feb 19, 2019
iOS 15 update for iPad

After I downloaded the iOS 15 update I was no longer able to use the app to add my photo logo to my pictures. I emailed the developer and he sent me a detailed message that he was working with Apple for a solution,but also put through an update that fixed my issue within 24hrs. I have never experienced such great customer service and prompt response with an app.Many kudos for the prompt response.

Rxkev, Nov 08, 2021


A simplistic and creative app for combining images with masks and different blend modes on your iPhone and iPad. While the use and basic idea is very simple, there's almost an endless list of things you can do with it. Some things worth highlighting are: - Multi Exposure - Choosing where and how much to apply of filter from other apps. - Adding or replacing objects. - Adding textures. - Creating your own personalised filters with overlays - Watermarking or adding logos Image Blender outputs the full resolution without any limits to the size of your source image.

If you have any questions before buying, need help to get started or just want to share your work, don't hesitate to send a mail to [email protected] and I'll do my best to help.

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