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TinType by Hipstamatic

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TinType by Hipstamatic

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User Reviews for TinType by Hipstamatic

Only Humans?

This app is amazing, one of my favorites, in fact. I do have one request to the developers though. Is there any way you can make it so the app recognizes dog/cat/pet in general, eyes as well? I’m not a big fan of humans, so most of the photos I take are of my dog, and the cats that live in the house. I’m positive I’m not the only person who would love this feature. Pets are big business. Either way keep up the good work, you guys make great stuff!

-Fugawi-, Jun 07, 2020
The Eyes, Framing & Filters Need Tweeking

It’s fun, but I agree with some, that the way it captures eyes needs fixing. It makes everyone’s eyes look like they are about to undergo cataract surgery. I also disliked the filter ranges. If you want to capture the mood of something rotting, or a cemetery photo shoot, this will work well. Most of it’s filter range hovers between over maxed airbrushing, or moldy soap bubbles. If you have strong sharp features and large pores, this will be a nice capture of your image, and you’ll do better, but there are some really attractive faces that this filter does not compliment.I do think it is an enjoyable filter and think it is worth the price.

Ani1860, Mar 20, 2019
Great little toy, minor improvements requested

This makes the closest thing I’ve seen to actual tintype photos. (Still a notable gap between this and the real thing, but hey— this is $0.99.) LOTS of fun, especially the slow fade in animation, as if the image is exposing. Great for fancy parties like New Years.It’s unfortunate that it only keeps one face in focus. Could be awesome for group photos.It took a minute to figure out where the tintypes are saved / how to save them to my camera roll. Some clarity around that experience could be helpful. Not sure I’d use it, but could be a cool touch: Order a tintype image printed on glass, through the app, like it’s the real deal? 🤵🏻

bazzoonboy, Dec 30, 2018
Used to use TinType all the time

For a while, I took loads of amazing art portraits, but use the app a lot less now that an update made the color versions so washed out (with no slider to adjust vibrancy). I still use B&W and sepia occasionally, but I used to be able to get incredibly vibrant and crazy looking (in a good way) eyes in the right light, using the color option. Now all eyes just look washed out and grey. Kind of no point to the color option anymore, which is too bad.

DuncanN04, Feb 14, 2020
I love it until it locks up

I love the look of the Tin Type film. I’ve had it on the regular Hipstamatic since it came out. The problem with this version, is it freezes up if you edit the picture and sometimes just when taking a picture. I have to reboot the phone to get it back, which is annoying. Hopefully there is a fix in the works.

Fuzzr7, Jul 10, 2020
Love this so much!

This is my favorite photography app. There are just two things that I wish it did (and find frustrating that it doesn’t)... 1) Be able to select photos to edit from certain albums, such as Favorites, and most importantly 2) Be able to resize/recompose photos in the app. I hope you’ll consider adding the ability to do these two things in the next update and make this app even more awesome. 🙏🏼

i_Maverick, Jul 21, 2020
Very Fun

I love a good novelty photo app and this one is really well made and fun to play with. The results are very true to tin types and go way beyond the typical 2D filter. Works best with the depth-sensing X camera. Here’s my one complaint: The “Depth of Field” slider is backwards. A higher depth of field means that more of an image is in focus, not less. This is a common error on the internet, but I hate to see it repeated in photo apps where photo newbies will learn the phrase incorrectly the first time they encounter it.p.s. - Skeumorphism 4EVA!

lem0nayde, Dec 26, 2018
Pretty please just one fix

My only complaint is that you can’t access folders when going to edit photos. Sometimes I would like to edit something older that takes far too much scrolling without folder options. It’s also been a bit buggy lately and started flipping my photos upside down and making them entirely blurry at first when I change options.

LuminousLotus, Nov 06, 2020
Great filtering app... but.....

Love the app and the incredible look you can give you photos you take. However, if you use the app on an existing photo in your library it doesn’t offer you a “save as” function thereby making it a “destructive” result, in that your existing photo is converted to a TinType. Your original is lost. Please fix this guys!

Schnauzerist, Apr 23, 2020
Classic Antique Fun

Great way to get that old-fashioned tin-type look to modern day digital photos. Makes for amazing Facebook and Instagram photos. Strongly recommended for those who take the history of photography, but who don’t know how to do the actual daguerreotype or old film photography development with older cameras.

Slipknot Ghidorah, Dec 25, 2018


Create hauntingly beautiful, soul capturing portraits with TinType by Hipstamatic. Inspired by daguerreotypes, tintypes, and other photographic processes from over a hundred years ago, TinType faithfully reproduces these amazing images with stunning accuracy. • Four authentic TinType effects: classic B&W, hand-painted color, high contrast dark B&W, and sepia stained ambrotype • Fully customizable effect controls: tweak the eye intensity, plate grain, and depth-of-field • Supports Portrait Mode (on newer iPhones*), for the most authentic TinTypes ever • Change point of focus while editing (available on images shot in Portrait Mode) • Full frame or square format • Capture images or import from your photo library • Edit right from the Photos app with a photo extension • Nondestructive photo editing – the original is always saved so you can revert back to the camera raw file at any time • Easily share to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more * Portrait Mode capture available on iPhone X, XS, XR, XS Max for front-facing and rear-facing cameras; also supported on iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus for rear-facing cameras

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