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User Reviews for GoodNovel & Books Web Novels

It froze

I’m reading the novel fated to the alpha and I’m super into it and just as it was getting better it froze. It wouldn’t let me go to the next chapter or the previous page, it wouldn’t let me even leave the book I had to exit the app and close it only for it to say loading when I try to click on the Novel to read it again. I ended up deleting the app and re-downloaded it. I click on the Novel, it made me start over. I go to the chapter I was previously having troubles with (chapter 75) hoping it would be fixed but it did the same thing. I clicked on another novel and it went through easily. I tried to sit and wait for it to load but as 5 minutes turned to 10 I realized it most likely won’t load. I do not want to start another novel until I finish this first one because I’m super into this one and it was the main reason I downloaded this app to begin with. I’m not sure if it’s something with me or the app or maybe just the novel itself but I would really like this fixed so I can continue reading the novel please and thank you

4unicorn20, Oct 10, 2021
Colossal waste of money for incredibly poor and disrespectful to readers writing

I got hooked to one of the books on Facebook, so I downloaded the app and kept reading. It was never mentioned anywhere that you will need to buy coins to continue reading. I would be ok maybe paying $10, but it seems like it is going to be a never ending story with hundreds of dollars lost. In previous reviews someone mentioned that if you were to buy an entire Harry Potter series or Game of Thrones, you’d pay similar amount of money. I bought and read both, and I consider that a great way of spending money. This, however, is a complete opposite. It seems like it is written by a child, completely careless of the outcome. Zero editing or proofreading. A premature baby born after 10 months of pregnancy, mixed up names, F country, “arriving to a certain location”, “reasonable reason”, a 5-year old hacking a computer and developing a tracker and self-defense device- these are some of the memorable screw ups. The author feels like they need to explain everything and remind everything over and over again, to the point when I, as a reader, feel like a 5-year old. I have to give it to the developers and authors - it is a completely new way of scamming people not only for money, but for the intellectual abilities- who knows how many IQ points one can lose over reading this combination of soap operas plots and minimal writing skills after very heavy hangover. Scammers!

Actual literature reader, Apr 25, 2021
Caught in a web

So I was on Facebook and this story pops up. Marriage by Mistake. I started reading and was like oooh exciting. So I downloaded the app and started to read the story. I got to a point where you had to purchase coins for the story. I’m like sure I will buy the book for $5. So thinking I bought the book I started reading. Enjoying the way the book was going and boom I would have had to pay more. I was like what. So read the comments and seen that the book was on going. I don’t believe that it was worth more than that so I did not by more. I waited for free coins. Once I received them I read. Eventually the story got to a point where I knew it was going to turn but it never did. I made it to chapter 116 before I deleted the app. The writer has talent but I’m not sure if they actually know how to make a book that continues in a good way. I believe that the writers have to write a certain amount each day. There is a way to continue a book without continuing the same story and the writer lacks in that department. It’s kind of disappointing. If you are reading this I suggest not to get caught in a web. You will not be happy when you spend 100 plus and the story is pretty much the same. I don’t know what the ending is but I can tell you getting to chapter 116 wasn’t worth more than the $5 I spent. Good luck

Beautiful fi, Mar 22, 2021
To expensive

I’ve gotten sucked into a story and have paid $20 dollars already and am only on chapter 75. Mind you each chapter is about 10-12 iPhone screen sized pages. Do not start reading Facebook stories. This is where it all starts. The complete lack of editing is extremely distracting. And if I’m paying what is looking like $40 to read one book that if in print would be around 200 pages, I expect so much more for the money invested. The authors are great story tellers but this app is too much. Don’t censor the cuss words for Pete’s sake. It’s like it’s on an automatic filter and puts asterisk where there was no foul language. My desperate hope is that the authors are getting most of this money and not the developers. I’ll be deleting this app as soon as I’m done. I’m halfway through Alpha Asher and I’ve already spent $20. Each chapter is 40-50 coins so no each day is not enough “earned coins” to get any value. This app is by far the most expensive with ridiculous costs. No where do they give any idea about how much it would cost to finish the book which is the scam part in my mind. If the pricing was upfront then you could make your mind up if the book is worth it.

Bnala, Oct 20, 2021
An honest review

I’ve been using this app for about 2 years now. Like all apps, it has its ups and downs. Let’s start with the cons of this app. The amount of coins they ask to unlock each chapter is quite a bit sometimes. 30 coins to unlock a chapter with 15 pages? Little much, BUT i do understand that the authors need to get paid so it makes sense. It can get pricey buying the coins to read the books. you could spend over $10 on coins and still not finish the book but like i stated above, the authors do need to get paid for their work. The only other con is the Auto Unlock chapter button. if you forget to turn it off, it will unlock the chapters without notice. Now the pros of the app. I love how they give you the opportunity to earn free bonus coins to unlock the chapters! They give you multiple tasks to complete and each tasks completed does give you bonus coins. This app gives you the most bonus coins out of any other reading app I’ve come across. I’ve even had a chance to unlock a chapter by watching an ad which was great and i didn’t need to use my coins. The books on this app are also super interesting! So many genres to pick from and the descriptions of each book are great as well! I’ve enjoyed this app over the years and i hope anyone reading this review will check it out!

Cheeks1027, May 24, 2022

I’m so disappointed in this app. I understand the authors need to get paid but it’s ridiculous. I’ve started reading books that “never end”…2500+ chapters in a book and still going. Really? And don’t get too excited…Some chapters may only have 5 pages, some have more but 75% of those pages are recapping the previous chapter. Of all the people reading these books, the authors are getting paid well. The way it’s setup, you could easily spend $100 or more to read a book but not the books with thousands of chapters. You would think at some point the remaining chapters would automatically unlock. NOT!!! Or put a price on the entire book…I know that would cut into the profits, but I suppose greed wins every time. I’m also frustrated in that you have to struggle with some books to understand and make sense of things because of what I think are translation issues. Pronoun issues, words being in the wrong places, mixed languages within a book, the list goes on. I give them kudos for the opportunities to earn bonus coins, but that only gives you a chapter, maybe two a day, if you’re lucky. Using the bonus coins is the only way I can read the books…I’m not rich like the characters I read able and times are tough right now. I wish this was a luxury I could continue to throw money away on…..

Cudd65, Jul 16, 2022
Hit or miss

Started reading a book on Facebook. It was very interesting so I downloaded the app. It wasn’t too bad at first whenever I saw that you needed coins in order to continue chapters. If you only plan on reading a couple chapters a day then the coins that you can earn daily should do. But if you are like me once I start reading I don’t want to stop. So I ended up having to buy coins in order to continue reading. I honestly wish I would have known that you needed coins to read chapters I probably never would have started reading it. I think it’s an awesome website that new authors can submit their books to but the worst part is that the book I am reading gets new chapters added almost daily and at this point the book is pretty much never ending. Which means that I’m either going to have to spend a lot of money or have a take about a year before I get completely caught up. I wish I could just buy this book but unfortunately it’s not possible. I kept telling myself that I was going to just stop reading it but then something off-the-wall would happen and I would continue reading because I wanted to know what happened next. So unfortunately I don’t think I’m going to be able to stop reading this book until I see it through because I have so many unanswered questions.

Elahye, Jul 13, 2022
What a joke.

I wanted to read one novel. Started reading on Facebook, and decided to continue reading on the app. I don’t mind paying ten bucks for a good book, but the book I was reading had more than 200 chapters. I was on chapter 40 something, and that was ten bucks. No way am I paying fifty or more dollars for a book. Especially since these books are not all that good. I enjoyed the story, but the grammar, spelling, and punctuation were atrocious. I can overlook that as these authors are new, and this is an app for amateur writers, but their books are not yet worth the kind of money I’d need to shell out to read them. The app need to either give way more free coins per day, make the chapters cost less coins to unlock, or make the coins much much cheaper, or else this is just a complete rip off. I’ve read the response from the developer to some other commenters about this being a scam, and I just want to say that the developers keep saying they want to give us affordable books and that we are supporting the authors so they can write good books. First of all, the books are not affordable, nor are they good enough to justify the cost, and secondly, I don’t mind supporting a good author, but these books aren’t even well written! (The storyline was great, though!)

EmiRune, Mar 19, 2022
Absolute SCAM

I must say - someone came up with a great way to scam unsuspecting people. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since it was Facebook that brought me here. Innocently enough, it started with a Facebook post on my feed. I began reading what felt could be an interesting short story. Before I knew it, I was at Chapter 4 with no way to continue unless I downloaded this app. Seemed harmless enough so I did - and got to about Chapter 7 where it insisted I pay for coins to continue reading. Well at that point I was invested so I paid $5.99 for several hundred coins. NOWHERE did it state how many coins might be needed to complete the story nor did it provide any information on how many coins would be charged for every new chapter. Well, I blew through the hundreds of coins in about 40 minutes and about seven chapters with the story still nowhere near the end. At that point I decided to cut my losses and walk away. No way was I going to pay another $6 for more coins without disclosure of how many would be needed to finish the story! This was a complete scam. Amateur writers with no editors should not cost more than bestseller novels from a trusted book store. The story contained so many typographical errors - it was difficult to read. Learn the proper use of contractions and commas for goodness sake! Basic sentence structure, please. Avoid this scam at all costs - unless you have no better way to spend your time and money. Definite RIP-OFF!

HPMichee, Oct 18, 2021

Saw the ad on Facebook for the book about Charlie Wade and thought it was just some short story that someone posted so I started reading it and after a while it said in order to finish the story I had to download the app so of course I downloaded the app without thinking or reading any reviews and continue reading I get about 30 chapters in and suddenly a chapter is locked so I buy the cheapest points possible the $5.99 for 600 thinking that’ll get me through the rest of the book because it was only going to charge me nine points to continue reading little did I know it was nine points per chapter after that I ended up getting to about chapter 60 still hooked in the story even though it was poorly written I was invested by this point again not enough tokens to continue reading so stupidly I bought another 600 I am now $12 into this book and haven’t even gotten halfway through the story. I decided today to check out the app and see if I could find out how many chapters are in this book since I’m running low on points again. This is an 800+ chapter book meaning it would be cheaper to just go to a bookstore and buy a hardback Limited addition version of a book then it would be to read one here. This app is a scam and charges way too much money for mediocre books

Jesifer_9, Oct 14, 2020


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