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7NOW: Food & Alcohol Delivery

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7NOW: Food & Alcohol Delivery

  • Food & Drink
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User Reviews for 7NOW: Food & Alcohol Delivery

The house above the sidewalk!

The idea of convenience store has has reached perfection with this app. Way to go 7/11! The only thing that was disappointing was that the ap asked me how much do I want to tip. How do I know what kind of service I receive before I get the service? Some people might take that question as a hint that the tip will make a difference in the quality of service. The tip should always be between the tipper and the tippee . It should be in cash. And everyone should work all the time like they were getting a nice tip. After all, it is their job their doing. If the tip is voluntary, then the tippee is more likely to be greatful for it. And I believe everyone should be greatful to another person who is doing something for them. A tip is a great way to show greatfulness. Just think if every person in the world were greatful for others? What a great world that would be.Thank youSincerely Tina Cetrone.

@babymariaah, Dec 22, 2019

1. Why can people order alcohol but not juul cartridges? I have epilepsy and the state of Florida won’t allow me to drive (even though it is controlled by medication, and I have a Service Dog who would know and tell me to pull over so yeah, thanks DeSantis!) So I can’t drive l and cannot take Uber’s during this pandemic because I have family members who are elderly and also immunocompromised. Can’t walk into a store myself for the same reason. That’s WHY I AM USING DELIVERY. THATS WHY WE ARE ALL USING DELIVERY and paying $50 for a 7-11 pizza a couple of 2 liters, some water, 2 Frappuccinos (the only coffee option under filter strangely available) and a bag of m&ms PLUS A $15 TIP YES support our frontline orders. I’m out of a job and it hurts my pockets but I am afraid to do theirs, so it’s the least I can do. AGAIN THE POINT OF MY RANT IS .... you can buy alcohol so obviously you are checking IDs. Why can’t I buy my JUULs that are helping me quit smoking???? Alcohol causes waaaaaaay more deaths than juul pods a year, and is widely subverted. So I guess I’m disappointed in you 7-11. America. Freedom. JUULS. Don’t discriminate!!!!

champagnetastebeerpockets, Jun 09, 2020
Just Postmates or something

I ordered some white claws just to try the app out. I got white claws and some candy was like 40 total which was a little pricey but if they deliver whatever. So 7 doesn’t even deliver it actually it was fulfilled by door dash. This dude shows up and I grab the bag of stuff and he is just trying to pull my attention away from what’s in the bag. I sign for it and show my ID, I even tipped him because he was bringing me alcohol. After I pay and he runs away I close the door and open the bag. He brought truely.. who is a super crappy version of white claw. You think I would be paying 40 dollars for some off brand white claw like nahhhh. Not worth it at all, like if you want any of this stuff 7 is selling delivered honestly just do postmates. It’s cheaper and the drivers care more about what they are bringing you. Like I never got a text or anything about a substitution they showed up with the wrong thing. Like didn’t even try to get the right thing. Screw this app it’s just a cheap ploy to try and get into the delivery business. Every other app was quick to fix a mistake and give me a refund 7/11 has yet to give me a refund. Pass dont download get postmates

coolkid6, Nov 10, 2019
Use Literally Anything Else

I’m always amazed when a major corporation releases and heavily markets a product like #7now but doesn’t catch stuff like... updating delivery time... in a delivery app. Fun fact, the app also does not tell you what it’s password requirements are during account creation or allow hyphens in last names, shows out of stock items as available, does not have a way to contact the driver or modify the order once submitted, sells your personal information (US only so it’s legal to require you to opt in to email marketing and associated data barter), requires you to call customer service and wait on hold for upwards of 45 minutes... to leave a voicemail, and the best part is it’s not even 7Eleven delivering your order... it’s Postmates!Also can’t request a refund on an order through the app, Microsoft Anna yells at you about there being “three people ahead of you” although that number doesn’t change and eventually just dumps you to voicemail, cancels orders hours after stated delivery time without reaching out to customers and in some cases without notifying them, delivers partially fulfilled orders and sometimes charges the full amount. I’d be genuinely amused by the incompetence on display here if it wasn’t standing between me and some skittles... which means that this is true to the in-store 7Eleven experience at least.

Deepze, Dec 24, 2018
Good concept, needs improvement

I love the concept of this and about half the time it’s a great experience. I just wish you could choose which stores you could order from (within a certain distance of course). There are 3 stores within 2.5 miles of me that I know for a fact do 7NOW delivery, and yet somehow I’m almost always automatically paired with the one that’s second furthest and the WORST at fulfilling orders. They will leave it on the “order received” step forever until I call the store (they never answer) but I suppose it gets their attention and immediately after calling they advance to the next step “gathering items” and then it stays on that step soooo long (for instance rn it’s been on that step for over 45 minutes & I know it doesn’t take that long to gather 3 items) so just waiting bc until they mark it as gathered no driver can be alerted to pick up my items!! So annoying

ehep12, Apr 27, 2021
Convenience got a little more convenient

I’m a big fan of app delivery services, but nobody offered tobacco delivery. And then I found 7NOW. They do require ID at checkout AND when delivered and the driver is required to scan the ID. Super smart. I use this feature to avoid going out of my way/dealing with early morning traffic in the mornings to get cigarettes when my work is a straight shot from my home. I haven’t had any problems with the app, they always arrive on time or early. Only suggestion would be if the store is out of an item that you have an option to select something else. I find it a little hard to believe that a store is always out of 20oz Diet Pepsi but time will tell I guess. I would gladly accept a Diet Coke too 😂And for those that are complaining about your 7-11 not delivering - not all stores participate- just like on GrubHub/DoorDash/Postmates. I know there is a closer 7-11 to me than the one that the driver shows up at on the map. Just cause there is a store a block away doesn’t mean they offer delivery! Don’t blame the app for that.

kandi_am, Dec 20, 2018
Saving grace during COVID-19

So you want some snacks, maybe some white claw? Oh and you’re craving pizza? But there’s a pandemic going on, you can’t just go to the store and get the supplies... so you look in your fridge and pantry to find canned food, old celery sticks and realize there’s got to be a better way. I actually searched for this app hoping it existed and viola it’s perfect. Order a pizza and a case of claw for the weekend, some chips when the munchies kick in but also add some Red Bull’s for the extra motivation to get that weekend project done. Only downside is full 7-11 inventory is not available, only certain items. But hey, it beats whatever else you had at home which is nothing. If we weren’t in a pandemic, I’d rate 4 stars and go to 7-11 myself to pick up some of the things I know they sell but just aren’t listed on the app, but for now, IN THIS ECONOMY, I’m happy.

Ryans review name, Apr 11, 2020
Horrible customer service & promotional lies

Update 1/6/19: Tried to give them another shot shortly before Christmas. First order was modified & then one minute later cancelled. I placed a second order which made its way to me. The order was fine for the most part except they charged me for both orders. It’s been a couple weeks and I have yet to be refunded for the cancelled order. Calling customer service(as the developer response says I should do), does nothing. They put you on hold forever and when it’s finally your turn, they send you to a voicemail box to leave a message. I’ve tried multiple times to reach them to no avail. Original review: You’re better off going with their main competitor(GoPuff) in the convenience store delivery industry. Twice now I’ve had issues with my orders. The first time, I didn’t receive items. I finally got through to someone but it took a lot of effort. Over Black Friday weekend, they had a promotion where if you bought $50 worth of stuff, they would later return $25 to your credit card. It’s been over a week now and no sign of it in my account. I tried calling them and the automated system hung up on me. I did this two more times and each time the system hung up on me.

startswithaj, Jan 06, 2019
Greedy Delivery Service

I placed an order at around 1:30AM with three items. About 20 minutes later I get a notification saying that they are out of 2 of my items. I did not get an option to opt-out an item or cancel my order. I ended up spending $8 on a BROWNIE. I tried calling customer service to cancel my order, but there were “26 people in line ahead of me”. There was no communication between the driver and me, or the 7-Eleven store. And instead of talking to an actual person, I had to sit on the phone listening to an automated voice telling me how long I needed to wait in line for a refund; by which it was already too late, since the driver was about to arrive. It is obvious this is intentional.I ended up waiting outside for the driver for about 20-30 min, even though the app said that they had arrived. By the time I got my pathetic excuse for an order, I was freezing and very unhappy. I am so disappointed by how this app does NOT care about their customers who pay money to use their service, nor address the complaints that every one seems to have.I immediately uninstalled the app. Don’t waste your time using this app, they don’t care about you, only your money.

sum.lime, Dec 11, 2018
Terrible app

I don’t understand how such a large cooperation can’t manage to make an app that is worth a darn. To say it’s glitchy is an understatement. Like, are the people in charge of this trash fire just a bunch of 3 year olds with access to beginners coding?On top of the crap app, the customer service is non-existent. They pass you off onto whatever platform the driver is on. Then you’re told by that platform’s customer service to contact 7/11. Ridiculous. If there’s a problem with the order that you happen to discover right after the driver leaves, your ability to contact the driver is already terminated. And good luck getting a refund if you need one. The only way to get in contact with anyone is by email. They tell you you’ll hear from someone in 3-5 business days.So basically, to sum it up, DO NOT use this app unless you literally have no other choice. You’d think for a company that’s been around for this long they’d know how to provide a working app and good customer service. Absolutely ridiculous!

tattooedladi, Jan 07, 2022


Get food, alcohol, candy, snacks, drinks, ice cream, grocery, health needs and more delivered anywhere you are in about 30 minutes. 7NOW delivers over 3000+ items including Slurpee® and Big Gulp®, pizza and sandwiches, and even beer, wine, and liquor (where available, 21 years or older of course) across 43 major metro areas. $7 OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER + FREE DELIVERY Use Promo code 711TREAT Offer valid through 3/31/23. Get a $7 off promo code on your first delivery purchase made through the 7NOW App with minimum purchase of $7. Consumer pays all applicable sales taxes and fees. $1.99 small basket fee may apply if $15 minimum purchase requirement is not met.

Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount. No cash value. Non-transferable. Limited delivery area. Void where prohibited. 7-Eleven, Inc. reserves the right to modify, change or cancel this offer at any time. GET WHAT YOU WANT DELIVERED Choose from a selection of over 3000+ items and counting. We have Beer, Wine, Liquor, Snacks, Food, Candy, Ice Cream, Baked Goods, Frozen Foods, Grocery, Household, Health, Personal Care, Mobile Gadgets and School & Office Supplies. DELIVERY ANYTIME. Don’t want to leave your home or office? Having a party, or friends are over, and need some last minute items? Have a late night craving? No worries! Get your order delivered to your door 24/7. SUPER FAST DELIVERY Stay in the moment and don’t worry, we got your back and will deliver your food, drinks, and more in about 30 minutes. Now that’s super fast! REFER-A-FRIEND PROGRAM Receive a basket discount credit when you refer a friend to download the 7NOW App and place an order. Terms and conditions apply. ACTIVE IN MOST MAJOR US CITIES 7NOW is currently available in over 200 cities across 43 metro areas including Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Charlottesville Chicago, Colorado Springs, Dallas, Daytona, Denver, Detroit, Elkhart, Fort Collins, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Worth, Fresno, Hartford, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Lansing, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Milwaukee, New Haven, New York, Norfolk, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, Portsmouth, Providence, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Seattle, South Bend, St. Louis, Tacoma, Tampa, Tucson, Virginia Beach, Visalia and Washington DC. We are adding new cities and locations frequently so continue checking in with us. 7NOW PINS Beach day cravings on the sand—you got it. Last minute tailgating supplies at the stadium—done. For moments that deserve delivery, we’ll bring your items wherever you need them. Introducing 1000s of 7NOW Pins where we can deliver right to you, including parks, beaches, venues and more. FLAT DELIVERY FEE We charge a flat, low delivery fee to make things easy and simple for you. NO MINIMUMS Order as little or as much as you want. A nominal small basket fee may apply on your order. PAYMENTS MADE EASY Apple Pay, Credit Card, Debit Card. Major Credit Cards: Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover. All transactions are 100% digital, no need for cash. REAL TIME ORDER TRACKING Want to know where your order is? Track your order and receive notifications. PROVIDE FEEDBACK Have a favorite 7-Eleven item that you can’t live without? Located in a city that we haven’t expanded to yet? Let us know! We are listening and want to give you everything your heart and stomach desire. You are our number one priority! Yes, you there.

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