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Caviar - Order Food Delivery

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Caviar - Order Food Delivery

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Caviar, INC.
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User Reviews for Caviar - Order Food Delivery

Horrendous customer service

I would say the app experience is superior to other delivery apps, which is a shame because the customer service is terrible. Our expected delivery time upon ordering was 8:24 pm, which eventually got pushed back to 8:49 pm. The app notified us of the delay, which is better than other food delivery apps in which I’ve experienced delays but wasn’t notified. However, when order finally arrived, my husband noticed the delivery guy gave us the wrong order. Turns out he had given our order to the wrong person. Driver says he’ll contact support, saying they’ll probably re-deliver. I contact customer support on my own, and the rep offers a refund...okay, but at this point it’s past 9 pm and we still haven’t had dinner. I reply back saying it’s not okay. Rep blames it on me, saying that I selected that the items were missing and I preferred a refund. Except there are no options for “my driver messed up, get me a new order asap”. Eventually he offers $10. Their twitter account offers me $30, saying the restaurant is closed, which is why a re-delivery wasn’t available. The correct response would have been to offer expedited delivery form another restaurant. At this point, I am not going to use this app again and will not recommend this app to my friends. Note to the developers: there are other food delivery apps out there, you are the new guy and you need to do more to stand out besides offer different restaurant selections.

anogawa, Dec 24, 2018
Mixed feelings

Caviar used to be a great app. Top quality restaurants, working app, good service. But they recently merged with DoorDash which I have found to be a notoriously worse app. Since the merger, the app seemed to change and your delivery drivers are now from “Dashers”. When you order now and have an issue and try to chat Caviar sometimes their servers are down or you can’t get a hold of them. Your left to call the restaurant who may tell you your food has been ready for a half hour but DoorDash/Caviar hasn’t picked it up and is unreachable right now. Typical DoorDash problems. Although the app needs work and the DoorDash merger is disappointing. When I finally have been able to reach the company and explain various issues. Caviar does issue refunds and credits. This is a positive that some apps like UberEats or Postmates rarely provide. Caviar’s credits/refunds are close to the high level of Seamless/Grubhub. Only reason Seamless/Grubhub are better in this area is refunds and credits can be issued automatically in the app with ease if you run into issues. Caviar, as mentioned above can be difficult to reach and requires more explanation. Ultimately if the Caviar app improves the accessibility of their customer service and they continue to provide credits, I would consider changing my review back to 5 stars. On the other hand, if I keep running into these app issues or if they stop providing credits and refunds for issues I would lower the rating. I’m on the fence.

Good64774, Sep 17, 2020

Being that we are in the middle of a pandemic, I have tried to support local restaurants while still keeping them safe by ordering through caviar. Twice I have ordered from our favorite bagel shop that is two blocks away from us and my order has gone horribly wrong. The first time it took an hour and a half and we hadn’t seen our food yet. We couldn’t find anyway to contact caviar in a timely manner so we cancelled our order. Today we ordered bagels through them again and this time after an hour wait it said our item was picked up and on its way. Then it said delivered and we checked the front door and our food was nowhere to be found so we were worried it was stolen. We called the restaurant and they said our order was still with them. I completely understand long wait times given the circumstances but don’t lie to me. Why would a courier say our food was picked up and delivered when they haven’t even arrived at the restaurant yet. That just leads to confusion and is infuriating. After we spoke to the bagel shop, Caviar apparently called them and the shop reported what the courier did and she told me they were very rude and dismissive to them. We ended up getting everything cancelled and ordered directly trough the bagel place to pick up the food. But it was a total waste of time and incredibly frustrating. We will not be using the app again.

JesM292, Apr 25, 2020
Horrible app run by careless company.

So I wrote a review about DoorDash since they banned my account for no reason, offered no help in reactivating it, and we’re not able to provide a reason as to why I was banned. Come to find caviar is owned by DoorDash, and even though I have only used caviar ONCE, they banned my account too. I “chat” with a customer service rep and they too, are unable to give me a reason as to why I am banned. I am just told that I “violated their terms and conditions” but what part? What did I specifically do? I am a 22 year old female who has only used the app to order food. I am not some hacker stealing free meals from this service so I don’t understand what I possibly could have been banned for. I ask for a phone number to speak to someone directly and try to get my account working and they straight up tell me “they don’t have a phone number at this time”. How do you not have a phone number for you customers to reach out to?? Especially when you are banning their accounts for no reason?? Absolutely ridiculous how they have zero lack of care or sincerity when it comes to their customers. Even if they somehow deactivate my account I will never be using DoorDash or caviar again. I don’t appreciate being made to feel like I’m some criminal on a black list when I am literally just trying to order food and support local businesses.

Lalachango, Feb 23, 2021
Bad Service for the Outrageous Delivery & Service Fees

UPDATE: I contacted customer service as directed below. The short answer is, they aren’t willing to refund orders, it’s against their policy. Even if it shows up over an hour late (nearly 2 hours after the order was placed) and is cold and soggy- I’ve already gotten more than one credit for poor service. What I want is my money back. I informed them I’d be deleting the app, and got a canned response saying we hope this experience doesn’t reflect badly on them. I am deleting the app and will be ordering from DoorDash moving forward. DoorDash is now picking up many of the restaurants that were once specific to Caviar, they’re timely, and their fees are lower. I’m sorry Caviar, I tried. . . . . . . If the food ever got to me in a timely manner, or even lukewarm, I wouldn’t be complaining. That said, nearly every time I’ve ever use this service, the delivery time increased from the posted 45-55 minutes, to 1.5-2 hours. That’s ridiculous. I wonder how they treat their restaurants as well because more than once I’ve received strange inaccurate orders- for example, a salad will show up bare (just a container of lettuce, minus any of the listed ingredients from the site), or most frequently, anything I add on as “extra” to a dish I get charged for, but the “extra” isn’t included. I’ve requested refunds, with no response. It’s a shame bc they work with some good places.

LJS57, Jun 04, 2019
Deliveries take too long

Well for the last six months understanding pandemic aside because Uber and seamless are doing the same and they are not as late as they are and you are able to reach them, they apologize and always find the best solution or at least give you a credit to make it worthwhile. Caviar support team is easy on saying goodbyes, take a long time and then get back to you with no answer or problem fix, so for the last 10 or so orders all close by restaurants from my house, I waited about an hour to find out the driver was lost and was calling me in Spanish or the driver never showed up, and mostly I had to basically cancel the order and re-order again, I am finding out that the only way to get an order is to first order and then contact Support to make sure they are reaching out to somebody to get your food picked up, I can’t be using an app as such and always waiting around an hour and sometimes get my food cold because it’s been out there so long or never get it and re-order. The worse is customer service that basically tells you it is what it is, goodbye because they have to help somebody else. Knowing seamless GrubHub and Uber eats they always try and they always give you some sort of credit to make up for it immediately before you even asked for it to try to alleviate the problem. Caviar never does until you force their hand. I had just signed up for a subscription plan which I will be canceling since this is just not acceptable

Mighty Power, Nov 04, 2020

Right as the pandemic was starting I used Caviar for the first and last time when one of my favorite restaurants only participated with them to place an order. My order was shorted a sandwich, when I called the restaurant they said they couldn’t reimburse me and I’d have to go through Caviar. I contacted Caviar immediately, they initially directed me back to the restaurant. When I said the restaurant had told me go to Caviar because they couldn’t reimburse and now the restaurant is closed, Caviar said they would look into it and get back to me. Five days later and still nothing so I emailed their customer service again where I got the same runaround even though I copied their previous responses the rep hadn’t clearly even bothered to read my whole complaint. This time they said they’d love to help BUT I’d waited too long to contact them and anything past 7 days couldn’t be reimbursed!! I responded back and attached previous convos of how I contacted them immediately and any hesitation was on their end. They assured me they’d look into it and get back to me so of course I never heard anything again. All this over a $6.99 sandwich which I never received - had they reimbursed me right away I might’ve given the service another chance. Now not only will I not use them but I’ll tell everyone I know not to use them either. Lesson learned - stick with the other apps!

oldskoolgeek, May 23, 2020
Very 1st Order, not so much

So I decided to give Caviar a try, and was swiftly disappointed. So I place my order for some Korean food at 3:09 pm. I get the confirmation email from Caviar saying that the restaurant has received my order, and to expect it by 3:45 ish. So I go about my day, until after 4 pm and realize that nothing has been delivered. So I check the App and it says that my food was already delivered the exact same time I placed the original order. Thinking that is very strange, I contact CS to find out that they immediately canceled my order (with the excuse of saying) that my order was never received by the restaurant. I get more run around about some other details (like trying to get all the charges/tip get refunded and making sure all credits will apply), until 15 minutes later I had only a credit of $8, and I had to reorder everything again or forfeit the I was money owed. This just doesn’t seem fair to me. Caviar did apologize for the mixup, but they never took ownership of their mistakes or tried to go above and beyond (especially during these times. ) I normally wouldn’t be perturbed by this, but due to the pandemic I can only get food from delivery since I’m immunocompromised. It’s hard enough trying to afford all the fees and charges with these services. I just came away feeling used and upset. Not a good 1st impression by any means.

Purple926, Nov 24, 2020
Never received my food

After ordering my food I got a call from the delivery guy saying he was at my gate. I buzzed him in while I was on the phone with him, and I heard the gate open. Then he never showed up. I received an email that it was delivered, so I called and called and he didn’t answer. I tried contacting customer service but there is no number to call, so I was limited to texting and emailing them. They took ages to respond to each text and email, and they eventually closed without giving me any answers. The last thing they told me was that they couldn’t get a hold of the delivery guy and they didn’t know what happened to my food.I had guests at my house who ended up leaving without dinner because they had a plane to catch and everything was closed after all this ridiculousness went down. Caviar didn’t even offer a refund, I had to demand it. I demanded something be done about what happened as well and all they’d do is give me a ten dollar credit. The customer service is AWFUL and you cannot rely on this service to actually bring you food. I haven’t even received an email or anything confirming that I will be refunded. So who even knows if they really did issue me a refund. I just read other reviews and it seems food not being delivered is a common theme with Caviar. Looks like they make it way too easy for drivers to steal the food, and then they blame the customer for it. I will never use this app again.

Sassoom, May 21, 2018
Unreliable, Unhelpful

They have such a great selection of restaurants but service is SO unreliable! I have ordered maybe 5 times through them and the last three have all been really frustrating.The last time I kept calling saying that the driver’s location on the map was not updating and the estimated delivery time kept getting pushed back. The customer service people would just read the estimated delivery time and disconnect the chat without ever reaching out to the driver. Two and a half hours after my food had been picked up and still not delivered, I finally figured out that the driver had car issues and the order was cancelled (3+ hours after being placed). This same type of situation has happened two times other times with the driver having car issues after picking up my order and getting here super late with food that has been sitting out in a car for at least an hour after being picked up, and customer service just doesn’t really do anything to figure it out or get a replacement order sent. I get that car issues happen, but three times in a row with this app isn’t a great track record considering that this has NEVER happened with competitor apps. I was really excited when I found Caviar because of the really great selection of restaurants, but I ended up deleting my account after this last time.

weterpest, May 20, 2020


Get food delivered from curated lists of local restaurants right at your fingertips with Caviar. Enjoy quality dining at home and make any night a special occasion. Your first delivery is free.

Also, receive $10 off your first order with the code TENONFOOD on orders of $35 or more. TRUSTED AND EXCLUSIVE RESTAURANTS Choose from many popular local restaurants and exclusive eateries you won't find on other delivery services -- from local mom-and-pop to Michelin-rated and The Infatuation picks! DEALS AND SPECIALS Regularly check in our app for new restaurants, special deals, and exclusive benefits. If you are a DoorDash DashPass member, you can use those benefits on Caviar, too! NO-CONTACT DELIVERY Deliveries are now left at your door by default and you have the choice to select "Hand it to me" if you prefer. If a no-contact delivery is requested, the Dasher will know you want them to leave your food in a safe place and alert you when it's ready for pickup. REAL-TIME TRACKING See when your order will arrive. From food quality to prep-times to traffic to weather, we've factored in all the elements that come between you and your food. SCHEDULE DELIVERIES Advance ordering allows you to get your food when it's most convenient for you. NO MINIMUMS Order as little or as much as you want.

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