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MealMe: All of Food, One App

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MealMe: All of Food, One App

  • Food & Drink
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MealMe, Inc.
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User Reviews for MealMe: All of Food, One App

Great costumer service!

Testing this app I realized I started to use it way too late. This app is engineers to work for you!! And while there is a lot to cover within the app so much so that it’s a times hard to come back onto the same customer service thread or verify whether you’re doing a pick up or a delivery order, I have trust that the team is doing the right things, going above and beyond for the user to have a seamless experience. I committed the mistake of ordering a pick up order when I meant to have it be delivery and the customer service peeps were very professional and fast to respond as well as caring and detail oriented, they tried to arrange for someone from the restaurant to come and do a delivery and when all options were exhausted they stayed on the thread to make sure I arrived pick up my food and then safely return home. Huge congrats to the team on being a cohesive unit and raising the bar for the whole industry. Provecho!

alfredopastasauce, Oct 08, 2021
Not Bad, Not Amazing

We’ve been using MealMe for quite a while now, and have actually enjoyed doing so. We save money, which is always great. They even give you $3 off every 3 orders. However, there are some cons. Sometimes it takes a WHILE for our food to arrive. This could be due to many factors like traffic, or the restaurant being busy, but I digress. We’ve also had moments where the app had issues. Either it put our order in wrong, or it wouldn’t give us tracking information. Just yesterday we had the biggest issue. We ordered and, after an hour, we still didn’t get notified of a driver nor got our food. We contacted customer service and they were great ! They offered a refund, or offered us credit for $5 more than what we spent on the order. We accepted the credit and tried ordering again. Unfortunately, same issue. We eventually were given a full refund. I think something was going on with their servers.Overall, MealMe is a GREAT app ! But it needs a lot of work in order to be successful. I believe with more time put into it’s development, it can become my main food delivery app, but right now I get nervous using it due to past issues. Keep up the work, developers. You have a great concept here, but the execution needs to match the genius of it.

AverageCustomer224, May 16, 2021
Give jescille a raise ASAP

I had made a mistake and didn’t check to make sure I put the right address in. 2 minutes after making the order I realized that the address wasn’t right. And when I went to cancel the order it wasn’t letting me. So I contacted customer support. The first person I talked to (Abby) it felt like I was talking to a robot. She wasn’t understanding anything I was saying. She wasn’t helping at all. She gave me a number so I can contact the driver and the number didn’t even work. When the order was delivered to the wrong address, I got in contact with a different person (Jescille) . She was so easy to talk to. She understood what I was going through and she gave me a full refund for my order. She did everything she could to help me. I highly suggest for this company to give that lady a raise. She’s the best person I’ve talked to since I started using this app.

Avryrose, Feb 04, 2022
Pretty good but too many notifications

They just don’t stop with the notifications. I use the app one time to shop different services, and it was very useful. I really do like the app. I did not place an order in the app. I only browsed and looked around. (I did not place an order with any food service delivery that night.)Since then, MealMe keep reminding me via notifications of certain restaurants that I was checking out and sending me different types of other notifications. I don’t want to get any of those. However, if I ever do use the app to place an order, obviously I would want notifications for any deliveries that were sent to me. To my knowledge, there is no way to opt in to only receive delivery notifications and no other types of notifications. Please add this and I will update my star rating. Note: I see that you want people to contact you via your support email. Unfortunately, because most devs have no concept of privacy and use services like Zendesk and other farmed out support services, I will not be contacting you via your support email.

badkitty_, Dec 04, 2020
Used to Love it

This app claims in the description that there is no need to download the other apps like DoorDash or Grubhub and you’ll save tons by paying within their app. Until I had recently upgraded my iPhone 11 to iOS iOS 15, that was the case. Now the app redirects me straight to whatever delivery service app I choose within this app. This causes me to miss out on the $1 and whatever time I would save if I was staying in this app. I have actually saved a lot since I downloaded this, but considering this problem, my reasoning for downloading this app has become nonexistent. I’ve on multiple occasions also was supposed to get a full refund and they told me that their system tells them I’m getting a full refund. Unfortunately that was not the case and I was still charged $0.01 for an order that either I or the system cancelled. I’m considering deleting this app and never using it again. If they can’t get their system right, then they’re going to loose out on tons of customers.

DicanNoman, Oct 14, 2021
Need to work on notifications

So I never used delivery apps because of crazy fees. So I tried this one because I also had coupon/MealMe cash, so I basically saved a lot. I don’t like the notifications since it’s like you sign up but don’t get the notifications at least about your order being done, or it’s being on the way. They have to change notifications cuz those clearly don’t work. I had around $6 dollars in MealMe cash, and nowhere it says expiration date. So the day I wanted to use them they just went “poof”. I contacted support, but they said there is expiration date. But there wasn’t, they didn’t reply to my messages so I just left it at that. There only date of expiration on those special promo codes, I guess they see people stacking up codes to get better saving. so they decided to use certain hours promo codes. ( and just remove one that were stack up on user’s accounts). Yeah I get it that how business works. In general it’s good that they remove all those crazy fees, but sometimes you can just order from business itself. Might try it again.

Iryna052297, Jul 27, 2021
Please don’t download, fake reviews!!

There was a mistake with my food as it was delivered to my neighbor instead of me. I contacted costumer support and it was as if I was talking to a bot, just told me they’ll investigate and ended the chat before I even told them my issue. I then reached out directly through email and they told me the restaurant confirmed my food was sent. I already knew the restaurant 100% sent my food and included that in my initial email but the driver messed up, I was sent a picture by the driver and it was the wrong house. They clearly didn’t read my email which was a like 4 sentences. Because they could only get the money back from the restaurant if they messed up and not driver, then no money back no matter what the driver does. They can essentially keep your food if they want. Also, prices are higher than Uber Eats, Doordash, and Grubhub. I used this app for the first time and encountered so many issues, never got my refund. Please do not use this app. I once had the wrong drink sent by Uber Eats and the customer support was so sweet. Keep in mind I contacted costumer support 3 different times on this app and received the same exact bot messages, they all ended the chat. Read the real reviews. My mistake was just looking at the rating and not actually reading. It’s boys giving it 5 stars.

Jennylisse, Aug 09, 2022
Worst Place to Order online food

To start I always try to be nice and understanding, but this place just broke me. I have ordered through this stupid app 3 times and it only worked once. When you order it says that your order will come in 45 minutes, which is normal for most websites like this. But soon after it would move back and back until it says 2 hours it will take to get your food. Then you have to contact customer support where they say that you should give them 15-20 minutes and that the restaurant has got your order. After 20 minutes I contact and they say the same thing that I heard before that they run their driver through another service and say that they can't control when they come. And in response to that I would ask them to just cancel the order and then in response the customer service person say you can't. I would have to haggle until I would say I don't need a refund since I don't want my food coming in the middle of the night. They would give me credit I would delete the app. I lost $38 which is about 1 shift at my work so I lost $38 for nothing, but stress. Don't get this app.

McHammerton, May 11, 2022
Good first service and nice customer service

I’ve used both DoorDash and grubhub and I e had problems after problems on both, however I’ve seen an ad for MealMe for a while now and finally gave it a try today. Not only did it save me roughly $6 just overall which is big in some cases and overall if you’re a big delivery user but the app was easy to use and kept me very well updated. Aside from a small hiccup that occurred the overall experience was wonderful, and the customer service representative named Dale was quite nice and helped me greatly! Honestly I’ve been avoiding using delivery services for a while now because of the terrible services I’ve been getting on the other two but this app has given me a good experience I’m gonna use it over the other two any day! Will highly recommend to friends and family as well!

Mepierc, Feb 19, 2022
The Worst Customer Service I’ve ever Recieved

It’s a shame to have to write this poor review. I’ve used MealMe for over a year and have had overwhelmingly good experiences with it & customer support until recently. A few weeks ago, however, I ordered food but never received it. I had specifically wrote in my driver directions to text me when arriving because I know my place can be hard to find, yet they did not. After the order was marked completed with no sign of my food I was told I’d need to wait for “confirmation” before receiving a refund. They would not or could not tell me what “confirmation” they were waiting for but 3 weeks later still no refund. I have reached out several times to support but they said “we are unable to look into the status of your request”. Why customer service would not be able to look into the status of a request I made is beyond me and I’ve reached the conclusion they’re intentionally withholding my refund and it’s not coming. This customer service experience has been so poor I will no longer be using the app because I now know if something goes wrong then I’m not going to be helped. I’m not sure if customer service has been out sourced because around 6 months ago I had a great experience with customer support on MealMe but words cannot describe how frustrating, rude, and unhelpful they have become now.

Redsoxfan36, Aug 04, 2022


*** Our users save an average of $6 and 20 minutes per order *** The majority of people ordering food switch between multiple apps to find the best deal. That's why we made MealMe, an iOS app that brings all the major food apps into one. As a result, we have a greater selection than any individual food app.

We also aggregate delivery services for each store you get matched to the lowest price and delivery time. 1. EXPLORE THE LARGEST SELECTION OF STORES Order from over a million stores - groceries, restaurants, convenience, liquor, and more. MealMe brings all of food into one app. Use MealMe's Discover tab to find something new, use the Search tab to get the best deal on your favorite store, use the Orders tab to reorder a favorite meal, or use MealMe AI for an intelligent recommendation. 2. COMPARE DELIVERY FEES AND TIMES “Zero Delivery Fee” doesn’t mean “Free Delivery.” There’s also 15-20% service fees, inflated menu prices, surge fees, small cart fees, and sales taxes. All of these fees are calculated differently among delivery services so MealMe lets you compare the prices and times. 3. CHECKOUT IN MEALME Instead of linking you over to the store's website to order, we power Checkout in MealMe so you can place your order with just one account for all of food. 4. MEALCOIN REWARDS We didn't stop at matching you to the cheapest and fastest delivery app - we also let you apply massive additional discounts that you can only find on MealMe. Earn an extra 10% on each order with MealCoin. The Food Delivery market is growing increasingly fragmented, with the growth of new and larger delivery services plus restaurant chains that now offer their own delivery, including Chipotle, 7-Eleven, Popeyes, Dominos, and Papa Johns, over 100,000 restaurants with their own drivers, and independent courier services. You may find yourself asking: What is the cheapest food delivery app near me? or What is the best food delivery app near me? or What is the least expensive food delivery service? or What is the fastest food delivery service? To solve this problem, you would first have to find a nearby restaurant by using one of the food delivery services. This isn't great because food delivery services do not list every nearby restaurant. After you find a nearby restaurant, you would then have to add all items to your cart to find the subtotal on one service. You would then have to navigate to the other food delivery services, add all items to your cart again, then compare the subtotal across all food delivery services. Instead of comparing food delivery services by switching between multiple apps, you can instead use MealMe. Our food delivery comparison makes it easy to determine what is the cheapest food delivery app, or what is the fastest food delivery app, or what is the best food delivery app, or what is the largest food delivery. Download MealMe to save an average of $6 and 20 minutes per order!

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