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User Reviews for delivery.com Food & Liquor App

Is it possible to give 0 stars?

I have used them several times. Every time the order is late, and they say it is because there is a surge in orders. It’s a different driver every time, so I don’t feel it’s the drivers fault. Their ability to estimate delivery times is awful. There is no way to track your order on the app. And the links through email don’t work. The customer service when you do reach out is non existent. It feels like you are chatting with a bot instead of a real person. The only reason I use them is because I am in a small town. They were so much better when it was my town to go. Good thing door dash and grub hub are starting to deliver to my area because I will definitely be switching my business to them. Don’t waste your time with this app. It will never be able to compete

Bethanne31, Aug 23, 2021
Can’t get an order

The app seems to work OK, the problem is I cannot get an order. My first attempt left me waiting 3 hours before i had to cancel. I ordered at 4:30, was told it would be 40 minutes. At 7:30 they were still preparing my order. So i cancelled and microwaved something. My second attempt, i ordered and 30 minutes later got a call stating they had no drivers. They said i could keep my order and get it myself or cancel. Seriously? What is the point of a delivery app if i need to drive out and get it myself? So i had to cancel again. I will just go old school and pick up my own food. Too bad because the app seems great, but if i cannot get my deliveries through it, what is the point of the app????? Deleted!

Blonde-CT, Mar 05, 2022
First time using them...

But I’ll definitely use them again. I’ve used many of the food delivery apps since the quarantine hit & my first world problem has been hit or miss. Sometimes they start out great then quality dies. My first time with this one, but it was great. I’d been missing my beloved Asian restaurant in all the apps and was even worried they may have closed. When I looked online to see if that might be the case I saw they were not only open but delivering thru this app. I signed up, ordered and was willing to wait the estimated hour. It got here in less tha half that time. Food was hot and delicious. I will definitely be a repeat customer!

Castaway1954, Apr 09, 2021
Used to be good

I’m now forced to use the desktop website for all of my orders since I prefer to use PayPal. When trying to pay with PayPal using the app, it cycles through logging me into PayPal and then returning to the app to place me order. In other words, I thought I had placed an order, but never received an email or text acknowledgment, so I logged back in to check and my bag was still sitting there. I had to log into the website to finalize my order. Last complaint— although I’m not sure if it’s Delivery or restaurants but two of my favorites have inaccurate menu items and/or have claimed they never received my order. Three stars because I prefer Delivery over Seamless/Grubhub.

Ethyl Acetate, Jul 09, 2018
So glitchy, ridiculously unreliable

I order delivery food to RELIEVE stress and SAVE time. This app instead induced anxiety and wastes time AND energy. When I put in an order, it disappears and seems to have been cancelled. The first time I successfully ordered without it looking canceled, I got an email 15 mins later, AN EMAIL AND NOT A NOTIFICATION, that my order had been in fact canceled because the restaurant was too busy. This doesn’t happen with other apps!!! I missed a delivery once Bc I stepped out to walk my dog and instead of trying my phone when the delivery person was at my door, he just left. Then I had no way of contacting him and somehow wound up with an HQ Person calling me on her personal cell phone to try to resolve the matter. It was ridiculous. I just begrudgingly put in an order on delivery Bc the restaurant I like only uses this service and I had to log into my paypal to see if the order I just made was charged once, twice or not at all. Because this app gives you no clarity!! The bugs are too numerous. Please fix them.

J BIZZLE, Oct 24, 2020
1st Timer

I have to admit that I’ve never ordered delivery from anyone that doesn’t provide their own delivery service. But, a particular taste was just wanting to be satisfied. Selecting and placing my order was easy enough, but the expected delivery time was a bit much. I ordered rather early for dinner so a little longer wasn’t unbearable, so I waited and waited. The anticipated time was close at hand when I got an update “Sorry for the delay, but it was going to be another 45 minutes “. After waiting 1.5 hrs I was getting a bit impatient, so I called Customer Service. After expressing my sentiments I was put on hold and when she returned the response was that it would be there in 15 minutes. They activated another driver and the rest is history.Will I use them again? Don’t know! Will I totally discount them? No, if the occasion arises again, I probably would!

JRO4544, May 26, 2020
Worst experience I’ve ever had with a delivery app

To begin with the menu for the eatery I selected was outdated on this app. The items that I chose for the order no longer existed at this restaurant. After 20 minutes a customer service rep called me and asked if I would like to choose different items. So I chose alternative selections to continue the order. Then 45 minutes later I received a text that they decided to cancel the order altogether. At this point I was unsure if it was because of the change to the order so I proceeded to call customer service and they notified me that the order was indeed canceled. This in turn left me only 10 minutes to place an order elsewhere before most of the restaurants in my area stopped accepting them. I placed an order through a different delivery service and I will be deleting this app and I will never use them again! 😡

Lisa_the_awesome1, Jul 25, 2020
No cancellation notice

Ordered food and received text saying would be here in an hour. After hour still no food. Called restaurant and was told it was cancelled because the delivery was to far. Never received a notification that it was cancelled and wasted an hour waiting for food and starving when could have ordered something else. If it was to far it should never have let me order in first place. Only good thing was they gave me 5$ credit. Still waiting to make sure I am refunded. If your going to be in delivery business as name suggests need to be better at notifying customers of cancellations so they don’t sit wasting time for an order that will never show. Should have never had to call restaurant to see what issue was.

mikeyc14, Apr 13, 2020
Horrible first time experience

I downloaded the app to place a laundry pick up and delivery order. I placed my order and waited for the time slot for pickup. No one ever came to pick up the laundry and I received no notifications of the status. I waited 3 hours. I contacted customer support and they told me the selected merchant (the first one on the list) is outside of my pickup zone. So why was it even an option for me to select? It should have not been an option for me to select. And why did I not receive any updates? I would have been waiting all night with no updates, meanwhile my card was charged the initial holding fee which I had to get reversed after 40 mins chat with support. A huge waste of time. Plus, the chat with the customer support was very difficult because the messages kept getting cut off after two lines of text. So I kept missing chunks of information from the customer support. No one knows why. Horrible UX. Will not be using the app again and will not recommend to others.

MITO898, Jan 01, 2020
So many drivers, not one could handle it.

I ordered from here for the first time because MyTown2Go said they merged. I ordered with a estimated delivery time of 1 hour 15 minutes. The driver assigned or accepted (not sure how it works) was about a block away around the time my order should have been completed but then it reassigned my driver. And then again. And the third driver was on the other side of town. Then it said my “driver arrived at null” and about 30 minutes after that it said my driver was waiting for my order to be completed. About 2.5 hours after I placed my order, it arrived. It’s lukewarm at best. I messaged customer service about half way thru the ordeal and they said they were working on it and “covid 19” I understand what’s going on. But clearly your delivery times are bogus. If it’s going to take 2 hours, then put that. And on top of that, the driver put my food so close in front of the door so I had to knock it over to get the door open.

samanthajo0923, Jul 11, 2020


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