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Gopuff—Alcohol & Food Delivery

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Gopuff—Alcohol & Food Delivery

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GoPuff LLC
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User Reviews for Gopuff—Alcohol & Food Delivery

Literally hands down the best!

GoPuff is literally the best delivery service I have ever used. I have not had not ONE bad experience with the company and I have literally ordered GoPuff in three different states! The deliveries are always so fast, packaged so neatly and the drivers always call me to let me know the order is here or has been left per the instructions. They were open during Christmas Eve, Christmas day and even New Year Eve. The driver called me after delivering my order like literally at midnight on the new year. I told her I was so worried about her and to get home safe with it being the holiday. The driver told me “ We had some late orders come in and I was the only driver. If I didn’t deliver them you all wouldn’t have gotten your orders and I didn’t want that to happen .” Like seriously! How considerate is that!!! The drivers are always so kind! I mean so polite and so nice! Like seriously! What is GoPuff paying them!!! In all seriousness I will go out my way to use this service . Please please don’t change a thing.

BRBBTHY, Jan 01, 2022
customer service??

I had an account for a while and used it here and there only when I needed groceries and couldn’t go out, the beginning of the month I used the 14 day free trial of Fam, forgot about it and deleted GoPuff because I no longer needed it. When it tried to charge me once the free trial was up, I contacted customer support because for one I no longer needed it, no longer had the app, and I also genuinely didn’t have the money. I contacted customer service to cancel it (couldn’t cancel through the app) and the person told me they couldn’t cancel it because it was “past due” even though it was 30 minutes after the subscription tried to charge me. I told them I no longer used it and they literally ARGUED with me on why I needed to keep it because I used it earlier in the month and got no delivery fee. They also said it was a “good deal” which I agree with, but there is no reason a customer support agent should be arguing with me about whether I should or should not keep a subscription I no longer use OR assuming I have the means to pay for a subscription. I ended the chat and started a new one and the next agent cancelled my subscription with no problem. Train these guys not to be like this.

coasta333, Jun 17, 2022
Best app ever

GoPuff is literally my FAVORITE delivery service app. I’ve had it for a few years now and the growth I’ve seen is incredible. You can get virtually ANYTHING on this app ranging from random obscure beers to healthy snacks to skincare. If I forgot to pick something up at the store or am just feeling lazy, 9/10 GoPuff has what I need. It’s also insanely fast… items get delivered within 30 minutes. I’ve ordered from GoPuff probably 25 times at this point and I’ve only had an issue ONCE. The customer support immediately refunded my money- and my order ended up showing up 30 minutes later. Last month my boyfriend and I unfortunately got Covid, he doesn’t have health insurance so covid tests were $200 at all the clinics around us and the at-home tests were sold out…BUT OF COURSE GoPuff was there to save the day!! They were selling at-home covid tests for just $20 and were restocking them every day. I also love their Sip Program, they do deals with beer companies which allow you to “sample” different beers for just 5 cents a can. Obviously I always add a few 5 cent beers to my order and share with my friends when they come over. I could go on and on about how much I love this app!!

emmagema, Feb 18, 2022
So many problems now. Used to be great.

Extremely rude customer service. Orders get forgotten. Drivers show up almost two hours late. Now, even though the checkout page has an option for “contact-less delivery, leave outside door,” they refuse to and argue with you.On more than one occasion, they have just left with my order without canceling it until I called customer service, and was told 3-5 day refund and that they’d figure out about the contactless delivery option, since it’s regional. It should be standard. Every other delivery app has this and I’ve never had problems. Not to mention their selection is insanely limited to begin with, and then over half of the items are consistently out of stock for days. And I mean regular groceries, not like hand sanitizer and toilet paper back in April 2020. They are also egregiously overpriced (paid $6 for a bottle of Tums expecting the usual size and got a miniature that came with EIGHT tums.” I paid the extra in the past because the sheer convenience made up for it. Now it’s like i’m paying for literally substandard products and twice their cost and awful customer service. Stick with instacart and postmates. GoPuff does not have their act together.

Korrigen, Jan 14, 2021
Love it but app glitches lately

My husband and I use goPuff regularly. We’ve been noticing some weird things with the app. The first was that one day we can order alcohol, the next we can’t, then it’s back, then it’s gone. Frustrating. What’s more frustrating, is putting something in your cart only to find once your ready to check out that it’s unavailable. It would be nice if there was a way to remove the item altogether, if it’s currently unavailable or adding a label that says it’s unavailable before somebody gets their hopes up. Another recent glitch with the app: my husband ordered some snacks yesterday, the app reported the driver being like 15 mins away for at least an hour, 2 hours later he called goPuff customer support to cancel the order but the app just had the driver in the same spot for hours and the driver never came. With my order today, it took an hour where as most orders are easily under 30 mins. The app showed the driver being right at my location so I thought it was about to arrive, I check the app again and there are further away and stay there for 30 mins or so. I go to cancel the order because obviously the app is messed up and I get a call from the driver.Alls well that ends well but please take a look at the app pleaseeeeee. I love this app but these glitches are beyond annoying. Thanks!!!!

lexwalker222, Jan 08, 2022

Ordered a couple of drinks(alcoholic) and the typical process is you receive a confirmation text, then a courtesy call from the driver that they’re on the way, and sometimes another call when they arrive outside because they have to personally hand them to you AND scan your ID since they’re handing over alcohol to you. You’d think because you’ve ordered plenty times before its be the same process, but no. I ordered some beer and was told they’d deliver my order by a certain time. No biggie, I can wait. But as the time was approaching and they was no heads up on the drivers end, I chose to open the app and track their distance. They were on the way it said. Waited and waited, even 20 minutes past the time they gave, and the driver was still “on the way”. I had no number to reach the driver. I had to just accept the cancellation of my order I emailed Gopuff about the entire situation only to be surprised by their response. In a condensed version they said: we asked the driver and you couldn’t provide an ID so the order was cancelled. I even have screen shots of my call logs and texts. I tried going back onto the app to see if there was another method to get help, and they disabled my account. Doesn’t seem like they care about referrals. I’ll start telling all the people I referred to begin deleting Gopuff from their phone. If you can’t take care of your customers, you don’t deserve new ones. So in short I was charged for nothing

marcogalicia, Jun 08, 2021
In love....

I love, love, love GoPuff!! The inventory on the app stays up to date with what items are available and it provides a wonderful tracking system. I receive my order SUPER FAST!!! Of course every city is different, but I live in Nashville, TN and the longest I have ever waited for my order was 30 minutes. Most of the time I receive my order 15-20 minutes. The driver always finds my house — I don’t get any phone calls asking for directions, or what my house looks like. And the driver comes to my door....unlike many good delivery companies where half the time I have to go meet them at their car. I love the flat (and cheap!) delivery fee. I love the selection of items, and I’ve noticed the variety expanding more and more. It’s great for snacking, needing grocery items, needing medicine when you are sick and can’t leave the house, last minute pet care needs, and ordering drinks and party supplies without any danger of someone driving while intoxicated. I really think GoPuff provides a great service! Only thing I would change, is making it easier to obtain rewards with their point system.

Missdwvu, Feb 07, 2021
Awesome App

This is such an amazing app! They gave me a huge, free go puff bag with my first purchase and $10 off my first two orders when I ordered through Postmates first. Their delivery fee is only $1.95 and they have like everything. And its been a pretty fast delivery. There was one time where the delivery took about an hour. I had ordered through Postmates so I couldn’t see where it was but it gave me the option to call the store if it hadn’t arrived in their like 20 minute time frame. When I did the woman who answered the phone was kind of rude. She acted like I was stupid for even calling and that she couldn’t give me a time that it would be delivered because if it was later than that then she could get in trouble for telling me the wrong time. I wasn’t asking for an exact time. I just wanted to know what was taking it so long since I couldn’t see anything through the Postmates app. She basically just told me that there was nothing she could do and that it would get here eventually. She wasn’t very friendly. So that experience wasn’t very good. When you order through the app it shows you when it’s out for delivery and where it is. So that was more helpful. I definitely recommend this app to everyone. It’s truly awesome! ☺️

mwat2416, Feb 19, 2022
Be careful/may lose some business!

I had been using goPuff on and off for a good couple of months! I can admit they are pretty darn quick to deliver! But despite their quickness, them switching off the ability to pay with cash is very risky and may actually lose some business! I do happen to own a debit card, but let’s say there’s no money on it, but I happen to have cash, now what? They just lost business right there bc they won’t accept paper money! I know I gave this a 3 star review, as a matter of fact I would’ve gave it a full 5 star bc it’s service is... or was wonderful, but for every sentence I type, I’m removing a star! They claim it’s better and safer for their employees, and in a sense I can sorta see that, but I’m sorry, until they enable the ability to pay with cash again I may not use this service! Great service 👍🏼! Horrible decision making 👎🏼! Hear me out GoPuff! There are a lot of people out there who probably only paid in cash, now you just lot what seems like a small percentage, but is actually a big number of customers! Plz reconsider! Some people only use cash! Or proceed at your own risk.

ndyfnsus, Dec 25, 2019
False advertising/Complete waste of time

This app is such a joke. With the false advertising shown for offering alcohol and everything else available to users, in reality it’s only offered to like 3 cities all throughout America. A complete waste of time signing up and giving away all my personal information for them to sell. They don’t even tell you where they are able to deliver to before signing up, you have to put in your address to find out. This app is a disgusting information leach. In order to sign up which is a waste of time because you’re not going to be able to buy alcohol anywhere anyway (unless you’re in the 3 major cities they deliver it to) you must give away all your personal info. Including phone number, email address, the right to see and download all your google account email addresses, see and download your exact date of birth, see and download your street address, see and download your personal phone numbers. After ALL of this, then the app will tell you if they’re able to deliver to you. Such a disgusting terrible app. I don’t see why this app would deserve anything more than 2 stars with such terrible lies it says. ALCOHOL IS IN THE NAME OF THIS APP! And it only delivers alcohol to 3 cities! What is this! Worst app ever!

OpenMindedMane, Jun 14, 2021


Gopuff delivers thousands of items in minutes—from fresh produce, cleaning stuff, baby stuff, pet stuff, and even at-home health tests. That's a lot of good stuff. Mix all that good stuff with innovative technology, and you have the go-to solution for all your instant needs.

YOUR FAVORITE PRODUCTS Get everything delivered, from snacks like chips, ice cream, and candy to fresh groceries like eggs, milk, bread, and cheese. Did we mention drinks? We’ve got regular water. We’ve got fancy water. We’ve got energy drinks and juices. We’ve even got beer, wine, and spirits**. You can also get paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning products and your favorite local brands too. Never run out again! Literally! See what we did there? Gopuff also carries over-the-counter medicine, electronics and beauty products. What more could you ask for? Gopuff’s got a ton of your favorite brands. Don’t believe us? Perhaps our friends Ben & Jerry’s, Coca-Cola, Gatorade, Lays, M&Ms, Reese’s, Gushers, Tide, DayQuil, Takis, Dove, and Colgate toothpaste could convince you. And if not, hop on the Gopuff app to see all the other great brands we stock. NON-CONTACT DELIVERY We leave your delivery at your door by default, but you can choose to have us come knocking too. We’ll text you when we get there either way. ORDER IN SECONDS, DELIVERED IN MINUTES Ordering is super easy—just tap on what you want to add it to your bag and checkout. We pack your order in our local micro-fulfillment center and deliver it straight to you. SIGN UP FOR THE FAM Fam is an abbreviation for family (we’re hip, right?). And in our Fam, members pay $0 delivery fees on every order, any time of day. WAYS TO PAY Gopuff securely accepts credit cards (Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Discover) and debit cards, as well as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Venmo. EARN POINTS TO REDEEM REWARDS Everyone loves a good deal. With Puff Points, you get more with every order on Gopuff. Get Points with every order and redeem them to unlock different rewards, like daily & weekly discounts. All new customers earn 6,000 Puff Points with their first order—it’s like a signing bonus, but more delicious. AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE Sometimes things go wrong. We’re only human. That’s why our Gopuff Customer Service representatives are also human (we tried hiring manatees, but it didn’t work). We hope we get your order just right, but just in case it’s not exactly what you expected, you can give our team a call. DELIVERING ON YOUR SCHEDULE We’re open late to deliver what you need when you need it. Gopuff has 500+ micro-fulfillment centers, plus BevMo! and Liquor Barn Stores. We also serve 1,000 cities.*** ** Beer delivery, wine delivery and liquor delivery is available only in select regions. ID verification required for alcohol delivery. Please drink responsibly. *** Gopuff is not available in all markets… yet. Want us where you are? Find us on social media @gopuff or visit gopuff.com for more.

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