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Seamless: Local Food Delivery

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Seamless: Local Food Delivery

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Seamless North America, LLC
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User Reviews for Seamless: Local Food Delivery

“Please contact the restaurant”

I just wish seamless didn’t try to absolve themselves of any responsibility in the “help” section of the app, saying to please contact the restaurant for any issues. For future reference, once there is an issue, you better contact seamless within 24 hours to have any chance of being refunded.It doesn’t make sense that the restaurant is going to be able to refund your credit card for non-delivered food, all the statements are linked to seamless. However I took the restaurant’s assurance that they would cancel the order on good faith. Heaven forbid you decide to wait to see if the credit card statement will clear because then you will be outside of the seamless “24 hour query” window that allows you to dispute the order.From the press it’s clear that these services are not profitable for the restaurants. The proprietors are probably tired of having to deal with people calling them about late food and other order issues because of discrepancies in seamless’ estimated delivery times, or opening times.

altruisticpunisher, Nov 08, 2019
Not that intuitive sometimes.

The usability on this app can be frustrating at times. Firstly I like the past orders section. However if I press on the name of restaurant it should bring me to the menu not to the last order I made. If I tap on the white card with the order details, then sure show me the last order I made. The expectation is that if I click on the name, I want to order something different from that restaurant. The other use case is viewing the status of my order. I have no idea how to do this. It was not appearing under My Seamless. If I tap on the gear icon I also don’t see anything related. Eventually I had to rely on my email to figure out the status. Loading into the app now I see that “Your Order has been picked up” but I never saw any intermediate status (order received, order in the works, etc). Additionally when I switched from delivery to pickup option, the tip section was impossible to toggle off without starting the whole process over. Lastly, the Restaurant tab times out so often it’s frustrating to click on. However as this could be due to a number of factors that are beyond developer control like poor connectivity, I mention it last. But it’s still important as many people I know order food on their commute home, so they aren’t on the best wifi.

AmmNotJamm, Feb 11, 2019
All good at first

Uhh, this app is great. I started using it cause I thought DoorDash was too expensive. However, while trying to order Taco Bell I noticed the $4 delivery fee, service fees costing more than taxes, and that big fat tip. I find it quite ridiculous that I’m paying $36 for something that will cost me $17 to go get myself. Why would I pay more in service fees than I’m paying my own country? There should be a service fee flat rate of like $1. I also don’t see why I’m paying a delivery fee that isn’t going to the driver. It’s not like Seamless is paying for my driver’s transportation. My drivers usually come on bikes or little mopeds. I know good and well y’all are not giving them that money. And if y’all aren’t doing the delivery yourself there’s no reason you should be paid for their work. Unless you are using that money specifically for them. That goes for seamless, Taco Bell, or whoever needs to hear it. Sometimes I don’t have it on me to tip. Sometimes I don’t have the money. And the drivers are furious w that. So maybe they should be paid more? Enough so they don’t feel they’re living off of tips. Also, the Taco Bell items on Seamless are more expensive than they are on DoorDash. That’s weird!

Asia Shakur, Nov 22, 2019
Some vendor delivery problems

I’ve been using Seemless/GrubHub for years and never had a problem- until the other night. In NYC this past Tuesday night it was raining. When the whether is bad you kinda expect a delay in food delivery, but this one took the case. No only did the delivery guy claim to have delivered my food, he refused to answer the phone for me And the restaurant he works for. After all the calling back and forth, it’s now 11 p.m. and I knew I wouldn’t be able to get such healthy food at such an hour. So I decided to re-order the food and went to the restaurant to pick it up and paid cash.I told the restaurant to take the $$ for my order out of his pay to make sure He didn’t get away with it. At least I was reimbursed for the order I Never received.... who would think about doing such a thing?Besides, it’s Not like he got into an accident, maybe skidding in the water because of the rain... (yes, that happened before), but at least I got my food from a restaurant I always order from, so I knew my delivery guy on that run... This was the 1st time I ordered from this deli, but I see I’ll have to pick up my food from now on from this one.Otherwise, I love the convenience of ordering food <3.

Cachae7, Oct 24, 2019
Don’t waste ur time

Unreliable. If you want to wait 2-3 hours for cold food, this is the app for you. If you want to wait 2-3 hours to have your order cancelled at the last minute because there are no drivers on the road this is ur spot. You will starve to death messing with this app. Crazy part is Seamless won’t even tell u or message u to know or provide a map so ur aware of what’s really going with ur order. 90% of the time the restaurant has the food ready but they don’t have enough delivery workers. The other 10% of the time restaurants delivering ur food to the wrong place or not delivering it at all but having it written in as delivered. Seamless does things in the wrong order, they should do driver first, order second instead they do it the other way around and then ur food left at the restaurant and both u and them mad at seamless. DoorDash is my go to cause they have a map similar to the Uber map so you can see about how far your driver is, and they give you a small profile of ur dasher similar to the blurb on ur Uber driver. They match a driver first then let u order and if they don’t have drivers they tell u. Full transparency unlike seamless who will hide it from you. They also have very cheap delivery rates and deliver reliably.

Chipotbae, Nov 16, 2018
Connection Problems

I've used Seamless many times before and it's been great, but had a terrible experience today. I decided to try out ordering at a restaurant that uses a driver. I closed my eyes for a few minutes because I had a pounding headache but left my ringer on, knowing I'd get a call once he was here. Eventually I happened to check my phone, and saw there was one notification for Seamless that said my driver had been there for a couple of minutes but would only be there for a few more because he had been contacting me and waiting. I never received ANY calls or texts, I checked my call history, and when I tried calling him via the app it said there was a "connection problem". It let me text him as I was running downstairs, but he never answered. It finally let me call him and he said he had already left and was "too far away" to come back, even though it had only been a few minutes. I tried calling Seamless customer service to get a refund, but after explaining the situation, they could only offer me a "sorry" and a discount on my next order because apparently in their history it said he called me. There is nothing in my call history, he never contacted me. How is this my fault? I'm very upset with Seamless and would appreciate if someone would refund my order, otherwise I will be very wary of using this company for my deliveries in the future, as I cannot trust it. Thank you.

ConfusedAndJustWantedHelp, Dec 06, 2019
More fees and repeatedly fails to deliver

The last few years this app and the subsequent service have been abysmal. First, their fees have increased in recent years, huge delivery fees, service fees all to try and steer you to their Seamless+ paid service. Second, 60% of our orders have issues either delivered beyond late, restaurants forge that deliveries were made when they haven’t been, orders don’t get fulfilled due to “system issues”, delivery drivers forget items, deliver drivers leave food outside even when the option for “contactless” is turned off, delivery drivers harass you with phone calls even though the delivery notes clearly state to deliver it to the door and ring up. Its constant and we constantly have to deal with customer service who gives false promises to escalate and give a measly $10 voucher that barely covers all of their fees and has a couple of day expiration. Not to mention these vouchers can’t be stacked with handful of other vouchers you receive from them for all of the issues you encounter. All in all I think it’s time to either start making orders direct to the restaurant (as it is always cheaper without seamless fees), or look for another company that can do this service. Overall, would not recommend.

cshashaty, Jan 08, 2022

It was laughable how poorly they treated me when i brought up that they had never sent me my promo codes after multiple people used my link to order food, how do i know they actually ordered? Because it was at my home my own sisters ordered food for our get together we were excited to continue to uses seamless however I never got my end of the promotion when i reached out to see why. the fist two customer service agents left the chat midway & the third! wow was he the rudest ive possibly ever encountered he kept insisting Id need to first make a seamless purchase. I didn’t understand this since i have been using seamless since 2018 and showed him screenshots of my past orders and of my account email address which were ignored as he said “its your problem not ours” and continued to ignore me and my questions until he left the chat. I might actually reddit the transcripts because they are unbelievably rude! comically bad! Apparently this is a reoccurring issue (not receiving promo codes) because when I brought it up in discussion and on twitter many have had the same experience. I will never in the future use or suggest this app there are so many options for food deliver in New York so its no need to suffer bad customer service when something goes wrong.

godoftakeout, Nov 02, 2019
What happened to you guys?

Seamless used to be my favorite third party app for food delivery. I would say in the past 2 years they’ve started to imitate certain fees and features that UBEREATS and DoorDash are famous for and I’m not sure why they would do that when they were one of the best in the first place. Before all the changes, only restaurants that used their own drivers were on the app. It was great because the tip went directly to the drivers and if there was an issue you could call the restaurant directly. Then they started hiring drivers themselves in order to accommodate places that normally didnt offer deliveries, but this came with tons of fees and parameters. If you ordered from KFC for example, there’d be a delivery fee, plus a service fee, small order fee, PLUS tax and tip! However, ordering from these types of places was a choice and therefore Seamless was still #1. I don’t know why they decided to implement more changes but it’s absolutely shameful that y’all are charging service fees for ALL restaurants even if they DONT USE YOUR DRIVERS! How money hungry of you guys! I tried to place an order yesterday with and the service fee was $3.50! That’s ridiculous and so unnecessary. Y’all didn’t do that before and now for whatever reason to compete with other apps youre forcing yourself customers to pay EXTRA MONEY FOR NO REASON!

Jaymishelle, Jun 23, 2020
No accountability

I've been a Seamless customer since 2012. They've really gone downhill since the GrubHub merger. Here's what finally made me switch to their competitor. I ordered dinner from my go-to sushi spot in NYC. An hour passes, and the driver marked the food as delivered. But it wasn't delivered. I called the restaurant and they tell me: "Michael, the food was never picked up. It's still sitting here on the counter." Seamless support says they can't assign another driver since it's been marked as delivered, but they'll refund me and also refund the restaurant, and that I should just reorder. So, I do that, and another hour passes. And the same thing happens again! The driver marks the order as delivered, but there's no delivery. So, I call the restaurant again, and they say, "Michael, you're not going to believe this... Seamless assigned the same driver to the order and they marked it as delivered again... But they didn't pick it up." This time, after seamlesss support gives me the same exact speech about reordering the food, I ask to escalate the case. They promise they will and will get back to me ASAP. That was a month and a half ago. Haven't heard anything from them. It's plain and simple, they do not care about customers.

michaelgold, Sep 01, 2021


Seamless is powered by Grubhub, the world’s favorite food delivery app. Order food for delivery or pickup from a huge selection of restaurants near you with Seamless. Dine with Seamless and get local menus, fast, easy online ordering service and the best places in New York, where and when you want it.

With no hidden fees and exclusive deals from nearby spots and exclusive restaurant partners like McDonalds and Taco Bell, it’s no wonder Seamless is how New York eats. Join Seamless+ and get unlimited free delivery from restaurants nearby, exclusive rewards, access to our Elite Care team and so much more! Plus, Seamless will match any donations Seamless+ members make to No Kid Hungry, so you can double your community impact. Try Seamless+ free. After that, it’s $9.99/month. Top 5 reasons to download Seamless: 1. Explore the local food scene with Seamless — all 5 boroughs, no hidden fees 2. Discover exclusive food delivery deals you'll only find on the Seamless app. For a limited time, get your Taco Bell favorites delivered free with orders of $12+! (Terms apply.) 3. Reorder favorite meals faster with Express Reorder 4. Track your order with real-time delivery updates 5. Preorder your next meal up to four days in advance Easily search by cuisine or dish & view ratings of Seamless restaurants from other New Yorkers for no nonsense, honest reviews Never be without your favorite eats again. Seamless has a huge selection of delicious restaurants that deliver wherever you are — Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx, Staten Island, or wherever you’re hungry. Got a go-to sushi order that’s never let you down? Tap "Express Reorder" to quickly bring a previously ordered meal straight to checkout. Craving Taco Bell? Just type “Taco Bell” into the search bar and a listing of the nearest local Taco Bell spots will pop up. All you’ve got to do is pick your place, choose your food, and place your order. It doesn’t get much easier than that. Seamless has numerous ways to pay — Apple Pay, Amex Express Checkout, PayPal, Seamless eGift Card or a good old-fashioned credit card. Whatever is fastest for you works great for us. Searching for McDonalds delivery in NYC, the tastiest tamales in the Bronx, the spiciest hot pot in Queens or the freshest pasta in Brooklyn? Download Seamless and see how New York eats. Free delivery terms: Must be a first-time Seamless diner; offer limited to one use per diner. Order must be $15.00, before tax, tip and fees. Discount is capped at $5.00 off your order. Valid for Delivery orders only.

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