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Raiders of the North Sea

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Raiders of the North Sea

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User Reviews for Raiders of the North Sea

Great digital port, missing basic features

So the Shem Phillips and SJ Macdonald games are some of my all time favorites, and so far this seems like a pretty good port. Runs well, great graphics, and fairly intuitive. However, I am surprised this game is missing several basic features that should be standard in any digital board game port. 1. You are unable to chose player color, the game just does it randomly 2. You cannot add AI players to pass and play games. Please realize a major reason to use pass and play is that we are not having an actual game night but still want to play with more than two players. 3. You cannot undo your entire turn. This is a huge faux pas as accidentally hitting something or choosing the wrong card/action is super common in digital board games4. VP values are not displayed next to tracks (like in the real game). As a consequence you have trouble getting a sense of final scoresPlease add in these features and easily 5 star port

Baguafox, Oct 10, 2019
Should be 5 Stars

But it is nigh near impossible to give them feedback. The in-game feedback feature always fails with an error saying you have a problem with your internet connection. And that crashes everything in the game. So I leave it at the error message telling me about my bad net connection and go to my other online games and none of them have any problems accessing my “bad” net connection. Obviously the game does something wrong internally.I went to Renegade games and they had 3 ways to contact them. Twitter, Instagram, and email. I do not participate in either Instagram nor Twitter for personal reasons. That left email. Great. I select it and it brings up a list of email accounts. I select my icloud account and it wants my user is and apple id to login. I am reluctant, but figure I can reset my password once I leave my password, but they try to set up a new icloud account on my ipad which of course fails. I try again and it fails again. Fine.I then use my other email provider, giving them my id and password along with the email’s server name. They can’t connect that way either. Jeimeny Chricket! My final try was a link to the game designer. I thought maybe I could get my feedback to him. But the link was bogus! It went to a non-existent page or a broken link. Thanks Renegade Games! This lack of wanting feedback on their part knocked my review from a 5 to a 3!All this and I never even told you what my feedback about the game was going to be!

Bjorn Reddy, Apr 15, 2020
With some work, this app could be the best of all board game renditions...

The graphics, gameplay and music are outstanding. I have 20+ board game apps and think the quality of this game is off the charts. However, as someone who plays solo practically exclusively, I am disappointed that there is only one difficulty level and it is way too easy. Someone new to the game would probably win on his/her first try. The game is so easy, there is little to no replay-ability solo.This game could be the greatest solo experience if the challenge were there.

dennisbowe, Aug 07, 2019
Fun game but hard to play asynchronously

The gameplay and art are great. I enjoy the mechanics of the game even though it’s just the base game, no expansions. But trying to play asynchronously with three others is rough because notifications aren’t reliable and it takes waaaay too long to load the game even on a relatively modern device like an iPhone XR. The goal would be to open the game and complete a turn in a minute between other tasks, but the load time of 30-45 seconds makes that difficult.

fosteronomo, Aug 19, 2020
Great Implementation of a Smart Worker Placement

I like the fancy graphics and the smooth drag and drop gameplay. The challenge mode was well done. The A.I. in normal mode gameplay could use a scalable difficulty as it’s a bit easy. Haven’t tried the pass-and-play yet, but glad to see it!I’d like an easier way to see what each of the cards held in hand does, I can’t figure out how this can be done without “fake” playing the card and then undoing the action.

GrandPunkRailroad, Aug 27, 2019
Buggy but very good

Some of the features don’t work, primarily the Valhalla ‘strength’ or Longhouse rewards don’t trigger after you sacrifice a character unless it is an immediate reward like VP but overall the game is a good combination of board game and digital format. The music, small animations are fun and bring the game to life without losing the charm and feel of the actual board game version. I’d like to see more small character animations for other cards like when the female warrior claps her shield as it really brings the character to life. Also please tweak or add more options to undo a choice mid selection or finesse the touchscreen capability as sometimes the app (or maybe it’s iPad/iOS?) selects the wrong item. I also have Root and seriously you guys, digital wolf is the absolute best partner in bringing board games to life online. Now please tweak the perks, and add all the expansions. ;)

HP Fan1804, Nov 07, 2020
Great game - up to a point...

The game is well designed and a lot of fun. However, when playing the campaign, I got stuck halfway thru. After completing the first two rounds, I could not advance past the third. I had saved the game about midway through the third round. When I went back to pick it up, the program would not let me load the saved game, it just got “stuck”. So I backed out and tried to start the game over, same result. If they fix this bug, my rating would probably go up.

rikor_fl, Aug 12, 2020
Everything and More

I played the board game version many times and I am a fan of the game. The app replicates the game perfectly and provides so much more. The art, which is a huge part of the theme, is beautifully rendered. Even more, the attention to detail adds to the thematic value as town buildings come to life when visited by a worker, your crew has a battle cry and the ships moving along the water simply put a smile on your face. The campaign mode is very enjoyable. Game flow is smooth as the app plays faster than the board version, which is great. If you enjoy the board game, you should have this app. Looking forward to seeing expansions!

ThisJustin7, Apr 04, 2020
Absolutely incredible implementation, Online Bug breaks it

Truly one of the best digital renderings of a game. Personally, Agricola is one of the best if you're looking for reference, as the world isn't just a board, but rather has actual living, moving, life-like breathing rhythm to it. Raiders is just like it, but with better art. The UI is buttery smooth, and pretty intuitive, so great job. (ok digital renderings include: through the ages, which just looks a little clunky, bad includes: scythe, terraforming mars pre-massive update)However, not a 5⭐️ for 1 reason: somehow, a lot of the live games online fall out of sync, up to one player actually being able to finish the game while the other is starting at one player not taking their turn...when in fact, the entire game is occurring. Until they fix this, there's a 50-50 chance you're game is pointless. Considering how social gaming is, and how with iPad you can FaceTime and board game over distance, online play for digital games is really becoming hyper-critical. As soon as you fix this, this app will go in the hall of fame!

Turn it in.com, Sep 22, 2019
Fantastic and Faithful to Board Game Version

Raiders of the North Sea is one of my very favorite board games and the app version is a faithful and accurate recreation. The gameplay is top notch, and the art, animations, and transitions are super smooth and immersive. One minor issue seems to be picking up and dragging workers was sometimes difficult - but it looks as though the developers have already addressed this issue in a patch.Can’t recommend this game enough, and love that I can take it wherever I go!

w1ckedjuan, Aug 05, 2019


“Raiders is mounting a serious challenge as one of the best mobile board games out there.” - Kotaku “The digital version does a brilliant job of recreating the feel of the board game. Smartly designed, with some wonderful visuals and enthralling entertainment, well worth plundering. (5/5 stars)” - Pocket Tactics “As it stands, this is one of the best all around apps out there…. A beautiful digital implementation, the game jumps to life on your mobile device.” - Pixelated Cardboard It's Raiding Season!

Plunder your way to Viking adventure in the digital adaptation of the award-winning worker-placement board game! In Raiders of the North Sea, players assemble a crew and outfit a longboat to raid settlements for gold and fame. Impress your Chieftain in glorious battle and win your place among the legends of the North Sea! It's Raiding Season! Assemble a crew and outfit a longboat to raid settlements for gold and fame! Impress your Chieftain in glorious battle and win your place among the legends of the North Sea in this digital adaptation of the award-winning board game! The Official Digital Adaptation of the Award-Winning Board Game! Plunder your way to adventure as Raiders of the North Sea brings the strategy and fun of the hit tabletop game to digital life! Deep Worker Placement Strategy! Each turn you'll harvest resources twice: first by placing one worker, and then by recovering a different one! Use your resources to hire a Viking crew and outfit your longboat! Send your crew on daring raids to win gold and glory! Survive battles with the legendary Valkyrie...or honor your Chieftain in a glorious death! Amass Plunder and make sacrificial Offerings to win! Many Ways to Raid! Turn-Based Strategy lets you play at your own pace! Learn the Oars in a full tutorial that teaches you the strategy of the game! Lead Your People in single-player games against AI opponents! Rise to Greatness in multiplayer battles!

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