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User Reviews for Renegade Games Companion


The app works well and provides interesting changes in game both for solo and multiplayer. I love the fact that the app provides some situations that you can’t plan for and need to react accordingly. It makes an already fantastic game a little bit better!Loss of the star is for two reasons: a. This app melts through my battery faster than any app I currently have. b. I own all of the current Clank! content and it is taking the app nearly a year to catch up to the cardboard releases. These should be released in conjunction as they are both the app and game are produced by Renegade. I would upgrade to 5 stars if there was a timely release of Gold and Silk and Temple of the Ape Lords. Despite this it is a fantastic app. If you enjoy Clank! this app will certainly improve your experience.

Brandino920, Nov 05, 2019
The sound has stopped working

I love the voice and the sound, but in the latest update it seems to have stopped working. Phone volume is up, app volume is up, supposed to be playing through phone speakers, and other apps are working. Great companion to the game as long as this issue gets resolved.

Cospp, Jul 15, 2017
Clank! Solo

BATTERY HOG. Optimize this app to use less power, please. I’m on an iPad Pro and it chews through the battery.I like that this app creates a 1-player version of Clank! But is it just me and some tough luck or does the app throw way too many threat cubes at you? I’ve played through a few solo games now and they go way too fast as I seem to always get 3 threat cubes every time I get any. Seems unusual to see that many when they come up and it makes the game go faster than I’d desire. Other than that, if the rage symbol were changed to a dragon + a cube rather than just a cube it would be much less confusing to first-timers. Thanks.

jeremyw, Dec 16, 2017

I only use this app for clank and I love it! However, I recently has a fantastic game playing solo and managed triple digit victory points with my cards. However, the app does not let you type more than two digits in for scoring. I hope this can be changed as I would like it to properly show scores. Thanks!

Joopymiester, Aug 28, 2017
Nice music and sound effects

You can now play Clank solo! When I found out about that, I am immediately went to purchase a few clank games. I like to reward developers that add app support. The app also adds music and sound effects when you use it. Which just adds a nice atmospheric touch when playing the game!

Mall freak, Aug 28, 2020
Pretty cool

I love clank, and being able to play solo is amazing. Multiplayer is also taken to a different level with the app. It does drain the battery faster but that’s not what I’d consider a real complaint as your battery will die even by texting. Good app.

SPCE4, Feb 09, 2018
No sound

I downloaded this on my Samsung galaxy a couple of years ago for Proving grounds. I still have the game. I’ve been wanting to play it again as well as Clank!. I really enjoyed playing proving grounds with this app. The music and sound effects helped bring it to life. I had no issues with the sound from the app with the Samsung galaxy. Now that I’ve downloaded it on my Apple 12 which has the current software update 15.3.1., I am experiencing silence and no volume control response on any of the games within this download. Any info or advice would really be appreciated.

Tazzadoom, Mar 06, 2022
Needs a score reset option

For Proving Grounds… how do we reset the scores!? If we have to delete and reinstall the app, that is kind of lame!

thespaciousmind, Jun 04, 2022
More content than you’d expect for $0

Clank! in! Space! is currently my favorite game, and this app has an awesome solo campaign for it. I had looked at what the app did for the original Clank! and was surprised to see how much more it did for the solo mode of Space. If you have any of the games included in the companion app, you should get this for sure. If you know who wrote the campaign story for Clank! in! Space! in this app, you should give them a high-five from me.

toph42, Jan 26, 2018
Great App That Needs Updates

Love the app and love playing solo, but the newest expansions for Clank! And Clank In Space! Haven’t been added. Mummy’s Curse has been out for 8 months, and Apocalypse for a couple now. Would get 5 stars if the digital side of things moved as efficiently as the cardboard side

Zigwheat, Feb 07, 2019


Bring a free digital twist to your tabletop game night! The Renegade Games Companion offers additional content for Flatline & Fuse in one convenient app for your phone or tablet. Flatline mode provides your Chief Medical Officer with a player aid and timer.

Keep treating those patients before time runs out! Log your wins and losses as well. Fuse mode turns up the pressure with a countdown timer (taunting optional) and high-score leader board for when you make it off your ship alive. The app is available for free...just in time for your next gaming session!

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