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Charterstone: Digital Edition

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Charterstone: Digital Edition

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User Reviews for Charterstone: Digital Edition

Freezes, can’t play the game

For the amount of money this game costs, I would expect it to work much better. There are many $1.99 games in the App Store that work perfectly fine. This game keeps freezing. It incorrectly tells multiple players that it’s their turn, so it’s very confusing. My team is halfway through the campaign, and none of us are able to move forward. We will have to abandon the game and start over, which is very frustrating. There are also a lot of unnecessary actions that the player has to take, like confirming that their turn is over. When I run out of things to do, the game should automatically move to the next player. This extra confirmation adds waiting time to the game because people forget to do it at the end of their turn.

Angel34543, Apr 18, 2020
No More Forever-Offerings to the Forever King!

One of the qualms people have with legacy games, particularly Charterstone, is that you permanently alter the board and components. Even though there are Recharge Packs, it still doesn’t sit right with everyone. Luckily, the digital version is here! No more writing on cards or bending them permanently while you try to peel that sticker off. Get that legacy feel without making Forever-Markings for the Forever King.I haven’t experienced any bugs yet, although I’m only a few games into my first campaign. I highly recommend taking this route to start; jumping into a full map takes away the joy and discovery provided by Charterstone.It’s a great rendition of the physical game, presented in a clean batch of unabashed whimsy. Highly recommended over at Nerds on Earth.

AtlanteanNomad7, Mar 27, 2020
Overall Great Implementation of Charterstone

Overall, great. Charterstone is a fun game and it can be hard to get real people together for a legacy campaign (especially now). The game is good but has a few faults. It can be hard to see exactly what buildings do (you can view from individual charters but this doesn’t seem intuitive). Also, game continually crashes at start of game 9 when I try to choose Coach persona (I am grey charter if this matters).Edit: Chose a different persona and the game loaded fine. Finished the local campaign and am now playing an online multiplayer campaign. At game 3 and going well so far.

Dexy Too Sexy, Apr 13, 2020
Buggy and unplayable at times


Dr.Emillard, Oct 06, 2021
Great game but some glaring rules problems

This is a fantastic game. It is beautiful and the interface is very intuitive. The AI appears well done also. I would give it five stars but the campaign mode doesn’t follow the rules. Between game all of the players are keeping all their resources, cards, and minions. It is supposed to be a limited number that you can bring from game to game. I am currently starting my tenth game with 23 resources, 17 gold, 4 minions, and 8 cards. This makes the game way too easy. Also my persona should give me one point per type of resource I have but I am getting one point for every resource I have. These two things make a win very easy. Please fix these bugs and I would be happy to give this app the 5 it deserves.

GamerNY, Mar 28, 2020

For those unfamiliar, this game is BEST played as a 12 game campaign. It can certainly play as a stand-alone single game, but the full enjoyment (to me) comes from the campaign mode. More on this later...As far as the app, I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about it being buggy and crashing.. I bought this 4th of July weekend and haven’t encountered any bugs or crashing yet. I’ve played a full campaign (12 games) on my iPad mini and was delighted at how smooth it ran. There is a LOT of interactive info on your screen. As mentioned, I’ve been playing on a small tablet but would imagine it’s a bit cramped on a phone screen. Everything on the screen is interactive, but it will be a bit daunting if you’re a new player. They have a tutorial but there is a lot of nuance so I’d recommend reading the rulebook online somewhere.Reviewing the game itself, you can find tons of reviews on Amazon/BGG for the Charterstone Board game that will give you lots of info as to why this is such a great worker placement game. Fun little twists and rule additions throughout the campaign keeps things fresh and fun. The app is particularly great because, unlike playing IRL, the app takes care of all your bonuses. No more “aw man I forgot when I use the green charter I get an extra coin.” The app handles all bonuses and glory/capacity for you; it’s amazing!!!

Hehahwirn, Jul 06, 2020
Game crashes and doesn't load

I was incredibly excited to play the digital version of the game, since our real life game was only halfway through (its hard to get six players together at times). I love the real life version, but the higher price tag made me hesitate (higher when compared to other digital board game versions). I started and was excited, the tutorial was lacking, but I knew how to play from the real version, the graphics matched those of the actual game and were beautiful, but the game crashed after a few rounds. When I reloaded, it crashed again after another round or so, and finally, when I went to open it up and reload the saved game, it stopped loading entirely. The loading bar stays at 0% and doesn't move.Incredibly disappointing, and I would not recommend this game to anyone until these bugs are worked out.

Loki dk, Apr 11, 2020
Online play no longer works

Thus game used to be fun until online play stopped working in the middle of a campaign. It is now impossible to log in and play. Has the app been abandoned by the developers?

Rrygrretrrrrrrrrrr, May 11, 2022
Still buggy and unclear rules

Overall the game is fun, and is well designed. However there are still some serious gameplay bugs, such as when picking which minions to keep from the previous game it lets me pick from all players' minions instead of just my own. Also when determining which player had the most influence at the end of the game to decide on a new rule it has sometimes picked an AI player with lower influence than I had. The new rule introductions are also not always clear. For example, the rules don't really tell you what the sky islands do or what happens when you place one. This makes the game kind of frustrating at times.

scottij, Apr 19, 2020
The Makings of Greatne— [Bug Report]

Overall, great port of a game I really enjoy. It’s got some odd things about the UI but I’ve enjoyed it enough to play 11 games of a solo campaign in the 1.5 weeks since release.BUT it has a lot of bugs and feels like it needed to be much more thoroughly beta tested. My campaign is frozen because I maxed out all Glory on Game 11. I’ve had a one-off game freeze too. The patch lists show the devs are hard at work to fix it, but this game was not ready for a full launch. I’ve helped out with several beta tests, these things should have been caught and weren’t.I’ll gladly revise my review once they get the kinks worked out. There’s a lot of potential that is being wasted due to inadequate testing. I look forward to playing the finished product with friends. Hopefully they release multiplayer campaign mode too.

Thenobleknave, Apr 05, 2020


The official digital adaptation of Jamey Stegmaier’s board game - Charterstone! It’s a campaign strategy game with high replayability, where players build the new Eternal City! Build and discover in Charterstone!

Just take a look at the honors the board game received: 2018 Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming Nominee 2017 Meeples' Choice Nominee 2017 Golden Geek Most Innovative Board Game Nominee 2017 Golden Geek Board Game of the Year Nominee 2017 Golden Geek Best Strategy Board Game Nominee 2017 Golden Geek Best Board Game Artwork & Presentation Nominee 2017 Cardboard Republic Architect Laurel Nominee The campaign is divided into a series of separate games. Each game will have its own unique rule and bonus objective. Each game will build upon the previous one and add something new! Your decisions and play style will affect the progress and the end of the campaign. What’s more, there are no negative interactions between players. In other words, you score points on the back of your own strategy, not by undermining your opponents. It’s especially important when playing against your friends or family in online or hot-seats multiplayer! So what is the game about? Can you convince the forever king to declare your village the new Eternal City? • Pick one of the 6 unique characters to lead your charter • Discover new buildings, scoring possibilities and game mechanics • Strategize and manage your workers, buildings and resources • Watch the ruleset, and the village, expand from game to game • Build upon your progress from previous games • Uncover the story as you progress through the campaign What can you expect? • Official Charterstone rules, consulted with Jamey Stegmaier himself • Play with AI, friends or both - great experience for both solo and group play • Online cross-platform multiplayer • Hot-seats style local multiplayer • AI opponents - Easy, Medium or Hard • Full 12 games Campaign • Single Game mode - a flexible and adjustable mode for a quick match! • Save your map at any time and play it later with your friends • Pre-set and randomly generated maps • Awesomely animated board game map, buildings, cards, characters and more! • Full replayability - no two campaigns will be the same • Beautiful art by Mr. Cuddington and Gong Studios • Unique experience of a board game with the convenience of a digital platform • No negative interactions between players - no backstabbing! WARNING: Charterstone: Digital Edition needs at least 2GB of RAM to work properly. Some older devices like iPad Air, iPad Mini and Mini 2, iPad 4 or iPad 6 only have 1GB of RAM. Get it now!

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