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User Reviews for Spirit Island

Same Great Game Minor Problems

Very polished and with just having recently added multiplayer to play with people online, I’m impressed. Have yet to run across a game breaking bug and the options are as endless as they are fun. The lack of a 5th star is simply do to the game not translating well to iPhone as opposed to IPad. They have come a long ways in this regard but, in specific, selecting which spirit you want to control while dual playing spirits single player is very cumbersome. Often times selecting the spirit board instead of passing growth or card choices back to the other spirit seems like an exercise in futility. In fact, when the selection does go about correctly on the first click I’m shocked. Other than that it’s a barrel of fun and replayability.

2KingdomCome, Aug 25, 2022
Finally, a true solo SI experience!

I have never played this board game but heard they were porting this into a solo digital app, so I got it as soon as I saw it pop up. Tutorial is fantastically smooth, and gives enough information at the right time so as to not overwhelm new players. I also like that they give some strategy reasoning in the tutorial as well. Sounds, UI and overall game flow is smooth and the gameplay is seriously fun. Thank you to the entire team for the work you all put into this!

AlaskaDaveAK, Dec 19, 2020
Great implementation of a complex game

The worst thing about Handleabra’s implementation of Spirit Island is it teaches you how you were paying the game wrong. For example, the Ocean spirit can’t push an invader into the sea during an event action. It’s not an easy game to learn on the phone, and reasonable on an iPad. That said, once you know the game you can play it dozens of times and still discover new tactics.Spirit island is a game that has both incredible inherent and emergent complexity. It can be hard, at first, to understand what’s going on and what to do. Then, once you do, you can see incredible possibilities and interactions.Great implementation of my favorite game of the past five years.

Amnachaidh, Jun 18, 2023
Great adaptation PLEASE add multiplayer

Runs great, looks beautiful and is an absolute blast to play. I know I could get so many many more people playing this if it had multiplayer functionality!

kaptain karp, Apr 29, 2022

Not complete trash, definitely not good at all. The fact that you can only use the 4 low complexity spirits is pretty bad. Also, 20$ only unlocks the full base game and promo 1, and Branch and Claw is another $10. Like bruh, that combined is as much as the actual branch and claw. $20 in of itself should unlock all expansions and promo packs for the game, including jagged earth(nowhere in sight). The gameplay is actually clunkier than the original, and the subscription is online only. Not worth buying anything for, just buy the main game. Not worth playing if you can bust out the real game. Just a poor attempt at Spirit Island, and hopefully someone else makes another attempt.

le sneany snek, Feb 23, 2022
Great digital adaptation

Spirit Island is easily my favorite co-op board game, and this is a great way to play solo without the setup and teardown and adds rule enforcement (digital versions are great to learn rule intricacies). Game plays very smoothly, and the UI is well designed. Even the base game prior to expansions has lots of variety and branch & claw and jagged earth will make that even better when released.The purchase model is great as well - free is enough to get the feet wet and understand the game basics prior to buying the full game.Late game with four spirits crowds the screen when lots of powers are played and could be nice to lay out the power card by spirit one at a time similar to the growth stage to make it easier to see the map, and multi-player would be a welcome addition.

mdnewswa, Dec 23, 2020
Bruh moment

You have to pay to play many mobile games. It’s a good practice that allows developers to focus on the quality of the game, instead of plastering ads everywhere.Some games include free demos, where players can play the game a bit before playing. This is a great practice, as long as the developers tell the player beforehand that they’re playing a demo.You know what isn’t great? Waiting until players have finished a lengthy tutorial, and are 10 minutes into their first game, to tell the player they’ve been playing a demo the whole time, and must pay money to continue.That’s what Spirit Island does.Don’t play Spirit Island.

mogo_mogo, Nov 05, 2021
Expensive and annoying

This game is at least twice as expensive as others. It takes 30 seconds for the opening menu to be completely labeled, so unless one memorizes the symbols and what they mean, one has to wait to use the game. Evidently others find this annoying because they have an FAQ about it: “The Main Menu is designed as part of the story of the game; the Island has always been there, before colonizers arrived to give their names to things. You can use the buttons on the main menu immediately, so as you attune yourself to the ways of the Island, you can jump right into the one you’re looking for. We also provide an accessibility option to disable all animations, including the main menu animation.” I’m sorry, but sitting through a lame 30 seconds animation everything you launch the app does not make your interface part of the story. It is just simply annoying.

pevensen, Feb 04, 2022
A great game

I love spirit island and this is great game. I haven’t run into any bugs like I see in other reviews and it can be a bit overwhelming learning all the rules, but once you get the basics it is a very multi layered game that I think any tactic player would enjoy. I do hope multiplayer is in the works for the future though.

Rusryr325, Oct 16, 2021
Game works great, if you have network access…

Purchased this game via the subscription thinking I could kind of try it before I buy it. The tutorial is great, and overall the gameplay is awesome. My only complaint (and it’s a big one) is that you apparently have to be connected to a network (cell or WiFi) in order to access the content that I paid for. So DO NOT get the subscription if you plan to play on a plane or anywhere without cell coverage/WiFiCouldn’t even finish a game. I will likely cancel my subscription knowing this

Subterralien, Sep 07, 2021


In the most distant reaches of the world, magic still exists, embodied by spirits of the land, of the sky, and of every natural thing. As the great powers of Europe stretch their colonial empires further and further, they will inevitably lay claim to a place where spirits still hold power - and when they do, the land itself will fight back alongside the islanders who live there. Spirit Island is a cooperative settler-destruction strategy game designed by R.

Eric Reuss and set in an alternate-history world around A.D. 1700. Players become different Spirits of the land, each with their own unique elemental powers, forced to defend their island home from colonizing Invaders spreading blight and destruction. Your Spirits work with the native Dahan to increase your power and drive the invading colonists from your island in this strategic area-control game. Spirit Island includes: • Free access to unlimited plays of the tutorial game • Create custom games with up to 4 available spirits and play 5 full turns • 36 Minor Power cards that enhance the abilities of your Spirits • 22 Major Power cards with more powerful effects to devastate the Invaders • A modular island, made up of 4 balanced island boards, for a variety of layouts • Thematic island boards that reflect the canonical island and provide a new challenge • 15 Invader cards driving a distinctive Invader expansion system • 2 Blight cards with challenging effects as the Invaders blight the Island • 15 Fear cards with beneficial effects, earned as you terrify the Invaders Every rule & interaction in the game has been carefully adapted and thoroughly tested by expert Spirit Island players, as well as the designer himself. If you’re wondering how a certain situation works in Spirit Island, this game is the ultimate rules lawyer! Features: • Original dynamic music composed by Jean-Marc Giffin brings Spirit Island to life. Each Spirit has unique musical elements that wax and wane as the game progresses. • 3D Textured maps bring a realistic look and isometric perspective to the Island. • 3D Classic maps present the Island the way it looks on the tabletop. • 2D Classic maps provide a simplified top-down option for all you number crunchers out there. When you are ready for more, choose the best option for your budget to unlock the full game, including cross-platform online multiplayer with friends and others from around the world. Purchase the Core Game - Permanently unlocks all content from the Core Game and Promo Pack 1, including 6 additional Spirits, 4 double-sided Island Boards, 3 Adversaries, and 4 Scenarios for a wide variety of play and fine-tuned challenge. Or, purchase Horizons of Spirit Island - Permanently unlocks all content from Horizons of Spirit Island, an introductory set of content with 5 Spirits tuned for new players, 3 Island Boards, and 1 Adversary. Or, subscribe for Unlimited Access ($1.99 USD/month) - Unlocks all content during the term of your subscription. Includes all Core Game content, Promo Pack 1, Branch & Claw, Horizons of Spirit Island, as well as all future content as it becomes available. Also available: Branch & Claw expansion with 2 Spirits, an Adversary, 52 Power Cards, new Tokens, 15 Fear Cards, 7 Blight Cards, 4 Scenarios, and an Event Deck. Currently in development and coming soon: Jagged Earth expansion with 10 Spirits, 2 double-sided Island Boards, 2 Adversaries, 57 Power Cards, new Tokens, 6 Fear Cards, 7 Blight Cards, 3 Scenarios, 30 Event Cards, 6 Aspects, and more! Terms of Service: handelabra.com/terms Privacy Policy: handelabra.com/privacy

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