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The Fox in the Forest

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The Fox in the Forest

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User Reviews for The Fox in the Forest

Wonderful 2P trick-taking game!

Not super familiar with the card game (only played it once), but love trick-taking games (though we rarely have more than 2of us)! The tutorial was done very well (clear, simple, understandable, and short). Easy to pick up but cards have multiple options, so the game never feels old. Nice UI, too. Devs: When pressing-and-holding on a card to read the flavor text - it is very squirrely and sometimes disappears really quickly. Are there any other reports on that? Also, can you make an option to disable animations or the ‘flashy’ bits? No worries if not! Thank you for making this wonderful port!

AlaskaDaveAK, Oct 20, 2021
Good game, but AI is too weak

As a fan of trick-taking card games, I was really looking forward to this port. But as much as I enjoy the game itself, and as beautiful as the presentation is, the AI opponent just doesn’t seem to know how to play well. After playing 12 normal-length games against a Hard opponent, I haven’t lost once, remarkable considering that that I’d never played Fox in the Forest before yesterday. In several games, it didn’t seem to realize that you shouldn't take 10 tricks, so it was too easy to trick it into being “Greedy.” And so far it doesn’t seem to play any better in the campaign games either. Unless the AI can be improved, I can’t recommend this port.

DaringDo42, Oct 18, 2021
Not up to Dire Wolf standards.

If it’s going to be all-2D, use SwiftUI. It feels and looks shabby and non-native.

JessyCatterwaul, Oct 19, 2021
Very Blinky, Somewhat Buggy

I love the original game, but this is somewhat lacking. First, as reported by other users, when you tap and hold a small card, it shows a full-size card image. Unfortunately, the programmers dropped the ball, and the big card often vanishes with the slightest finger wobble. Programming hint: do NOT dismiss the big card at the start of the drag event. Note the position of the small card before the drag, and dismiss the big card only after the small card has moved some minimum X left or right or some minimum Y up or down. Please don’t make those of us without the hands of brain surgeons wonder what the full-size cards look like.Next, please consider an option to reduce the animations. They are more blinky than beautiful. I have some visual impairment, so the fact that so many thing whirl, blink, and flash is not fun for me. I am saddened that the brilliant art of the physical game has been relegated to small icons and brief pop ups. The current look of the game has moved away from refinement and toward the bombastic. As a minor change, the coloration of the trick wheel is puzzling. The yellows are the highest scores, the green is mediocre. In stoplight fashion, I would think green is good, yellow is warning, and red is full stop (do not enter). This will be an acceptable implementation for most people, but I feel that I will find the game tedious until some of these UI features are fixed. I have faith that the developers will continue to polish this. They seem like they are trying and polite to fans. I am happy to support developers like that.

Lee Valentine, Nov 25, 2021
Fine but I found a bug

I enjoy the game. However when I was playing a game the score was 21-21 and the game freaked out and shut down. It should have run another round.

Mlevad, Nov 08, 2021

My last review didn’t save so I’ll just be short and sweet. This game is awesome. AI improvements really helped. Ideas for new features: online play could use a turn timer and a distinct play now vs play async. Would also like to play local games and online with the rule changes from the challenges.

Mpron, Dec 15, 2021

Absolutely wonderful. Really enjoy how interesting the game makes playing the cards. It’s definitely a great substitution for playing cards. Game is absolutely brilliant in design. Having player want to win or lose a specific range of tricks is a wonderful shake up to normal trick taking games like Spades and Hearts. Love it.I love the card art and ability’s. Lots of fun.

Pierson69, Oct 28, 2021
Faithful but a snooze

Face-to-face, The Fox in the Forest is the tensest game I’ve ever played, a trick taking knife fight with a disarming the fairytale theme. Until you’ve looked into the chilly eyes of a loved one as they force you to take a trick that pushes you from six points down to zero, you have not known fear. With its sylvan theme and ambient nature sounds, Dire Wolf’s transfer captures the fairytale feel, but replaces the knives with Ambien. Even the basic mechanic of dragging a card into the play space has been replaced by slotting little numbered tablets onto a sort of altar. It’s an unsatisfying and, as far as I can tell, entirely unnecessary cosmetic change. My heart goes out to anybody who has to adapt a trick-taking game— they tend to be as visually static as they are intellectually dynamic. Still, dire wolf did no favors for the original Fox in the Forest— execute the rules, but fails to capture the magic of its lightfooted and wicked source.Update—the reason it makes you sleepy is that elements of the display gently bob, like a ship at sea. Bizarre—especially when it takes place in a forest.

TheBoojum, Oct 23, 2021


The Fox in the Forest is a beautifully illustrated trick-taking card game for 2 players.Use special abilities and take tricks to win, but don't get greedy! Win too many tricks, and you might become the villain of your fairy tale... Once upon a time, a woodcutter and his daughter lived in a small village bordering the forest.

She had traveled with him and had seen him speak with the forest animals... Fairy Tale Characters The Queen decreed that whoever defeated the monsters would be granted half the kingdom in reward. With the help of the woodcutter, swan, fox, monarch you will be able to collect treasures and gain the Witch's trust. Trick-Taking Card Game A trick-taking game for 2 players, each playing cards to win tricks against the other over multiple rounds. Players score points during a round depending on how many tricks they end of taking at the end of the round. Most points at the end wins. Special Characters All the odd ranked cards have special abilities printed on them. These cards change up the game play and might determine who the winner will be, or who leads the next trick. They are critical to you gaining treasures. Dynamic 2 player Card Game Variable length to the game by predetermining what score will end the game. Play 13 cards each round and plan your plays cunningly to score you the most points possible.

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