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Dune: Imperium Companion App

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Dune: Imperium Companion App

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User Reviews for Dune: Imperium Companion App

Game saves are supported now! Yeayyy

Games saves are supported. This app makes the House Hagal flips and game setup more simple and easy. Don’t forget to use the DirewolfGameRoom version too.

cliffclof, Jan 30, 2021

I honestly have no idea how to use this app, even after playing multiple 2p games with Dune Inperium.One, if not the worthless apps I’ve ever came across - sorry.

DavidK198805, Apr 03, 2023
Doesn’t work

The game bring you to a “draw” cards screen and you just flip through some cards and that’s all you can do. Broken.

Forebearance, Dec 01, 2022
My favorite board game!

I absolutely love this deck building worker placement game. I really hope they come out with an expansion. I play it 2 player with my girlfriend the most and it still works really well. The theme ties in very nicely. The game can be very competitive and there is multiple viable strategies.

Hot girl172, May 17, 2021
Great companion app, a bit battery hungry for such a simple app

See title

James Walts, Apr 27, 2022
Great for the accounting

Played a handful of solo and 2 player games using the app and base game. Worked very well. Is the Rise of Ix expansion going to be integrated soon? Would also love to see the challenge modes unlocked right in the app for seamless play without multiple access points. Solid creation overall.

Mudjumper41, May 24, 2022


Shindoge, Oct 28, 2021
All you do is cycle through your deck

All that I’ve been able to do in this game is cycle through the deck and select some boxes then it re-shuffle‘s and cycles through the deck again. What is the point of this game?

StableGenuis, Nov 02, 2021
It is awesome

Read the title

tfvgggfrfrdyft, Oct 31, 2021
Great Companion App

Made our first two-player game a lot easier! Worked perfectly, everything you would hope for in this sort of app. …But for some reason this app doesn’t currently support the expansions, only the Dire Wolf Game Room app does. Weird to not include the expansions in this app.

WowOkayIGuess, Feb 22, 2023


The Dune: Imperium tabletop board game blends deck-building and worker placement in a deeply thematic new strategy game where the fate of the Empire hangs on your decisions. The free Dune: Imperium Companion App provides bonus digital content and streamlined support for one- and two-player games. Explore the Imperium alone or with a friend with the Dune: Imperium Companion App.

Control the Spice. Control the Universe in Dune: Imperium! COMPANION APP ONLY. DUNE: IMPERIUM BOARD GAME REQUIRED TO PLAY.

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