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Lanterns: The Harvest Festival

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Lanterns: The Harvest Festival

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User Reviews for Lanterns: The Harvest Festival

Fun game

I’ve only played a few solo games on a IPad Mini 4with no issues. I am giving it a 5* review, because it is fun, bright, and graphics wise, is awesome. Best way I can describe the play of the game is, it’s similar to dominos, but more involved. I do like seeing the Koi swim around while playing, and the music is nice too, not real loud or horrible sounding to turn it off. The music is similar to some mahjong games I’ve played.

*Shazam666*, Apr 26, 2018
Unplayable on iPhone 12; final round rules wrong

Update: still unplayable on iPhone 12 pro max and iPhone 12 pro after update.On both iPhone 12 pro max and iPhone 12 pro, the screen is all blown up and you can’t scroll around. Support responded once a month ago and then radio silence. Plays well on iPad. But, final round is broken as many others have reported. Very disappointing for a $5 app.

Afitnerd, Jul 07, 2021
This version has some annoyances

I Ike this game and the app version is great, I can play the base game and the expansion.The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is that the upgrades on log-in have issues and it seems to be stuck when I was actually logged in and if I retry then I get an error.So right now I have tried try once, and the close the screen and go online again and it works. Hope they get an update soon.

AlphaZygma, Dec 25, 2017
Update has killed friend multiplayer

I do like this app a lot as for the 4- Stars but the latest update has really hampered multiplayer game play over time. While we do play often in a normal 1-HR game it works fine but sometimes, we just want to play a free flow game when we have time. We’ve noticed with the update it just scrubs the game. We log in with the game gone... just frustrating when you had played the way for so long. A timer visible would at least give us some visual. Hope the multiplayer is fixed in the next update.

Berubemeister, May 13, 2021
Fun but Flawed AI Limits Replay

It is a fun game, but it is infuriating to play. The main issue occurs when playing vs multiple AI opponents. Be aware that they will freely help each other get points. Ai2 needs a blue?100% chance that one of the other AI players will hand it over. Ai3 needs black to win over You and Ai1? Ai1 will happily give a black piece to its opponent. So be warned. This game is fun, but gets old fast as you watch the other players scheme out ways to ensure that you lose.

falldowngoboom, Dec 10, 2018
Last turn broken

When you’ve set yourself up perfectly to make the game winning dedication on the last turn and the current version of the game is broken so you never get that last turn, it takes all the joy out. Fix the last turn already! Clearly it has been broken for 6+ months. It isn’t too much to ask to expect that the digital version follows the rules of the game.

JennCali 2.0, Nov 15, 2021
App frozen for weeks - used to be fun.

7/17 I used to really really really love this app! But it has been stuck for the past several weeks and none of my attempts to fix it or reach out to the developer have been successful. So, now this app is useless, which is really annoying since it's one of the few apps I actually paid money for.12/17 STILL frozen after reporting this issue several times. Very disappointed that no effort is being made to resolve this issue, especially for a paid app!

Kt on the rocks, Dec 18, 2017
Good game, login issues

Lanterns is beautifully rendered and fun to play, with strategy to master. Two complaints: The game doesn't keep me logged in and sometimes says it can't log me in, there are some mechanics of the game that aren't fully explained, and badge notifications don't work.

REWeiss, Mar 22, 2019
All The Signs of a Classic

This is a good example of how an app can breathe new life into a great card game. The bookkeeping is all done for you, all the color and beauty remains. The two player game is the most strategic. It is really just an abstract card game, simple rules and a bit of a take that attitude.

Thomas the Convert, Mar 05, 2022
Recent update

This is a great game, and the app has been enjoyable for years; however the most recent update has problems that have not been addressed by the developer. The game doesn’t follow its rules with the last update. There is no final turn-in round, and players can use the Emperor’s lanterns twice in the same turn.

Zombiliciouz, May 05, 2021


Lanterns: The Harvest Festival is a beautiful, thoughtful tile-placement game set in imperial China based upon the best-selling and award-winning board game. The app now includes the new expansion Lanterns: The Emperor's Gifts at no additional cost. In Lanterns, players take turns arranging colorful floating lanterns on a ceremonial lake.

Completing sets of lanterns earns Honor, and at the end of the game the player with the most Honor wins. Vibrant visual effects, skilled AI, meditative environmental music and smooth touch play translate the delightful zen of Lanterns: The Harvest Festival to your phone or tablet. Praise for the board game: • SXSW Game of the Year Nominee • Geek & Sundry Top 5 Games of 2015 • Dice Tower Seal of Excellence • Board Game Geek's Most Anticipated 2015 • Mensa Select 2015 Winner • Best Family Game - Dog & Thimble 2015 • Best Game for New Gamers - Dog & Thimble 2015 "Lanterns is very beautiful and easy to get into, but has depth that can challenge even the most experienced players." - Geek & Sundry "I think a lot of people are going to be turned on to Lanterns, because you can play it casually, or you can play it very competitively. Both ways it's very enjoyable, and it's hard for a game to do that." - The Game Boy Geek "Lanterns offers tile-placement and set-collection with a twist, and that twist makes it more interactive than other tile placement games I’ve tried. ... I loved the simplicity and interactivity of the game, as well as the originality." - The Opinionated Gamers Lanterns: The Harvest Festival offers all of the fun and depth of the tabletop game, PLUS: • Online asynchronous matchmaking against old friends and new • Strategic solo play to hone your skills against AI players • Progressive Challenge system to guide you through gameplay • Intuitive tap-and-drag tile placement for fast and easy play For more information, please visit www.direwolfdigital.com Follow us on Facebook and Twitter at /direwolfdigital

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