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User Reviews for 7 Wonders Duel

***Does NOT have async play***

***Don’t fall for the dev review reply saying it’s coming and assume it did***I read a review that said 2 years ago “we have the async option coming in our roadmap for 1.2 V1.1 which is coming in mid-December”. I don’t understand what that numbering is, but 1.1.4 was released so I just assumed that meant it was included since 2 years ago they said it was coming. It wasn’t. And after 2 years, I think it’s safe to assume it’s never coming. If you even briefly switch out of the app you then forfeit and your spouse wins… super frustrating, but I guess I’m just out $5. With the iTunes family plan at least we didn’t both have to buy it.

ECELonghorn, Feb 27, 2022
My favorite game - app needs work!

So this is one of my favorite games of all time but the app needs a LOT of work. It’s very frustrating to play. First - if you’re playing an online game with a friend, if either of you accidentally closes your phone you automatically lose the game as it disconnects. That’s crazy bad design. Asynchronous play is not a feature - it should be a requirement or its almost unplayable. Second - the actual play of the game results in a ton of mistakes which is VERY frustrating. You can’t undo anything. I’ve had the game seem like it is auto selling cards - and every time I’ve played it’s very finicky in how precisely you have to drag cards or you get an unintended result. It would be much better if you just clicked on a card and then had 3 options - buy, sell, or build wonder. Right now it just feels bad.

EricTheRed99, Jan 12, 2020
Great game, mediocre app/online experience

I love this game and it is so much fun to play. However, the online experience could be greatly improved. First off, the connectivity/server is poor, which has resulted in me not being able to log on at times or getting dropped from games that count as losses to my record/ELO. Next, there is a bug where I don’t get credit for beating a guest player. The app team told me they’d look into it and I haven’t gotten a response in weeks. Third, there is no ladder/rankings to see how you are compared to other players and their is no chat function, so even when playing with friends you can’t communicate. Great game, but hope for improvement in the online experience…

improve 7 wonders duel online, Jan 25, 2022
Scoring glitch needs to be fixed

This is a great digital adaptation of the board game that we love, which I would like to give 5 stars to, BUT...There is a glitch in the scoring calculation when playing pass and play or face to face and using the “Economy” Progress token. The first time that I noticed this, I had the Progress token and my son was getting paid instead of me when he would have had to pay for cards. He ended the game with more than 50 coins! During another game, I once again had the Economy token and my daughter was getting random large amounts of coins for selling cards.Please fix this! This game is due for an update!

Jashton37, May 17, 2021
Great implementation, a few early bugs

This is a great digital adaptation of this game. It looks beautiful and the functionality is all there. Holding on your and opponents bag to see cost of cards is great. Early bugs seem to be resolved in the first 2 updates.Would like end scoring chart to have a mark that shows military or science victory. Less taps to get to statistics would be nice. The opponents gold icon is yellow which seems to be a mistake. Would also like a way to see which cards were used for building wonders.

ridogi, Jan 02, 2020
Great but misleading

So I am a huge fan of the “board game” and the app adaptation. One thing that is misleading is the “online” play. While you can do a quick match with a stranger I haven’t figured out how to face my friend unless we are on the same wifi network…so very misleading and I hope I’m wrong. Also what’s missing…. The expansions! I haven’t played those but it would be cool to have the option. Perhaps also an AI difficulty slider…at times it would be nice to up the challenge to simulate an experienced opponent. The three stars is JUST because the “online” friend play isn’t exactly that.

RoidedMidget, Dec 27, 2021
Great Digital Version!

This is my husband’s and my favorite 2-player board game to play at home, so when we got this digital version we were so pumped. We ended up playing it on an airplane, and the time flew by! Sometimes the digital translation of a tabletop game can feel a little clunky, but this is absolutely not the case with this! I love the digital tabletop they’ve created, and the mechanics are intuitive and easy to learn. I also really appreciate that they add up your victory points along the way so you have a real time representation of how much your opponent is winning by, or visa versa. Kudos to the creators for making a favorite tabletop game available on the go!

SarahBeff, Feb 23, 2020
Fun adaptation of the board game

I’ve really enjoyed the cardboard version of this game the few times I’ve played it, but I don’t get to play it often. So it’s great to have an app version now. After playing against the AI on an iPad a dozen times: this version works pretty well. They’ve had to distill the cards and symbols a bit to make it all fit in the screen, which can make it a bit harder to follow at first, but you can always press and hold on a card to see the full thing. The tutorial was a good refresher for me, since I had not played in a while. I would think it’s good enough to teach a new player as well. As far as I can tell, there is only one AI level. It’s decent, with me, an early-intermediate player, winning about half my games. I’m definitely glad I bought it and will enjoy getting to play this great game even when I don’t have a real-life local opponent handy.

schoonersIB, Oct 27, 2019
Needs one thing...

The physical version of this game is one of our favorites in my house. Love the digital version, but wish it had push notifications and the ability to have a running back and forth game without having to stay in the app the whole time. My wife and I like playing games that we can come back to as we’re able to throughout the day when I’m at work and she’s with the kids, but having to both be on through a whole game makes this one unplayable for that scenario. Hopefully that feature can get added in a future update! This would be a perfect game for that kind of play.

seantjhatch, Nov 12, 2019
Well designed app and fun game with minor flaws

Update: revised my review from 4 stars to 2 starsThe latest update has made this game a buggy mess. Now the game makes moves for me randomly in some games, the countdown clock was only 5 seconds for me in one game, the beginning tiles sometimes load slowly or don’t load at all. I wasn’t able to select my first card and had to skip my turn a few times. These random bugs ruin this app and unfortunately it doesn’t look like they update it too regularly.Previous:This game has got me hooked, it’s a great two-player head to head game which seems like two-player solitaire at first but ends up with a bit more strategy than you think. I really really wish there was a way to deal with AFK players. As of now, the only thing to do is wait for the clock to run out but it is the most forgiving clock in game history, and each time you take your turn you have to wait a minute for the AFK player’s turn clock to slowly dwindle. This needs to be fixed. Also, there needs to be asynchronous match making, as much as I like this game I can’t wait 5 minutes for a match and then play for 10-15 min straight. I’m only on my phone if I have a min or two to burn.

wlobb, Dec 30, 2021


With 7 Wonders Duel: - Play against the AI - Pass'N Play - Face your friends on the Internet - Monitor your statistics - Compete against players from all over the world in ranked games Take the lead of a civilization, make it prosper and surpass your opponents! The 7 Wonders Duel application is an adaptation of the famous 7 Wonders Duel board game. In 7 Wonders Duel, each player takes turns choosing one card from those available in the game structure.

These cards represent a building that the player uses in his city to develop it. There are different types of buildings: resource producers, commercials, military, scientists and civilian buildings. The game is played in 3 ages, symbolizing the players' progress over time. When the last card of the last age is played, the player with the most victory points wins the game, unless a player achieves scientific or military supremacy during the game. In this case, the player wins immediately. Available in : FR, EN, DE, SP, IT, NL, PL

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