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User Reviews for Terraforming Mars

Great game, app is frustrating

The app has a lot of frustrating features. For example, you get logged out of an online game if your phone goes dark or you get a notification. Also, online games have you set a time limit per player, defaulting to 30 min, which is much too short. There is no way to keep track of how much time you have left, and it automatically kicks out any player who goes over the time limit. So frustrating for everyone playing, there should be an option to extend the time. It takes a long time for the online games to load if you have to resume. I’ve also had several bugs with certain cards not working how they should, like on my last game, my power infrastructure action just stopped working halfway through the game. Also, I wish you could play locally with several devices, so several people in the same room, but on multiple phones. Finally, in many places it asks you to confirm, but there doesn’t appear to be a way to go back if you don’t want to confirm. I love this game, wish it was easier to play on the app.

beetlover418, Apr 10, 2020
Update: About to be FORCED to FORFEIT by running out of time!

This is a great game and deserves 5 stars. However when a bug happens that prevents you from continuing to play in a game I expect it to be fixed! Two weeks ago I reported a bug to Asmodee that one of my games no longer allows me to play. It enters the “Planet in Sight. Preparing for Arrival…” screen and never moves past this screen. Normally I expect an automated response telling me they received my message and will get back to me soon (or something like that). I heard nothing from them. I submitted a followup report one week ago and still no response, meanwhile my game timer keeps counting down. I looked in the game for some way to leave a rating or review and there is none! Apparently they no longer wish to hear from us at all! Has Asmodee grown so big that they no longer give a sh… er cr… er darn about their players anymore? You know us little guys that pay your bills and keep your lights on. The Problem is still there guys and I am down to 4 days left. I need more time added to my clock or my game will end with me forfeiting due to running out of time. HELP! Hal Norman

Bjorn Reddy, Aug 19, 2021
A lesson in how to frustrate users

In order to add a friend you have to go through the chat tool. Not intuitive at all but whatever, I can deal with that. The really bonkers part is that your friend needs to be online in the app AT THE SAME TIME YOU ARE SEARCHING FOR THEM in order for you to be able to find them in the user list. Wuh?Notifications do not work at all...at least not for me on iOS. Cross platform, yay! Oh wait, it doesn’t matter if you don’t get alerted it’s your turn. I’ve tried turning off notifications and then turning them back on, power cycling my phone multiple times, I even uninstalled the app and reinstalled. Nothing helped.You get disconnected if you let your screen go to sleep for an instant or if you jump over to another app (even for only a second or two). Then you must reconnect and load your game again which takes FOREVER. I’ve played other ports where you get disconnected easily (CoB and the true TM, Terra Mystica) but with those you could jump to another app and back into the game after a few seconds and not have to restart.I wish I could review the gameplay but it’s been very difficult to even make it halfway through an online game. Played a few local games against the AI. The gameplay seems solid but even the expert AI is pretty bad (not unexpected for a game like this). So playing local games against AI gets stale quickly.In general, the app has promise but it is almost unusable for online games in its current state.

Blergan, Jun 01, 2020
Good game one issue

This is app does everything right when it comes to replicating the board game terraforming Mars. Although it is hard at first to get used to the menus and everything going on, it becomes easy after one or two games. The only issue I have with this game is the in game timer. I understand one is needed so opponents do not attempt to draw out games but at least implement one that works. I’m fine with the one hour the timer limits you to but the timer is not functional. Every turn you are watching the effects of what your opponent does and the timer still ticks down on your side. When I’m not even playing the timer is still ticking down. I feel like I’m not even responsible for using most of my time as it just ticks down whenever. Please fix the timer or at least make it possible for me to immediately start my turn after my opponent finishes theirs. I would suggest limiting turns to a time limit of 3 minutes or so or just have a system that kicks players who are wasting time.

Drew1793, Jan 20, 2022
Glitches stop it from being 5

Updated: Solo Challenge score tracking/hiscores would be amazing - ie, being able to see your top scores with each corporation in solo challenge.Overall, accurate adaptation that works well on mobile. I’ve only played one game and ran into a pretty substantial glitch, though - the power infrastructure card doesn’t work at all. This is meant to convert energy into mC, but it simply doesn’t work. It uses up an action but no energy is lost and no money is created. Unfortunately, in this game even a single card not working correctly can be the difference between a win or loss (especially when I’m gaining 25 energy per turn, that could be converted to a lot of mC, and by association, VPs!). I’m sure there are others that people have mentioned as well. If these are ironed out then the game is pretty good as is.Other concerns are that there is no undo option, especially for city placements where there’s no confirmation - that’s pretty ridiculous, honestly. There is also no confirmation for playing tiles on the map, which should be an extremely easy implementation.

Hassjueuei, Feb 02, 2020
recent update (mar 13, 2023) broke solo games(sort of)

first off, i highly recommend the game, even if you uave no friends to play with, it has ai opponents.however,when playing solo, and the game ends and it counts up your score, the game freezes and doesn't bring you back to the main menu or ask you to save your high scores. i noticed this happeneing a couple of days ago and thought it was weird and then today, i tried restarting ipad and it still happens. i tried reinstalling the app and it still happens . .and then i looked at the version history and see they just did an update and it says "many fixes". . but then they broke stuff.also worth mentioning, when looking at your list of saved scores, the game doesn't sort them in any sort of logical order.i would expect it to sort the highest scores to the lowest, in descending order, but it doesn't, so the list is kind of meaningless. it doesn't even show the scores unless you physically click(tap) on them. athough, there does appear to be 4 buttons on the side that look like sorting filters, but when i tap them, they don't do anything, except they do seem to collapse to the right, showing more stuff, but the stuff is cut off by the side of the screen, as if it's trying to go off the screen to the right.i have had this app formyears and this has NEVER been addressed. and for an app made for mobile devices, how the heck have they let something like stuff not fitting on the screen go for so long unfixed?

icedfate, Mar 16, 2023
Workable to Clunky

Come on now… A slew of new improvements for this release advertised in App Store convinced me it’s time to reinstall, only to finally update and find it less stable than my 6+ month outdated version. I play this regularly on the solo challenge, and this update downgraded an already just okay user interface. Please test your application before releasing updates. That multiplayer bug you list “fixed issue where first player in X map freezes” about says it all. That’s a pretty absurd error. I’m stuck on a solo, where it won’t let me place a greenery and is flat stuck. Can’t click anywhere. Never happened before in my 2-3 dozen games. Yikes, man…. Love this board game, enjoyed the app enough to play before, disappointed to the point of actually getting my lazy self to type out a review.Edit/Update: downgrading to 1 star, do not buy if you plan to play solo with current release. Just froze and failed on a different game, different map, different tile placement and cannot move past error. The game worked well enough prior to update but is now failing 1/3 matches. Not playing going forward until update - very poorly QA folks.

J-Torrio, Jan 28, 2023
Great adaptation of the real thing

Hey devs, I hope you’re doing well and thanks for all your hard work on making my favorite board game available for my iOS devices. I’ve literally played this game hundreds of times irl and online and I would like to ask if it would be possible to let the user decide the time restraints based off of 15 min intervals. So if I wanted to set the game for 1 hour and 15 min it would be easy to do so. Also there have been plenty of games where I was just moments away from seeing the score and I timed out and I felt like 2 hours of my life were wasted. Would it be possible to allow your opponents to grant you more time when you’re going to time out? Especially in private games when I’m playing with my friends. And finally there have been public games were my opponent leaves mid game with over half an hour left on his timer. I then have to wait half an hour for his timer to run out before the AI takes over. Can you give players a 5 min window to make their move and if they don’t make it they forfeit their rounds for that generation?I also wanted you to know that I would be willing to pay extra to play with the expansions. Jonathan Gomez

Joe Nathan Scott, Apr 18, 2020
Great single player, terrible multiplayer

If you are looking for a good solo mode or single player mode, this absolutely is one of the best digital adaptation. Terraforming Mars ranks amongst the top 3 in board games and the digital adaptation is just as satisfying. There can be some feature improvements like an undo button but there really isn’t much to knit pick on. Game is solid.In multiplayer mode, however, the game crashes almost every time. This is particularly frustrating especially right after you have spent 40 minutes building your engine. It either displays “you’ve been logged out” which is still reconnect-able or it’ll state “you’ve ran out of time” in which case you can no longer re log in again. I’m using an iPad Pro and my wife is using iPad Air, so I don’t feel like it’s my hardware issue. We are also dedicated gamers, so we do not shut/or switch to other apps while in game. So far we have gave the game 3 tries, and all 3 times we were logged out and unable to reconnect. Very, very frustrating, will not ever play multiplayer again online.If you are doing single player, this is great. IF you are buying for multiplayer, stick with the actual board game.

Keeeevv, Jun 05, 2020
Good implementation needs a few things

First my brother and I have both played their actual board game so it was fairly easy for us to learn the digital version. As much as we loved it we couldn’t help but mention how difficult it’d be to learn the game because there were multiple things we had to search for in the Ui. However we were able to do everything we expected to through the game, it is a great digital version as it’s not lacking in any features we could find. My largest complaint is that it has no notification system so it is really only worthwhile to play if both players are going to play live. The online component gives the option to put time limits on turns but that doesn’t work great because you have to constantly go back into the game to check if it’s your turn. Even that wouldn’t be awful but it takes a good 15-30s to resume your game if you leave the app for ANY reason, even a switch to a respond or view a text message you have to sign back in and wait to reconnect. The game needs to implement notifications or have a way to see from the main menu whose turn it is. The only other flaw of the game is there is no undo, if you play a card or an action there is no way to back out of it even if it is still your turn. If those two issues were resolved it’d be a 5 star game

nmarra, Mar 22, 2020


CREATE LIFE ON MARS Lead a corporation and launch ambitious Mars terraforming projects. Direct massive construction works, manage and use your resources, create cities, forests and oceans, and set rewards and objectives to win the game! In Terraforming Mars, place your cards on the board and use them wisely: - Achieve a high Terraform Rating, by increasing the temperature and oxygen level or creating oceans...

Make the planet habitable for future generations! - Get Victory Points by building cities, infrastructure and other ambitious projects. - But watch out! Rival corporations will try to slow you down... That's a nice forest you planted there... It'd be a shame if an asteroid crashed right on it. Will you be able to lead humanity into a new era? The terraforming race begins now! Features: • The official adaptation of Jacob Fryxelius' famous board game. • Mars for all: Play against the computer or challenge up to 5 players in multiplayer mode, online or offline. • Game variant: Try the rules of the Corporate Era for a more complex game. With the addition of new cards, including 2 new corporations, focused on economy and technology, you will discover one of the most strategic variants of the game! • Solo Challenge: Finish terraforming Mars before the end of generation 14. Try new rules and features in the most challenging Solo mode on the (red) planet. DLCs: • Speed up your game with the Prelude expansion, adding a new phase at the start of the game to specialize your corporation and boost your early game. It also introduces new cards, corporation and a new solo challenge. • Explore a new side of Mars with the new Hellas & Elysium expansion maps, each bringing a new set of twists, awards and milestones. From the Southern Wilds to the Other Face of Mars, the taming of the Red Planet continues. • Add the Venus board to your game, with a new Solar phase to hasten your games. With new cards, corporations and resources, shake up Terraforming Mars with the Morning Star! Languages available: French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish Having an issue? Looking for support? Please contact us: https://asmodee.helpshift.com/ Find all the latest news for Terraforming Mars on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TwinSailsInt Twitter: https://twitter.com/TwinSailsInt YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/twinsailsinteractive © Twin Sails Interactive 2019. © FryxGames 2016. Terraforming Mars™ is a trademark of FryxGames. Developed by Artefact Studio.

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