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User Reviews for ScytheKick

Aside from some UX issues, it works well

I use it primarily for playing with four automas. I found it to have a fairly steep learning curve with regards to letting it determine the automa movements (easily solved - stopped using it for that). However, even when using it to just manage the decks, there just isn’t enough of an indication as to which automa you’re working with. With four automas and automa v automa combat, a better indicator than the star marker / slightly different faction icon at the top would be helpful (e.g., change the background color). I’ve used the wrong automa more than once and it’s something I’m always having to double-check. Finally, it would be nice if the user could mark automa earned stars (power and combat stars). In fact, it should be able to actually track the power amounts as it knows starting power, power gain, and combats.

Dallup87, Apr 25, 2021
Must have

Despite my best efforts, I struggled to master the automa rules and often found myself second guessing the placement. Using this app I see that I am wrong 20% of the time and have given up on trying to master the system and instead simply let the app do the work and I focus on playing the game. Without this app I am not sure I would have continued playing Scythe solo. Or if I did, I doubt it would have been as enjoyable.Thank you for your passion project! A lot of people benefited.

dennisbowe, Sep 13, 2019
Updated review: great app, new update makes things a bit confusing

Update: the developer responded to my review and so I updated to clarify. The new update adds tons of great features but for someone like me who just used the app to calculate final score, that feature became much more complicated. I prefer to have a single page to input stats, territories, coins, etc... per faction instead of the app alternating between faction for each of these end game scoring factors. Hopefully that makes sense

Maxmarchuk, Jun 01, 2021
Makes solo so easy

Love everything about it. Went from a few automa plays over two years to almost a dozen in a few weeks or so. The move helper is a definite add on to your purchase. One suggestion, As a parent who often starts a game at one time and has to finish it another I wish you would add a place holder for the human player during each round that gives you the opportunity to do combat and move pieces when needed. Updating the ai is easy and part of the turn. But updating your move feels a little clunky in comparison. It would also be easier to remember who’s turn it is when you return to the game.

Randomeffects, Feb 12, 2019
Good app for end game calculation

You need to have an instruction button showing me how to use this.At first I wasn’t able to quite figure it out so I only played with it so I could give you a review, asking you to add a function, but before I deleted the app and after giving you only two stars on my review I went back and played with it and figure it out that it is there.This will help me calculate the end of the game and that’s what I needed the most .

Ray4rail, Apr 26, 2022
I give it 6⭐️ and won the game!

I used to play Scythe with 4 players but it was never easy gathering everyone. I tried playing solo sometimes, but the moviment of the units is very confusing and takes too much time to figure it out during play. That took all the fun on solo playing. BUT after I discover this app, I played whole the Fenris campaign with against 2 automa players. It was sooooo easy. Even if you do not use the AR, there is a little map that keeps tracks of the units and shows you where to move. Kudos for all the developers.

rvsene, Sep 12, 2020
A must have if you play Scythe solo!

When I got Scythe and tried the Automa, I found it very enjoyable and allowed me to play the game more since I didn’t have to wait for my group to get together, and it mimics a human opponent pretty well, but sometimes it was too much to think about how to resolve the move or attack action for the Automa, especially on top of thinking of my own strategy, but this app had made it so easy, it just shows you where to move on the map, and you can play against multiple Automas, definitely worth it to get the premium version and Automa helper upgrade as it gives you the option to play solo against multiple opponents and costs less than getting the extra Automa decks!

Sarmad Agha, Feb 10, 2020
Good app but worth the cost???

Yes this helps greatly in figuring out the automa moves. And in scoring at the end. I’m just not sure what we get warrants the cost involved. I feel the app should be able to keep track of more. Multiple workers or mechs...just use a small x2 or x3, etc. Or keep track of combat cards we should have. Humans would enter how many they used to update their count. The cost should come down or give the app more in my opinion.

Slambo239, Jan 01, 2021
Must-have for fans of Scythe

Board gamers who enjoy Scythe will enjoy it even more with this excellent app, especially when playing solo. It handles the occasionally complex Automa rules for you if you buy the upgrade, which I highly recommend. A great app!

Squirrelhenge, Jan 04, 2018
An Absolute Must have!

Movement with the cards is arduous and timely. This app removes all that. Just move the automa where the app tells you. You will have to spend about $8 for in app purchases for the helper. Well worth it!

Texas Gunner, Jan 19, 2020


Anna, Gunter, Zehra et al. all have companions, so why shouldn't you? ScytheKick is your sidekick for Scythe, the award winning board game from Stonemaier games (http://stonemaiergames.com/games/scythe/).

ScytheKick lets you configure a Scythe game, optionally manage Automa players and then score the game, by navigating through a series of screens using the left and right facing Character Buttons along the bottom. To start, you select the total player count as well as the Automa count, which expansions to include and if you are playing a single match or a match as part of the Rise of Fenris Campaign (requires an additional in-app purchase). You can access the app Settings sheet from the Mech Menu Button in the upper left corner. Navigate right to select the player factions and mats. The Draw Button randomly picks the mats, and allows for random repicking, or the individual mats can be selected by swiping up and down on their images. You can also enter the player names. The free version of the app lets you have two players from the base game. Additional players can be unlocked with the Premium upgrade, and Invaders from Afar factions are unlocked with the Invaders from Afar upgrade. After showing a summary of the players (including who goes first), you can draw (or pick) the Structure Bonus Tiles. Additional modules (Extra Bonus Tiles from the Modular Board, Resolution and Airship Tiles from the Wind Gambit and modules from the Rise of Fenris) can be unlocked via in-app purchases. Navigate to the scoring screens to enter the points per category (popularity, stars, etc.) per player, and ScytheKick will automatically calculate the scores. The final screen is a summary of the scores for all players, which can be shared. If playing with Automa, after selecting the modules, you navigate to the Automa screen, which has a page for each player (human and Automa). The faction tabs indicate the current player, and there is a button to advance to the next player's turn. The Automa player page lets you draw Automa turn cards and combat cards, and will automatically track the position on the Automa's star tracker, shuffle and flip from Scheme I to Scheme II as you discard cards. If playing with the Automa Helper upgrade, a map can be called up which tracks the automa unit positions (you need to update human player units) and will solve the Automa movement rules for you. On compatible devices, the map can be viewed in augmented reality. (using the AR Board Upgrade). All of the controls on the Automa screen support Undo, accessed via the Mech menu. Use the menu to navigate to Scoring at the end of the game. The free version of the app lets you have one Automa player, additional players are unlocked via the Premium upgrade. The settings sheet includes controls to: * Manage In-App Purchases in the ScytheKick Store * View an online user guide. * Adjust volume * Disable screen locking when Automa is in use * Choosing whether Automa are friendly to other Automa players for the Automa Helper solver. Choose if Active Airship Variant is used. Select the board size for the AR Board. * Skip calculated scores jumps over scoring screens that are automatically calculated or not used for the Automa (like popularity, or resources and structures). Smooth Popularity Track mode awards coins not just based on the three tiers on the Popularity Track, but interpolates linearly between each level and also counts odd numbers of resources. Scores at popularity 3, 9 and 15 score as normal, but scores higher and lower increase and decrease. For example, scores between popularity of 6 and 7 are closer with the setting mode on. ScytheKick is an unofficial companion to the board game Scythe, produced with permission of the game designer. Scythe is a trademark of Stonemaier LLC. Content and art is reproduced with permission. Special thanks to Jamey Stegmaier, Jakub Rozalski, Kai Starck, Ryan Lopez DeVinaspre, Morten Monrad Pederson, David Studley and Lines Hutter.

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