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User Reviews for Bookmory - reading tracker

Wanted to love

I tried to use this app several times to keep track of the books I read each month. I love the monthly calendar option. It was a little tricky to enter the books start date and ending date. But I figured it out. The problem was the tracking. When I opened the app it was covered with a notice about tracking and wanted me to allow it. I could not use the app because of it. I deleted the app and reinstalled it 3 times (with my reading data). 😡 It wasn’t a simple fix either. I couldn’t just go on my phone and allow tracking. I had to go through Google (which was a red flag for me). I tried to read the privacy rules and they were all in Chinese. (Another red flag.) So l finally just gave up. Now searching for a better app. I do not recommend this app. Too worried about tracking me.

000see, Jun 20, 2023
A Delightfully Different Book App

I downloaded this app after seeing it on a FB post. It’s so cute! The statistics that it tracks are so fascinating. I love timing my reads, tracking my pages read a day, and learning about my particular patterns when it comes to reading. Something about seeing a graph makes me want to add more data to it. The app is also amazing when it comes to ads. Nothing pops up unwarranted. If you would like you access a paid portion of the app you simply have to watch an add. The aesthetics of it are so cute too. 5/5 stars for me.

Abhendrix13, Jun 08, 2023
Get this app!

I’m in love with this app! It’s adorable and easy to use! I especially love the calendar! I like how you’re able to start a stopwatch for when you’re reading and you’re able to keep notes nice and easily! Get this app!! 10/10 stars!!

Bookish_Ash, Feb 14, 2023
Night Shade

The story concept was good. I’m a big fan of the fated mate trope so that had me interested from the start. I don’t personally enjoy slow burn romance so the fast pace of this book was a definite plus. The biggest issue I had was that I just couldn’t connect with the characters. I found myself not really caring what happened to them. The questions/suspense that would typically have me anxiously devouring pages just weren’t there. I could have easily finished this book in a few hours, but it took 4 days because I kept getting distracted by activities that I would usually happily avoid for time with a book. Overall, I think this falls into the “decent book, but not for me” category.

BrookeReadsBooks, Aug 19, 2023
I love this app

This app is such a cute and fun way to keep track of the books you read it has many different features that I find intriguing especially the notes section. However I don’t like the fact that with some books all the specs don’t pop up like the publisher ISBN and number of pages. Some books you have to renter manually and sometimes it hard to find the publisher of certain books so I just use the author as a default publisher being that most of the time the books I read are self published. All in all I really enjoy this app.

CeeCeeMinnie, Jul 12, 2023
Great app

Great app for tracking reading patterns, books, and annotations. The interface is user friendly and aesthetically pleasing. I love the calendar feature when reviewing books read throughout the month. So simple and to the point. I love being able to track/record my reading times with a built in stopwatch for reading sessions. However, I wish there was a way to view all my reading minutes for one day in one spot. I hate that I have to go into each separate book I’m reading and add my totals to find out how much time I spent reading that day. I would like to see a total reading time spent area in the app instead of splitting up by each book - add up my daily totals 😇😇

Fjord cbt, Apr 18, 2023

I have really enjoyed BookMory so far! I find it to be really accessible for me as someone who like the graphs and things. My only complaint would be the number of books. I find myself having to manually add a lot of my Kindle Unlimited books.

IHaveChosen5Names, Jan 27, 2023
Love the app

This app allows you to choose how you want your books to be catalogued. I like being able to see them in calendar view with how many stars I give them. Quick and fun way to log the large number of books I enjoy!

Jayhawk16, Feb 19, 2023
So Easy!

I’ve struggled with a way to keep track of my reading and what I’m reading, my KU read list sometimes doesn’t add books I’ve read. But Bookmory does it and so much more! I add in books once I’ve completed them, I can download a calendar with all my reading for the month, keep track of reading goals, enter notes about books I’ve read add tags and even put them into categories I set up. There’s even an option to add books I want to read! I don’t use that function much since it would take forever to add my TBR list lol, but it’s there! Definitely recommend this app to everyone on my reading groups! And these basic features are free. I cannot imagine what other gems can be had with a paid subscription.

jusdointicktocktime, Oct 05, 2023

I never, ever review apps. But I had to stop and rate this one!! It’s beautiful! Importing my lists from goodreads was really easy, and I love that I could mark a book as given up. Something you can’t really do on goodreads. I am meh on half stars, but I love seeing the graphics. It’s just beautiful!! I have found a couple typos, which are glaring and a little disappointing, especially for a literary type app. But I can look past it for the app’s simplicity and appearance.

jwarnertx, Jan 29, 2023


Bookmory helps you track your reading, manage your books, build a lasting reading habit, and better remember what you read. Add books, e-books or audiobooks to your bookshelf. Use the timer to track your reading.

Improve your reading habits with insightful stats. Stay motivated with reading goals. Remember what you read by writing and reviewing notes. Challenge your reading habit to remember with Bookmory! Just like writing a diary, if you write reading notes, your own collection of quotes will be completed. * Register books easily by search or barcode. * All book types can be managed regardless of paper book, e-book, or audio book. * Keep a record of how many pages you read. * Record your reading time with Reading Timer. * Manage your books with various tags. * Bookmory creates a reading calendar every month using the books you read. * Create stylish notes with our powerful editor. * Underline your favorite phrases. * Share your notes with beautiful backgrounds. * After reading the book, please leave a rating and book review. * After reading the book, Bookmory will praise you. * Register and manage your daily goals. * Register and manage your annual goals. * Please feel proud as you watch the books you read pile up. * Try powerful and beautiful stats features. * Try a theme that suits you. * With Google Cloud Backup, you don't have to worry about losing the hard-written data. * Protect the app from people around you with a password. In addition to this, powerful additional features are planned. You can look forward to more in the future! Customer inquiry) [email protected]

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