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Book Tracker: Bookshelf log

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User Reviews for Book Tracker: Bookshelf log


I downloaded at least 15 book tracker apps in search of the best one. This is it for sure. I love the layout. It is very Applesque. Simple and clean, but detailed where it matters. You can make your library layout look all different ways. The book details have a great deal of info and places for personal notes. The best part however is the search function actually works and is useful. I know I know that seems like it should be a given, but a lot of the other apps would search library titles only and not the book descriptions, tags, and notes. This makes it impossible to find anything. This app searches it all! I really love it guys. My one and only suggestion is that you please add somewhere to track audiobook lengths and a statistic chart for hours listened. I do almost all audiobooks these days and I would love to track the time I spend listening. Thanks!!

Catina526, Jul 11, 2022
Love it, Love it, Love it

I’ve been looking around for a home library app, and finally landed on this one. The interface is easy to use, and it has bull scanning capabilities. I like that it auto categorizes your books and you can also use your own tags. You also can state where in your house the book is (which is great for people like me who have 7 or 8 places that books live and forget where one was). The developers are really responsive. I submitted a bug report and within a few days, they fixed the issue. A couple things I dislike are that the categories and authors get cluttered very easily but that’s admittedly part of the issue of having hundreds of books. I also have noticed sometimes the incorrect cover is displayed but that is easily fixed manually. I love this app and will be recommending it to my bookworm friends.

Heartfire the medicine cat, May 30, 2023
Blows Away All Competition

6-5 Edit: The creators of this app are so nice and responsive! They truly want to make the best app possible and really take their users feedback into account, which is one of the most important things to me when it comes to apps. If I could rate this higher I would! I am so happy I could cry! I am a huge book nerd and this latest update has made my year! All of the things on my wish list I had emailed about in the past, and ones I just silently hoped for, seem to be in this update (being able to log minutes listened for audiobooks, hardcover vs paperback, multiple editions of the same book, not having to specify which shelf). I recently got into the world of special editions (for modern books not just classics) and this makes things so much easier. I love when developers listen to their users! I will recommend this app to everyone - it’s hands down the best!

jasabelle, Jun 05, 2023
Great but needs some improvements

I really like this app! I love how I can sort my books by series and the statistics page is really helpful! However, I do have a few things I don’t like about it. I would like to have the option to list authors by their first name instead of last name. Also when you add a photo to a book it would be easier if the photo automatically resized to the necessary size instead of having me manually do it. It wasn’t easy to align and I think I cropped out part of the photo. Also, editing the book summary was difficult. It kept automatically taking me to the end of the summary even though I wanted to edit the beginning. Eventually I just deleted the whole thing and rewrote it. I still really like the app though and I hope these problems can be fixed!

Kate5283!, Sep 11, 2020
Exactly what I was looking for

I downloaded 4 different apps to track my reading and stuck with this one because it had all the features I wanted and so far has worked flawlessly. Pros in my eyes: great looking display of your ‘library’ and a way to filter, sort, etc; Statistics to track my reading with the same library interface; Ability to record which format you read the book in, to mark complete dates, and to add your own notes/quotes. The look of the Home Screen is just ok, but I’m happy with all the features and really like the customizable library interface. Maybe I’m just missing it, but I don’t think you can give a book your own rating, unless you put it in the notes. Not a big deal to me, but kind of surprising.

Kochenta, Jan 13, 2023
Only 10 Books?!

I understand that people that create apps have to make their income somewhere, but the fact that you can only scan 10 books before your hit with a paywall is a bit extreme. That fact wasn’t even mentioned at the beginning. You simply get a pop-up that says hey, do you wanna pay these two people that made the app some money? It doesn’t specify that you have to or you won’t be able to use the app beyond 10 books. I’m not sure about you all but I don’t think I know anyone that reads and only has 10 books. Outside of the extreme limitation, I do enjoy the interface. Once you figure out the mechanics of entering the books and the reading times, it’s a very solid app. I don’t mind spending the money to have full and unlimited use. Hopefully it stays this way and doesn’t certainly changed to a pay per month subscription. That would drive me back to keeping track with pen and paper.

LadyDhestroyer, Jun 15, 2023
Essential flaws

I really enjoy this app! And on day one already recommending it to a friend 🙂 It helps me keep track of books I already own. Which makes shopping in the stores easier for me lol. However, I spent the whole night scanning all the books I have (which convinced me to buy the pro version) and started marking which books I finished, gave them ratings, added a bunch of tags, and even wrote comments to myself. However, I’m noticing that after I finishing the rating I’ll go back to the library section and see the ratings just fine. And then I’ll do the next book rating & then when I go back to the library the ratings I completed are gone. I’ve redone the ratings on books a couple of times already and it keep disappearing. It’s very annoying. There’s no update pending on this app so I’m guessing there’s a flaw somewhere on the developer’s side. Hopefully it gets fixed soon! —-oh and just a recommendation that could be fun…if we had the option to invite ppl to see our library/ratings.

Lexxo09, Apr 10, 2022
It works but not well for a large collection or Goodreads import

Update to four stars, hoping to go to 5! Developer responds quickly and fixed the slow import problem and the last name sort problem. I continue to wish for the ability to do bulk tagging, but the developer moves so quickly I have hopes that he will add this ability soon. I wanted a database with a tagging system into which I could import my large (over 4,000 volumes) collection of books from a CSV file generated by Goodreads. To the good, Book Track can import the Goodreads CSV information, has both a Mac and an iOS version, and supports tags. Unfortunately, it is very slow importing the CSV (so flow, it failed in iOS and took hours on my Mac), is slow adding tags (a noticeable delay for each tag), and does not support tagging multiple entries at one time. And, a deal breaker, does not for some odd reason use Goodread’s Last Name, First name column from the CSV file, and so alphabetizes the collection by first name. I'm reluctantly going back to Excel to handle my collection, despite having to give up on multiple tags for each book.

mue2, Jul 30, 2020
Preferred book tracking app!!

I’ve tried Goodreads and Story Graph for book tracking and prefer this app hands down to those! It has a clean, sleek, easy to use interface, and provides just about any feature you’d want in a book tracking app. The only things missing for me are the ability to re-read a book and the ability to differentiate a book you own from one you borrowed from a library, friend, family, etc., however, the developer (very responsive) indicated that these or similar features will be included in the future. They’ve done an amazing job with this app and I look forward to seeing grow and add features. I highly recommend!

Nate the Bookworm, Mar 21, 2023
I love this app I just have one suggestion!!!

I absolutely love this app. As soon as I started using it, I wanted to switch all my book/reading tracking so I instantly bought the premium version. Currently going through the process of brining everything over from my other apps (goodreads/StoryGraph) but I had one quick question. Im making locations for multiple different collections. I have multiple shelves thst have different genres and types of books fiction/creative nonfiction/memoir/poetry/spirituality/information/philosophy/politics/etc and i want to make sure everything is in the right spot. Whenever I tap the ‘+’ when I am in the tab for a specific location to add a book to this specific location, I add the book but then I see that it was just added to my general library and then I have to manually go in and move that book to that location. I think thst if I open up a location and add a book entry from inside that location, that that book should automatically go into that location. It would be really helpful with adding stuff so I don’t have to then find the entry and manually add a specific location status after the fact!!I know this is so small of a thing but it would be really cool and I also see that there seems to be developers of this app who are really dedicated to making it better and that’s part of the reason I really want to support it!

Ponoso3000, Jul 31, 2023


Book Track is an iPhone, iPad, and Mac app that can track your books — both the ones you own and the ones you hope to own in the future. Avid readers know how difficult it can be to keep tabs on a growing book collection and that's where Book Track comes into its own by making it quicker and easier than ever to track your reading. Not only can you track all of the books that you own, as well as how far you've read, but you can also keep a wishlist of the books that you'd like to pick up in the future.

Whether a book is in your 'Library' or your 'Wishlist,' Book Track displays information and gorgeous cover art for all of them. While Book Track uses information from the internet, more obscure books can also be added manually, too. Book Track is a free app and is limited to 5 books. A single in-app purchase unlocks support for unlimited books across iPhone and iPad. A separate purchase is required to unlock the full Mac app. Book Track users can look forward to: - A synchronized list of books and information — whether you save a book on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, it'll be synced across all devices. Both your Library and Wishlist will be synced seamlessly and automatically so you'll never lose a book again — or buy the same book twice because you forgot you already own it! - Easy and comprehensive book organization — Every book you add to your Library can be marked as read, reading, or unread, with each book also supporting tags to help you find similar books throughout your collection. Book information like title, author, description, publisher, year of publication, genre, and even the description can also be edited to make your Library as accurate or personal as possible. - Quote saving — Find a passage within a book that you want to save for later? Book Track can save your favorite quotes in one place so you can read them again later. You can even put them on your Home screen using a widget. - All the stats, right where you'll see them — Book Track collects library and reading statistics and puts them right on your Home screen with gorgeous widgets. iPad users can enjoy an extra large widget with even more stats, too! - Support for importing books from services like Goodreads, BookBuddy, Reading List, and more — It's never been easier to import your books from other apps and services so you don't have to start building your library all over again. Book collections can also be exported to PDF and CSV as well. - Deep integration with iOS and macOS — Book Track includes support for the latest Apple features including Shortcuts and Siri, while Widgets can be used to put your favorite quotes right onto your Home screen. - Privacy — Book Track doesn't collect any of your personal data and doesn't track you in any way. Books should be fun, not another reason to worry about your data privacy.

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