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User Reviews for Book of the Month

Best Customer Service!!

I never leave reviews for anything, but I had to write a review for BOTM!! I love this subscription service so much, and the ease of being able to get a monthly book and take months off with no questions asked is amazing. Every book I have gotten so far has been incredible! They also have incredible customer service!! I have now had 2 monthly books in the 6 months I’ve been a member not be delivered (got lost in the mail, issues with moving addresses, etc) and both times they have gotten back to me and sent a replacement in an incredibly timely fashion!! I can’t recommend this service enough, and can’t wait to see next months books :)

brooke!! :), Jul 16, 2022
Best Subscription I have ever used

I have been actively using BOTM since January 2019 and I love it! My goal for 2019 was to read at least one book a month and I read 18 books last year. I look forward to the books each month! There are always great selections and I’m usually torn between 2 or 3 of them. I love that BOTM has added an app. It make it easier than ever to choose the book(s) I want. My reason for a 4 star (really 4.5) vs a 5 star review is that I would love to see a “Wish List” feature added to the website/app. Although I do read regularly my add-on stack has piled up. I currently have 8 on the to-be read pile! Every month I want to add on but I need to get through with what I have right now. So having a feature that lets you flag books that spark your interest each month would be great. I would have especially have loved a feature like this in January as it just so happened that I had 2 free add on’s since it was when I achieved BFF status and it was my birthday. Thank you BOTM for all that you do! Especially during our current COVID-19 crisis! Silver lining, that to-be read stack is slowing thinning.

CD0415, Apr 01, 2020
Highly Recommended

I love to read as a hobby. If I could do it as a job I would! During the first part of Covid I had to take a break because I was the only one in my household working at the time. I was so sad I missed the BOM for a couple of months. I’m so excited to be back and now I have more time on my hands to be able to read. Thank you for opening up the door to read books that I would never pick for myself. You take the guess work out of finding a great book! I still have tons of them to read but I can’t wait to choose each month. I no longer have a shoe obsession I have a book obsession. Okay truthfully I might be obsessed to both.

Haiden.b, Sep 30, 2020
My favorite thing!!

BOTM is my favorite thing!! I absolutely love being a member. I love staying up to date with what books are coming out every month. I love that I can get brand new titles at such good prices. I also really love their set up - the app makes browsing and shopping so easy!! I also appreciate that their selections are often from all different genres. I often end up selecting books I never would have paid attention to if BOTM didn’t introduce me to them. Now, many of my top ten reads of the year come from BOTM. If you are not a member, I highly recommend checking them out!! Who doesn’t want monthly happy mail filled with books (and fun book marks)! Five stars, all the thumbs up, infinity happy faces.

kbwbobkbw, Oct 22, 2020
Great way to get your reading in!

I’ve been a reader ever since I was a child growing up into adulthood. As someone who has ADD, reading kept my mind going rather than staring at a screen for hours. I personally do not have the attention span to sit down and watch a show for more than 30 minutes. However, lately finding the time to read has become difficult to find and even more difficult to find a good book to indulge in late nights when my mind keeps racing. BOTM is a fantastic way to have books of the month picked out for you to choose from and by the end of the year you have read 12 books! Also, it’s a great way to find great authors that you have not heard from before. Thank you BOTM!

Kimmy cup, Jun 02, 2020
Couldn’t be happier

At first I was reluctant to sign up for a monthly club that limited my book choices. Now that I have experience behind me, I see how wrong I was. BOTM actually has widened my choices. When going to a book store, I usually pay $25 or more for one book and end up buying one that I know I will like, but usually very similar to what I have read in the past. With BOTM, I have found that the lower price and recommendations have expanded my story genre. Basically opening up new worlds for me to explore and love. I often add a book each month for $10 to my order. I also love always having books coming to me.

Lil'shep, Apr 02, 2020
ThisClose to Perfect!

I have become quite addicted to my BOTM app and begin rubbing my hands together at the end of each month just waiting for the excitement of a new month of selections! It is essentially flawless in its layout and ease of use. The ONLY thing I wish it had (developers, someone, ANYONE get on this please!) is that the app offered a Wish List. Like books I want to read, but am not getting this month. Basically just a way to remind myself there is one I wanted to add on next month or order extra? Can someone make this a thing please??? Other than that, this is one of my truly favorite apps!

MomoftheSouth, May 30, 2020
Wow. I am furious.

I have belonged to Book of the Month Club for over a year. I was always very pleased and happy with their service. At the end of this year, I was one book away from finishing Book Boss badge. I logged into the app on the 29th to finish my badge. The app already switched to the new year. I have been a BFF for over a year, so I called the BFF line. They tried their hardest but they could not get into the system to retroactively add my badge. I was irritated that I still had a window of two days left, and I was unable to finish my badges. I was super disappointed, but I love the company and I decided to continue. I have 12 books (that I have purchased from Book of the Month club via subscription) that I still need to rate. I logged into the app to rate my first book of the year. It wouldn’t log on my new 2022 badges. I contacted BFF support email, and they told me that any of the books from last year DON’T COUNT toward the badges for this year. I have spent over $200 on books from this company toward book that THEY WON’T COUNT toward THEIR BADGES. What a complete and utter disappointment. I will be telling every person I know not to even consider this subscription service. WHAT A SCAM!!!!! I will not rest until everyone I know knows how greedy and shady this company is. How disgusting.

MrsJMayers, Jan 04, 2022
Great program but just not for me

I have been using BOTM since December, and think it is a great program. The app is so helpful and clear to navigate and the club itself is a great way to fall in love with reading through fun challenges and goals. However, the books just aren’t for me. I have gotten about 5 books and they all sounded great, but left me a little disappointed. I also don’t really enjoy many of the book’s styles and I feel like they are all very similar. People who enjoy this style and tone will love this club. It’s just not for me. Maybe if they had people take a survey when they get the app in order to see all of the authors, styles, genres people like they could mix it up a little.

MyNameIsEnigo, Jul 02, 2020
BOTM is great, App stinks

BOTM is great though I’ve only been in it a couple months so far. I’m enjoying the choices for the most part and like that I can try out some books I might not normally choose. The app, on the other hand, stinks. I use my iPad for most everything and the BOTM app is made for a phones that only shows up sideways on my iPad. It’s clearly not formatted for a tablet. I would be much more apt to use it were it formatted for tablets instead of only for phones. Very annoying. Still enjoying the book club itself though. My only complaint on that is that it’s May 29 and we still can’t see the June 1 books and the BOTM FB group is filled with 20+ individual threads wondering what the June books will be. Why they approve so many of the exact same threads is beyond me when the group would be far more enjoyable with just 1 prediction thread and 20 discussions about the books themselves rather than 20 prediction threads receiving the same comments and only 1 discussion thread. Yeah, there are more, but they’re all lost in a sea of “Gosh - what 5 books will be available in June?” Threads. Sigh. Anyway - please fix the app so it’s good for tablets. Thanks!

RPCVBG, May 29, 2021


Treat your shelf to new hardcover books monthly. With the Book of the Month app, you can now view top picks, choose your book, track your reading progress, and so much more. DISCOVER NEW BOOKS • Get the first look at our monthly picks. • Choose your book (or books — we know it's hard to pick just one). • Explore debut authors and early release books. • Vote on the BOTY finalists.

TRACK YOUR PROGRESS • Log the books you want to read with your To Be Read list. • Share book reviews and see what your fellow readers loved. • Participate in our in-app reading challenge to earn prizes. • Unlock BFF rewards once you get your 12th box. STAY IN THE LOOP • Manage your subscription. • View your book shipments. • Refer friends and earn free book credits when they join. • Shop our Blue Box Boutique and gifting options. Think that's all? Reader, it is not. We’re just getting started. More features coming soon! This app was designed and developed in-house by Book of the Month in New York, NY.

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